Sunday, February 28, 2021

One More On Waco

Remember kids, all this talk about gun confiscation is just fear mongering from right wing White supremacist domestic terrorists. The government would never do anything like that...

The Winner Of The Tone Deafness Championship Is...The ATF!

The great Americans at the ATF posted this tweet today:

Four agents died executing a bullshit warrant while the aftermath of the siege at Waco left 76 Branch Davidians dead including a bunch of children and women.

Whatever their kooky beliefs, the Davidians weren't really bothering anyone but to make a splash the Feds decided to execute a search warrant and ended up killing a ton of civilians.

Waco is one of the most shameful moments in law enforcement history, alongside Ruby Ridge, but here the ATF is honoring their agents killed without a mention of the women and children who died as a result.

Gee, I wonder why they ATF is so hated by Americans?

This Is What Equity Means

Boston schools apparently have a program for their "gifted" students called Advanced Work Classes. It sounds like it is aimed at giving students mired in the public school classroom a chance to take more challenging courses, presumably giving them a better background for college: 

"Students in the program have the opportunity to study subjects in greater depth and are offered more schoolwork than the traditional curriculum requires."

But this is 2021 and apparently there are "disparities" in the program and that must not be allowed!

A district analysis of the program found that more than 70 percent of students enrolled in the program were white and Asian, even though nearly 80 percent of all Boston public school students are Hispanic and Black.

School Committee member Lorna Rivera said at a January meeting that she was disturbed by the findings, noting that nearly 60 percent of fourth graders in the program at the Ohrenberger school in West Roxbury are white even though most third graders enrolled at the school are Black and Hispanic.

"This is just not acceptable," Rivera said at a recent school committee meeting. "I've never heard these statistics before, and I'm very very disturbed by them."

She is very disturbed because it strikes her as "unfair". Whether it works or makes sense doesn't matter.

Being in this program is like being in segregated housing in prison, away from gen pop. One of the problems, and there are many, with public schools is that it lumps every kid of a certain age group in a given location together without regard to their ability or development. That means that of necessity teachers have to teach to the lowest common denominator, otherwise they flunk half of the class. For smarter kids, this means they are being held back and usually are bored, and not as prepared as they should be for future education. Advanced education classes are aimed at identifying higher achieving students and giving them the chance to be challenged. 

To the surprise of no one, a merit based program that identifies third graders who scored well on a test, tends to attract mostly White and Asian kids in a school system that is overwhelmingly black and mestizo. Boston Public Schools look like a nightmare. According to their website, where they are apparently bragging about this, BPS is super diverse!

We are proud to be one of the most diverse school districts in the nation. Nearly one in every two students speaks a language other than English at home, and our students come from 139 different countries. One in five BPS students has a disability, and half are economically disadvantaged.

In modern "education" speak, having a "disability" in a public school usually means that the kid is an out of control and often dangerous behavioral problem, not that he is in a wheelchair. Half of the kids speak something other than English at home and oddly enough half are also "economically disadvantaged". 

How do you teach in a school district where half the kids barely speak English and 20% have chronic behavior problems? The answer is, you don't or at least you barely do. You teach down to the level you need to in order to have kids graduate. BPS is bragging that significantly more black students are graduating compared to a decade ago:

4-year graduation rates for Black students have risen from 54.2 percent in 2007 to 76.4 percent in 2018, out-pacing the district's increase for all students by 5 percentage points.

What happened during those 11 years to see an almost 50% increase in graduation rates? Is the instruction just that much better or are the standards that much lower? Are black kids magically more intelligent? Nah.

It is all about the desired outcome. Last year in my post The Dumbing Down Of America I mentioned one Marqell McClendon, a black woman who graduated as the "valedictorian" of her Detroit school, Cody High School, a school with 428 students, of which 422 are black. Ms. McClendon went on to Michigan State University where she promptly found herself incapable of completing even low level remedial math courses. Being the valedictorian in a Detroit school is mostly a matter of making it to graduation without being killed or arrested.

Lower the standards, improve the statistics and churn out students incapable of basic classwork at the next level. That isn't "education", it really isn't anything more than providing a holding pen for diverse inner city youths until they age out of the school system. More from BPS:

- In the 2018-2019 school year, we will offer full-day pre-kindergarten education for over 2,500 four-year-olds, up from 700 seats in 2005. 

- Expanded Learning Time (ELT) is one of the key ways in which the district hopes to provide a high-quality education for all. Schools in BPS can expand the day though the Schedule A initiative, having turnaround status, or becoming an autonomous school. In the 2019-2020 school year, BPS will be implementing ELT in a total of 62 schools serving over 25,000 students since the Schedule A ELT agreement was implemented in Fall 2015.

- One in five students attends one of our award-winning summer learning initiatives -- nationally recognized for excellence in summer learning in 2013.

This is all about keeping the schools open more, requiring more staff and providing day care for urban youths.

I am not a fan of the advanced learning programs as they used to be a complete waste of time and often counter-productive (see: The Educational Malpractice Of Gifted And Talented Programs) but for White and Asian, as well as higher achieving black and mestizo kids, these advanced learning programs in Boston are probably a lifeline to get them out of the public school system and into an environment where they can actually learn. Even still, according to the original story, most kids who qualify for the program still don't take the opportunity:

The program was open to all students in the Boston Public Schools who took a test known as Terra Nova in the third grade and received a high score. Those students were placed in a lottery conducted by the central administration office, and lottery winners received letters inviting them to apply to the program. Last fall, 453 students received invitations, 143 students applied and 116 enrolled this year, officials said.

So only around 1/3 of the kids who qualified, were pulled in the lottery and invited to enroll actually were enrolled by their parents in the program. I wonder how many of the 2/3 who didn't enroll were black and mestizo parents who didn't want their kid to seem too "White"?

I always like to dig a little deeper into stores like this. The superintendent of Boston Public Schools who ordered this program suspended is named Brenda Cassellius. As an aside, you will be hard pressed to find many superintendents or principals in city school districts who are not female and/or a minority. The executive staff for Boston Public Schools only has a couple of White guys, including the chief financial officer who probably has the only real job on the executive team. But it does have these folks:

What does "Dr." Grandson, the "Chief Equity & Strategy Officer", do all day? Great question, I bet it involves a lot of meetings and zero interaction with actual students. For that matter, what do any of these four do all day? On the other hand I assume all of these people have mid range six figure salaries, cushy benefits and a great retirement program.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ms. Cassellius taught in actual classrooms from August of 1990 to June of 1995, about the same time I was in college. In July of 1995 she was hired as an Assistant Principal and has been in administration ever since. That means she is over a quarter of a century removed from the classroom. To her "education" is mostly an academic issue, pun intended. She doesn't have to deal with the day to day classrooms like the teachers in hyper-diverse Boston Public Schools.

Equity is replacing equality as the goal of the Cultural Marxist Left. Equality sounds great to most of us, everyone gets the same opportunity to succeed. That is very egalitarian and "fair". By contrast equity is concerned with the outcome and if someone isn't achieving the same outcome, then by definition the system is "unfair". No one is questioning that White and Asian students tend to be significantly more intelligent and higher achieving at school but that isn't the point. The system can only be fair if the outcome matches the desired goal and if it doesn't, well you simply have to game the system until it does. Sure that means more undeserving black and mestizo kids in accelerated programs and more smart White and Asian kids thrown back into general population where they will be held back by their imbecilic classmates but as long as we can show the statistics on our webpage indicating the proper racial ratios, equity has been achieved.

This is the next step but not the final one, soon equity will be replaced by reparative justice where only black and mestizo kids are given preferential classroom treatment to atone for past injustices. The only purpose of the government and pretty much every other significant institution in America in the 2020s is weaponizing the government to punish certain racial groups for not sucking and elevating others at their expense. 

There is no stopping this, but you can (at least for now) still take steps like removing your kids from public schools and finding ways to disentangle yourself from the various institutions that are lining up to shit on you and your family. That will be the topic for a future post but for now just recognize that talking about equality and MLKs "dream" of a color blind future is useless and counterproductive. This is a tribal war and it is high time our side gets in the fight.

Saturday, February 27, 2021


Ahead of Trump's speech at CPAC, the gender fluid freaks in charge of Twitter censorship banned a ton of accounts, including my fifth Twitter account for "manipulation and spam"

No idea which tweets were the culprits. It probably doesn't matter, I filed an appeal but that is likely going nowhere so I created a new Twitter account.

Lots of brand new accounts looking for frens, if you have a Twitter account hit me up!

Oh, and it is weird that some people who are very controversial somehow have accounts that go back a decade and yet they always seem to survive these purges when little accounts with a few hundred followers don't. I am sure that is just an oversight.....

A Mass Shooting Vaccine? It's A Medical Miracle!

Check this out from USA Today, a "news" outlet that is to journalism what the Gorilla Glue girl is to beauty standards. 

Mass shootings jumped nearly 50% in 2020, due in large part to a pandemic year rife with crippling unemployment, violent protests and idle youth. 

With COVID-19 cases falling and vaccines rolling out, some criminologists hope a rebounding economy and reopened schools will drive down those numbers in 2021.

Early results are promising, says Mark Bryant, founder of the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks gun incident trends. In the first seven weeks of this year, there have been 63 mass shootings — defined as four or more people injured or killed in one incident —which if continued would show a drop from 2020, he said. 

Kudos for at least noticing what happened last year but the big difference between last year versus this year is that it was reasonably mild in the first two months of 2020 while 2021 has had bitterly cold weather and heavy snowfall. The brothers usually set aside their thirst for vengeance when there is inclement weather but it is getting nicer out this weekend and we will likely see a significant uptick in shootings. The article even mentions the Unspeakable Truth about mass shootings:

The most dramatic increases in mass shootings last year were found in states with cities that boast large Black and Latino populations, groups that traditionally are disproportionately impacted by crime and gun violence as well as, more recently, COVID-19 cases and deaths, along with high unemployment rates driven by the pandemic.

While the whole nation was impacted by the Chinese coronavirus bioweapon, the mass shootings were really limited to black and mestizo areas, apparently even more than usual. Maybe the root cause isn't the virus?

The driving force behind the increase in mass shootings in 2020 seems to have more to do with certain populations being emboldened by a pull back in policing and not with any issues having to do with the coronavirus. 

As I keep saying, refusing to point out the source of a problem and instead shifting blame is a sure recipe to get more of the same. If the coronavirus disappeared tomorrow, the problem of mass shootings and general gun violence in our urban areas wouldn't change a bit. 

The Most 2020s News Story Ever?

Stare into the face of the future for this country.

In November of 2018, a black teen named Donato Cruikshank who at the time was just weeks away from his 18th birthday went to an apartment and "allegedly" murdered two black sisters, his ex-girlfriend 16-year-old Sierra Brown and her sister 27-year-old Uniek Souvinette Akins. The two left behind three children. He then apparently robbed the women of Apple watches and cellphones, and stole one of their cars before setting the apartment on fire. He was subsequently arrested.

Fast forward to now, two years later and this case still hasn't gone to court.

Los Angeles County District Attorney, a Cuban guy named George Gascón, has recently decided to leave the case in  the juvenile court system even though he could have moved the case to the adult system and given the clear premeditation, the fact this was a double murder and was accompanied by a robbery and the intentional starting of a fire, it clearly should be but he refuses to do so. This means that at most, Donato Cruikshank will serve 7 years for two counts of premeditated murder.

The mother of the two girls, Felicia Andrews, is obviously distraught. Apparently the  D.A.'s office has  offered "counseling services". In a statement the D.A. also offered this little nugget of wisdom:

"…Meanwhile, we remain committed to ensuring that the scales of our criminal justice system are balanced. Incarcerating youths for decades before they fully develop their cognitive skills significantly increases their chances of committing future offenses."

Wouldn't want to incarcerate "youths" for decades before they fully develop their cognitive skills. They might end up being criminals! Here is the youth in question with the now deceased Sierra Brown:

What a precious moment, the two minors in a loving embrace/chokehold taking a snapshot of the young future scholar pointing a gun at the mirror. These are the kind of memories and youthful exuberance that stable societies are built upon! Who would have guessed that he would have ended up being a violent criminal?

Anyway, I am pretty sure that Donato Cruikshank was as fully developed cognitively as he was going to get a long time ago and locking him up for decades wouldn't increase his chance of committing future criminal acts as the likelihood of that was already at 100%. I wonder where he got the gun since he was under 18 and therefore couldn't legally buy a firearm? Weird.

The two girls that were killed, with 3 kids between them meaning the 16 year old had at least one child already and presumably by a different fella than the one who murdered her, have two different last names while their momma has a yet another last name. No mention of current husbands for mom or the 27 year old with one or two kids of her own. A Cuban D.A. refusing to try a 17 year and 11 month old black "youth" as an adult for two counts of premeditated murder for fear he might commit more crimes later. I assume Donato has been behind bars for a couple of years awaiting trial, so if he gets the max sentence of seven years, the two years already served will knock that down to five more years and he will be back on the streets at around age 25 with at least two murders under his belt. I am sure he will be a productive member of society.

How many cases like this are in the system already? How many of these jacked up mixed families that end up as permanent wards of the state are in similar situations?

Meanwhile in Chicago, I saw a couple of stories including a woman mugged at gunpoint by three "youths" aged 13, 14 and 15 and then this:

For now the worst of this criminal behavior is confined to "diverse" neighborhoods but it won't stay there forever.

Welcome to the future where every city looks like a cross between Escape from New York, The Warriors and Mad Max.

Friday, February 26, 2021

It Wuz Dem Vid-Yo Gamez That Made Me Jack Dat Car!

Back in the 1980s there was the great Dungeons & Dragons scare. As the game became wildly popular, rumors began to swirl that some kids were taking it too seriously and killing other kids with swords. This wasn't true but it didn't stop some religious grifters from pushing the story to scare people. Before that it was Elvis Pressley's swaying hips causing teenagers to have impure thoughts, as if teens need any help having impure thoughts. Later when two losers shot up Columbine High School, weirdo rocker Marilyn Manson was blamed. Absent from any of these deflections was the idea that people who do terrible stuff are responsible for their own actions.

The idea of blaming external forces for bad behavior has found especially fertile ground in the 2020s.

As if things weren't bad enough in Chicago, 2021 has seen a spate of car jackings. As of last weekend, CPD was reporting 241 carjackers arrested already in 2021. Those are just the arrests and with about 50 days into the year as of the report, that works out to around five carjackers arrested per day in the middle of winter. Who knows how many got away with it, double or triple that number at least. Over the weekend two "youths" were arrested for carjacking a guy at gun point, they were ages 13 and 14. According to this chart at Hey Jackass!, we are trending toward a record year for carjackings in the windy city:

As of 2/17 when this chart is dated, 48 days have elapsed in 2021 out of 365, or 13% of the year. Based on that, Chicago is on pace for more than 2,250 carjackings which would be almost 1000 more than in 2020 when Chicago had almost 1400 carjackings which doubled the prior year. If any of the math here is wrong, Engineer Jim will correct me. Also of note, as of the latest from Hey Jackass! there have been 400 people shot in Chicago already this year and we have had a very cold late winter in the Midwest. Temps are rising and lead will be flying!

As with murders, you can be reasonably certain that the carjackers in Chicago fit a certain demographic profile. We aren't supposed to notice that of course but it is still true.

If you have kids in your community as young as 13 and 14 pulling guns on other people and stealing their cars, you might think you have a problem somewhere in that community. Perhaps there is a cultural issue or an problem with parenting. But this is 2021 so the real issue is:

Video games.

Yep. A State Representative in Illinois by the name of Marcus Evans is trying to ban Grand Theft Auto from being sold in Illinois. 

That isn't a joke. 

Here is Representative Evans:

There are a bunch of issues with this but let me just walk you through a couple of them.

First, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around since 1997, so around 23 years and about a decade before our 13 and 14 year old carjackers were even born.

Second, the latest GTA game, number five in the series, came out in 2013, so it has been around for 7 years but only recently have we seen a surge in carjackings. 

Third, GTA V is the second highest selling video game ever, only trailing Minecraft. There have been 140 million copies sold across every major gaming platform.

Fourth, I would be willing to bet that the majority of people who bought GTA were White but generally carjacking is a black thang. 

So we have a relatively old video game series that sold over 100 million copies, mostly to young White kids, and yet the spike in carjackings in Chicago seems to be only in one community. It might seem that the problem isn't really that kids play a game that includes carjacking and instead that Mr. Evans racial community seems to have a serious problem with violent criminality. Or perhaps black childruns can't differentiate between a video game and real life? 

Of course saying things like that doesn't get people like Marcus Evans votes or donations. Let's blame video games instead of demanding our families and community takes responsibility! 

The people who are supposed to be "leaders" in the black community almost universally make things worse, in large measure because they refuse to hold their own community accountable and instead pass the blame onto mystic forces like "racism" and video games.

Look for the violence in the inner cities to be far worse in 2021. It might be time to start walling these cities off and letting nature take it's course.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Have You Had "The Talk"?

No, not that talk. That talk is awkward and weird. This talk is deadly serious and sober.

Lots of people make noise about "from my cold dead hands" and other online bravado but do they really mean it? What I mean is this, if they (and you know who "they" are) try to seize your firearms by force, will you get upset but hand them over or will you protect your rights the old fashioned way even if that means you end up dead.

Like dead for real.

When it comes down to it, what will you do?

Not my best gif but I am still learning

That is what most people will probably do. But not everyone. Probably not millions of us. If they ban the possession of hundreds of millions of commonly owned firearms held by tens of millions of people, that means an awful lot of gun owners numbering in the millions or even tens of millions, are just going to flat out refuse to turn them in and likewise they are not going to pay an extra $200 per firearm and magazine that holds more than ten rounds. If law enforcement tries to take them by force, it will go kinetic. 

It might come to that. While I am pretty sure most local police and sheriff's departments have little interest in getting into gun battles with regular citizens who pose no threat to anyone that does not pose a threat to them, that doesn't mean there won't be plenty of LEOs who joined up so they can push people around will be eager to dress up like commandos and shoot civilians for having an unregistered 11 round magazine. 

While this is not on the table right now, it will be. The Usurper has only been in the White House for about five weeks and is already starting to implode. It is only a matter of time, probably in March or April if I were a betting man, before the false flag shooting happens. All of those bills winding their way through Congressional committees are there for a reason. They won't pass today but they will be prepped and ready for a rushed vote before the bodies are even cold. That means you have a little time, but likely not much, to get your shit together and make your decision. 

I am not telling you what to do or even what I intend to do but if you are serious about the whole "from my cold dead hands in a pile of hot brass", it it time for The Talk.

Listen up. If you have a family, whether that is just you and your woman or you, your woman and eight kids, 4 dogs and an elderly parent, you have an obligation to provide for them and to protect them. You. Not the cops, not the government. 


That is an obligation I take very, very seriously. Even though I am a piss poor husband and father, I always provide for and protect my family. Always. 

So it behooves me to talk to my wife about what happens if there is a gun ban that impacts firearms we hypothetically own and what, again hypothetically of course, I would do in such a situation. As it just so happens, we have had that conversation. It is hard and we need to talk more about it but I think the conclusion is pretty clear.

The talk also means making sure your spouse knows where everything stands, what bank and investment accounts you have and how to access them, what your budget looks like, where the money is coming in and going on. Still working on that but if something should happen to me, I want her to be able to carry on as best as she can without having to play Indiana Jones with our financial records. She knows my wishes for burial, in my case cremated as cheaply as possible. 

Most of all knowing I love her and I love my family and my people and it is precisely because of that that I have made the decisions I have made, understanding the consequences involved. Living on my knees like a sheep, cowering under the capricious whims of freaks and crooks, isn't a life worth living. Too often our people have chosen the "safe" path and it is close to costing us everything. No more. 

I have said for a long time that being physically prepared is only part of the process. Being in great physical shape and having all of the coolest tactical gear won't mean shit if you are afraid to put it to use when it comes time. All you are doing is providing some gear that looks great right up to the point that they saw it in half after you hand it over.

The days that are fast approaching will chew up and spit out people with soft hearts and weak wills. Talk to those you love right now and get your heart and your mind ready. Some things are worse than death and a servile "life" is one of them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Why Are Liberals So Illiberal?

At my age you can start to reference things by saying "At my age" thanks to a long enough timeframe to see significant changes that have taken place in a given nation. You can see this at work when you look at millennials who seem baffled at the notion that what they have experienced in their life doesn't sum up human history, like there is the last ten years and before that was the Civil War. My wife and I were laughing at this story the other night:

Grease was released in 1978 and is supposed to be set in 1958. According to these absolute idiots in the U.K., the movie is a problem because:

- There are too many White people in the school

In the 1950s the U.S. was almost 90% White and blacks were still concentrated in the south and a few large northern cities. I went to a decent sized high school in Ohio in the late 1980s and we had one whole black kid in the entire school, two grades older than me. It would be very common in many parts of the country to have no black kids in a school system in 1978, much less in 1958. 

- There are no homosexual characters and at one point boys and girls at a dance are told there can be no same sex couples dancing.

Again, this is supposed to be in 1958. In high school in the 1980s there wasn't a single openly homosexual student in my school, much less some boy dressing like a girl. That would have been a great way to get your ass kicked every day. Double so in the 1950s. Most of American history wasn't a place where you were required to pretend degenerates were not freaks and perverts.

- The movie is apparently also "sexist"/misogynistic 

See points one and two above. Until relatively recently, girls in high school tried to look their best. They wore nice, clean clothing, they fussed about their hair and worried about their weight. It wasn't unusual in my high school in the 80s for girls to wear a pressed blouse, skirt and nylons and heels to school. Girls wanted to attract boys and vice versa. The awkward dance between boys and girls was a major part of teen life and this movie like so many others reflects that reality. Also as part of this was the supposed "slut shaming" in Grease and again, sounding like a broken record, being a slutty girl wasn't a compliment for most of American history. Girls who took the shortcut to male affection by putting out were rightly shamed in high school. What happens in Grease is more or less exactly what would have happened in real life.

Remember when movies reflected the era they were set in rather than trying to shoehorn today's bullshit into the film? You might also recall that movies were infinitely more enjoyable when you weren't being hectored non-stop. The funny thing is that Grease could really be considered, for it's time, to be a very liberal movie that mocked the stuffy conservative morals of the day.

Anyway, that is just one example. The people commenting were infuriated that the BBC would even show such a movie. The horror! 

Here is where things have changed in my lifetime. 

Being a liberal used to mean things like concern for workers being exploited by big business, staying out of wars, free speech and expression and of course loosened sexual morals. They were always yammering on and on about stuff, arguing with conservatives and each other. They believed in what they were saying and they wanted to tell you why you were wrong if you didn't believe the same thing. The hippies and the music counterculture of the 60s and 70s was all about "fighting the man" and struggling against the prevailing culture. Even as recently as the early 90s when I was in college, liberals were still game for an argument.

Then something began to change. 

More and more Americans went to college and their professors were increasingly monolithic in their far left ideology. At the same time teachers in public schools were being taught less about teaching and their subject matter and a lot more about "justice" and various groovy theories about teaching that have led to a precipitous decline in educational standards. The entertainment world shifted hard to the left. These are all well known and lamented but less well considered was a different change: corporate America joined forces with their one time enemy on the Left. Today what you hear from the largest corporations and what you hear from far Left activists is virtually identical. 

In short, liberals have become what they once hated and don't even seem to realize it. They are not the counter-culture, no matter how much they talk about "resistance". How can you resist the very system that you are deeply invested in supporting and that in turn supports you?

What is more important, liberals today have nothing interesting to say. They are mostly middle or upper class Whites, deeply embedded in corporate consumerism, talking endlessly about racial justice. They use terms like "Latinx" that no actual mestizo uses or recognizes. They throw rocks through the windows of the same Starbucks they patronize in the name of black Lives Matter but go out of their way to not live anywhere near black people. They talk about communism but would die in a matter of days without the machinery of capitalism to provide them with their every want and desire. 

They used to think censorship was the worst thing in the world but now are the biggest advocates of censoring political speech, to the point where offering an opinion they dislike sends them into paroxysms of agony and is considered to be literal violence. The people you once could never get to shut up now are incapable of engaging in even the most mild debate over the most innocuous topics.

Far from the supposedly free spirits of the Vietnam era, today's liberals are the most illiberal, violently angry and censorious people around. Their brand of secular leftist legalism puts the most conservative Christians sects to shame.

I still use liberal to describe people on the Left even though they are the most illiberal and intolerant people in America because it is lazy and the accepted term, just as I use conservative to describe people on the Right even though they never conserve anything. Still, it is worth noting that the two terms used to categorize all of our political discourse are essentially meaningless today. Our political world has shifted far from where it once was and we are entering a very different, very dangerous new world that really demands some new definitions.

Monday, February 22, 2021

What Is A Nation?

The U.S. Will Lose The Next Big War

For most of my life there was one unassailable fact: American could kick the ass of any other country on earth. Of course we worried about the Russians because in a nuclear war no one wins but in a conventional war we were pretty convinced that we would clobber them. A lot of it was post-Vietnam bravado, I was too young to remember any of the waning days of the war when the U.S. forces fled Vietnam, but there was a concerted effort to build up our military under Reagan and a few scattered conflicts like Grenada and the first Gulf War helped to renew our faith in U.S. military supremacy. The Balkan conflict and the Black Hawk Down incidents might have given us pause but then 9/11 rolled around and we had the chance to demonstrate yet again that in a conventional war, the U.S. couldn't be beat.

That was then. This is now.

Not my best meme but you get the point. The guys who jumped out of planes, rode gliders into the ground and stormed the beaches in France in 1944 would be disgusted to see what has become of the U.S. military. Less than a week after occupying the White House, former Vice-President Joe Biden reversed a Trump order that banned trannies from serving in the military. Apparently that is what the average Biden voter really wanted. Meanwhile no coronavirus relief checks in sight. At least he doesn't send out mean tweets!

Meanwhile in China, they are openly declaring that the feminization of young men is a problem and are actively trying to do something about it.

The Chinese own the Usurper Joe Biden and have no fear of the U.S. military because they know their pet will never use it against them. At the same time they are working to purge the effeminate sissies from their society, something the U.S. should also be doing. 

In Russia, they are working on next generation missile systems and this super cool new combat armor, a fourth generation Sotnik or "Centurion" armor.

Kinda has a HALO vibe to it.

Allegedly it "is engineered to withstand a direct shot from a .50 caliber M2 Browning". I have my doubts. If you get punched in the chest with a .50 cal, maybe the armor will indeed stop it from penetrating but that won't stop it from crushing your internal organs. There is also an exoskeleton in development to allow Russian soldiers to carry more weight, one of the big tradeoffs for infantry being how much they can carry versus being able to actually move.

Maybe the gear is gimmicky and won't work, and sure the Russians have one whole aircraft carrier that needs a tug to accompany it everywhere and half of the toilets freeze in cold weather but at least they are trying. They seem to be focusing on ways to circumvent U.S. technological and numerical superiority, ex. building hypersonic anti-ship missiles to sink our aircraft carriers instead of trying to match our carrier fleet ship for ship.

As a nation with around 143 million people and the largest landmass of any nation in the world, rich with natural resources and especially freshwater, Russia could be a serious threat if they could stop getting sloshed on vodka. While our "leaders" seem mostly clueless, Putin understands what is going on in the world. He recently spoke at the World Economic Forum and threw cold water on the idea of the "Great Reset", at least for Russian: Great Reset? Putin Says, "Not So Fast"

While the U.S. and the rest of the West is being transformed by the globalist cabal that is now openly trying to take over every aspect of our economy and society, Russia and China are preparing for a post-U.S. future that they think they will lead. Without a credible U.S. military threat to serve as a counterweight, who will stop them and at least in the case of Russia I am starting to think that a world order with them at the top would be preferable to the U.S. under the control of globohomo corporations and their partners in government. 

What seems pretty certain is that in a real war, not a one sided conflict like kicking around the Iraqis, the U.S. would be in real trouble. The rest of the world seems to be figuring this out and trying to decide how to survive without U.S. military hegemony. A military that is seemingly more concerned with being an engine for "social justice" rather than killing their enemies is destined for an ass kicking. Maybe getting pummeled in a war wouldn't be a bad thing?

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Asians Attacked By blacks Because Of White Nationalism. Of Course.

A few weeks ago a video made the rounds, and it was disturbingly commonplace. An elderly Asian man named Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84 years old and frail as people of that age typically are, was out walking when a "teen" charged across the street, slammed into the elderly man, knocking him down and killing him.

Of course he celebrates his valiant victory over the forces of Asian racism by thumping his chest. What a tough guy!

This is the latest in a string of black on Asian violence so a mixed race black-Asian fella named Rohan Zhou-Lee (also a homo, what a shocker) organized a rally to condemn the violence and he astutely identified the real culprit of this violence:

Oh, silly me. I guess these random acts of violence by blacks against Asians is really the result of "White nationalism" and not just a propensity toward violence by this particular demographic. The article I read also pointed out a number of other White nationalism inspired attacks on Asians:

First up, Ee Lee.

Ms. Lee was a 35 year old Hmong woman. In September of last year she was set upon by a pack of 11 "teens" in a park, sexually assaulted and beaten to death. Two teens were charged, a 17 year old named Kamare Lewis and a 15 year old named Kevin Spencer. There isn't a photo of the younger defendant but there is one of the 17 year old:

Damn these White nationalists! 

Then there was Noel Quintana, a 61 year old Filipino who was slashed in the face fillowing a "dispute" with another man on a NYC subway. Another White man no doubt.....


Just as a significant percentage of attacks on Jews are committed by blacks, so are attacks on Asians and also of course White people but no one cares about that.

This is grade A gaslighting and cognitive dissonance. You see the mugshots and the videos and the perpetrators are almost always black but then the media and government figures tell you that the real issue is White nationalism, even though White people are rarely the actual perpetrators and the people who are usually the perps are exalted as the real builders of America.

Guess what kids, either you start to take tribal solidarity as White people seriously or this sort of gaslighting is going to turn into something far more dangerous. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Another Daily Reminder....

...that the sneering, pompous jackasses of  Conservative Inc. are a far more dangerous and insidious enemy than all of the Democrats put together. Behold National Review hack Michael Brendan Dougherty. 

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an evil little goblin who eviscerated the Constitution every chance she got, died she was lionized and beatified by the Left uniformly. They understood that she fought their enemy, the American people and our way of life, and they loved her for that.

When Rush Limbaugh dies, a man who made conservative principles accessible to millions of voters, we see people like Dougherty piss on his grave because they didn't find Rush to be the proper sort of conservative. Actually to be more accurate, they find the people who listened to Rush and later who voted for Trump revolting. They would pretend to tolerate us while snickering at us at D.C. cocktail parties as long as we voted the way they told us but when grassroots conservatives strayed from the Conservative Inc. orthodoxy? They quickly shed their masks and revealed that their hatred of regular Americans pretty nearly matched that of the rabid Left.

It is impossible to overstate the extent to which the grifters of Conservative Inc. hate regular Americans. People who work for a living, who don't watch the Sunday political shows and instead like to watch football with their buddies, those that work on their own car and hunt deer in the fall. 

Bill Kristol famously said that America needs to just replace the White working class with "new Americans":

Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in? Seriously, you can make the case — this is going on too long and this is too crazy, probably, and I hope this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere. Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse.

No wonder Weasel Willie hated Trump, supported as he was by the same White working class Americans that Kristol wants to get rid of.

The last few years have been chock full of examples and reminders that the gap between what regular people who consider themselves conservative believe that political identity means and what the grifters of Conservative Inc. really care about is enormous, unbridgeable and actually growing. Who can forget this charming piece by Kevin Williamson at, go figure, National Review: The Father-Führer, where he infamously expressed his disdain for the White working class:

The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. Forget all your cheap theatrical Bruce Springsteen crap. Forget your sanctimony about struggling Rust Belt factory towns and your conspiracy theories about the wily Orientals stealing our jobs. Forget your goddamned gypsum, and, if he has a problem with that, forget Ed Burke, too. The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul.

In the annals of ugly, elitist "conservatism", that paragraph ranks among the most vile and most inaccurate, and I say that as someone who lives in the Rust Belt among people Kevin would consider "the White underclass". It takes a willful blindness coupled with an undeserved arrogance to pretend that what has happened to the White working class in America is just a coincidence, that the same people who built this country have fallen onto hard times just as people like those writing as National Review applauded trade deals that destroyed their jobs. It is easy to sneer at people who work with their hands while you perform an utterly meaningless "job" like writing pedantic columns for National Review. I certainly have done more than my fair share of that in my lifetime. What I have come to realize is that while the White working class does have plenty of problems, they are far better and more useful people than those who add nothing to our society but scorn.

Just as the elite Left demands that blacks and mestizos vote for them every election while ignoring them and doing all they can to never have to encounter them in real life, the elite "Right" has dangled the promise of issues important to working class Whites for decades but delivered only tax breaks for globohomo corporations and wars for our sons to die in on behalf of Our Greatest Ally. Anyway, I have made my thoughts on Conservative Inc. abundantly clear over the years (ex: Open Borders, Sodomy and Israel: American Conservatism In 2019) but it can't be stated enough that the Conservative Inc. grifters are far more dangerous than antifa or bLM.

I take some satisfaction in realizing that almost no one knows who Michael Brendan Dougherty is today and no one outside of his family will remember him when he is gone but the impact of Rush Limbaugh, warts and all, will be felt in America for decades to come.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

It Is Time To Retire The Idea Of Patriotism

If there is an overused term on /ourside/, it has to be "patriot".

It is a cheap throwaway term in 2021 for the simple reason that it doesn't really mean anything.

You might say you love your country and are therefore a patriot. Great! What country are you talking about? The America of last century, the America many of us grew up in? That country is gone, destroyed not by foreign invaders but by enemies from within our own nation, many that we welcomed in and offered the same rights and opportunities intended for the people who built this once great nation. Nostalgia is great when sitting around chewing the fat with your buddies over a cold one or six but it is utterly useless for moving us forward. 

Perhaps you served in the military and that makes you a patriot. Ask yourself what your service in the military had to do with your own country. Unless you are in your 90s and served in the Pacific theater of World War II, you really haven't defended the U.S. in any meaningful way. That is not to denigrate your service, simply pointing out that as a people and especially those who most identify with patriotism, we have been manipulated into sending our sons to die and get maimed in foreign conflicts for the better part of 120 years with almost no actual American interests in sight. 

Or you might be in love with our system of government. Understandable, it is the best system developed by man. Unfortunately there are two extenuating circumstances: one, the system only works in a limited, homogeneous society and two, the system of government we thought we had no longer exists and hasn't for a very long time. The Constitution? Please, it only means what a given judge says it means on a given day. Many of our actual enumerated rights are restricted and infringed, and are about to get a whole lot more infringier. At the same time, stuff that has no mention in the Constitution is granted status as holy writ. Can you imagine explaining to the men who wrote the Constitution that what they really meant was that women have a "right" to pay a "doctor" to butcher their child in utero or that a couple of sodomites could get "married"? They would have laughed in your face and/or punched you in the mouth.

Face it, the country, way of life, whatever you think of when you think about patriotism, is gone. What has replaced it and continues to replace it is nothing you should be proud of or devoted to. I think we all understand it and the concept of patriotism has changed dramatically, even if most of us don't admit it. What are we proud of about what America has become? Still many people still calls themselves "patriots" while they are simultaneously revolted by what has become of this nation. Some of it is based in nostalgia and reflex but there is something else at work. 

Patriotism is a way to shroud the real struggle in an amorphous and outdated term. It means almost nothing in 2021 but it gives cover to those who wish to shy away from the less palatable expressions of the war we find ourselves in: "I ain't a racist, imma patriot!". That might make you feel better about yourself but to the left patriot = racist. Trying to play word games with them is a waste of time.

What we need are a fewer patriots and a lot more pragmatists who see the world for what it is and plan and act accordingly instead of misty eyed dreamers who pine for days that are never coming back, no matter how hard we vote. Some day perhaps our grandkids will live in a society that they can be patriotic about but we are a long way from that day right now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

R.I.P. Rush

The news just broke that conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh has passed away after battling lung cancer. 

I haven't listened to Rush Limbaugh or anyone else on talk radio since the mid 90s but back in the day he was an incredibly important voice in the pre-internet era. His utility faded over the years but his influence was incredible.

Younger conservatives don't really understand the impact of Limbaugh. Prior to Limbaugh, it often felt like as a conservative you were all alone in the world. In 1987 when he started on the air, there were no conservative mass media voices. None. No Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson. There was the pretentious William F. Buckley and of course Pat Buchanan but their reach was very limited. By the time the 90s rolled around, Limbaugh was the loudest and most widely heard conservative voice in a sea of leftist media. Without the internet, your choices were the big three networks, all liberal, or PBS/NPR which even then was overtly liberal or CNN, also liberal. But Limbaugh could be heard, as he reminded us, all across the fruited plains and his audience numbered in the tens of millions who tuned in every day from 12-3.

In the wasteland of liberal media voices, Rush Limbaugh came on the scene like a bulldozer in a nitroglycerine factory. He didn't put on airs like Buckley and spoke directly to the regular White American conservatives. Even Pat Buchanan was often too cerebral for the average American. Rush gave voice to the people who would elect Trump decades later and he enraged the Left because he never backed down from them and their attacks would simply encourage him. He mocked the Left unmercifully and for that reason they hated him. There is nothing liberals hate more than being made fun of and Rush was the master of it. He mocked feminists as Femi-Nazis, he made fun of black leaders and was irreverent in every way.

With Limbaugh we saw a move away from the elitist, big business GOP and the beginning of the move toward a more populist conservatism. Not without opposition from within Conservative Inc. and we still see the vestiges of that opposition in people like David Frum and Bill Kristol but even with Trump out of office it is clear that the modern Republican Party is a lot more Rush Limbaugh and a lot less Bill Kristol. 

Limbaugh was no ones idea of a virtuous man. He was divorced a bunch of times, was crass and arrogant and dealt with substance abuse. In some ways he was the proto-Trump, a loud and arrogant man who spoke the language of the average American. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed spending any time with Limbaugh, just as I have no interest in spending the day with Trump, but he was a fighter. To paraphrase my dad, speaking about Trump, he was an asshole but he was our asshole.

Social media is already filling up with conservatives memorializing Rush and liberals pissing on his grave. As is always the case in the last few years, the death of Limbaugh is another marker of how different we are and how much we hate the other side. Limbaugh did nothing to bridge that gap and to his credit had no interest in doing so. 

Rest in peace Rush Limbaugh. The best thing I can say about you is that you had all the right enemies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Minimum Wage Working As Intended

I was at our local Sam's Club right as they opened yesterday and saw this:

The floor cleaner is a common sight at Sam's but the autonomous Roomba-esque floor cleaner was new to me.

Normally the cleaner is piloted by an employee but as wages keep rising, the gap between the cost of a self-driving floor cleaner relative to one driven by an employee is shrinking. The same is true with self-serve cash registers and ordering kiosks at fast food joints. Low or no skill entry level jobs held by young people, retirees or people with various disabilities are disappearing, replaced with cheaper automation. Raising the minimum wage simply accelerates that process.

This is by design, pushing more low skill workers out of the workforce and onto permanent government dependence, thereby also robbing them of the opportunity to gain skills and experience needed to get a better job. My first job in high school was in a landscape nursery, watering plants and loading out bags of mulch. I also learned to show up, work while I was there and deal with customers. That was invaluable later on in my career, knowing how to talk to people who are often idiots is a skill most people need to learn. 

The Great Reset depends on a critical mass of people who are completely dependent on their state-corporate masters and who will consume products as instructed and vote to keep it all going. Forcing them out of the work force via automation is a great way to accomplish this. Raising the wage floor to $15 isn't going to lift anyone out of poverty, it will just force all wage earners into higher levels and create massive inflation, also intentional as a way to keep the debt fueled "economy" functioning. You can never pay back a $25 trillion national debt or even service the interest in a normal economy but if you keep inflating the currency fast enough, you can stay ahead of the crushing debt wave. Or at least that is the theory, a theory that has repeatedly been shown to be incorrect.

A society with tens of millions of jobless and unemployable people is ripe for mass instability but that is the way we are headed. Once the $15 minimum wage, reparations for blacks and regular stimulus payments fail to quell the unrest, what will come next other than brutal repression?

It is gonna be a great reset indeed.

Snowy Day!

For once the weather man was right and we got hammered with snow. The scene from an Amish business early this morning tells the tale as only porta-johns can tell:

Lots of cars off the road, most roads unplowed and impassable unless you are driving a 4 wheel drive like I was. The difference in driving that versus a 15 passenger van was not lost on the Amish.

Me driving an enormous rear-wheel drive 15 passenger van on snowy roads...

Me on those same roads in an old beat up Chevy 4x4 with no heat....

Anyway, I am home and have put the Amish ladies on notice that going to the fabric store on a day like day does not constitute "an emergency" so it should be a good day to read and nap and maybe blog a bit.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Speaking Of Gun Control And Valentine's Day

The other day I mentioned the really great deal on a complete Palmetto State Armory AR-15 lower and now PSA has their 16" Complete Upper (really complete, including the charging handle and bolt carrier group plus Magpul MBUS Sights) for only $459 plus tax.

The free shipping really makes this a good deal.

Yes you could get this for less in 2019 but if you haven't noticed, it isn't 2019 anymore and yes this isn't an elite Daniel Defense or Sons of Liberty Gun Works rifle but it is more than adequate for 99.99% of shooters.

Couple this with the lower I mentioned earlier, also with free shipping, and you are getting a complete AR-15 rifle for only $650 plus tax and a modest transfer fee at your local FFL. You aren't going to get a better deal right now unless you buy some Radical Firearms trash.

If you have some money to spend right now, skip getting another handgun and get this combo.

Also for the record, I don't get any kickbacks from Palmetto State, no affiliate links or anything, I just think this is a great deal and maybe I just ordered one before I put up this post. Maybe. 

** Edit **

Now showing out of stock, I doubt they will be back in stock anytime soon.

I Guess They Aren't Waiting

On Valentine's Day, the illegitimate occupier of the White House, the Usurper Joe Biden, scribbled his name on a piece of paper shoved in front of him and signed:

It is a bunch of bullshit flowery language but at the end comes the ominous part:

This Administration will not wait for the next mass shooting to heed that call. We will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence and make our schools and communities safer. Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets. We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change. The time to act is now.

It looks like they aren't waiting for their false flag operation to kick off. The two most critical items are:

1. Banning "assault weapons" and "high-capacity magazines" 

2. Ending immunity for gun manufacturers who sell legal, Constitutionally protected products.

The first would make felons of tens of millions of Americans and the second would aim to bankrupt the firearms industry, throwing tens of thousands of Americans out of work.

Not much more needs to be said, many of us have been warning for years that this is coming and it seems to be accelerating.

It is worth tossing this out one more time as it shows up in the middle of his statement:

...the gun violence disproportionately devastating Black (sic) and Brown (sic) individuals in our cities...

I guess we are capitalizing brown as well as black now, but never White. The people who wrote this know full well that most black and brown people are shot with handguns, obtained illegally, by other black and brown people but the laws being proposed would target mostly White people and do nothing to stop the carnage in those communities. That is the point. They don't care about black and brown people being murdered by each other as long as they are a useful tool to disarm White people.

The warnings have been out there and now they are coming to fruition. Biden's administration needs some sort of win after the embarrassing spectacle of the "impeachment" and this might be the one they think they can win. Don't forget that 7 Republican Senators voted in favor of removing Trump from the office he doesn't even hold anymore, do you trust them to do the right thing on the 2nd Amendment?

For the record, I still expect a false flag shooting to speed things along but with this statement the team surrounding former Vice-President Biden has made clear that gun control is on the front burner.

Convict Or Else?

Another week, another "impeachment" acquittal for Trump as the pre-determined outcome played out in the Imperial Capital kabuki theater. We might get a week or two break before Pelosi tries to impeach Trump again or they go after him as a private citizen. 

Meanwhile as the whole farce came to a sudden and ridiculous end, the Coruscant Washington Post, the paper of record for the mandarin class, ran an editorial that seemed like actual incitement:

There hasn't been widespread violence as a result of the acquittal, as apparently even the violent left in America is bored with the whole thing. Still, the idea of essentially threatening Republican Senators to vote to convict a man who isn't even President or face violence in the streets seems to be something the Washington Post really ought not be engaged in.

Reading between the lines and you start to see how shaky everything is right now. The Left completely controls the government but without any actual leadership the whole thing seems very rudderless right now. The entire country seems to be adrift and it is only a matter of time before we hit an iceberg.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Why Would You Put Gorilla Glue In Your Hair? Cuz Racism Of Course!

I avoided saying about Tessica (😁) Brown and the whole Gorilla Glue saga, the woman is obviously an imbecile so it seemed a little cruel to pile on, even if the whole episode raises issues of someone like her being given the same right to vote as someone who isn't a dolt. Anyway, you would think that putting Gorilla Glue in your hair is so clearly idiotic that everyone would make fun of her for a couple of days and then the whole thing would go away.

You would be wrong because it is 2021.

In 2021 we are seeing new levels of racial chauvinism once thought unimaginable and from the people least deserving of overweening pride. 

I am sure there are other examples but here are a couple I ran across. First from "Exavier" Pope, apparently his parents thought he was so special that they needed to add an E to Xavier. He is a lawyer of some sort and works to increase "diversity" in sports "journalism" and this was his response to Gorilla Glue expressing sorrow that Tessica Brown is a dumbass.

The replies to his tweet are scorching and lots and lots of them are from black women who rightly understand that Tessica Brown is an idiot and trying to excuse her behavior under the guise of "racism" makes all black women look stupid by association. His response to getting torched by his own people? 

Y'all hate your own because you refuse to make excuses for stupidity. Further proof, if you needed any, that holding a law degree is not any sort of indication that someone has an ounce of common sense. I am sure he considers himself quite an intellectual powerhouse and that is even more hilarious. 

It isn't just black "lawyers" using Gorilla Glue girl to express their racial solidarity. NBC LX, an official division of NBC, posted a five tweet thread explaining that the real reason Tessica Brown put a super strong adhesive in her hair was....racism. Of course. It starts off saying that black wahmen suffer a great deal of pain doing they hair, which is the fault of White people, and finishes with this:

She didn't do something clearly moronic, she was literally forced to put an industrial strength adhesive in her hair because Eurocentric beauty ideals made her do it

Two questions.

Have the people at NBCLX ever seen a White woman? Because whatever the hell Tessica has going on there is the antithesis of "Eurocentric beauty ideals". That mess is all a product of black "beauty ideals". The gross double nose rings, the fake gaudy eyelashes, the plastered to your head hair. That is about as far from Eurocentric as you can get.

Secondly, do the people at NBCLX understand that the United States was created entirely by Europeans for Europeans and therefore our nation is understandably "Eurocentric"? I don't bitch about Kenya being "Afrocentric" because it is an African nation. The United States of America, despite having a permanent population of African slaves and their descendants, was always intended as a nation of Europeans. 

If you can count on anything in 2021, it is that no matter how stupid something is there will be plenty of people lined up to make it worse and blame it on White people. 

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hollywood Is Cancer

In the degenerate world of freaks, degenerates and other mentally ill people known as the "entertainment" industry, there is no room for someone who strays from the party line, the party in this case being the de facto Communist Party. The rules constantly change and shift but you must always stay current on what is permitted and what is not. Once you are on the naughty list, your career is pretty much dead unless you are such a big star, like Clint Eastwood or Mel Gibson, that you can't be permanently cancelled, although Gibson spent a long time in the gulag for crossing The Chosen People.

That brings us to today's victim, one Gina Carano. She got on the radar of deviants a long time ago and honestly I can't even remember why but she has been targeted for some time.

The first time I saw her was in Deadpool where she played the villain Angel Dust, with very few speaking parts but plenty of kicking ass. It was a few year later when she showed up in 7 episodes of the new The Mandalorian series on Disney+ playing Cara Dune, a mercenary chick. She isn't a prototypical Hollywood actress, she is a former MMA fighter and is 5'8" and being honest is kinda thicc. She looks like a regular girl you might know in real life.

Honestly I didn't even like her character in The Mandalorian, but her failure to follow the rules had people calling for her head. She managed to hang on through last season but then she made a fatal error and is probably done in Hollywood:

What was her terrible thought crime? She said this on Instagram:

"Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?" is that "controversial"? It is more or less historically accurate. Demonizing and dehumanizing your political opponents has a long history (see: Words Are Weapons). What apparently makes it controversial and worthy of her being fired is the idea that there are parallels between what is going on today, with "conservatives" being snitched on by neighbors and family, getting doxxed and threatened, actual assaults, losing their jobs, being blacklisted from entire industries and likely soon to be facing show trials for supporting Trump. In other words, her example might have been a little clumsy but it is at least marginally accurate.

That is not allowed. You must not question the righteousness of persecuting the followers of the Bad Orange Man. Our society must be purged of people who think maybe unlimited immigration is a bad idea or that men wearing panties are not women. If that requires a little violence, so be it. The Catholic Church spent centuries persecuting, torturing and murdering people who strayed from orthodoxy, so how is this any different? We aren't quite to the "burning at the stake" stage yet but we are getting close.

It is really significant that so many people think that warning about the dangers of hating one another for political viewpoints is considered controversial.

Of course the other naughty speak in her post was using the Holocaust as a comparison to a current event without the express written consent of the Simon Wisenthal Center or ADL. Sure if you are liberal and especially if you are a Jewish liberal (redundant I know), you can declare any and every current political to be EXACTLY LIKE THE HOLOCAUST! 

A dirty little (not so) secret feature of modern life is that the Holocaust, like slavery and conquering the Indians, is a cash cow for some advocacy groups. Sure the Nazis are gone and they are reduced to chasing down and persecuting 95 year old women who as teenagers were secretaries in concentration camps and charging them with 10,000 counts of being an accessory to murder, but still it makes for good theater and fund raising to play "Nazi hunter" in 2021. I am sure little Jewish kids in New York will sleep better knowing that a teenager who typed letter in 1945 is being tried for murder in 2021.

It is the same reason that movies about the Holocaust keep getting made with huge budgets but movies about the Holodomor languish in obscurity. Even though likely more people died in the Holodomor than the Holocaust, the victims of the Holodomor were White Christian Ukrainians so they can't get mentioned in the same breath as the victims of the Holocaust. The Holocaust-Industrial Complex doesn't allow any competitors. 

Gina will likely never work in a big budget Hollywood film again so I hope she saved her pennies. She can probably get a gig as a commentator on Newsmax or maybe Fox News, but Fox is just as fanatical about Holocaust stuff as any other outlet so maybe not.

Anyway, as I keep saying, you shouldn't be paying one red cent to Hollywood, or the sports industry or any other woke industries. I am not saying you can't watch their movies and shows, just that you shouldn't be financially supporting them. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

If you recognize that Hollywood is a cancer devouring our culture but still pay to see the garbage they put out, you are like a guy with lung cancer who keeps on smoking. In other words, an idiot.

Stop going to movies and paying for Netflix. Don't watch sports on TV or buy their merchandise. 

Quit subsidizing the destruction of your own people while lining the pockets of freaks and weirdos who hate you and want to see you and your family dead.

Oh, and the Critical Drinker had a good send up of the whole thing here: