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Oh, Vox Day Has Gone Completely Insane

In fairness, I have never been a big fan of Theodore Beale, who styles himself as “Vox Day” on his blog. His writings are mostly goofy reposts of other people’s material interspersed with him congratulating himself for being so super-intelligent and getting into one-sided internet squabbles with people who never heard of him. As cringe as his actual writings are, his sycophantic comment section is even worse. For all of those reasons, I just stay away from him even though on the surface he is /ourguy/ because I suspect that either he is mentally unstable and/or is a paid shill. 

Like I said, I don’t pay attention to him but then someone on Twitter posted a screenshot of a recent post and I had to go look at it because it didn’t seem real. It is real.

What. The. Actual. Eff? 
As of right now there are 176 comments on this post, most apparently going along with it and even adding in new stuff like rumors of a Chinese military invasion to install Biden. 
Rumors of the inaugural parade being cancelled? I just saw a news story a few minutes ago describing the “virtual” parade because of the “pandemic”. It doesn’t sound like the inauguration is cancelled and sure Biden is scarce, it was never the point to have him actually be President. 
You can sometimes find some useful links from Ted but I would never, ever take his commentary seriously. I haven’t kept tabs on him but it sounds like he has been attracting QAnon folks and other fringe weirdos and what Ted wants more than anything is to receive positive reinforcement from the comment section, so he says whatever it takes to get that feedback, no matter how crazy.
What is really happening is that Democrats pulled off a massive effort to steal the election and are getting away with it. Biden is going to be sworn in on the 20th and nothing is going to stop that.
We need to start dealing in reality instead of fantasy and a good way to start is to mock and then ignore people like “Vox Day”.

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