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A Nation Of Imbeciles Beholden To Clowns

This is apparently the sort of “news” we should expect for the foreseeable future. From the associated press: Trump administration carries out 13th and final execution, the story is full of Orange Man Bad and Biden Is Going To Save Us rhetoric. The gist of the story is that one Dustin Higgs, a strong and powerful Black Body, was complicit in the murder of three girls: Tamika Black, 19; Mishann Chinn, 23; and Tanji Jackson, 21. I didn’t look hard but it is safe to assume based on the names that all three of these young women were also black bodies.
From what I can tell, Dustin Higgs and two other black men picked up these three black girls at random and engaged in an evening of good natured drinking and frivolity. At some point one of the girls, Tanji Jackson, got upset as black women of colour tend to do, and grabbed a knife. She was convinced to put it down and then the girls left, but on leaving wrote down the license plate number of Mr. Higgs van. Obviously that was a problem because they chased the girls down, got them into the van, drove them into the woods on Federal land and then murdered them.
The AP story is full of silly information, including a lot of Orange Man Bad and coronavirus doom and gloom but I especially liked this part:
In an opinion piece in The Washington Post earlier this week, Martin Luther King III, the eldest son of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, noted that Higgs, a Black (sic) man, was scheduled to die Friday — his father’s birthday. With last-minute appeals, it was delayed into early Saturday.

“The federal government should not be needlessly taking more Black (sic) lives, and to do so on my father’s birthday would be shameful,” he wrote.
Note: it is OK when black people needlessly take more black lives.
Apparently I missed the memo adding the latest Commandment to our Most High Holy Faith Of African Worship:
Thou shalt not execute black men on “Dr.” Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday even when they were complicit in the murder of three black women.
That will be tough to fit on a stone tablet.
I also missed where the opinion of Martin Luther King III is somehow relevant to any conversation about anything because he has a famous, nay deified father. As near as I can tell, Martin Luther King III has never been gainfully employed, although he appears to be quite wealthy thanks to banking on his famous daddy. Somehow having your Marxist dad get assassinated half a century ago makes you an authority on any and every issue.
Question: What is the societal utility in allowing a man who is a garbage human being to rot in a prison, being guarded and fed and entertained at tax-payer expense for the next 30 years or so? How is justice served in letting him live, lingering on indefinitely? Estimates I saw were in the range of $40,000 per year to keep someone in prison so Dustin Higgs living another 30 years in prison would cost us $1.2 million just to warehouse him indefinitely. Yeah, no thanks.
We should:
Start executing a lot more violent felons and a lot faster. Child molesters, rapists, any murderer, people who deal drugs. Put them all down and watch violent crime start to diminish. Dead men don’t molest children.
Stop listening to losers like Martin Luther King III, people who have added nothing of value to our society in his entire useless life.
That won’t happen of course. Ne’er-do-wells like MLK III will continue to be fawned over and given space to spew their opinions in once respected newspapers like the Washington Post. Violent criminals will not be executed and in fact a bunch of them are likely about to be released by Creepy Joe and Kameltoe Harris. 
Welcome to Clownworld. 


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