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Where Else Can We Go?

This is a pretty powerful quote from President John F. Kennedy, one I have shared before but never has it been more appropriate and timely….

Kennedy said this on March 13, 1962 on the first anniversary of the Alliance for Progress, a program aimed at improving economic relations between the U.S. and Latin America.
Today the political inheritors of the Democrat party would be well advised to read and then to heed his warning. Far more swiftly than even someone as pessimistic as I would have thought, the Democrat Party which serves as a front for neo-Marxism is rushing to consolidate power and smother dissent.
In the last week, as Joe Biden’s election “victory” was sealed amidst rather tepid rioting at the Capitol we have seen:
– Twitter permanently banning the sitting President of the United States while Facebook has locked down Trump’s account until after the inauguration. Many of Trump’s supporters and others in the right are also being censored while antifa, the leader of Iran and the Chinese Communist Party still have unfettered access. 

– Big Tech oligarchs have gone after alternative social media platforms where Trump and others on the conservative/right-wing spectrum might migrate to after losing access to mainstream social media. It isn’t enough for the social media monopolies to ban you from their platforms, they don’t want you to be able to express an opinion anywhere

– With less than two weeks left in office, the Democrats are trying to “impeach” Trump or extort the Executive branch into removing Trump via the 25th Amendment. It serves no purpose other than a further poke in the eye of 75 million Americans.

– Apparently Nancy Pelosi went directly to the Pentagon to ask them to ignore orders from the Commander-in-Chief only to be told that would amount to a military coup. 

– It is clear that further elections are going to be at least as corrupt as 2020 and with a Biden/Harris administration overseeing the elections process, it is only going to get easier for them to cheat.

– The planned addition of statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C. coupled with mass amnesty and a path to “citizenship” for millions of illegals means that future elections are going to be meaningless.

– Bottom line, half of America is in the political wilderness, disenfranchised, and silenced.
The people who are now in the political wilderness are not some fringe political movement like the Constitution Party. Trump represented, however poorly, 75 million voters. 75 million people is more than all but 19 nations in the world, more than any country in Europe other than Germany. That is a heck of a lot of people, mostly White and more rural and suburban than urban. They tend to be working class, skilled trades, middle class folks. The old stereotype of the Republican Party being the party of the rich hasn’t been true for a long time, although you wouldn’t know it from the legislative priorities of the GOP in Congress. The GOP in 2020 consists of the people who made stuff and keep America running, truck drivers and farmers and small business owners and tradesmen. Those are the people who are going to bear the brunt of the Leftist pogroms of vengeance. They have been open about their plans for years (see: Pre-Pogrom Planning)
The realization is dawning for more and more of us, coming to grips with what people like me have known for a long time. The system has been rigged against us and while we have worried about playing by the rules and coloring within the lines, they have been cheating and scheming to drive the progeny of the people who built this country and made it the envy of the world completely out of the governance of that country. 
Let’s make no mistake about what I am saying. Trump lost bigly in every racial group except for White people and for most of American history being American = White. It was White pioneers who landed on these shores and built a new civilization clinging perilously to the eastern coast. It was the children of the those White colonists who rose up and cast off the shackles of the King of England. Their children in turn along with White immigrants from Europe crossed the Appalachian mountains and began to spread across the fruited plains, turning swamps into farmland. 
For example, where we live now and where my wife and I grew up and we went to college was once known as The Great Black Swamp. It was a fetid swamp of around 1,500 square miles and was generally impassable most of the year. Slowly through sheer work and willpower, White men transformed a 1,500 square mile swamp into some of the most productive farm ground in the world. Today you wouldn’t know this was once a swamp, it is flat as a pancake and corn as far as the eye can see.
That is the kind of thing that built the United States into the greatest nation the world has ever known. Did African slaves pick cotton? Sure but that didn’t build America. Did Chinese labor help build the transcontinental railroad? Of course but that didn’t build America. Did Jewish….actually, I don’t think Jews have added anything of value to America. America wasn’t built by isolated groups providing raw labor, it was built by people of European descent who had the vision and pure cussedness to turn an enormous wilderness into a nation. 
Today their descendants are the tens of millions people who went to the polls in 2016 and 2020 to vote for Trump because Trump represented them. Everyone knows what Trump was talking about when he said “Make America Great Again”. That meant return America to the sort of place it was when America was Whiter and freer. It wasn’t looking forward to a more “diverse” America, it was looking back to better days. 
My people are starting to realize those days are gone and aren’t coming back, and that what is coming is looking pretty grim. No one on the Left is talking about brighter days or of optimism for the future. Their talk is all about vengeance, erasing the memory of Orange Man Bad and more lockdowns, more masks, more economic devastation. I can’t remember an incoming administration that had nothing positive to say about the future. 
What is more, it is becoming painfully clear that while we are expected to keep working and paying the taxes that fuel the government, our voices and opinions are not only ignored but are expected to be kept to ourselves. You can’t be on twitter, or Facebook or Instagram. You can’t even go to your own corner of the internet and talk among yourselves. 
We are not coming together as a nation in the wake of the most contentious election of our lifetimes. The tepid calls for “unity” from Joe Biden’s social media accounts have been replaced with calling for the forcible removal of the President of the United States days before the inauguration out of spite. Meanwhile driving around in the heartland you still see a lot of Trump 2020 signs out. Social media is working in a coordinated effort to ban dissident voices and crush alternate platforms and Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet. What do you think is going to happen a month from now? Hint, it will make the “Patriot Act” look kind of patriotic in comparison. New post on that incoming.
Half of America has been backed into a corner, and has nowhere to go and rapidly has nothing to lose. Having something to lose has kept us in check but without that? We won’t have political representation, we won’t have freedom of speech, our elections are a sham, every institution is lined up in opposition to us. What the neo-Marxist left seems to have forgotten is that desperate people tend to do desperate things.
There is nothing really new here. We have enjoyed 150 years of relative peace in the American homeland but nothing we enjoy today came without a cost. We had to fight and shed blood, ours and our enemies, for most of our history. Nothing worthwhile comes cheap and nothing comes easy. We fought for what is ours and we will have to do so again. I encounter people all the time and they are both angry and resigned to what is coming. 
Start to have serious conversations now with your loved ones and friends. Decision time is coming.


  1. Anonymous

    For what it's worth, out here on the left coast there are a lot of Mexicans. I rent my pasture to an immigrant who raises goats. Yesterday his son who is about 18 came to my shop and saw my Trump 2020 sticker on the wall and wanted to know where to get one so I gave it to him. There may be a potential for cautious alliances with working class Mexicans. A lot of them were quiet Trump supporters. In contrast to the recent European immigrants I know who are all leftists.

  2. Arthur Sido

    In general, the Mexicans/various mestizos we know around here are mostly pretty decent and hard working, especially compared to blacks. A lot of Amish will hire them because they work hard when they show up.

    The problem is that when you get a whole bunch of them, you get Mexico. I would gladly give them the Southwest back as an ethnic homeland.

  3. Anonymous

    The amish don't have an excuse for this outside of their religion. They have large numbers of employable young people who work just as hard as themselves in their families and churches. With the various anabaptists here, if they hire nonwhites it's purely because they care more about saving a buck than who is working for them.

    In towns I'm starting to see racemixing amish, so maybe they are drinking the kool-aid.

  4. Anonymous

    The problem isn't the random goat herder, or maybe his son who just wants a job and to support a family or whatever and perhaps would vote Trump (Trump certainly did more for mexicans than he did for real americans- whites). It's their mexican relatives they and the government support, who are in an out of prison, who are murderers, who have a dozen kids by multiple women, or shack up with a white woman. And indeed, everywhere with enough of them turns into another mixed-race shithole.

    They ALL have extended families like this, either where you are or that they keep in touch with elsewhere. They support their own trash, and by renting to one of them, you do to. I understand, we've all done it at times, mostly through ignorance. And if you look at the demographics, it turns out even the good, nice, decent goatherder mexicans are a problem.

  5. Arthur Sido

    That is true here as well, they can hire illegals to work for cheap. A lot of the Amish are very affluent and Amish businesses can hire a Mexican for $12/hour but Amish kids won't work that cheap. Not to mention that these same Mexican sometimes end up molesting Amish kids or killing them driving while drunk. I wish them the best, but in their own country.

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