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Speaking Of Tom Brady

Because it is 2021, Tom Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl and being named the MVP is causing people to melt down because of his tepid support for Trump, his being White and for God’s sake it is Black History Month!

Gregory Hood at American Renaissance has a nice round-up of how upset some people got, having nothing else in their miserable existence to worry about: Verified Hate: Tom Brady Edition
My favorites are the person upset because you can’t call Tom Brady the GOAT, Greatest Of All Time, as apparently only Mohammad Ali’s widow supposedly invented that acronym that so only black people can use it, even though boxing as a modern sport is an invention of White people and of course the words making up the acronym GOAT are all in English, the language of a White people. Mohammad Ali became incredibly famous and wealthy because White people paid enormous sums to watch him beat up other people so you can just STFU about that.
The others I liked were people trying to compare Brady with Colin Kaepernick, as if there is any comparison between a 7 time Super Bowl champion and a mediocre (at best) quarterback. If Colin Kaepernick was half the quarterback that Brady is, teams would have signed him whether he kneeled for the anthem or not but when you are barely qualified to be in the league and you make a general pest of yourself? They can always find some other mediocre player to take your place. LeBron James says stupid shit all the time (see: The Danger Of Delusion) and he is still in the NBA because in the watered down league of 2021, he is the best player in the game.
The more important lesson here is that if you are an disobedient White who doesn’t vote like you are told and who doesn’t grovel to blacks over crimes that happened 150 years ago, you are now un-personed in your own country. You shouldn’t be allowed to participate, much less succeed, in the sports your people created or participate in the political process your people invented in the nation your people built from a wilderness. Your voice should be silenced and your liberty curtailed. 
We are a people and a nation without a state.


  1. John Wilder

    Ok, when it comes to football, Brady is clearly the best at the quarterback position in the NFL – ever.

    He's so far above the rest, it's hard to even pick who would be second.

    That being said, I gave up on the NFL in 2017. I've watched bits and pieces of the Super Bowl, and that's it. Catching up on this one, the SJW is strong.

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