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Speaking Of Gun Control And Valentine’s Day

The other day I mentioned the really great deal on a complete Palmetto State Armory AR-15 lower and now PSA has their 16″ Complete Upper (really complete, including the charging handle and bolt carrier group plus Magpul MBUS Sights) for only $459 plus tax.

The free shipping really makes this a good deal.
Yes you could get this for less in 2019 but if you haven’t noticed, it isn’t 2019 anymore and yes this isn’t an elite Daniel Defense or Sons of Liberty Gun Works rifle but it is more than adequate for 99.99% of shooters.
Couple this with the lower I mentioned earlier, also with free shipping, and you are getting a complete AR-15 rifle for only $650 plus tax and a modest transfer fee at your local FFL. You aren’t going to get a better deal right now unless you buy some Radical Firearms trash.
If you have some money to spend right now, skip getting another handgun and get this combo.
Also for the record, I don’t get any kickbacks from Palmetto State, no affiliate links or anything, I just think this is a great deal and maybe I just ordered one before I put up this post. Maybe. 
** Edit **
Now showing out of stock, I doubt they will be back in stock anytime soon.


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