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The Winner Of The Tone Deafness Championship Is…The ATF!

The great Americans at the ATF posted this tweet today:

Four agents died executing a bullshit warrant while the aftermath of the siege at Waco left 76 Branch Davidians dead including a bunch of children and women.

Whatever their kooky beliefs, the Davidians weren’t really bothering anyone but to make a splash the Feds decided to execute a search warrant and ended up killing a ton of civilians.
Waco is one of the most shameful moments in law enforcement history, alongside Ruby Ridge, but here the ATF is honoring their agents killed without a mention of the women and children who died as a result.
Gee, I wonder why they ATF is so hated by Americans?


  1. John Wilder

    The ATF is so inherently Leftist in its mission: keep alcohol regulated, keep tobacco regulated, and keep firearms regulated.

    If Patrick Henry were to see this . . . wow.

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