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It Isn’t About Trump. It Was Never About Trump.

Assuming that he isn’t removed from office in the next twelve days, and based on how hard he is cucking he won’t be, Trump is going to be gone in less than two weeks and Dementia Joe will be “President”. The same media that was having near-orgasmic reactions when blacks and antifa were burning cities, looting stores, trying to destroy Federal office buildings, occupying the Wisconsin State House, storming and occupying the Senate during the Kanavanugh hearings, trying to claw down the doors of the Supreme Court is now clutching their collective pearls and heading for the fainting couch over a couple of broken windows and a murdered Air Force vet. On the bright side, the woman the Capitol cops shot and killed was White and of the wrong political persuasion so there won’t be any repercussions and no one will burn any cities down.

This is all turning into the same kabuki theater we go through on a regular basis. Something the Left was cheerleading a few months ago now is an existential crisis for “our democracy”. People on our side point out the hypocrisy, the Left ignores us and 99% of Americans barely even notice. Nancy and Chuck are not “horrified” or “outraged”, they are as gleeful as a kid in a candy store or Hunter Biden in a crackhouse. For a good visual summary of the shameless double standard, check out John Wilder’s new post: Presented Without Comment complete with the obligatory Starship Troopers “It’s afraid” meme.

If you can be sure of anything, you can be sure that the Left is going to cloak their upcoming radical agenda in the shroud of “Remember the Siege Of The Capitol!” but you absolutely must understand something else:
Everything they are going to do is what they were going to do anyway.
Pay attention because the false flags and agent provocateur’s are going to be coming fast and furious. It will be easy to get caught up in these nets. A good rule of thumb:
If you don’t know someone personally and know them well, don’t trust them.
I have lots of acquaintances online, people I have “known” for years and that I think I know a lot about. If one of them messages me and says “Hey let’s go do <illegal action X>”, that is going to scream “Set up”. Sure, most of the people I know seem like decent people but I haven’t met many of them in meat-space. While I don’t consider myself one of those “There is a Fed behind every account online”, it is simply true that there are a lot of bogus accounts run by law enforcement who would love to entrap someone and they do it all the time. 
My neighbors and friends who live near me that I have known for years, I know them and their kids and their dog? I probably can trust them. In general someone who has a real job and a family is a lot safer than someone who is single and just moved into the area.
Back to the main theme of the post, something I have been saying for years: nothing that has happened for the last four years was about Trump. Not for his Trust The Plan followers and not for the Orange Man Bad types.
Trump was a totem, a symbol that represented, on our side, our last chance to turn the tide. He was a billionaire braggart who embodied the hopes of working and middle class Americans. Whether subconsciously or not, people voted for him because he spoke to the already existing issues that were crushing us: mass immigration to undercut our wages, terrible trade deals, off-shoring American jobs, job killing regulations, endless foreign wars. Those things undercut what we wanted, which is to be left alone to work at our job and find small pleasures where we can. Even that simple desire was too much for the Left.
Likewise, he was the Great Shaitan for the Left, the living embodiment of evil and, this is important, not because of anything he did or said but because of who he represented. The people Trump appealed to are the worst, literal Nazis, homophobes and xenophobes, religious folk and gun owners, people who don’t think the government should run every aspect of our lives. When Trump won, evil itself won, and when Trump “lost”, evil was vanquished. Here we are less than two weeks from the inauguration and they are talking about a second “impeachment” because their righteous fury can never be quenched. This has been going on for years, tearing down statues and disinterring Civil War figures (see: The New Heretic Hunters) but with Trump finally leaving they are in a religious orgasmic fury. 
The Left does this sort of projection all the time. Think about St. George Floyd. All of those liberal young White women wailing and rending their garments in grief? If they had met George a week before his drug-induced death, they would have been terrified, rightly believing that he would rape them as soon as look at them. But in death he became a martyr to their cause of hating Whitey. The real George Floyd is irrelevant to them, all that really matters is the symbolism they invested in his image and name.
What possible utility is gained from holding yet another “impeachment” and poking a stick at Trump’s supporters? Or suspending him from Twitter permanently? Nothing other than the value any ritual holds for the zealot. 
Trump is a spent force and I think he is starting to really consider that the Left might come after him with criminal charges once he is out of office. He seems for the first time to be cowed, condemning his supporters for “storming” the Capitol and meekly declaring he wouldn’t even show up to the inauguration. But as long as anyone who worked in his administration or voted for him is around, the Left will pursue us with the vigor of Israel chasing down 95 year old men who were allegedly Nazis. 
Never forget that the hatred of Trump is really hatred of you. Their hatred and thirst for vengeance has been held in check for four years but now that they have the blessing of the Biden administration, it is going to get bloody. They feel they are completely justified in trying to cause you to lose your job, to drive you from the society that your labors have sustained, silencing your political dissent and even committing acts of violence up to and including killing you.
It was never about Trump and Orange Man Bad was just a proxy for White Man Bad. They are closing off every avenue we had to come to a new political equilibrium and that leads to angry and desperate people. 
When we are angry and desperate and have nothing left to lose? That is when we become the dangerous people they think we already are.


  1. Anonymous

    Trump might finally have understood the gravity of his position. That the Left are going to destroy his family. Short of military intervention (Pinochet level crackdown x 10 on Leftists) Trumps family is as good as dead. Trump supporters are in for a very rough time as well.

    But you're right. It was never about Trump. Heck, he wasn't even a conservative but a Democrat

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