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The Glass Is About To Break

I have shared this before but I just love this quote:

What makes it worse is that others have intentionally invited the barbarians to this side of the sheet of glass and now they are pounding on it.
The glass won’t hold much longer.


  1. Anonymous

    I stole this from another blog a while ago

    "Let us not forget how Pertinax died lol

    That one should be a huge lesson for today.

    @thefinn I'm confused, is he one of the lost Primarchs?

    He kind of is actually, a RL one.

    He was the son of a slave, then taught roman schools, then goes into the military as a spearman, earns his way up to General – then gets asked by the Senate to become Emperor.

    Not even Joking.

    He goes "No way, you guys will just abandon me and I'll get killed"
    Senators are like "No man, this time will be different."

    So then the Military decides to kill him (of course because he was taking gibs away from the rich), and they find him on a street on his way home one night and get him in an alleyway.

    At this time the Romans had been bringing in foreigners to join the military because it was cheaper than a standing Roman army.

    He gives a patriotic speech to the Romans in this alleyway and sways them to change their minds.

    He was then stabbed by a Gaulish mercenary instead, because he didn't give a fuck about Rome. They recorded his name somewhere, it's in the decline and fall of the roman empire if you read it.

    The roman equivalent of a H1B visa lol"

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