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The Minimum Wage Working As Intended

I was at our local Sam’s Club right as they opened yesterday and saw this:

The floor cleaner is a common sight at Sam’s but the autonomous Roomba-esque floor cleaner was new to me.
Normally the cleaner is piloted by an employee but as wages keep rising, the gap between the cost of a self-driving floor cleaner relative to one driven by an employee is shrinking. The same is true with self-serve cash registers and ordering kiosks at fast food joints. Low or no skill entry level jobs held by young people, retirees or people with various disabilities are disappearing, replaced with cheaper automation. Raising the minimum wage simply accelerates that process.
This is by design, pushing more low skill workers out of the workforce and onto permanent government dependence, thereby also robbing them of the opportunity to gain skills and experience needed to get a better job. My first job in high school was in a landscape nursery, watering plants and loading out bags of mulch. I also learned to show up, work while I was there and deal with customers. That was invaluable later on in my career, knowing how to talk to people who are often idiots is a skill most people need to learn. 
The Great Reset depends on a critical mass of people who are completely dependent on their state-corporate masters and who will consume products as instructed and vote to keep it all going. Forcing them out of the work force via automation is a great way to accomplish this. Raising the wage floor to $15 isn’t going to lift anyone out of poverty, it will just force all wage earners into higher levels and create massive inflation, also intentional as a way to keep the debt fueled “economy” functioning. You can never pay back a $25 trillion national debt or even service the interest in a normal economy but if you keep inflating the currency fast enough, you can stay ahead of the crushing debt wave. Or at least that is the theory, a theory that has repeatedly been shown to be incorrect.
A society with tens of millions of jobless and unemployable people is ripe for mass instability but that is the way we are headed. Once the $15 minimum wage, reparations for blacks and regular stimulus payments fail to quell the unrest, what will come next other than brutal repression?
It is gonna be a great reset indeed.


  1. Mike Guenther

    It's too bad about the rising minimum wage. It will make it so high school teens won't be able to get a summer or part time job.

    My first job was as a customer service at a precursor to Walmart, called Gemco, in SoCal. I made $2 bucks an hour chasing shopping carts around the parking lot and bagging up people's groceries and sporting goods, what have you. After two weeks, they offered me a 15 can't raise, but I had to join the union. I told my Dad and he said you aren't joining no damn union and besides, in two more weeks, we're moving to WNC.

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