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Clown. Effing. World.

Yes, a really ugly man who pretends to be a really, really ugly woman is going to be confirmed by the United States Senate to hold a semi-serious government position. I will save you checking Wikipedia’s early life section for Mr. Levine:
Welcome to your new clown world. All that is left is to burn the whole damn thing down.


  1. Anonymous

    I used to read a lot of red pill / game / manosphere information back when it was the thing (it might still be). One of the tactics of gaming women was to agree and amplify. So in this case it's not enough to have one transgender in Bidens cabinet because she's a white woman of privilege. We need trans people of color in there. And Europeans have been leading the way for years with women defense ministers. That's what America needs. A Black Woman in charge of the Department of Defense.

    Unless Trump pulls a Q out of his arse in the next couple of days / hours then the West is hosed. China won because they had a time preference beyond next pay day.

    I hope that ya'll have a garden, food and ammo stored and about a dozen stout friends. You're going to need them (unless Trump, you know, is playing 6 Dimension Chess underwater)

  2. Arthur Sido

    That is one of the big problems Biden will face for the month or two he is in office, nothing he does will be woke enough. There will always be a person more of a freak than anyone in his administration demanding "representation".

    Garden? Check. Food? Check. Ammo? Check. Plenty of real life friends? Check.

    Trump has been pretty quiet, I assume he is trying to avoid criminal prosecution by keeping his mouth shut. In with a bang, out with a whimper.

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