Sunday, January 31, 2021

GME And Our Rigged Economic System

Everyone and their brother is weighing in on the Gamestop thing so I might as well too. Having 20 years in financial services under my belt, being a registered representative and all that might give me a stronger basis to offer an opinion but my concern isn't really about what happened specifically. Sure I might ask some questions like:

Why are you allowed to sell something you don't own with the promise of replacing what you didn't own in the first place later on? How does that serve the economy and general good of the investing public?

However I know better than to ask questions like that. The system is rigged and not in favor of regular investors.

Having an equity position in a company, aka owning stock, is a perfectly legitimate means for investors to seek a profit on their investment and for businesses to attract capital. Moving from borrowing from banks to offering shares of stock to raise capital is a significant step for many businesses. It is a sign of a stable and growing economy when businesses can raise capital via equity offerings versus borrowing money and paying interest.

That isn't what was going on with Gamestop and it isn't where the real money is on Wall Street. Rather the idea of short selling is just one of a myriad of means of financial chicanery that I can barely begin to understand even after spending many years working in financial services.

There is a entire industry that is engaged in nothing other than finding ways to manipulate complex financial instruments that the average investors doesn't even know about, much less have access to, an industry that adds nothing to our society and exists only to make the already filthy rich even more filthy rich. It is a closed system that requires access and enormous capital to enter. Many people don't understand that there is a cabal of people who have access to that capital and the right social circles to get into the "business" of financial manipulation. That is the real benefit of attending an Ivy League or other elite school like Stanford. It is not the quality of education or the superior student body, instead it is found in the connections you make. If you go to the University of Iowa, you are unlikely to meet many people from the elite strata of society but if you go to Yale or Princeton? You will rub elbows with the children of privilege in America, the sons and daughters of politicians, business magnates, heirs to generational fortunes. Kids who went to the elite prep schools and who are destined for great wealth whether or not they are possessed of great talent or drive (see: Biden, Hunter). 

While your children and my children enter the world with minor advantages depending on whether you read to them as a kid or if you invested extra time in teaching them a trade, they are not going to enter the world inhabited by the hedge fund managers. There are distinct and intentionally separate paths for people from mid-sized cities in the south and Midwest versus those who grow up in elite neighborhoods. Our kids might grow up to be successful, doctors and engineers and business owners, but their wealth will be hard earned and measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not millions or billions. 

As an example, check out this guy: Marc Mezvinsky

You probably don't recognize his name but you should. 

Marc is a Jewish financial schemer, the son of two former Jewish Democratic members of the House of Representatives. He started a hedge fund, worked at a few other financial manipulators and is now a managing partner for TPG Capital. 

Well so what? 

Here is the so what, this is Marc Mezvinsky with his wife:

You might recognize that horrifying visage as belonging to Chelsea Clinton, the alleged daughter of former President Bill Clinton and his harpy/wife who will never be President Hillary Clinton. These two homely humans met as teens at some political powwow at Hilton Head in 1993. Remember Marc's parents were players in the Democratic party and this was during Bill Clinton's first term. They were later married in 2010 and began spawning politically useful offspring in time for Hillary's Presidential run. 

Marc was born in 1977 and as a 16 year old he met Chelsea at a political event thanks to having two influential Democrat politicians as his parents. His mom, Marjorie Margolies, is "best remembered for casting the deciding vote in favor of President Bill Clinton’s 1993 budget proposal". His dad is best remembered for being a felon who served 5 years after falling for the Nigerian email scam and embezzling money from his clients to send to Africa. Anyway, as a teen this guy was rubbing elbows with some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world. He went on to college at Stanford, one of the most elite schools outside of the Ivy League, where he obtained a "BA in religious studies and philosophy", the obvious academic foundation for a future financial wizard. Later he received an "undergraduate MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics" from Pembroke College, part of Oxford. 

Sure he had no background in financial services but upon graduation what he did have is something you can't get from most college classrooms: he had connections. In spite of having no formal education in finance, this is how his career unfolded according to Wikipedia:

After graduation, he worked at Goldman Sachs as an emerging markets foreign exchange strategist, and later went on to join the global macro proprietary trading desk. He served as senior partner at 3G Capital before leaving to start his own hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, a traditional multi-strategy investment fund, focused on currencies, commodities and bonds. Eaglevale Partners closed in 2016. Mezvinsky joined Social Capital as Vice Chairman in 2017 where he helped the firm manage its business development and growing portfolio of companies. He left Social Capital in the spring of 2018.

In 2019, Mezvinsky joined TPG Capital as a managing director and business-unit partner.

How exactly does someone with a B.A. in religious studies and philosophy and an M.A. in "Politics, Philosophy and Economics" jump into a position as an emerging markets foreign exchange strategist? 


Marc went on to one high flying job in financial services after another, including starting his own hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, along with a couple of his buddies from Goldman Sachs. This was in 2011 when Mezvinsky was all of 34 years old. How does a 34 year old guy launch a hedge fund that ended up having hundreds of millions in assets under management, at least until these guys made an ill-fated investment in Greece that lost 90% of it's value?


Chelsea Clinton’s husband used his connections to the Clinton family and their charitable foundation to raise money for his hedge fund, according to an allegation by a longtime Clinton aide made public Sunday in hacked documents released by WikiLeaks.

Marc Mezvinsky extended invitations to a Clinton Foundation poker event to rich Clinton supporters he was courting as investors in his hedge fund, and he also relied on a billionaire foundation donor to raise money for the fund, according to the WikiLeaks documents. They also assert that he had his wife Chelsea Clinton make calls to set up meetings with potential investors who support her family’s political and charitable endeavors.
The word among rich Clinton backers on Wall Street was that the family would look favorably on investments in Eaglevale, a major Manhattan investor told POLITICO.

Do you remember hearing about this? Of course not because the media mostly buried it because Marc and his wife have connections.

Remember that in 2011 Marc's mother-in-law was the United States Secretary of State and his father-in-law was former the former President of the United States. So if you want to buy some influence, you throw some of your vast fortune to the Clinton's son-in-law and if he loses it, so what? You got the influence you paid for. After running his own hedge fund into the ground, Marc Mezvinsky went on to a couple of jobs at venture capital and private equity firms, as well as serving on "non-profit" boards. At 43 he is insanely wealthy and more important he has the connections he needs to keep making tons of money without actually doing anything even vaguely useful.

Sure, your kid or one of my kids can start a hedge fund. Good luck getting tens of millions in initial investments unless you can offer access to the highest levels of America government if someone invests in your kid's hedge fund. Does your kid have a Rolodex with the names of the wealthiest people in America and does he or she have something to trade? Probably not so they aren't getting into the rarified air of high finance. Marc Mezvinsky wasn't selling investment products, he was selling influence. He has influence thanks to his family and his wife and you don't, and you can't obtain that influence. 

The top levels of American society are a closed ecosystem. 

That brings us back to Gamestop. 

Things were just ducky. The company stock is headed for Enron territory, so hedge funds were making big bets on what appeared to be a sure thing and I am sure they weren't colluding to push the price down because that would be illegal. Easy money. People like Marc Mezvinsky in high finance make a living from picking meat from the bones of dying companies. They don't give a shit about Gamestop or the people who will lose their jobs, they just see an opportunity to make some easy money and line their pockets a little more. These people are parasites of the business world, making and creating nothing but leeching value from the labor of others (see: The Parasite Class).

Suddenly little investors were threatening to upset the apple cart and boy did they. It turns out that when your business is based on manipulating the system, other people can do the same thing and suddenly the stock price of Gamestop was going way up instead of predictably going down. One hedge fund in particular, Melvin Capital run by Gabriel Plotkin (you don't need to check, yes he is), took an enormous hammering as they were forced to buy shares to replace their short positions at a huge premium instead of at a huge profit. Fortunately for Gabe, he has friends in the business who ponied up billions to keep his company afloat while the company that was facilitating the trades driving Gamestop's price through the roof, an app called Robin Hood, shut down trading of that stock. This caused a huge kerfuffle as the big players could still trade Gamestop. Melvin Capital took a huge hit but it survived because while you and I can't absorb a loss like that, when you have friends in high finance you certainly can. Do you have anyone in your contact list that can float you $3 billion? Friends like Point72 Asset Management run by Steven Cohen (again, yes) and Citadel Securities, who just so happens to have paid incoming Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (again and again yes) speaking fees to the tune of $810,000. I am sure that Janet Yellen will be at the forefront of clamping down on speculation and market manipulation that lines the pockets of the people who paid her 7.2 million in speaking fees since 2019. As the author of that link ponders:

What’s the use of having a treasury secretary who has to be recused or excused from discussions of half the firms on Wall Street?

(As an aside, most of the imbeciles who voted for Biden think that the Democrats are the party of the little guy and the downtrodden and Republicans are the party of the rich. Bullshit. No one is happier that Biden "won" than the fat cats on Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. Former Vice-President Biden was the candidate that promised a return to the status quo where the rich get richer and the poor get crumbs. We are well on our way to that already as the Child-Sniffer-In-Chief works tirelessly in the few hours he is awake and mildly lucid to wreck the American economy. Back to the main point.).

This has been going on for decades. Another example, a small one but one I had a personal involvement in. Back in 2000, I was working for Fidelity Investments as an account manager in their 401(k) business, an industry where I spent a lot of my professional career doing nothing terribly useful. I worked as part of a team on several very large 401(k) clients with assets under management that ran into the billions of dollars. We were living in New Hampshire and I was working outside of Boston, and eventually the high cost of living and the long commute times convinced us it was time to move back to the Midwest. I interviewed with two main contenders for my services, Charles Schwab's 401(k) division and a company called Strong Capital Management in their relatively new 401(k). As background, I had worked with 401(k) plans as a phone representative for a couple of years but I had only worked in account management starting in 2000. Anyway they both flew me out to interview. Schwab was a pretty nice company, good people with solid experience but they offered me only a slight increase in pay. Strong on the other hand flew me out, and I interviewed with the owner of the company, a man named Richard Strong. To say the offices were lavish would be an understatement. The conference room was full of expensive Asian décor and the restrooms didn't have paper towels to dry your hands, but plush green cotton bath towels that you used and then tossed into a bin for cleaning. Strong provided a free lunch to everyone everyday and the break rooms had all of the pop and coffee you wanted for free. They offered me way more money than I was worth at the time and when I pushed they offered me more, along with an extravagant package to move my household, and temporary housing for a month while we settled in. Again, this was for someone with less than a year of direct experience for the position I was taking. It wasn't long after I got there that I saw issues. Things seemed sketchy as hell. Management was outright misleading clients and selling business based on bullshit, which is often the case but it was egregious at Strong. I got out of there and went back to Fidelity Investments after only five months in January of 2001. By 2004, Strong Funds was imploding as trading irregularities involving market manipulation and giving intentionally bad advice to clients. The company paid $80 million in restitution and Richard Strong personally ponied up another $60 million. Strong himself was barred from the securities industry for life, as were two other people at Strong. Strong gave off an image of a high powered, competent and successful firm while it was cheating their clients. Meanwhile, five years after the restitution was paid, none had been sent to the wrong investors. Apparently it was since been disbursed. Strong Funds was sold to Wells Fargo for a reported $500 million plus an additional $200 million (and Wells would later get into ethics trouble of their own) and guess who got most of that money? Tricky Dick Strong, a man I remembered mostly for walking around with a yellow legal pad shoved in the back of his suit pants. Sure he lost his company but he still walked away with hundreds of millions while his employees lost their jobs. Richard Strong was already insanely wealthy but he couldn't resist cheating to get just a little more wealthy because apparently he thought the rules didn't apply to him. It was an important lesson for me. I was dazzled by the flash and pizzazz of Strong and took a job that I shouldn't have. Fortunately I saw enough sketchy stuff early on to get out while I could.

The Gamestop fiasco is an example of the two economic systems we have in America. There is one for the privileged few and another for the rest of us. When we get into financial trouble, we have to turn to family or bankruptcy but when the power elites in this country get into trouble? They circle the wagons, start making phone calls and protect their own.

The whole system works fine as long as most people are blissfully unaware of what is going on and the people who have figured out how to game the system for themselves keep making money. We get to put a little money in our 401(k) and IRA and make a little return while they get to manipulate and often outright cheat the system and make a fortune. 

When it doesn't work like they think it should? There will be repercussions. Not today, not tomorrow, but you can be sure that the industry that has all of the lawmakers in America on speed dial won't take an insult and public embarrassment like Gamestop without retaliation. There will be quiet regulations put into place to make sure small investors don't overstep their boundaries, and perhaps even some restitution to Melvin Capital of some sort. It was hilarious but it won't be allowed to keep happening. Wall Street doesn't bankroll Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer so they can be made to look like fools.

The Boston-NYC-D.C. corridor takes care of their own.

America functions with a two tiered economic system. One is for most of us and has speed bumps and hard ceilings that keep us in place. The other runs on schemes and monetizing the economy and has barriers to entry that keep out all but the most well connected. Trump, the brash billionaire, somewhat ironically represented the first economy while "Lunch-pail Joe"/ Beijing Biden represents the second. Everything the paid cronies of the second economy focus on is designed for keeping people in the first economy in their place and where possible shoving them further down, mashing into one the lower and middle class. This is the impetus behind the Great Reset, eliminating upward mobility and pushing down on the working and middle class. It doesn't matter what the numbers on your paycheck say, what matters is what your buying power really is and the gap between you and the elites. That gap is growing every day and the growth in that gap is accelerating and will only increase in speed as former Vice-President Biden signs executive orders and laws that will harm the bulk of America to enrich the elite.

Maybe someday the dyed in the wool NormieCons and the commie wannabes in antifa will figure out that the system is rigged and now that Trump is gone almost no one is speaking out for them. The Powers That Be are relying on the majority of Americans to never figure this out until it is too late.

The system doesn't work for you.

The people who designed the system wanted it that way,

This will never change unless a populist revolt forces a change.

The banksters, D.C. mandarin class, technocrat oligarchs and assorted other elites have the money and the power of the state and every other institution on their side.

We have tens of millions of people and hundreds of millions of guns.

We are going to find out soon if that will be enough.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Not Really Marxism And Not Really Fascism But Something Far Worse

The great political and cultural struggle in the 20th century, as the story goes, was a three way battle between Fascism, represented by National Socialist Germany, Fascist Italy and to an extent imperial Japan versus Communism, consisting mostly of the Soviet Union and Red China, versus liberal democracy embodied by the United States and our vassal states in Western Europe. The Fascist/Communist alliance came apart quickly as the two movements were incompatible, leading to a shaky Democracy/Communist alliance that combined to defeat Fascism and then just as quickly it devolved into the Democracy vs Communism struggle known as the Cold War from 1945 to 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union followed close behind leaving China as the sole (overt) Communist power in the world.

That is the story many of us grew up with. The truth was far less clear cut. Still it is the best framework to view what happened at the end of the 20th century and what we are now seeing unfold in the first quarter of the 21st century. As the 20th century ended, the liberal democracies of the West were triumphant. China was isolated and backward. Russia was modernizing and adopting a free market system. The troublesome Germans of the early 20th century were replaced by an emasculated, self-loathing people who were matched in their weakness by their former foes in the United Kingdom. The French were always pussies. The lead America had as a result of boundless natural resources and an untouched homeland compared to ravaged Europe and Asia seemed insurmountable. 

Then the wheels started to come off. Americans grew fat and indolent. We stopped making and started consuming. At the risk of sounding anti-Semitic, our cosmopolitan elites began to monetize economic activity, sapping more and more in wild profiteering while adding no value. We started to hear about junk bonds, leveraged buyouts, hedge funds, insider trading. 

The Federal leviathan grew and grew, leeching the productivity of the rest of the country to support a growing class of Federal mandarins who served no purpose other than the creation of rules that they would enforce at great cost to us and great profit to them.

Culturally we grew nihilistic and dark. The grunge era of "rock" took off. Instead of sex, drugs and rock n roll, we got Nirvana. Gone was Father Knows Best, The Andy Griffith Show and Leave It To Beaver replaced by Married With Children and The Simpsons. 

Racially the American people changed. It took most of the 20th century for WASP America to integrate the Irish, Polish and Italian migrants. The new migrants? They are never going to assimilate because they are too different and they have no interest in assimilating to what they have been told is a "racist" society. They are here to loot, nothing else. Yes, there are exceptions but they are just that, exceptions. 

There is nothing new in that information. What is new is the shape of the political and economic world that we see unfolding. The 2020 election was ostensibly a referendum on Orange Man Bad but that is just at the surface level, in the shallow end of the pool where the overwhelming majority of people splash around. Underneath it was the end stage of the conflict between the older order of national identity and the new, far darker world of an technocratic oligarchy. 

For the more politically astute, depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, our current struggle is either a fight between the forces of freedom and liberty versus a resurgent communism -or- a fight for diversity and justice against resurgent fascism. 

Those are pretty neat and clear-cut categories but I still think they are only getting at the surface level. What is rising across the world is not really communism, although it looks a lot like it in many ways, nor is it really fascism despite some similarities. It is rather something very new and very dark.

Whereas Marxism was, at least from the standpoint of philosophy and rhetoric if not practice, centered on a class struggle, what we see unfolding today makes little pretense of being about class, at least in the sense of being a movement for the workers. The new global order is going to be really the opposite of that stated goal, with workers being exploited rather than exalted and elite oligarchs ruling over all of the rest of humanity. "Workers of the world unite!" has been replaced with "oligarchs of the world exploit!". Look at America as the primary example of this shift. Several decades ago, the Left pretended to be all about the working class but from around 2008 on the Left has abandoned the working class as being too White and too difficult to control and focused instead on racial minorities who tend to be poor and resentful toward Whites and on other various disaffected subgroups. Many of former Vice-President Biden's first acts were aimed directly at the working class by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and banning fracking on Federal land, while at the same time making gestures for the degenerate class by pandering to trannies and signing additional executive orders addressing "racial inequality".

Fascism generally has a nationalistic focus with a single autocratic leader and a blended economy that includes a great deal of state and corporate intermingling with the focus on benefitting the people of that particular nation. The Trumpian economic rhetoric included some aspects including an "America first" economic focus and protectionist trade policies but that was about it. Fascism doesn't really describe what the new order is all about. Rather than a state-corporate cooperative effort that seeks to advance the wellbeing of the people of that nation-state, we instead have a soulless, stateless monstrosity that seeks only profit wherever it can be found. The government provides the legal means for corporate exploitation of workers and in turn the corporate world funnels buckets of cash to elected officials while also acting as the enforcement arm via censorship and increasingly by forcing dissidents outside of the boundaries of polite society. 

The new order, exemplified by the "Great Reset", is neither Fascism nor Communism but instead somehow manages to combine all of the worst aspects of both Marxism and Fascism into a new technocratic oligarchy that is more properly seen as neo-feudalism (see: Like Feudalism Without The Peasants). In fact, it often seems that rather than seeing workers as the bedrock of a nation, regular working class people are seen as not only superfluous but harmful and in dire need of pruning. The coming AI and robotics revolution will not only make workers irrelevant but also a burden. 

Make no mistake, once the global South and non-White third world populations have served their purpose in eradicating Whites, they will be in line for their own extermination. The ghouls pulling the levers like Bill Gates are big fans of eugenics on an unimaginable scale, with mass extinction of entire populations and global depopulation a primary goal. The framework is already in place with the "climate change" hysteria. Simply torpedoing the world's economy won't be enough to "save the planet", the only way to do that will be to eliminate a significant chunk of the people. People like Bill Gates and the rest of the globalist oligarchs don't have any interest in living in a neighborhood full of Africans and mestizos, so you can be sure they have little interest in sharing the planet with them beyond the bare minimum needed to keep the lights on.

China is the rough draft for this new global model. The Chinese economy is enormous, 2nd only to the U.S. in terms of GDP with over $14 trillion in economic activity.

But when you look at per capita GDP? The U.S. is 5th behind four European nations with a per capita GDP of $65,000 but China is way down the list:

Somewhere around a billion people are in abject poverty in China while the state runs businesses that have hundreds of thousands of employees and billions in revenue. A small group of people get very rich with the blessing of the Communist Party. The rest? Not so much.

With a tiny number of incredibly wealthy oligarchs, a small middle class and around a billion poor people who are little more than slave labor for the state, this is the vision the architects of the Great Reset have for the entire world and especially the West. The vast majority of people crammed into our cities living at a subsistence level but being provided with modern bread and circuses in the form of streaming entertainment and "free" food, eking out an existence while the wealthiest among us get richer and with a technocratic Mandarin class acting as a thin buffer between the ultra-wealthy and the desperately poor. They are counting on delivery Taco Bell, crappy Netflix shows and legal pot to keep the population in check. They are probably right. 

Those who step outside of the lines and buck the plan? They are getting stomped with an iron boot. The online troll who went by Ricky Vaughn is being criminally prosecuted for sharing memes. Yes, you read that right.

He might go to jail because of memes.

Gun control is at the top of their agenda to keep the peasants from sticking their heads on spikes. Likewise the incoming Patriot Act 2.0 which will follow the inevitable false flag attack that will drastically expand government surveillance with the added bonus of corporate America acting as snitches and informants for the government. Think that won't happen? It already is.

Despite decrying censorship when it was happening to them last year, when Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook earlier this month, the left praised the move by big tech. “Facebook is a private company and can do what they want,” the pro-censorship hypocritical crowd chanted ad nauseum through the digital ether after bad orange man was silenced. But as we have said time and again, Facebook being private is simply not true.

Now, however, Facebook has made an unscrupulous Faustian bargain with the federal government which should eliminate all doubt once and for all. They are now willfully handing over private messages of Trump supporters who talked about the events at the capitol on January 6.

Social media is the government spying on you and censoring thought without having to go through the hassle of following the Constitution. The best part? You give them the right and the means to repress you voluntarily and make is easier for your neighbor to snitch. The East German commie Stasi couldn't have dreamed of a better system.

Yes, the antifa/black Lives Matter movement is a Marxist front so it is appropriate to use that language to describe them but it is critical to understand that there are two forms of Leftist ideology in America and anti/bLM is only the visible, openly violent form (more on this in a future post). 

What we need to start to wrap our minds around is that the struggle we are in now isn't the same struggle from the 20th century. While many of the players are the same and the goal of global domination remains the same, the means, philosophy and rhetoric have changed. We need to fight the enemy as they are now, not as they were last century. 

We aren't up against Soviet style Communism and we certainly are not dealing with fascism. This is a new war with the same enemy but this time they have found what appears to be a winning formula and the number of people standing up to them is shrinking. 

First and foremost, you must know your enemy to fight them.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Totally Legit

In my list of personal rules to live by, one of my favorites is this general principle:

The more you feel the need to remind someone of your credentials, the less impressive your credentials become.

A great example of this is something I have remarked on before, the weird trend of people on social media, and just to be clear this tends to be females and minorities, insisting on putting their professional or academic credentials in their social media user name. "Dr. Smith" or "Jill Smith, PhD". It is a sign of intense insecurity and generally that insecurity is grounded in that individual being mediocre in their profession. I always use the example of my dad who always introduced himself by his first name, never as "Dr. Sido" even though he was a real doctor unlike the wife of former Vice-President Biden. He also never corrected anyone who addressed him as Mr. Sido. 

But here we are, a week after the inauguration farce, and I am still seeing stuff like this on Youtube:

A week later and we still see this. I don't recall ever seeing these on videos from leftists who were screeching about "muh Russia collusion!" for years after the 2016 election. 

Even the social media technocrats understand that Biden isn't legitimate and is only being propped up by endless reinforcement from social media and of course the presence of thousands of troops occupying our nation's capital. The whole thing is teetering and all those idiot White people who voted for Beijing Biden are starting to figure out they got suckered. 

You are living in an occupied nation and our occupiers aren't going to be dislodged by voting at them.

Spoiler alert, the Chinese are involved but the real occupiers are people we aren't allowed to mention by name.

More On Ammo Availability

Recently Jason Vanderbrink, the head of Federal, makers of a significant chunk of the ammo market under the brand names of Federal, Speer, CCI and now Remington, put out a brief video addressing the ammo shortage and why a) you can't find ammo and b) when you do, why it is so ungodly expensive. Apparently they got a lot of the same questions over and over so Jason addressed those questions in a subsequent video. The whole thing is interesting and you should check it out but one thing really jumped out at me around the 3:50 mark so I have that bookmarked in the embedded video....

The gist is this. Prior to March 2020, there was already a ton of "excess capacity" in the ammo industry, according to Jason. That means that they had more factory capability than they had demand. That is generally not a good thing, it means idle machinery and factory space that you pay taxes and maintenance for but for which you aren't getting maximum return. That is also why ammo was dirt cheap and plentiful in 2019.

People saying "just build another factory" don't have the basics of how businesses work to make that statement. Building a factory is hugely expensive and time consuming. You have zoning issues and you have to be able to finance the new building and new equipment plus you have to be able to hire people to run the machines who will show up and not be high. As a businessman you also need to look beyond the next week and think longer term. Spending a couple million bucks to build a new factory in response to 10 months of unusual demand when you had excess capacity in a normal year is dumb and making dumb decisions is how businesses fail. Plus it would take a year or more under the best case scenario to get a new factory up and running and who knows what is going to be happening a year from now.

Another factor for businesses are the political considerations and right now the firearms industry has few friends in government and a whole bunch of enemies. Former Vice-President Biden pledged to eliminate online ammo sales and with the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart, basically getting out of the ammo business that means that if that pledge becomes a reality, it is going to be difficult to get ammo to consumers at all. The few retailers who still sell ammo like Academy, Rural King and Bass Pro/Cabelas aren't in every city so there will be a real bottleneck. If banks decide to stop processing payments for places that sell guns and ammo, something I expect to happen soon, then it really becomes a problem. 

The same is true for gun manufacturers. Sure, if Palmetto State Armory tripled their capacity, they could still sell out of every AR and AK they could make on a daily basis but building a new factory takes time and specialized machines and people to run those machines. If I owned PSA I wouldn't invest a few million bucks into new capacity with the real threat of my business being shut down in 2021.

It is easy to complain and make simplistic comments like "build another factory" but it really isn't that simple. I wish it were but it isn't. We aren't going to get back to the days of sub .$.20/round ammo anytime soon and likely we never will. Bitching about it isn't going to change that reality. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

It's Starting To Rain

I don't know why but this picture just makes me laugh and laugh every time I see it.

Naughty Words


Back in Facebook jail, for the second time in a week. First for 24 hours, this time for 3 days. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen....

My first offense was to comment on an obvious fake account that tried to friend me with a simple comment of "whore". Since it was obvious the account was fake and the only friends were guys from India seeking bobs and vagana, I felt I could safely assume the account owner was indeed some form of whore I didn't think my comment was out of line but the Facebook algorithm disagreed. Off to jail for a day.

My latest thought crime was referring to transvestites that former Vice-President "Pedo" Joe Biden wants to let in locker rooms with young girls and into the military as trannies, a very common term used to refer to...trannies....for many years. For that I got three more days for "hate speech and insults", although I see plenty of hate speech directed at normal people on social media and receive many a petty, juvenile insult on social media all the time. It is kind of the point of social media.

Trannies is one of those words we aren't allowed to use anymore, like in the last five years or so. Same with faggot and many years ago wop, mick, nigger, spic, etc. They are just words of course and can hurt feelings but that is just the breaks.

What it is more indicative of is the way we are forced to pander to people who at the same time claim to be oppressed. A man wearing a Little Bo Peep outfit should be mocked until he stops dressing like a trannie. He probably should have had his ass kicked a long time ago and perhaps he would have reconsidered his life choices. 

Transvestites shouldn't be coddled, they should be mocked. They are mentally ill in some cases but in others are just freaks and weirdos. Their proper place in society is on the extreme fringes in the shadows where decent people don't have to see them. Instead we are told we must venerate them, treat them as not only not as freaks but instead as exemplars of humanity.

It is the latest reminder of how upside-down our society has become.

Men wearing panties and thinking it makes them women demand recognition from normal people who understand that isn't how it works. Racial minorities who are the beneficiaries of the society we created expect that we will pretend that America and the West is their creation, particularly blacks who claim that they are the people who built America when in fact blacks have been an enormous anchor holding America back since the end of the Civil War. They can call us "transphobes", a brand new form of "hate" that no one talked about ten years ago, or "racists" or "Nazis" or "White supremacists" and there are no repercussions. It isn't as though I really care, I don't consider any of those words to be insults or slurs but it is a reminder of an important principle we still haven't learned:

When you control the language of the people, you control the people.

"Conservatives" spend so much time defending themselves against spurious charges of "racism" that if often seems like that is all they do and it is a huge distraction, and intentionally so (see: Quit Chasing The Stick).

The Left has always understood this. We apparently still, by and large, haven't figured it out. 

This is why simple stuff like the Orange Man Bad NPC memes and "It's OK to be White" just drives them nuts. When you say it's OK to be White, it puts them on the defensive and they have to explain why no, in fact it is not OK to be White.

Don't let people who hate you dictate the terms of discourse to you. When you stop caring about people calling you "racist", it is remarkably freeing and it makes you dangerous. Your role in the kabuki theater is to be cowed by the threat of having people say you are a Bad Person, when you stop playing that role they don't know what to do with you. Sure you will get in trouble on social media but really social media is fake and gay anyway.


Since I started this post, I got some fun news just this morning for posting a link to Patriot Front's Gab site (see: HATE Comes To Fort Wayne! to learn the backstory):

I am not sure if that is served concurrently with my current 3 day suspension or if that was tacked on the end. What is really amusing is that:

a) You can share all sorts of links to antifa or bLM sites even though those groups have engaged in a year long orgy of actual violence, mayhem and murder costing lives and billions in property damage while Patriot Front has not, to the best of my knowledge, actually committed any crimes unless you consider putting a sticker on a window to be a mild form of vandalism.

b) As I showed in my original post, the pictures shared by WANE 15 have the website for Patriot Front prominently displayed. 

Given that a couple of people were screeching about Patriot Front being "White supremacists", it seemed reasonable to share a link for people to learn for themselves. Again, that apparently is HATE SPEECH and that makes you a "dangerous individual and organization", even if you haven't actually shown yourself to be dangerous. 

Apparently being suspended while already being suspended is sort of social media double secret probation?

What a farce. I am staring down the barrel of a permanent ban from Faceberg soon at this rate.

Monday, January 25, 2021

How To Guarantee I Won't Buy A Product

This must be a new thing at Amazon, I was looking at an item for an Amish lady and noticed this part of the way down the page:

How long until they start adding a reparations surcharge to items? What exactly makes it "minority-owned" anyway? I am a White male and since White people are about 60% of the population and men are less than 50% of the population, I am a minority as we are only about 30% of the population as a whole. I demand to be recognized as a minority-owned business!

This is going to be life in former Vice-President* Joe Biden's America, at least until the whole thing collapses.

(Since the election was stolen and Biden is not a legitimately elected President, I will refer to him henceforth only as former Vice-President Biden, or Joe, or Creepy Joe, or Pedo-Joe, or Beijing-Biden but never as "President")

Sunday, January 24, 2021

HATE Comes To Fort Wayne!

Political flyers and stickers have always been a common sight on college campuses. Telephone poles, the back of street signs, anywhere there was a flat surface would contain flyers inviting people to come to group meetings or pushing some political agenda, all competing for space with flyers advertising deals on pizza or announcing a gig for some crappy campus band. It is just part of the campus environment. 

Not in 2021.

Our local Democrat propaganda organ news station WANE 15 published a breathless story about a HATE CRIME that occurred on the campus of Purdue-Fort Wayne (PFW). The "hate crime" in question? A couple of stickers from Patriot Front.

Purdue University Fort Wayne released a statement condemning the hate flyers and stickers found on its property Saturday morning.

The university says the flyers and stickers posted were “clearly meant to threaten and intimidate members of our very diverse community.” PFW says it has no tolerance for this behavior, which it called “unacceptable.”
PFW says “maintaining a civil, welcoming, and inclusive campus environment is central to Purdue University Fort Wayne’s mission. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values of our institution.”

The university says it fully endorses and supports anyone on campus who chooses to speak out against any form of hate.

According to its statement, PFW is in the process of removing the remaining materials and investigating where they originated from.

So you can speak out against "hate" but you can't speak out in favor of any political viewpoint to the right of Mao. Gotcha. 

What were these "hate flyers and stickers". Did they use the Unholy Word Of Power "nigger"? Well let's take a look:

One sticker says "Not stolen, conquered" which is completely true. Once the colonies were established as a sort of beachhead for the English colonists, the White settlers began a 250 year process of moving westward, defeating Indian tribe after tribe until the continent was mostly pacified and unified under the banner of the United States. The Indians were conquered militarily and forced onto reservations. It is hard to argue with the fact that what happened was a conquest. Sure, "stolen" is a popular buzzword with the Left but what we call the United States has come to be in the same way virtually every other nation on earth has come into being, via conquest and warfare. The borders of the European continent are based on the aftermath of the wars of the 20th century. The same is true with most of Asia. African national boundaries are the result of the former colonial powers who conquered Africa, just the same as with South America. Mestizos in South America didn't form nation-states, they live in nation-states ordered by European conquerors. So at worst the first sticker is a reminder of what is to some people an uncomfortable truth.

The second sticker? It reads "To ourselves and our posterity". Those words are unfamiliar to most people, including the people commenting on WANE's Facebook page, but they are quite familiar to those of us who have more than a cursory familiarity with American history.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Those words form the preamble to the United States Constitution. A sticker that contains words that are found at the beginning of our governing document are now "hate stickers". That someone considers that to be "hate" speaks far more about them than it does about the people who put up the stickers.

Sure if you are somewhat observant you might notice that their logo contains something noteworthy:

The symbol in white over the head of the eagle is a fasces, which is literally a bundle of sticks, but also is the root of the term fascism. The point being that sticks bundled together are much stronger than individual sticks, a pretty common and accurate statement. The idea of unity, whether nationalistic like Italian fascism or nationalism combined with ethnocentrism in German National Socialism, is a powerful foundation for that political movement. I am 100% sure that almost no one who sees those stickers would recognize the fasces or what it represents. 

No, simply the word "patriot" is sufficient along with the average social media user being told "this is hateful" to create an image in their mind of the typical low information citizen that this is Bad Talk.

The stickers will be removed, people will recover on their fainting couches and all will move on but what is hilarious is that these stickers would have only been seen by a couple of people but now thanks to WANE they have been seen by many of the 189,840 people who follow their page. I wonder how many people will go to their website just out of curiosity? If you are interested in learning more for yourself, you can check out their website directly or go to their Gab page or their Bitchute channel.

Whether you agree with their positions, in whole or in part, it is a sad commentary on America that these stickers have the authorities in a tizzy but similar flyers and stickers from black Lives Matter or antifa, overtly Marxist groups, are not only permitted but praised.

No dissenting views are going to allowed going forward, just the globo-homo approved corporate talking points. So much for diversity being our greatest strength.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Then They Came For The Libertarians

On multiple occasions I have admitted in public my brief dalliance with libertarianism. Of course I have since repented in sackcloth and ashes but like many of us on the dissident right, libertarianism was a way station on our path out of normie "conservatism" and into something quite different. But some people land in libertarianism and never leave, partly because it is a harmless past time. No one takes libertarianism seriously so you can be a libertarian and not get called a Nazi cuz you are in favor of legal pot and gay "marriage".

That has suddenly changed.

Now libertarians find themselves lumped in with Literal Nazis in the ranks of "political extremists", at least according to former director of the CIA John Brennan who claims a that there is some sort of political movement that is similar to an "insurgency". According to Brennan, this "movement" includes: 

“religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”

Oops welcome to the far right domestic terrorist club libertarians! Brennan is a deeply embedded operative, he wasn't saying this sort of thing without the green light from way up the food chain.

It is hilarious to see libertarians spluttering in outrage. They didn't care much when the "alt-right" was being targeted but now that they are on the list? They are all channeling Greta Thunberg.

This guy, and I use that term loosely, was especially precoious.

Who is this guy? He has a checkmark so I decided to look and based on his picture I was suspecting he was smoking some poles. Sure enough.

A bisexual street pastor? What is he preaching, the good news of taking it up the butt?

His outrage is awesome but it also says a lot. Libertarians better figure out that one side, the "far right", is willing to let them hold their silly libertarian views. The other side, the "left", will put them in camps without a second thought. 

Things are getting pretty serious. The political purges won't spare you just because you voted for the clown car ticket of JoJo and Spike. They are coming after everyone and libertarians don't get a free pass. They can choose to join with people like me - or - they can swear allegiance to Marxism - or - they can get on the cattle cars and head for the gulag. There isn't another option. The NAP has already been violated and it is only going to increase. 

We no longer have a place for any sort of free thinkers, political principled occupation, any of that crap. We are in the end stages now and there isn't a participation ribbon for second place, just a shallow mass grave.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Commie Thought Control Is Already Here

Busy, busy day but this is a solid video from Black Pigeon Speaks on the escalation of the Chinese social credit system being rolled out in America. Spoiler, if you aren't disengaging from the system, you will either be forced to comply or get stomped. There is no Option C.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Resistance Is Racist

For the last 4 years, we have been forced to endure simpletons with "#resist" and "Not My President" and other stupid shit in their social media profiles. It is hard to imagine what they thought they were resisting as every significant institution and center of power, including the executive branch other than Trump himself, was uniformly on their side. It is hard to be the plucky band of rebels when everything you say is exactly what the powerful and wealthy are also saying. 

But Big Country Expat at The Intrepid Reporter had an interesting thought today in his post: Well THAT Escalated Quickly....

So now, the New Roolz
"Resistance" = Bad.  If you resist the current bullshit and the upcoming bullshit, first, they'll label you a 'Racist' when the Ho takes over from Slo.  It that doesn't work, they'll up the ante to 'Insurrectionist'.  And then, 'Seditionist' and 'Terrorist', along with ALL the unpleasantness, to include droning your house with a Hellfire.

Remember kids, for the last four years "resisting" the occupant of the White House was noble, stunning, dare I say brave. 

But now, if you disagree with anything The Usurper Joe and The Ho have to say? 

At least the rules are clear.

When "literally worse than Hitler" dictator Trump was in office, you could call him the most vile things imaginable and even say awful shit about his wife and kids, and you not only faced no repercussions, you were applauded for your bravery. 

If you say anything at all about the new administration other than fawning praise, you are a racist and quite likely a "domestic terrorist" and you should be hounded at your home, lose your job and probably just shot.

These are the new rules. Crying about it won't change anything. Telling them to shove their rules up their collective corpulent asses and saying whatever you want? Incredibly freeing.

Oh, and congrats to Big Country Expat for gaining a spot in the coveted "My Top Five Favorite Blogs". BCE may not be the gentlest soul around but his voice and tone are just what we need these days.

Stop Flapping

There are many rituals in our lives, most of them quite meaningless. One that is familiar to all air travelers is the safety speech delivered in a perfunctory manner by the stewardess as the plan prepares to take off. Most people ignore it completely and you can tell first time flyers because they get the little placard out and follow along. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows how dumb this is. If a plane falls from the sky, you are going to die. Putting your head between your knees will just alter the pattern your shredded body leaves on the ground. Still we submit to it out of habit, like the "No Smoking" signs that light up on planes when you haven't been able to smoke on planes for most of my lifetime.

Air travel is a miraculous invention. Humans were not intended to fly, we are too heavy and don't have wings but that didn't stop a bunch of people from trying to figure it out anyway until today when air travel is something we accept without much thought. When you stop and think about all of the stuff we take for granted and that essentially all of it comes from Europeans and Americans, it should remind us that without what the Left calls "White supremacy", humanity as a whole would be living at a subsistence level existence. So, you're welcome I guess. 

Anyway, the safety speech is dumb because a jetliner falling out of the sky is going to go boom when it hit. If you have a great pilot, maybe he can guide you in for a less catastrophic landing but generally the "landing" involves a debris field.

So why do they bother with a safety speech no one pays attention to?

Because it makes you feel safer getting into a super thin metal cylinder strapped to a couple of high power jet engines and catapulting off the ground. If you are driving and your engine stops running, you coast to a stop and have to call a tow truck. If you are flying and the engine stops....

See: Field, Debris

However if you have a little video about safety and what you can do in the event that a plane that you have no control over starts to plummet toward the ground, it gives you a false sense of control. Sure the plane might crash into a cornfield in Iowa but my seat cushion doubles as a flotation device.

It is the same reason we have elections and inaugurations. Sure the elections are clearly a farce and the outcome in 2020 was predetermined, and sure there was rampant cheating and a man with dementia is about to be handed the nuclear football, but we got to stand in line to cast our ballots so we got that going for us....which is also nice. It makes us feel better.

Imagine the captain of the airplane coming on the PA and saying "Ladies and gentlemen, the engines just cut our and we are plummeting toward the ground. Please start flapping your arms to keep this bird in the air!". That would be dumb because a few hundred people flapping their arms inside of a plane won't make any difference in whether the plane crashes. The only thing that might make a difference is the skill of the guy/gal/gender non-binary freak that is flying the plane. 

If your pilot is a man with dementia and a penchant for sniffing little girls and the co-pilot is a literal whore who didn't go to flight school and only got the job as a co-pilot by sleeping with airline executives?

That sucker is going into the ground at top speed and you are all going to die.

As it just so happens, that is exactly what the political situation is right now. We had a pilot who was mostly incompetent but came on the loudspeaker every few minutes to remind us that this was the best flight anyone ever and that he was the best pilot and everyone says so, even as the engines were bursting into flames. A few hours ago, a man who is so out of it that he probably thinks he actually won the election fair and square was sworn in as President in front of an audience of 5 or 6 people while a literal whore was standing behind him smiling and sharpening a knife.

The plane was already going down but now Biden is going to push the throttle forward all the way.

Meanwhile, most normiecons are still flapping their arms really believing that if they just think positive thoughts and flap their arms a little harder, we can pull out of the tailspin. I don't blame them necessarily, they are so invested in the system that they can't imagine life outside of that system so even as their numbers and influence shrink, and the other passengers on the plane spit on them, they keep on flapping their arms because It Is The Right Thing To Do.

Stop it.

We have been exhausting ourselves for decades trying to stop the inevitable. When they shipped jobs overseas and down-sized co-workers, we just worked harder. We let them dictate what topics we could bring up and they just kept changing the list. We protested meekly when they called us "racist" so then they called us "Nazis" and "White supremacists" and we just kept trying to explain why, darn it, that just wasn't true. They forced homosexual "marriage" down our throats because "love is love" and then they put trannies in libraries reading to children and demanded we let deviants into locker rooms with our daughters. 

When we finally took a small stand and elected Trump, they went crazy. Now they have moved past juvenile name calling and started talking about South Africa style tribunals, show trials, re-education camps and many less than veiled threats of violent retribution because the way we voted hurt their feelings.

We are the worst people in the world...

...but keep going to work to keep the lights on and paying your taxes.

Screw that.

Quit trying to keep the plan aloft. Stop flapping.

You should be figuring out right now how to game the system (*legally of course). Everyone else is looting the rotting corpse that once was America, you might as well get yours. Figure out how to maximize what you can leech from the government. If you are working class with a couple of kids, get food stamps and Medicaid. Why should you pay while others only take? Stop doing the little stuff that helps keep America running. All you are doing is subsidizing your own eventual banishment to some gulag. Find ways to earn a living outside of the system, get a skill you can use for barter. Stop being civic minded. 

Starting right now you can only be focused on your family and your real life circles.

Our suicidal altruism has led us to this point and it is going to be the death of us.

The people I am talking to and talking about know what I am saying. We are the people who make America work and it has been nothing but us giving and others taking for my entire life. Enough of that. 

Stop flapping and let this bird go into the ground. It is going to anyway, you better be trying to prepare yourself to survive the crash instead of trying to delay the inevitable. You live in an occupied nation that just inaugurated The Usurper Joe Biden and his whore running mate. Every aspect of America hates you and is working to stomp you into the ground: the government, the media, most religious institutions, the entertainment world, the education establishment, labor unions and of course big business.

Hate them right back and give them nothing you don't absolutely have to.

The past is the past and it ain't coming back. Nostalgia won't save us. 

The present is an awful dystopian nightmare. The dumbest, cruelest, most degenerate and wicked people rule this land now in earnest. 

Our only path is forward to a destination that we might not live to see but perhaps our children will one day live free like we once did. I saw this on social media and had to lift it because it is pretty profound.

Stop flapping and start living for yourself and your loved ones. Fuck everyone else.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Clown. Effing. World.

Yes, a really ugly man who pretends to be a really, really ugly woman is going to be confirmed by the United States Senate to hold a semi-serious government position. I will save you checking Wikipedia's early life section for Mr. Levine:

Welcome to your new clown world. All that is left is to burn the whole damn thing down.

I Wouldn't Say I Missed It

Yesterday was one of those days when things went haywire, in a good way though. I was off and on busy with work from around 6 AM to about 11 PM and in-between we were chopping up another monstrous steer that we slaughtered a couple of weeks ago. The temperatures have been perfect for hanging a carcass and now we have a bunch of beef on top of the beef we already had.

Because I was so busy yesterday, I wasn't on social media at all. It helped that I was in the Facebook gulag for 24 hours. Apparently e-whores with bogus accounts trolling for lonely men can send out limitless friend requests with Faceberg's blessings but if I point out that the person in question is a whore, I get locked up in the gulag. 

Anyway, being away from social media all day turned out to be great because it saved me from the obligatory MLK day posts celebrating an Marxist serial adulterer.

I expect those grotesque displays from liberal Whites but you would think that so-called conservatives would know better. You would be wrong. Martin Luther King Day is the highest holy day of obligation in the White guilt calendar. 

Even though King, as a real person rather than the heavily edited image we are supposed to worship, represented nothing that conservatives are supposed to value, being a Marxist, a liar and plagiarist and at best a serial adulterer, we are treated annually to the sickening oblations to King. 

Something else I posted on Twitter

I am sure Malcolm X would have hated me but at least he would have been honest about it. He represented a raw but authentic version of black power driven by Marxism, unlike King who soft sold the same thing but with a gentler tone to trick people into thinking he wasn't a threat. I always prefer my enemies confront me to my face rather than stabbing me in the back. I think it would have been fascinating to talk to Malcolm X, but useless and irritating to talk to "Dr." King.

In a lot of ways I am looking forward to eventually being banned from all forms of social media. All too often I find that those who are supposed to be fighting on my side really don't have their hearts in the fight and don't even understand what they are fighting for nor what they are fighting against. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Like Feudalism Without The Peasants

Astute readers of this blog, and let's be honest that all of my readers are astute, will recall that one of the ideas being floated for the "Great Reset" is the elimination of income taxes and replacing that revenue with "taxes on land value".

As I wrote:

THAT got my attention. We are pretty solidly middle class, having gone from being a mid-level professional in financial services to several years of scraping by to finally being in a decent place financially. We have a nice sized house, older and out in the country, and live on four acres. Our property taxes are pretty low relative to many other places in the country. The proposal above? That would likely be enough to force us off of our land and into some shitty apartment in the city where we would be far more dependent on the government and of course on maintaining our social credit score so we don't get cut off from services. I have a garden and we raise our own livestock now, not to provide all of our food needs but certainly to provide a significant chunk and a sense of being somewhere self-reliant. That cannot be allowed, any sense of self-reliance means less reliance on the corporate-state monolith. Self-reliant people are untrustworthy and harder to control so they will just tax us off of our land.

If there is anything they can't stand, it is people who are not totally dependent on the system.

The plan would seem to be designed to tax people off the land, forcing them to sell out and move into the increasingly violent cities. 

You might have wondered what would happen to all of this land when people are taxed off of it. A whole bunch of America is pretty empty. For example, this is a satellite view of Arthur, Nebraska....

Arthur, Nebraska is a town of just over 100 people and it is the county seat of Arthur County, Nebraska with a population of 465. Arthur County is about 718 square miles for a population density of just over .6 people per square mile. Apparently back in 1920 there were 1,412 people in Arthur County, in 1950 there were 803 people and by 1980 in was down to 513 before shrinking to it's current estimate population of 465. I have always kind of had a fondness for Arthur County, for obvious reasons, and thought it might be a good place to ride out a SHTF situation. It isn't the least populated county in the continental U.S., that honor goes to Loving County in Texas with 169 people spread out over 677 square miles, meaning a population density of .2/square mile. Anyway, back to my point.

So what happens to all of this land when the current owners are taxed off of it? Why the oligarchs buy it of course! They aren't even waiting for the Great Reset to take hold, the wealthiest people in America are already snatching up huge tracts of land.

Well known farmer Bill Gates suddenly appeared on the lists of largest owners of farmland with a paltry little starter farm, a measly....

242,000 acres of farmland

Primo farm ground goes for, let's say $8000/acre, so that makes his farmland holdings worth around just shy of....


Two billion bucks worth of farm ground. That puts li'l Bill and his evil lovely wife Melinda in a category all by themselves according to Forbes magazine, the periodical of choice for people who want to be oligarchs....

He doesn't own one big chunk of farm ground, rather his holdings are spread way out according to The Land Report:

I would guess that in many of those states, Bill is the largest landowner in the state. Gates isn't the only billionaire snatching up huge tracts of land...

Why would a computer dork buy almost a quarter of a million acres of farm ground? 

Because as the saying goes, they ain't making any more land.

Back in the day, landed gentry owned most of the land and peasants worked the land for a pittance. That was how it worked. It wasn't until fairly recently that people owned land of their own. At one time the U.S. was covered with small family farms but slowly over the years as agricultural practices grew more efficient and jobs in the city with regular hours and pay lured younger people away, the number of Americans involved in farming shrank even as fewer farmers fed a burgeoning population. Today the number and per capita percentage of people involved in farming is tiny. Not helping this situation is the ever increasing cost of farmland. Without careful succession planning, it is difficult for farms to stay in the family even as it remains very difficult to get younger people to pursue a career in production agriculture. Big farms snatch up smaller farms and get bigger and the cost of entry into agriculture skyrockets with each passing year in a vicious cycle. Rinse. Repeat.

With what appears a quiet move into owning huge tracts of land by billionaires, the barriers to entering the farming profession are getting worse. Who wants to be bidding on farm ground when some suit online is bidding against you with access to Bill Gates and his billions of dollars?

It isn't just farmland. Forbes also mentions that while Gates is the largest owner of farm ground, he is an amateur when it comes to owning land....

While Gates may be the country’s biggest farmland owner, he by no means is the largest individual landowner. In its list of 100 top American landowners, The Land Report gives the top spot to Liberty Media Chair John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres of ranches and forests. CNN founder Ted Turner ranked number three with 2 million acres of ranch land across eight states. Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is investing in land on a large scale, landing the 25th spot with his ownership of 420,000 acres, mainly in west Texas.

Gates comes in at number 49 on the list of the top 100 landowners in the U.S. A lot of familiar names are on the list: Jeff Bezos, Philip Anschutz, Ted Turner, Kochs, Kennedys, Hearsts. It turns out that the wealthiest among us like to own property because who doesn't want to own 2.2 million acres of ranches and forests? 

To put this in perspective, John Malone owns 2,200,000 acres of land. There are 640 acres in one square miles so Malone owns 3,437 square miles. Delaware is about 1,900 square miles of land and Rhode Island is 1,033 square miles counting just land. 

John Malone owns more land than the total area of the two smallest states combined.

Owning on a house an half an acre is considered to be a nice home. Owning a 500 acre farm is quite an accomplishment. Owning the equivalent of more than two entire states? That makes you into something quite different indeed. People on the Left think Orange Man Bad is their enemy but what about a guy who owns more land than two entire states? 

Imagine the future 25 years from now. Most Americans have been forced off their land by increased property taxes while the wealthiest 1% of the top 1% keep buying more and more land, likely avoiding those taxes by designating parts of their property as ecological preserves. The "American" population is exploding as the third world flees to the refuge of America and Europe thanks to overpopulation and mass starvation, disease and war. America's farmland is worked by drone farm machinery. A handful of people own most of the land in the U.S. while 99.999% of Americans own nothing and live in public housing.

This is the vision of the architects of the Great Reset and it is coming to fruition right in front of us. Rich people can do whatever they want with their money but they also need to understand that the current of resentment and anger it generates can only be contained for so long. When things break loose, being wealthy isn't going to save them. History should have taught them this lesson but most people, even the very wealthy, never seem to learn those lessons.