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Totally Legit

In my list of personal rules to live by, one of my favorites is this general principle:

The more you feel the need to remind someone of your credentials, the less impressive your credentials become.
A great example of this is something I have remarked on before, the weird trend of people on social media, and just to be clear this tends to be females and minorities, insisting on putting their professional or academic credentials in their social media user name. “Dr. Smith” or “Jill Smith, PhD”. It is a sign of intense insecurity and generally that insecurity is grounded in that individual being mediocre in their profession. I always use the example of my dad who always introduced himself by his first name, never as “Dr. Sido” even though he was a real doctor unlike the wife of former Vice-President Biden. He also never corrected anyone who addressed him as Mr. Sido. 
But here we are, a week after the inauguration farce, and I am still seeing stuff like this on Youtube:

A week later and we still see this. I don’t recall ever seeing these on videos from leftists who were screeching about “muh Russia collusion!” for years after the 2016 election. 
Even the social media technocrats understand that Biden isn’t legitimate and is only being propped up by endless reinforcement from social media and of course the presence of thousands of troops occupying our nation’s capital. The whole thing is teetering and all those idiot White people who voted for Beijing Biden are starting to figure out they got suckered. 
You are living in an occupied nation and our occupiers aren’t going to be dislodged by voting at them.

Spoiler alert, the Chinese are involved but the real occupiers are people we aren’t allowed to mention by name.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    That picture is the best! I'm putting you on notice: I'm stealing it.

    Back at the day job from which I retired, some of the guys used to refer to me as "Doc." Not because I had a PhD, either; I didn't, and don't. This was their way of giving me a little good-natured ribbing because I tended to discuss technical matters in precise terms. Which, when you're engaged in engineering, seemed like good practice to me. But, guys have to have some fun, too.

    And now, in honor of Dr. Jill, I think I'll make pretentious use of my highest academic credential.

    — Jim Wetzel, Bachelor of Science, Physics, Purdue University

    P.S. Impressed? Yeah, I didn't think so.

  2. Anonymous

    Funny story for y'all

    In the UK an elderly lady collapsed on a busy train platform. My friend and I rendered first aid. People formed a respectful circle around us as we did our thing. Then a guy pushed his way through and I kid you not used two arms to push people back as he thrust his way into the circle. "I've got this. I have a first aid certificate"

    "FUCK OFF I'm a Cardiologist" my friend yelled as we start CPR
    "It's OK mate. I'm a paramedic"

    Hero's moment of glory was utterly destroyed.

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