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The Biggest Story Not Told In 2020

There was more “news” coverage in 2020 that any year I can remember. Most of it was bullshit of course, primarily the news surrounding three topics:

1. The Chinese manufactured bioweapon coronavirus “pandemic” that dominated the news most of the year.
2. Non-stop Orange Man Bad coverage 
3. “Police brutality” which included any incident where police did anything but wash the feet of a black criminal, which included the elevation of piece of shit career criminals like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Jacob Blake and Rashard Brooks to the status of martyrs. 
The media got a huge wrapped gift with a bow on top thanks to Trump and coronavirus. With trust and relevance both at rock bottom lows for the media, 2020 provided them with a new life. It also provided them with the excuse they needed to stop even pretending to be impartial in any sense. Like a grotesque mutant butterfly, the media emerged from their cocoon reborn as the mouthpiece of the America Left.
The media was not manipulating the American people just by what they did show, carefully edited clips to inflame racial tensions and the censoring of any divergent opinion about the coronavirus but also by what they didn’t cover. 
The biggest news story of 2020 studiously ignored by the media?
A major spike in gun violence, mostly concentrated in the black community.
This is a clumsy cut and paste job on my part and you need to click it to enlarge the picture…

…..but here are the big takeaways from 2020:
1. The total number of murders in the U.S. was up by a lot. From 15,433 murders committed with firearms in 2019 to 19,255 in 2020 was an increase of almost 25%.
2020 saw a 25% increase in the number of murders involving firearms
That is an enormous increase and it got very little attention.
2. The number of mass shootings, which get wall to wall coverage when the shooter is the rare White male, went from 337 in 2018 to 417 in 2019 to 612 in 2020, a one year increase of almost 50%.
2020 saw an increase in mass shootings of nearly 50%.
But again, very little coverage.
3. Virtually every city in America saw massive increases in shootings and murders, some hitting all time records while others simply continued the typical annual slaughter.
Chicago recorded 4,174 shootings in 2020 and 792 total homicides, 719 from gunfire. From HeyJackass, we see this is a significant increase across the board.

Again, major increases over 2019 but the total homicide tally was a little shy of the 2016 record of 808.
As we would expect, these shootings were overwhelmingly concentrated in the black community with nearly 80% of victims being black in a city where blacks are around 33% of the population. 

As you can see, while there is great data on the race of victims, there isn’t so much on the race of the shooters so it stands to reason that very, very few of these homicides and shootings are ever solved but we can assume that at least a similar percentage of shooters are black, or around 80%. If anything that percentage might be low.
Steve Sailer put together a nice listing of news stories that show how much of an increase we have seen in shootings and murders in American cities, here are a handful of “highlights”. 
The city of brotherly love has a funny way of showing it….

In St. Louis, a half century high (not sure what the chick “pastor” picture has to do with it)….

Another record in Missouri, this time in Kansas City of all places…..
In Memphis, a new record. Congrats!….

A record in Milwaukee as well….

Our state capitol Indianapolis had a rough year. 245 homicides in what is generally considered to be a nice city, an increase of 43%….

In our nation’s capitol, a 15 year high…

Baltimore had another great year with a near record high in murders.
Wilson’s stabbing came on the heels of a bloody year in Baltimore, during which the city recorded 335 homicides. 
That was actually down 13 from 2019 so I guess that is progress. Not quite one per day! Meanwhile, they are off to a rousing start: 
The first murder of the year in Baltimore involved a lesbian domestic squabble that ended with one lesbian stabbing her partner to death. Happy New Year!
Others include Birmingham, Akron, Columbus, Ohio. Murders even spiked in nearby Fort Wayne, but that is the subject for a different post.
You get the picture.
2020 saw massive spikes in shootings and murders across all of our urban areas, from the largest to the smallest cities.
Over all, 2020 was an incredibly violent year but criminal violence received very little attention in America.
What is going on?
This has been a theme for me for the last year or more. To hear the media tell it, the real problem in America is “police brutality”. That certainly is an issue but compared to over 600 mass shootings and massive increases in murder in most cities? “Police brutality” isn’t really our top law enforcement priority.
When the media does talk about gun violence, it is always framed in term of two things. First, gun control and second, more money for bullshit community programs that don’t do anything to stem gun violence. I heard a few minutes of a solid example of this on NPR this weekend. The piece was on Weekend Edition Sunday featuring Lulu Garcia-Navarro interviewing Sonali Rajan who teaches at Columbia and is “from the Columbia Scientific Union for the Reduction of Gun Violence”. When NPR has people named Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Sonali Rajan talking about gun violence, you can be sure what they are really talking about is disarming White people. The segment was titled “2020 Was A Record Breaking Year For Gun Related Deaths In The U.S.” and was complete nonsense but it did predictably check off both of the terms I mentioned above.
First, gun control. According to Rajan, one of the major reasons we saw so much gun violence in America was American citizens legally purchasing firearms after undergoing a background check.
So one reason that is almost certainly a contributing factor was the uptick in gun sales. I think in March alone, 2 million guns had been sold. And so we saw this increase in gun sales that persisted throughout 2020. 
Americans bought something like 21 million new firearms in 2020. If extra firearms was the contributing factor, then we would have seen even more murders and more importantly those murders happening in the communities where legal gun ownership is part of the culture. We have lots of guns in Indiana and I personally sold lots of guns but gun violence in Indiana is concentrated in the black community so clearly something else is in play.
GARCIA-NAVARRO: This has also been a year of racial justice protests over police brutality. How does that fit into this? Is there a policing part of this that we should consider?

RAJAN: Yes, absolutely. So police violence in particular is a devastating problem here in the United States. Police officers are three times more likely to fatally shoot a Black individual than a white individual, for example. And we saw this year racism intersecting in a way with gun violence and with the COVID pandemic that really took its toll on Black and brown communities in particular.
As noted above, police shootings are really not that common, 0.3% of all shootings in Chicago were committed by police and of those 14 shootings I would guess that 14 were justified. When blacks shoot into a crowd at the funeral of a gang rival or get pissed after a fight and shoot into a crowd, it is dumb to think that “racism” is the reason. 
Later Rajan brought up the usual “solutions”: 
And there are some really rigorous, excellent scientific evidence that has clearly illustrated that there are policies that would help contribute to reductions in certain types of gun violence – for example, a federal assault weapons ban or tightening background check laws or large-capacity magazine bans.
If “Dr.” Rajan is really an expert on gun violence I am sure she knows that very few incidents of gun violence involve a rifle of any sort, much less an “assault weapon”. Tighter background checks is also a common “solution” even though every retail firearm sale in America already goes through a background check, a system which usually is overly restrictive already and prone to delaying eligible buyers for no reason whatsoever. Banning “large capacity magazines” is likewise dumb, there must be literally hundreds of millions of “large capacity magazines” in America already. But fear not, “Dr.” Rajan has other rock solid solutions to gun violence like these:
Other examples that kind of go hand in hand with this are efforts to improve housing conditions or to address issues of green space, investing in mental health interventions. 
Ah, that should do it. When Da’quanilicious unloaded his stolen Glock into a crowd because he got his ass kicked at a party, what he was really lashing out against was the lack of “green space”. If only he had a walking path along the river, he wouldn’t have turned to a life of crime! Other “solutions” proposed talked about “violence interrupters” who apparently try to talk LaShawndiddlegong out of popping a cap in Kwamedarious and of course “community programs” which mostly means given unaccountable chunks of cash to black community activists, money that of course never ends up in a new BMW for the aforementioned community activists.
I am sure the average NPR Weekend Edition Sunday listener was nodding sagaciously while sipping their vegan fair trade certified coffee as these wise wahmen of colour were explaining why blacks shooting other blacks over petty insults and drug territory was really the result of racism. In the real world, the problem is mostly that blacks tend to react explosively and violently without thinking and have a culture that glorifies violence to resolve disputes. 
For all of the endless, empty yammering about how black lives matter, the media in America mostly ignored the widescale slaughter of blacks by other blacks, at or near record levels in virtually every American city. I doubt many average Americans and especially blacks have any idea what sort of carnage occurred last year. 
The massive increase in gun violence is not the result of lockdowns or “racism”, it is mostly the result of the media inflaming racial tensions that led to police backing off from enforcement. Who wants to show up in a hurry to a dangerous situation where you might be forced to shoot a black guy which could lead to you losing your job or even ending up in jail? With an anti-police administration coming into power in a few short weeks, and it is looking likely they will control both chambers of Congress, you can safely predict now that gun violence will only get worse in 2021, regardless of how much gun control the Democrats manage to enact. You can also expect the media to ignore it whenever possible.


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