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9mm Drop Incoming

On the opposite side of “woke” trash corporate America, the good people at Fenix Ammunition sent out notice that they will have 9mm ammo in stock and available online at 10 AM EST tomorrow, February 11th. They are going to have 115 grain, 124 grain and 147 grain in stock. 

Yes the prices are still crazy because yes it is 2021 and things aren’t any better…
…but yes, it will be in stock for a couple of minutes and the price is better than what you will find just randomly searching ammoseek….
…and yes it is expensive to train right now and pulling the trigger can be painful when you think about how much it will cost to replace the ammo but you still have to train because shooting is a skill that will diminish with neglect. 
The last time they had 9mm in stock, it lasted about five minutes and they had 300,000 rounds available. I ordered 250 which comes in loose in a bag. I ordered on January 28th and it arrived on February 9th, so pretty quickly for a small outfit.
Fenix are good people. You probably need ammo. This seems like a no-brainer. Support the people who support us.


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