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How To Guarantee I Won’t Buy A Product

This must be a new thing at Amazon, I was looking at an item for an Amish lady and noticed this part of the way down the page:

How long until they start adding a reparations surcharge to items? What exactly makes it “minority-owned” anyway? I am a White male and since White people are about 60% of the population and men are less than 50% of the population, I am a minority as we are only about 30% of the population as a whole. I demand to be recognized as a minority-owned business!
This is going to be life in former Vice-President* Joe Biden’s America, at least until the whole thing collapses.
(Since the election was stolen and Biden is not a legitimately elected President, I will refer to him henceforth only as former Vice-President Biden, or Joe, or Creepy Joe, or Pedo-Joe, or Beijing-Biden but never as “President”)


  1. Anonymous

    My knee-jerk reaction to seeing such a banner is, "Thanks for the warning". Since a minority-owned business very likely follows the general pattern of chip-on-the-shoulder typical minority posturing, its safe to assume that any issues that arise between buyer and seller will instantly devolve into 'ya'll raciss' or 'you're sexist' or whatever defense the poor, oppressed minority business owner favors.

    Ironically, $1299.00 for a small, two-drawer file cabinet, fire-insulated or no, seems so wildly overpriced that no 'minority', anywhere, is likely to spring for it. That is reparational pricing that only the most affluent and blindingly White, self-loathing virtue-signalers could afford. And I will bet that Bill Gates keeps the 'certified minority-owned business' sticker displayed prominently on it as it adorns some corner of his palatial office.


  2. Arthur Sido

    It popped up on another fire proof monster file cabinet that is literally half the price and looks twice as stout but I am sure the people who would buy the more expensive cabinet will find ample reasons to casually mention that they bought it from a minority owned business.

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