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One Party, One Branch

The way our government is supposed to work is that the states do their own thing and a small, limited Federal government has authority where it isn’t practical for the states to do something. That limited Federal government is supposed to be further constrained by being divided into three more or less co-equal branches of government that are each supposed to be a system of checks and balances for the other two.

Of course that hasn’t been the case for more than a century.
With the Presidency in the hands of Democrats, likely permanently, and both chambers of Congress also in the hands of Democrats, also likely permanently, that only leaves the judicial branch. Trump appointed a lot of judges, most prominently his three Supreme Court appointments: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett. While packing the courts by adding a bunch of seats to the SCOTUS and the Circuit Courts and then loading them up with liberals is still on the menu, likely after the SCOTUS overturns some gun control legislation or something and we start hearing about Trump’s appointments being illegitimate and the need to add seats and/or impeaching and removing his appointees in the name of “public safety”, there are other steps Biden’s puppet-masters can take to start to sway the judiciary and the first one has been announced: 

The U.S. Attorneys oversee specific regions and act as the prosecutorial arm of the government for those areas. For example, Gary T. Bell is the U.S. Attorney for Northern Indiana covering the region where I live, as well as South Bend, Fort Wayne and northwest Indiana which borders Chicago:

Anyway, by gutting the U.S. Attorneys, the Biden handlers are planning on replacing them with partisan hacks who will certainly focus more on “domestic terrorists” and “hate crimes” and less on actual crimes.
This is the difference between a party that is serious and a party that really prefers to be out of power so they can stick to impotently railing against their opponents. 
Republicans get both chambers of Congress and the White House and immediately start worrying about bi-partisanship and figuring out how to lose the next election.
Democrats get both chambers of Congress and the White House and immediately work to consolidate their power and ensure they never lose it.
As soon as they can, they will start to lock down the judicial branch and then we will have nothing at all resembling the limited government of checks and balances and will rather become an open uni-party state with every branch of government working in unison. 
Every vote for a Republican I have cast since I was eligible to vote in 1992 has been a complete waste of time.


  1. Anonymous

    I haven't voted for decades. To you, that may be a small thing. However where I am you can go to gaol for not doing so. How it works is Don't vote -> get a letter demanding to know why -> if you don't have a good enough reason (they won't tell you what a good reason is) you have to pay a fine or attend court -> attend court and 100% of the time you'll get the fine and have to pay court costs. Where does gaol come into it? Well, let's say you've moved and that letter goes to your old address. Let's say it was a local election and you had no idea it was even being held. Well, failure to respond to the letter leads to another letter that is a court summons. You don't turn up because the letter went to an old address. Now the court issues a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear in court. Then one day, a decade later, you're pulled over for a breath test. It's a Friday evening. So you spend the weekend in the lockup. Come Monday the Judge will release you but boy, what a weekend.

    When I say I don't vote I DO get my name checked off and cast a spoiled ballot. LOL, I'm not a martyr

    As to why I don't vote? Well I noted a long time ago that the political parties were one in the same on the really big issues.

  2. jl

    Don't feel too bad about the wasted votes Arthur, we're all in the same boat. "Systemic" lying by both sides our entire lives, dumbed down schools and the full crash and burn of real journalism. We all make the best decisions we can, based on the information we've taken in. If all the info just happens to be a giant, steaming pile of crap, how are us little people going to make truly informed decisions?
    Like ol' George Carlin said decades ago (paraphrasing) If voting made any difference, they would have outlawed it years ago!
    I think its high time critical thinkers and producers start "going Galt". Let's get out of the way and let the parasites destroy themselves.

  3. Arthur Sido

    This last election, I had no illusions that Trump would do anything he said he would if he won and even less that there would be a reasonably fair election. I voted to say eff you to the elites and that was about it, but it might very well be the last election I vote in.

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