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Get Out And I Mean Like Right Now

I have been saying this stuff for a while but as the kids today say, the shit is about to get real.

The globalists pulled off their biggest coup since they convinced the free nations of the West to get in bed with Joe Stalin. Via widespread election fraud, they defeated Orange Man Bad and by proxy all of his evil literal Nazi followers. While an honest accounting of the Trump era will show that he was not a right-wing dictator but rather was in general a loud-mouthed narcissist who was outmaneuvered at every turn by the Deep State and Pelosi/Schumer, his administration was still considered the embodiment of all that was evil as it was summoned into existence by The Most Awful People To Ever Live, aka White people. 
We are entering a new era….led by a senile, corrupt, old, lifelong  politician. Cracks are already forming in the Democrat majority and the struggle will be to see if Schumer and especially Pelosi can keep the youngsters in line. The Left, having vanquished Orange Man Bad, is now under the belief that they have the holy obligation to not merely make incremental changes but rather to undo the foundations of Western civilization and everything that made a just and prosperous society possible. 
It is already happening with dizzying speed. While Biden fumbles through each day clueless as to what is going on, the people pulling his strings are moving rapidly to consolidate power and turning the full force of the combined might of the government and the globohomo corporate world against the American people.
With the world’s economic stability hanging on by a thread, and an anti-law enforcement administration taking power in America, it is hard to imagine that things are not going to go sideways. Add in that tempers are frayed and anger is widespread among the normally quiet American gun owning population, coupled with Biden’s apparent insistence on sweeping infringements on our 2nd Amendment guaranteed natural rights to keep and bear arms? Spicy times are coming.
So you have a tacticool AR and lots of ammo and a plate carrier with the most awesome possible morale patches. You have canned and freeze dried food aplenty. What else should you be doing right now?
Mostly getting out.
Get out of the cities
blacks aren’t going to stop committing crimes, if 2020 has taught us anything it is that blacks are likely to increase their criminal behavior and especially violent crime. There were over 600 mass shootings in America in 2020. The overwhelming majority, in fact nearly all of them, were committed by blacks with a few mestizo and a handful of White and Asians thrown in. There have already been 40 mass shootings in America this year and over 1,800 murders, again mostly committed by blacks. It is pretty damn cold but when the weather warms up? 
Either cops are going to stop enforcing the law and crime will get worse or cops will enforce the law, leading to contact with blacks which will occasionally end up with a dead black guy and they will riot. 
I have been telling people to get out of the city forever. If you haven’t listened, it is on you when things go tits up.
Get out of the corporate work force
You have two choices: you can work a job in the system and self-censor anything and everything you might want to say and still likely get passed over or even let go in favor of a privileged minority or get out of that rat race and find something you can do to earn a living that is resistant to the work cancel culture mob. The key is finding something you like and are good at, that is in demand, and then doing it better than other people. What we do for our businesses is not complicated and a lot of people can do it but we do it better than just about anyone else and we get paid accordingly. 
We have been pretty fortunate that where we live is a goldmine for independent work. Our customer base is pretty demanding but when you are a proven commodity, they will seek you out (and man do they!) and pay a premium for your services. 
Another important key to success is having multiple income streams. As we have seen in the last year, the government can pretty much jack up the entire economy with the stroke of a pen. We had a great year last year but a lot of people did not. If one source of income dries up, having another already in place helps. 
This is a helpful video from Paul Waggener, founder of Operation Werewolf and certified Bad Thinkerâ„¢, on the two things you need to ask yourself before starting your own business, good stuff and Paul is a solid guy. The two things:
1. What solution am I providing?
I love that, you aren’t offering a product or a service, you are providing a solution. For example a trucker isn’t providing trucking services, he is solving the customer problem of moving their merchandise from one location to another. The truck is just a tool to solve a problem.
2. What does you customer look like?
Having a great idea doesn’t mean shit if you don’t have someone who will pay your for it. Be realistic here about who will pay for your solutions and how much they will pay.
Great video. Find a way to earn a living that doesn’t require you to suck up to the globohomo elites. If you can’t do that where you live, then move. There is an enormous potential for making a living outside of their system. I haven’t gotten a direct deposit or a regular paycheck in over five years and we are doing great. You can too, it just takes the willingness to do some hard work.
Get out of the globalist banking system
The banking system is a tool of the globalist elites and it will be rapidly be turned on you as a weapon. Comply or you lose your ability to use our banks. Tucker Carlson just ran a segment about Bank of America scouring customer information for signs you might have been at the “insurrection” in D.C. and then turning over that information, without customer consent or knowledge, to the FBI.
Your bank knows a lot about you and that is why confidentiality is important. Your banker can look at your account and see if you paid for an OnlyFans subscription or wrote a check to a political figure, bought something from Victoria’s Secret or tickets to a Yanni concert. They have your social security number, driver’s license information, date of birth, home address, dangerous information to get loose. That is why I always considered confidentiality to be a critical aspect of banking. I didn’t talk about what my customers were doing with their money with anyone else, period.
Stay away from the big banks, especially the really big banks like Bank of America and Chase. I worked for Chase in 2005-2006 and even back then, before Obama and legalized “gay marriage” we were required to put up “diversity” posters including one touting how swell homosexuality was. Chase would gladly rat you out to the government and BoA and Chase among others like Citigroup and Wells Fargo (who got busted for fraudulently opening bogus accounts for customers), work as the enforcement arm for the government. As much as you can, keep your banking as local as you can. 
Alternatives are also important. I am not a big crypto guy, because it is just too unstable and if things really go sideways, having Bitcoin but no internet isn’t going to help you much. Crypto can be useful if you want to send money without going through the globohomo banking system. I am a proponent of having a stack of cash money, in something secure and fireproof, at home. If the banking system falls apart for whatever reason, cash will still be accepted for a time. Cash is also nice if you want to buy something and not create an electronic trail. 
Precious metals are really volatile right now (thanks reddit!) but I am a big fan of silver, less so of gold because it is so expensive. An ounce of gold is around $1800 right now so a one ounce coin isn’t good for small purchases. Silver is only $26.53 right now and that is an amount that makes more sense if you are looking to use it as a medium of exchange. Regardless, have some on hand.
That is where we are. We are a nation of people without a state, and the land we conquered and civilized is now occupied territory. Get yourself out of their grasp as much as possible and let the cities burn. Most of our fellow “Americans” don’t want to be saved so stop trying to save them. Look out for yourself, your family and your neighbors. If your neighbors aren’t the kind of people you want to look out for, get yourself somewhere with better neighbors.
Make it hard for them to control you and you make it impossible for them to rule you.

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