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Have You Had “The Talk”?

No, not that talk. That talk is awkward and weird. This talk is deadly serious and sober.

Lots of people make noise about “from my cold dead hands” and other online bravado but do they really mean it? What I mean is this, if they (and you know who “they” are) try to seize your firearms by force, will you get upset but hand them over or will you protect your rights the old fashioned way even if that means you end up dead.
Like dead for real.
When it comes down to it, what will you do?
Not my best gif but I am still learning

That is what most people will probably do. But not everyone. Probably not millions of us. If they ban the possession of hundreds of millions of commonly owned firearms held by tens of millions of people, that means an awful lot of gun owners numbering in the millions or even tens of millions, are just going to flat out refuse to turn them in and likewise they are not going to pay an extra $200 per firearm and magazine that holds more than ten rounds. If law enforcement tries to take them by force, it will go kinetic. 
It might come to that. While I am pretty sure most local police and sheriff’s departments have little interest in getting into gun battles with regular citizens who pose no threat to anyone that does not pose a threat to them, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of LEOs who joined up so they can push people around will be eager to dress up like commandos and shoot civilians for having an unregistered 11 round magazine. 
While this is not on the table right now, it will be. The Usurper has only been in the White House for about five weeks and is already starting to implode. It is only a matter of time, probably in March or April if I were a betting man, before the false flag shooting happens. All of those bills winding their way through Congressional committees are there for a reason. They won’t pass today but they will be prepped and ready for a rushed vote before the bodies are even cold. That means you have a little time, but likely not much, to get your shit together and make your decision. 
I am not telling you what to do or even what I intend to do but if you are serious about the whole “from my cold dead hands in a pile of hot brass”, it it time for The Talk.

Listen up. If you have a family, whether that is just you and your woman or you, your woman and eight kids, 4 dogs and an elderly parent, you have an obligation to provide for them and to protect them. You. Not the cops, not the government. 
That is an obligation I take very, very seriously. Even though I am a piss poor husband and father, I always provide for and protect my family. Always. 
So it behooves me to talk to my wife about what happens if there is a gun ban that impacts firearms we hypothetically own and what, again hypothetically of course, I would do in such a situation. As it just so happens, we have had that conversation. It is hard and we need to talk more about it but I think the conclusion is pretty clear.
The talk also means making sure your spouse knows where everything stands, what bank and investment accounts you have and how to access them, what your budget looks like, where the money is coming in and going on. Still working on that but if something should happen to me, I want her to be able to carry on as best as she can without having to play Indiana Jones with our financial records. She knows my wishes for burial, in my case cremated as cheaply as possible. 
Most of all knowing I love her and I love my family and my people and it is precisely because of that that I have made the decisions I have made, understanding the consequences involved. Living on my knees like a sheep, cowering under the capricious whims of freaks and crooks, isn’t a life worth living. Too often our people have chosen the “safe” path and it is close to costing us everything. No more. 
I have said for a long time that being physically prepared is only part of the process. Being in great physical shape and having all of the coolest tactical gear won’t mean shit if you are afraid to put it to use when it comes time. All you are doing is providing some gear that looks great right up to the point that they saw it in half after you hand it over.
The days that are fast approaching will chew up and spit out people with soft hearts and weak wills. Talk to those you love right now and get your heart and your mind ready. Some things are worse than death and a servile “life” is one of them.


  1. Great Scott

    I went through everything about a month ago with my 18byear old daughter.
    She is very levelheaded so we ran thru all the accounts and passwords.
    I was wondering when I did this how many other men are doing the same.
    Again we shall see.

  2. Anonymous

    The authorities aren't going to go door to door looking for firearms. The authorities don't fear armed American civilians because lets face it, the number of Patriots that are willing to do what everyone knows needs doing would be less than a hundred

  3. Arthur Sido

    Who are the other 99?

    The real number is somewhere in-between 100 and 100,000,000. I don't see mass gun battles in the street, just tens of millions of Americans who simply will not comply.

  4. Anonymous

    YES, *exactly* what John Wilder said.

    These days, that's what they do. That's ALL they do. "The process is the punishment."

    Might be a good idea to legally separate those assets, to make it harder for them to go after the rest of the family in retribution, not to mention as compensation for their inability to hang you more than once.

  5. LGC

    everyone seems to be thinking mass battles and guerilla efforts. I think more like IRA. Sure, one guy can't really change the world. But his "cell" can't be broken, there's no one to tell or get involved and all these baddies (you define) have names and addresses and families, just like us and infrastructure, well, you know all this surveillance stuff runs on electricity…………

    leave the goddammed government tracking device at home ALL THE TIME starting now so the pattern doesn't change. we did fine without it before, we'll do fine without it now and in the future.

  6. Anonymous

    When Australia banned (actually restricted not banned) semiautomatic rifles back in 1996 there were less guns handed in Australia wide than there were SKS imported into one state (that kept records, other states hadn't bothered). In other words, the vast majority weren't handed in.

    But then we get to the crux of the issue. The Capitol "siege" and the armed protest in Virginia with 20,000 armed patriots defeated by temporary fences and A4 signs. Psychopaths / Sociopaths don't fear loud protests, they're easy for those type of people to ignore

    I think that Ammon Bundy no-go / autonomous zones for Feds is the future. Yeah, Feds can go there but they'd have to go in serious numbers and whilst they wouldn't be challenged everyone would know that they're not in control

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