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That’s The Ballgame

Anyone who is already talking strategy for the 2024 election and how we are going to win back the White House is an idiot.

This has been the plan all along. Amnesty leading to “citizenship” for illegals, mass migration of even more cheap labor and reliable Democrat voters, making Puerto Rico and D.C. into “states” to create 4 new permanent Senate Democrats.
Republicans have been fighting skirmishes over legislation while Democrats have been remaking the electorate into their own image.
How many of those 11 million live in Texas and Florida? Make them into new voters and then tell me about how Texas will always be red.
These 11 million are just the beginning, illegal aliens are going to flood the U.S. and be given “citizenship” with the understanding that their votes for Democrats ensure the free shit paid for by Whites keeps flowing. It won’t be long until the Southwest is just an extension of the Mexican narco-state with all of the accompanying lawlessness and violence. The only grim satisfaction we can take from this is watching the White liberal voters who asked for this becoming victims of that violence we all know is coming. It isn’t like the violence is slowing down….

Continued surge gun violence South LA first 2 weeks of the year. 59 shooting victims compared to 7 last year. Officers have made 105 arrests of individuals with firearms. 130 firearms taken from street. Gang intervention trying, but we need our community and elected officials.

— Chief Michel Moore (@LAPDChiefMoore) January 16, 2021

According to the Gun Violence Archive we have already had 20 mass shootings in America in 2021, more than one per day and it is still winter. Wait until the weather warms up.
Welcome to Mestizo America.


  1. Arthur Sido

    They are definitely going to get rid of the filibuster, the false flag shooting will be used as the excuse. They can sense they are about to win it all and assume, rightly, that they will never lose control of the Senate again.

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