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The Most 2020s News Story Ever?

Stare into the face of the future for this country.

In November of 2018, a black teen named Donato Cruikshank who at the time was just weeks away from his 18th birthday went to an apartment and “allegedly” murdered two black sisters, his ex-girlfriend 16-year-old Sierra Brown and her sister 27-year-old Uniek Souvinette Akins. The two left behind three children. He then apparently robbed the women of Apple watches and cellphones, and stole one of their cars before setting the apartment on fire. He was subsequently arrested.
Fast forward to now, two years later and this case still hasn’t gone to court.
Los Angeles County District Attorney, a Cuban guy named George Gascón, has recently decided to leave the case in  the juvenile court system even though he could have moved the case to the adult system and given the clear premeditation, the fact this was a double murder and was accompanied by a robbery and the intentional starting of a fire, it clearly should be but he refuses to do so. This means that at most, Donato Cruikshank will serve 7 years for two counts of premeditated murder.
The mother of the two girls, Felicia Andrews, is obviously distraught. Apparently the  D.A.’s office has  offered “counseling services”. In a statement the D.A. also offered this little nugget of wisdom:
“…Meanwhile, we remain committed to ensuring that the scales of our criminal justice system are balanced. Incarcerating youths for decades before they fully develop their cognitive skills significantly increases their chances of committing future offenses.”
Wouldn’t want to incarcerate “youths” for decades before they fully develop their cognitive skills. They might end up being criminals! Here is the youth in question with the now deceased Sierra Brown:

What a precious moment, the two minors in a loving embrace/chokehold taking a snapshot of the young future scholar pointing a gun at the mirror. These are the kind of memories and youthful exuberance that stable societies are built upon! Who would have guessed that he would have ended up being a violent criminal?
Anyway, I am pretty sure that Donato Cruikshank was as fully developed cognitively as he was going to get a long time ago and locking him up for decades wouldn’t increase his chance of committing future criminal acts as the likelihood of that was already at 100%. I wonder where he got the gun since he was under 18 and therefore couldn’t legally buy a firearm? Weird.
The two girls that were killed, with 3 kids between them meaning the 16 year old had at least one child already and presumably by a different fella than the one who murdered her, have two different last names while their momma has a yet another last name. No mention of current husbands for mom or the 27 year old with one or two kids of her own. A Cuban D.A. refusing to try a 17 year and 11 month old black “youth” as an adult for two counts of premeditated murder for fear he might commit more crimes later. I assume Donato has been behind bars for a couple of years awaiting trial, so if he gets the max sentence of seven years, the two years already served will knock that down to five more years and he will be back on the streets at around age 25 with at least two murders under his belt. I am sure he will be a productive member of society.
How many cases like this are in the system already? How many of these jacked up mixed families that end up as permanent wards of the state are in similar situations?
Meanwhile in Chicago, I saw a couple of stories including a woman mugged at gunpoint by three “youths” aged 13, 14 and 15 and then this:

For now the worst of this criminal behavior is confined to “diverse” neighborhoods but it won’t stay there forever.
Welcome to the future where every city looks like a cross between Escape from New York, The Warriors and Mad Max.


  1. BigCountryExpat

    Yep vis-a-vis "Justice" Me: First time -ever- arrested, no priors, 30+ years in service to the country, accused (and eventually dismissed) of Assault w/a Deadly Weapon (felony) Bail set at Initially $60,000.00. The Other Nog: 2 Counts of Attempted Murder (Felony) w/a hammer… beat them into a coma… a charge sheet as long and as distinguished as my Johnson, in 8 point small single space print, and Bail? $1,500.00 cash bond. I sat in stir for almost two weeks while that fuckin guy went out that afternoon cos the Judge was Let 'Em Loose Bruce…. this country is dead dead dead to me.

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