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Snowy Day!

For once the weather man was right and we got hammered with snow. The scene from an Amish business early this morning tells the tale as only porta-johns can tell:

Lots of cars off the road, most roads unplowed and impassable unless you are driving a 4 wheel drive like I was. The difference in driving that versus a 15 passenger van was not lost on the Amish.
Me driving an enormous rear-wheel drive 15 passenger van on snowy roads…

Me on those same roads in an old beat up Chevy 4×4 with no heat….

Anyway, I am home and have put the Amish ladies on notice that going to the fabric store on a day like day does not constitute “an emergency” so it should be a good day to read and nap and maybe blog a bit.


  1. Anonymous

    We are a two-state family, New York and Texas. This morning it was 50 degrees and raining up here on Long Island, and an impossible 13 degrees down in San Antonio, with yesterday's snow still covering the ground. The kids sure are enjoying their global warming down Texas way.

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