Monday, March 8, 2021

All Part Of The Plan

Gas prices continue to climb without any signs of slowing and if anything that is likely to get worse. More great news this morning, if you are an oil producer that is, but not if fuel is your biggest expense....

Fuel prices drive cost for a lot of items. That fresh fruit you like from the store when it is out of season? That has to be trucked in from somewhere warmer and higher fuel costs mean higher food costs. This is already in the works (see: Food inflation: a growing threat to us all). Rising fuel and food costs will impact those at the lower end of socio-economic spectrum the most as they typically have less wiggle room in their budget. Good news though, the energy policies being pushed in the name of former Vice-President Joe Biden should make this even worse in the coming years! See also Fuel Prices Are About to SKYROCKET. Here Are the REAL Reasons Why.

Inflation is coming. We can't keep injecting make-believe money into the economy without it driving up prices and inflation is one of those problems that are very difficult to arrest once the ball starts rolling. The rising prices will sap buying power and this will fuel (pun intended) demands for even more "stimulus" long after the coronavirus pandemic has become old news. More money will be printed and injected into the economy, prices will keep going up, the demand for more money will continue ad infinitum

The thing is, this is part of the plan to continue to push Americans into a deeper dependence on the state. Your mission will be to find ways to avoid this by sidestepping the bogus currency marketplace, whether that is by bartering or raising your own food or operating a small business that is not tied to the global economy. 

There are plans within plans unfolding. You had better have a counter-plan of your own or you will get swept up and find yourself living in a concrete box in the city, eating bug paste. 

Can We Focus Here?

Ah, I see there is an ongoing pillow fight on /ourside/ over the topic of secession. Well that is swell and does a ton for the movement. While the Commies are planning on multiple fronts to undermine and overthrow our society, our guys are having an online slap fight. Awesome!

While I support and advocate for dissolving the Union and going our separate ways peacefully, I don't have much hope of that happening. Any breakaway nation would be overwhelmingly White and even the far Left knows that they need us to keep the country running, not to mention being a convenient bad guy to keep the diversity from getting too out of hand. The Left needs people like me to point their fingers at and say "that's the bad guy". Thus sayeth the prophet Tony Montana, praise be unto his name.

So a secession of a peaceful sort, no matter how much sense it makes, is unlikely to happen. What does happen? I have no idea and neither do any of the keyboard experts. What seems most likely is a slow burn, a gradual breakdown of order as FedGov loses control over the interior of the country, cities get out of hand, state governments start to ignore dictates from Coruscant. Rather than a sudden implosion, a slow collapse like a barn that is unused and neglected. That is mostly a (mildly) educated guess. Anything else is amusing and a fun mental exercise but nothing to get in a twist over. I like doom porn as much as the next guy but it is not much more serious that most science fiction. 

Whatever happens, I expect 95% of the people in America to be observers. Also important to understand, I personally have very little say in how things come apart and I don't have much interest in being the 21st century Gavrilo Princip. My sphere of influence is very, very limited and so is yours no matter how many blog views you get. Is it really useful to spend a ton of time telling people why they are wrong about something neither of you has control over? 

Anyway lest I be guilty of the same thing I am complaining about, I'll leave it there. Worry about your own area of operation, the meatspace you can influence. Concern yourself with your family and neighbors. In the end, that is all that will really matter.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Spiciness In Store Next Week

Things were relatively quiet in February thanks to some ugly weather but this upcoming week looks to be ratcheting up the spiciness. 

To kick things off, we are looking at a brief warm snap for a few days. Temps here are supposed to be in the 60s for three days and in Chicago, the same is true.

When it is -5, you can maybe overlook Da'qualicious dissing your new rap video but when it gets into the upper 50s or even 60s? Time for the lead to start flying. Baltimore is looking at a couple of days in the 70s, including next Friday.

Next up, wizened old bat Diane Feinstein is taking time away from her job at Gringotts to pursue her favorite pastime, infringing on American rights. Back in 1995, Senator Feinstein groused that if she had the votes she would have pushed to ban "assault weapons" but also demand that Americans turn in their AR-15s, famously saying "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in"

25 years later and she is still panting like a bitch in heat at the thoughts of the goyim being forced to hand over our firearms. She might be introducing a new "assault weapons ban" in the coming weeks and maybe even this week.

Expect to see her try to piggyback an "assault weapons" ban onto background check legislation. 

Starting tomorrow we see the opening of the Derek Chauvin trial. Chauvin was the officer seen restraining George Floyd last May. Floyd died from a lifetime of drug abuse and being hopped up on fentanyl but the officer restraining him still faces charges of second-degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter. I am not a lawyer but the defense case seems pretty strong given the toxicology reports but it will still be tough to find a jury pool. "Protests" are already starting and if the case looks like it is going sideways for the prosecution, expect violence to break out. Actually, short of a summary execution of Chauvin you should expect violence to break out.

So yeah, thing seem to be heating up a bit. Fun times for all!

Deism: Introduction

This is the first post of many on a topic I am devoting a great deal of time to thinking about and now writing about: deism.

The term deism is often used as a pejorative in our religious landscape. It indicates someone who is wishy-washy about God* and doesn't commit to one of the pre-existing religious systems that are established in our society. Many religious people equate not subscribing to their particular organized religion as being inherently atheistic, and that is simply inaccurate and intellectually lazy. 

At the outset, let me state unequivocally that I am not an expert on deism. I know quite a lot about the Bible and Christian theology thanks to over two decades of study but deism is a topic I am just starting to explore so I present this series as my own exploration of discovery, not an authoritative and all-encompassing explanation.

America is a relatively young country, not even 250 years old, but there is probably no nation on earth where religion has played such a critical role in the founding, expansion and modern iteration of a people. From the earliest settlers, many seeking religious freedom, to the founding document of the nation enshrining the right to religious expression free from government interference, we Americans are a highly religious people.

One could be pardoned for seeing the American landscape as mostly made up of Christians and atheists, with a smattering of Muslims, Jews and other fringe religions/cults like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses mixed in. The vast majority of Americans were married in a church of some sort, even people who express no religious affiliation. We often go to churches for funerals. The average American has usually instinctively identified themselves as Christian when asked about religious affiliation. Many of our laws and cultural norms are distinctly European flavored culturally Christian. This should not be confused with "Judeo-Christian", a very recent phrase that ignores 2000 years of Christian theology and Western history. Christianity and Judaism are distinct and incompatible religious faiths and while we have always had a small Jewish population, Americans have always considered ourselves to be a Christian people.

This is rapidly changing. The percentage of people identifying themselves as Christian is dropping like a rock.

I have written a lot about this in the past. I believe the biggest factor contributing to this decline is that the social stigma of not being Christian has greatly diminished. As the moral underpinning of Christianity has eroded and things like co-habitation outside of marriage and the general acceptance of divorce have become less stigmatized, even in Christian churches, the church has lost much of her authority. If the Roman Catholic Church says getting divorced and remarried is a mortal sin but then let's you get remarried in a Catholic church if you slip the priest a few bucks, why should you take anything they say seriously? Protestant churches aren't much better, especially the so-called mainline Protestant churches that are bleeding members while stubbornly doubling down on the liberal positions that are driving people away in the first place. Perhaps nothing has been as damaging as the Catholic church abuse scandal that exposed the Catholic hierarchy as being complicit in covering up abusers and simply shuffling them to a new parish where they could abuse children all over. When your church is enabling homosexual pedophiles, it makes it difficult to claim a moral authority from God. This has hurt all Christian churches, not just Rome and it is becoming clear that the problem of child sexual abuse is widespread across denominations (and most other institutions where children are present).

Religious inertia is still quite strong and even today around 2/3 of American adults still call themselves Christians but we are rapidly approaching the point where even the most tenuous identification as Christian will drop below 50%. Further, while this might upset a lot of people, the stark reality is that very few people calling themselves Christian are even mildly practicing their faith and an even smaller percentage have even the most rudimentary understanding of the faith they claim to profess. I can say this with absolute certainty. Having spent the better part of this century among church-going Christians, it is not a stretch to say few have more than the most basic attachment to their faith.

While there is a vocal contingency on the Right that has declared that only a return to a monolithic cultural Christianity can save the West, the stark reality is that identification with Christianity is in a nose dive and America will soon follow Western Europe in seeing the church become a quaint relic of the past for all but a handful of Americans. If you are pinning your hopes for arresting the freefall of Western civilization on a resurgent Christianity, you are going to be disappointed.

However there is a growing segment of the population that falls into the very amorphous "spiritual but not religious" category. Pew Research categorizes these people as "somewhat religious" in two categories shown below:

This category is growing very rapidly as people shed their traditional identification with organized religion. "Religious" is generally associated with traditional communal practices, most typically "going to church" or attending a synagogue or a mosque. It also is typically associated with a "revealed religion" religious belief, in our context meaning the Bible, Quran or the Hebrew scriptures. In essence, God has spoken to man to express who he is and what he wants in the form of a written text and/or human prophets that are divinely ordained to speak on behalf of God.

What is critical about this concept of "spiritual but not religious" is that it removes a major component of organized religion: authority. When a pope says "God wills it", he is declaring that as the sole spokesman on earth for God, he alone can make declarations on behalf of God that carry the same authority as God speaking from a burning bush. Authority provides a foundation for belief in that what you believe about God or a related theological topic can be trusted because it comes with the mantle of authority. 

Along authority comes two other related concepts: certainty and exclusivity.

If God has indeed spoken on a subject, that pretty much ends the speculation. Or at least it should, 500 years of fighting between Protestants and Catholics suggests otherwise. Conceptually though, God has spoken and his spoken word, whether relayed by living prophets or by holy text, provides a sense of certainty. As an example, very few Roman Catholics could give you a theologically sound explanation of transubstantiation or even identify that term as what is supposedly going on during the Mass but they believe that a wafer becomes the body of Christ and a cup of wine becomes his blood and that eating and drinking these items conveys something spiritually significant. Not to pick on Catholics, the average lay Protestant doesn't really understand why they aren't Catholic in any meaningful explanation. 

Revealed religion also leads to exclusivity. The Christian faith teaches that Jesus said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6 ESV). The only way to heaven is through Jesus. Period. A Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, whatever, can live a great life and still not get to heaven without belief in Jesus. There is of course some variation to this but that is the basic gist of Christianity. The whole history of Judaism is one of exclusivity, they believe they alone are the chosen people of God and their scriptures speak very harshly of intermingling the Hebrew people with other religious and ethnic groups up to believing God commanded genocide on entire populations in the Old Testament. Islam is pretty well known for smiting the infidels who don't worship Allah and just as often smiting other Muslims who don't worship Allah the right way. In other words, if my flavor of organized religion is "right" that of necessity means all other flavors are "wrong" as all of the major world religions are incompatible with the rest.

That brings me in a rather roundabout way to the topic at hand, a school of thought called "deism". Deism is one of the forms of theism, in opposition to "atheism", in that it recognizes a god/gods. In the spectrum of theism, there is a wide range of beliefs from devout organized religious adherence to general belief in a "higher power".

Because it doesn't share the certainty of being a revealed religion, there is a great deal of variation under the umbrella term "deism" so what follows is my interpretation.

Deism is the belief in a god/gods who is/are the eternal First Cause. This is known as the "Cosmological Argument". This belief is manifested in two pillars that form the foundation of deism, one an affirmation and one a rejection.

On the affirmative, deism recognizes a divine god or gods who are created the universe. This divinity can be discovered through nature and reason, although due to human limitations this understanding is necessarily limited.

On the denial, deism denies divine revelation and therefore also ecclesiastical religious authority. There are no deist popes or priests who transmit God's will and serve an intermediary function between God and man. There isn't a holy book or scroll that contains God's specific, revealed will.

Early forms of deism, called "classical deism" and represented by many of the Founding Fathers and contemporary philosophers, likewise rejected the idea of supernatural intervention and the need for prayer. This is sometimes explained in the idea of God as a clockmaker who created the universe with set laws, put things in motion and then disappeared. In other words, God set things in motion and then let everything unfold without direct intervention. More contemporary expressions tend to blend the idea of deism with more monotheistic faiths that suggest an active god/gods that acts directly on his/their creation. While it may not be commonplace to do so, I would lean toward lumping modern paganism and other beliefs systems, primarily polytheistic forms, in with deism. I don't think most people who are into Odinism believe in Odin literally but rather believe in a divine order that they call Odin and the Norse pantheon for cultural reasons. 

In a nutshell, deism teaches that there is a God or gods, we can know him/them in a limited capacity via reason and observation of nature but that God cannot be neatly boxed into a systematized understanding through organized, revealed religion.

That definition is quite broad so it leaves a lot to interpretation. It also makes me twitchy. As a long time Reformed Christian, amateur theologian type, I don't like uncertainty and imprecision. Questions are meant to have answers. Questions that remain unanswered, and even worse questions that by the nature of the question that cannot be answered, make me feel unsteady. For many years I could formulate an answer to just about any question and present it clearly and unambiguously. Why is there evil? Why did God create man? When someone asks "What is the meaning of life", I could refer to the Westminster Shorter Catechism:

Q. 1. What is the chief end of man?

A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever.

Easy peasy. There is a 500 year old Protestant intellectual tradition that explored and explained pretty much every question and provided an answer. While I tried to work through questions on my own, I could always fall back on the work others had done.

Therein lies the problem of deism. There are no "right" answers to questions that are inherently dealing with infinitely vast issues. It is a quest for knowledge that recognizes that even a lifetime of searching will at best only scratch the surface. I would gingerly suggest that it is the lack of certainty that drives many people to stay in an organized religion. Humans hate uncertainty. 

What I am slowly discovering is that it is OK to say "I don't know" to answers about the divine. After all we are talking about a being(s) that are presumably eternal and capable of creative acts like making the universe. I would no more expect to understand the essence of such a being's nature than I would expect a toddler to understand the complexities of an internal combustion engine. A baby knows the car goes vroom and takes them places. I don't think humans can have even that level of understanding of the nature of God.

Up next, I'll take a step back and talk about the evidence supporting the existence of God.

* As a rule I will generally use "God", capital G, to reference the divine in this series, for no other reason that simple expediency.


The Lügenpresse never stops. From  the Coruscant Times:

That is just short of performing fellatio on Old Joe on the Mall.

The defining move of his "presidency", now that he found time to get this done after putting trannies back in the military and girl's locker rooms plus a random bombing of a foreign nation. I guess that doesn't bode well for Biden being in office for much longer. Thanks for the trannies and smaller checks Joe, now make room for Kamala!

Maybe your memory is better than mine but I seem to remember getting even more Trump Bux last year and poverty was apparently unchanged but these Biden Bux are fucking magic and have solved poverty before the first check even goes out. Meanwhile Biden's most loyal constituency is doing great under The Usurper.....

We can't be far from a new stimulus that will only go to blacks and other "disadvantaged" people, "disadvantaged" apparently meaning "not willing to get a job". blacks lagged behind other groups under Obama, then did much better under Trump and are headed back into the toilet under Biden and they still vote 90% for Democrats. It almost seems like the economic arguments conservatives love to make don't resonate with other racial groups and are a waste of time. Almost. 

So what is different about Biden Bux compared to Trump Bux? Obviously Trump Bux didn't work because they were infused with racism and the taint of White supremacism while Biden Bux are made of rainbows. Duh!

The Lügenpresse really is the enemy of the American people, the mouthpiece of the globalist oligarchs.

Friday, March 5, 2021

You Don't Say?

The Coruscant Washington Post is pretending to be surprised and relieved that the militia assault on the Capitol never materialized. 

Wow, like the whole thing was a farce that only existed on a few forums dominated by Feds and informants? No one saw that coming.

The media is lying to you. Every day. All the time. They are never not lying.

You Live In Kalifornia, What Did You Expect?

The older I get the more I realize that there is a lot I don't understand, which is odd because when I was younger I knew a lot less but I thought I understood a lot more. One of the things that still baffles me are people who choose to live in California and then get endlessly upset when the California government does something stupid and in violation of the Constitution. You would think after the first million times they would start to figure it out. This is especially true for gun owners. Case in point, this video from the Armed Scholar that popped up in my subscription feed.

Really, an onerous tax on firearms and ammo? In California? A state that is openly anti-2A and that has an endless appetite for more tax revenue? Color me shocked. 

This endlessly stunned and outraged response by people who choose to live in California when they do crazy stuff like this is a lot like the women who are claiming that Marilyn Manson was sexually abusive. Really, you voluntarily choose to date this guy....

...and then are shocked that he is into weird, freaky shit sexually? It would be shocking if he wasn't into weird shit. 

This is 2021. We still live in a nation of 50 states and as of now you can pick up your shit and go to any of them at will. It might be a little harder than usual to get to Alaska or Hawaii but you can still go. You can hop in your car, leave L.A. and be to Salt Lake City in under 10 hours if you want to live somewhere more conservative and with a high percentage of super nice people in a cult. I live where I do because I choose to. If I didn't want to live in Indiana, I would pack my shit and move somewhere else. I could go to New York City if I wanted to live in a concrete cesspool. Or I could move back to Wyoming or one of the Deep South swamp states. 

But muh job!

Get a different job. If you want to live somewhere with conservative values that is pro-2A, come to Indiana. There are a ton of employers desperately looking for workers right now and the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in California. Sure we are still looking at snow and cold weather for a few more weeks before entering mud season followed by the ungodly humid summer but the fall is nice.

Complaining about Federal policies is a completely different. We can vote one way in Indiana, overwhelmingly for Trump, and still get the Usurper Joe in the White House. We can elect our two Senators but the rest of the country gets to elect 98 more. I can't really up and move to another country, at least not very easily although if I could relocate my family to one of the Baltic states I might consider it.

The point is, you have choices and if you choose to live in California because of the nice weather and huge population of hot but unstable girls, that is on you. Just know that it means you will trade a bunch of your liberties. Either way, quit bitching about it.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Speaking Of Bolt Carrier Groups...

Like I said in a prior post and as explained more thoroughly by Big Country Expat, the Bolt Carrier Group or BCG, is probably the most important moving part on an AR-15 and it is one item you should have at least one spare. 

It is also kind of pricey. 

With that in mind I want to pass on a deal, and please note I have no affiliation with this company and get no compensation, on a BCG. It comes from Ballistic Advantage and is their phosphate M16 5.56 BCG. The regular price is $125 but if you use code NEW10 you get 10% of on your order. Plus it is free shipping and they don't appear to charge sales tax if you are not in their state. I already had one of their BCGs as a spare but I need another one so I ordered it today and all in it was $112.50. That is about as good a deal as you will get on a quality BCG and they actually have them in stock, another bonus.

This is a pretty good price especially considering the free shipping so get you one or three.

* Update * 

I ordered the BCG at 4:00 PM EST yesterday (3/4/21) and it shipped at 9 AM this morning (3/5/21). That is outstanding in this environment.

The First Wave Is About To Hit

It sounds like the first wave of gun control legislation is about to land. From Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms:

Both the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are ringing the alarm bells over impending moves by Democrats to ram through gun control legislation in the House in the coming days. In a tweet on Monday afternoon the NRA issued a warning that Nancy Pelosi plans to take up gun control as early as next week.

It sounds like there are at least two bills up front that are low hanging fruit and pertain to background checks. That makes sense, the vast majority of normies, Fudds and "no one is coming for your guns" types are all in favor of background checks but of course we already have background checks. One would provide for "universal background checks", requiring everyone to submit to a 4473 and background check even to sell their firearm to a buddy. The other, H.R.1446 - Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021. would stretch out the delay period for background checks to 30 days.

How it works now. I run the background check on the NICS system. I get one of three responses: proceed, which means they can purchase the gun and take it home today; denied, which means what it says, no gun for you; or delayed, meaning they have to wait while additional research is conducted. If they are delayed, there is a three business day window for the FBI to get back to me. So I run the check on Monday and the customer gets delayed. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are business days. If by Friday I still haven't heard back, I can go ahead and transfer the firearm.

This bill would apparently stretch the delay period out to 30 days.

Today if someone gets delayed, I set the firearm aside until I get an answer back from the FBI but it is only a few days. Under this law, am I supposed to sit on firearms for a month? That creates an undue burden on gun stores.

If they want to improve the background check system, how about investing a couple of shekels so the thing runs worth a shit? The NICS system looks like a first year computer science major programmed it. In 1998. 

They won't because the goal isn't stronger background checks, it is simply making it more difficult to obtain a firearm and is all part of the incremental undermining of the Second Amendment. 

This is just the first wave, you can be sure more legislation will be moving soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The False Flag Must Be Getting Closer

The crack outfit known as the Capitol Police, under the stalwart and wise leadership of Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda D. Pittman, is as diligent as ever for threats, real and imaginary!

U.S. Capitol Police are increasing security after obtaining intelligence to suggest a "possible plot" by a militia group to breach the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, March 4.

"The United States Capitol Police Department is aware of and prepared for any potential threats towards members of Congress or towards the Capitol complex," they said in a statement Wednesday. "We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4."

Wow, that sounds super credible and serious and not at all like some vague bullshit! I am sure they are willing to back this up in their statement:

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, we cannot provide additional details at this time.

Oh. Well we can trust them, it isn't like the government would lie to us. Meanwhile it becomes more evident that the January 6th "insurrection" was akin to a panty raid.

I am not in a militia but if I were and I intended to "seize" the Capitol and stage an "insurrection", or even kill a few Congresscritters, I would probably recommend that we bring some of the hundreds of millions of our firearms with us instead of coming armed with nothing but a bison head. A few hundred guys could have easily smuggled in at least handguns or AR pistols or sawed off shotguns in cold weather. Something. Anything. Nope, just some people milling around and stealing some public property as a prank. 

Again, if there were actual militia groups in America and if they actually had the intent of seizing the Capitol or wholesale executing Congressmen, they would have done so easily. Unarmed, disorganized protesters entered the Capitol and wandered around for hours, a small force of dedicated and armed men could have done much worse if they wanted to but no one wanted to do that. At least not yet.

Other than a ploy to increase funding, there is no reason to believe that there is a credible threat and it is quite plausible that the only purpose this announcement serves is to further embed the idea of dangerous right-wing militias poised to attack the government, thereby reinforcing the case for gun confiscation when the false flag attack does happen.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for the elected officials of this nation having a healthy concern about pissing off We The People....

Here Comes Hunter, There Goes Joe?

When the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke last year, I suggested in Tinfoil Hat Time that the "leak" was quite likely done by a Democrat operative, not a conservative.

The obvious plan is that Joe Biden is a safe, harmless old man, a placeholder, and his real purpose is to come across as an OK candidate for working class Whites. The intent is never for Biden to serve a full term. This talk about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump? I think it is mostly aimed at setting the stage for removing Biden next year as his mental state continues to diminish. But this incident could be the pretext for a forced resignation or even impeachment in 2021.

Then lo and behold we get this news today....

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden's "tax affairs" is "active and ongoing," two sources familiar with the status of the probe told Fox News.

The sources told Fox News that those involved in the investigation, which is being run out of the U.S. attorney's office in Delaware, are "treating it seriously."

And as President Biden and members of his administration vowed, sources told Fox News that the U.S. attorney's office in Delaware "has not heard from the White House" or the president’s nominee for attorney general, Judge Merrick Garland.

While I don't trust Merrick Garland any farther than I could throw his wizened husk, I do believe that this investigation is very actively but quietly ongoing and quite possibly that the Usurper Joe has no idea what is happening. 

This could be exactly what they need to quietly force former Vice President Biden to resign, assuming they can't push him down an staircase or as a last resort to impeach and remove him in favor of Kneepads. I thought Biden would be gone by mid-summer but maybe it will be even sooner.

Speaking Of Springs

Often I post something and then I see someone else posted something sorta similar and did a better job of it. It makes me sad but then I remind myself about the whole great minds thinking alike thing. That happened again yesterday. I put up a brief post Springs Go Sproing! about the need for spare parts for your AR/AK but Big Country Expat already posted something similar but in greater detail. You should read his post: The Bolt Carrier Group

BCE goes into some basic details about the BCG, probably the most critical moving part in your AR and provides a very handy list of what spare parts you should have at minimum. Did you catch the part about "at minimum"? That means no less than the minimum but more is certainly better. Based on his list, I need to do better so I am scouring Brownells website but so are a lot of other people apparently because a bunch of stuff is out of stock. I tend to focus on the obvious stuff: moar mags, moar ammo, etc but like I said yesterday, none of that stuff will matter if something breaks inside your AR.

I don't make any pretense of being an AR expert. What I usually tell people is that I am an enthusiast rather than an expert and people like BCE with military experience know a hell of a lot more about the platform than I do so I defer to them..

Anyway, get you some springs and gas rings and assorted gadgets and widgets and gumbeldums that make the AR run, have spare everything and keep your bolt carrier group clean and lubricated.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Springs Go Sproing!

From the outside, most modern sporting rifles (AR-15/AK-47) look like a solid critter, but inside the firearms are a ton of little moving parts. More so on the AR-15 as you can see from this diagram from Midway USA:

The AR-15 is a whole bundle of little parts and mischievous springs, as anyone who has worked on their AR-15 knows all too well.

All rifles are also full of moving parts that are under an incredible amount of force as they launch projectiles by means of small explosions. Stuff wears out. What good is that awesome set-up if something breaks and you don't have a replacement? You will look awfully dumb with a $3000 rifle that won't shoot because a $5 part broke and you can't replace it.

Something else to consider. One of the features of the Biden gun control platform that I paid particular attention to in my post The Future Of Gun Ownership (Or Lack Thereof) was the proposal to ban not just the online sale of firearms and ammo but also gun parts.....

Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.

Kits and gun parts. 

As I said in my post, that could mean just about anything. Slings? Scope rings? Who knows? What I do know is that a firearm with missing or broken parts is useless.

Anyway, it is best to start to address that ahead of time. To that end, American Partisan ran two pieces on the two main platforms talking about springs:

Both are great, short reference pieces you should read, depending on which platform you have or both if you have more than one. 

This is something I am focusing on. I have a couple of kits from Rock River coming, their "Oh Shoot" kits, one for the AR-15 and one for the AR-10 platforms. I figured since I have a lot of their stuff, it makes sense to have their kits which contain:


It also might make some sense to have a spare bolt carrier group, even though they are hard to come by and expensive. Really any of the parts that might A) wear out or B) get lost easily should be in your supplies. 

There may come a time when you can't get spare parts you need or maybe you don't want to be buying gun parts using your credit card online where you know it will be tracked. My recommendation as always is to get what you need now instead of waiting until panic buying starts up.

Whether you live or die might very well come down to taking care of the little stuff as well as the big stuff....

Johnny-Mac On Point

The world of evangelical Christianity in 2021 is awash in soft, lightweight men, men with soft voices and soft demeanors and soft convictions. Men who often seem more concerned with appearances than truth. Best selling authors like Max Lucado groveling to the sodomites for forgiveness for saying what Christians have been saying since there have been Christians.

With the death of theologian R.C. Sproul, there is really just one prominent Christian out there who seems to have a spine: John MacArthur

MacArthur gained some attention lately for pushing back against the draconian and patently unconstitutional restrictions on in-person church services. He has always been a pretty stalwart guy. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak in 2008 at the Together For The Gospel conference and I dubbed him the "Calvinist Terminator" for his relentless exposition of Scripture with minimal fluff. 

Anyway, I don't have a dog in those doctrinal fights anymore but I still admire MacArthur for having a spine. As one prominent evangelical after another capitulates, J-Mac is notably for refusing to compromise. That may have something to do with him being 81 and nearing the end of his life. 

He is in the "No Effs Given" zone of life. 

MacArthur just released an essay where he declared that the age of easy religion is over.

In a recent commentary, Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church predicted that one positive result to come from the "string of calamities" that occurred in 2020, is the coming demise of frivolous religion in America.

Specifically, MacArthur referenced the "irreverent brand of entertainment-as-religion" that is now finding it difficult to sustain itself in an era where cultural talking points discourage in-person gatherings. Because such churches have for so long followed the whims of pop culture, these congregations aren't likely to resist the societal counsel to avoid meeting together until all fears of COVID-19 have passed. This reality subjects these "megachurches" to very real dangers regarding sustainability.

Without a hint of irony, amen to that. Most of what passes for Christianity today, across the denominational spectrum, is little more than entertainment and socializing. Even groups like the Amish who came into being and spent most of their existence in suffering and persecution from other Christians have become very comfortable and soft. It won't survive what is coming when there is a real cost to being openly faithful, something I was saying many years ago. But it will also be healing because the days that are coming will winnow out the marginally faithful. 

What MacArthur said also is true more broadly speaking. It used to be that you could express most political opinions more or less openly in America, unless you were something way on the fringe like an *actual* Neo-Nazi, rare as those are. Not much longer and not at all in many places of America. The examples are too numerous to mention of people being assaulted at a political rally for Trump or being attacked for wearing a MAGA hat. Where I live this is not the case, hell a lot of people still have their Trump signs up months after the election, but the Left has declared that any sort of populist conservatism is now tantamount to being a domestic terrorist. You can still be a neocon warmonger of course.

The next decade is going to wash away most of the "I would like lower taxes and the gays are icky" conservatives. Most Republicans/conservatives are going to quietly drift into the apolitical center, keeping their heads down in return for keeping their shitty job they hate. They might vote for whatever milquetoast sap the GOP throws out there but they won't make any noise about it. Online voices will likewise be silenced, whether by endless purging from social media or out of fear of being doxxed and losing your job. 

Those who are left will be people who are willing to lose jobs, friends and reputations, perhaps even freedom or their very lives. They won't be very numerous but they will be very dangerous as they are willing to lose everything. Desperate people are dangerous people.

These are not the days for the faint of heart, not for much longer.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Paging Jussie Smollett!

Over and over and over again....

Our scene this time: South Broadland Presbyterian Church in Kansas City and it is like so many urban churches. The "minister" is named Nicole Huyck-Richardson and appears on the church website with this photo:

Well don't overdress or anything. The church proclaims:

South-Broadland Presbyterian is a diverse congregation that believes justice and equality are for all, with special attention to those most disenfranchised from financial and food security, decent housing, and educational and employment opportunities. We believe Black Lives Matter. We are working to bring about racial reconciliation and reparations through education and community outreach. 

Wow, stunning and brave! 

Anyhoo, the "church" has suffered a number of incidents of vandalism. In January the local Fox affiliate did a piece on the vandalism: ‘It is never ending’: Arson investigation underway at KC church targeted 4 times in 2 months

In this interview, it was obvious that this was being considered a "hate crime" in part because a black lives matter banner was pulled down...

They believe it’s all because they are speaking out about racial and social justice.

“It seems like it is never ending,” Pastor Nicole Richardson said. “It’s not just an accident. It’s not just a coincidence. I was concerned when first round of windows were shattered. I was concerned things would escalate.”

A butch looking old White gal from the church, Deena Smith who runs their daycare, had this to say...

Members like Smith said they will not let incidents like this stop them from continuing their message of social and racial justice, no matter how uncomfortable people may be.

“Taking the banner down does not support the persons of color who does not have that option. It’s a level of white privilege we could choose if we want to, but we don’t think that’s the right thing to do,” Smith said.

But hey, they raised $10,000 from GoFundMe to install extra security and the police were on the job to catch the White supremacist domestic terrorist who did this and sure enough just a few days ago they caught their man!

Wednesday night a police officer watched surveillance cameras from inside the church’s security office as another officer waited outside out of sight. They saw the suspect walk up to the church carrying a baseball bat. He was seen swinging it. Then officers heard two loud bangs.

As officers tried to arrest Chidera Okolo, police say he used the bat to strike an officer two times. A Taser was used and Okolo was eventually taken into custody. Investigators say he was wearing clothing that was consistent with the clothing worn by the suspect during previous vandalism at the church. He’s charged with assault and armed criminal action.

Chidera Okolo you say? That doesn't sound like a White supremacist. I wonder what he looks like...


At least the "church" didn't rush to judgment or anything.

If it weren't for hoax hates crimes, we really wouldn't have any hate crimes at all.

Arranging The Stage For The False Flag Op

Many people including yours truly have been warning that the gun control Biden has promised will be preceded by a false flag incident of some sort to provide the emotional impetus to push through gun control legislation and provide some cover for politicians on the fence, like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) and a bunch of squishy Republicans to vote in favor of sweeping measures. Sure they can maybe push some mild stuff through now but the big stuff will need a little lube to get fully inserted. 

In order for the false flag to really work, it is necessary to plant the seeds in the minds of normal, low-engagement citizens. A random, out of the blue false flag would probably work but it would be better to have the fear of "safety" already festering in the short attention span American populace. They aren't going to miss their chance this time. The 1994 Clinton "assault weapons" ban had a number of issues that the Left was unhappy with, most notably that it had a 10 year sunset provision that expired in 2004 and that it grandfathered in most firearms people already owned. This time around there won't be a grandfather clause or a sunset provision so to overcome objections something needs to happen to tug the emotional heartstrings. 

Our little wannabe Kommissars are hard at work preparing the way.

Whether the January 6th "riots" were staged by the Left or an actual spontaneous action really doesn't matter at this point. What is important is that it has been used like Charlottesville before it to create the narrative framework of a vast right wing conspiracy. There are rumors of rampant "White supremacy" in the military and law enforcement ranks, leading to suggestions of a new loyalty oath to the Usurper. There was already talk of a putative kidnapping of the governor of Michigan and her misshapen head by pro-antifa anarchists that was pinned on "militias". Now comes the latest load of manure....

Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda D. Pittman said on Thursday that the militia groups tied to the January 6 Capitol riots discussed plans of a similar attack during the State of the Union.

While testifying before the House Appropriations subcommittee, Pittman said: "We know that the insurrectionists that attacked the Capitol weren't only interested in attacking members of Congress and officers. They wanted to send a symbolic message to the nation as who was in charge of that legislative process."

"We know that members of the militia groups that were present on January 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with the direct nexus to the State of the Union, which we know that date has not yet been identified," Pittman added.

She went on to state that due to this possible attack, the Capitol Police believes that they need to maintain their "robust security posture" around the building, "until we address those vulnerabilities going forward."

First can we just revel in the absolute absurdity of someone named "Yogananda D. Pittman" being put in charge of the Capitol Police? Yogananda? This is a joke, right?

She looks like Laverne Hooks from Police Academy...

Second, how exactly would one blow up the Capitol? Even before the "insurrection" there were few buildings more public than the Capitol. How would you manage to plant sufficient explosives to blow up the building? Blowing up a building isn't an easy task. Muslims tried to blow up the World Trade Center using a car bomb years before and only managed to cause some damage and kill a few people who happened to be very close to the explosion. The destruction of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City took a bomb with over two tons of fertilizer and since then you can't get anywhere near a Federal building with a truck bomb. So this really isn't a serious threat, it is more akin to the plot of Debt of Honor, the Tom Clancy novel where a Japanese pilot flies a 747 into the Capitol killing almost everyone in government.

Idle chatter on the internet, most of it probably coming from Feds or Fed informants, does not rise to the level of a serious threat. Just like there isn't a huge percentage of the U.S. military that are involved in "White supremacist" groups. That hasn't stopped some people at the top levels of the military from accusing those serving in our military of being enemies (see John Wilder's post: The Great Purge Ahead for more). Even the UN has gotten in on the act, warning about the "global threat of neo-Nazism and White supremacy": White supremacy and neo-Nazi movements are a ‘transnational threat’ which grows more dangerous by the day, says UN chief. Why didn't Trump boot those asshats out of our country as soon as he took office?

All of it is bullshit. No one is really even considering blowing up the Capitol. The bombing in Oklahoma City turned the whole nation against the militia movement, basically killing it and making the term toxic, precisely what it was intended to do by the people who were actually responsible. That was for some random building in Oklahoma. Imagine blowing up a building that has stood for centuries as the seat of power in America, one of the most recognizable and iconic buildings in the world. In fact, not coincidentally, they only way some random yahoos from Missouri or Idaho could have a chance of carrying this out is if they were given assistance from the Feds. I wouldn't rule that out. The FedGov has already shown a willingness of many occasions to kill any number of innocent U.S. civilians in order to get what it wants.

Bullshit or not, there is a reason behind this and that reason is creating the imagery in the fickle minds of the American populace that there is a significant threat from "White supremacists", and when the false flag happens the average Joe will already be inclined to believe whatever story they hear from the media and support whatever gun control they are told to support. 

Stay frosty my friends, the time is growing short and the Left is growing impatient. 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

One More On Waco

Remember kids, all this talk about gun confiscation is just fear mongering from right wing White supremacist domestic terrorists. The government would never do anything like that...

The Winner Of The Tone Deafness Championship Is...The ATF!

The great Americans at the ATF posted this tweet today:

Four agents died executing a bullshit warrant while the aftermath of the siege at Waco left 76 Branch Davidians dead including a bunch of children and women.

Whatever their kooky beliefs, the Davidians weren't really bothering anyone but to make a splash the Feds decided to execute a search warrant and ended up killing a ton of civilians.

Waco is one of the most shameful moments in law enforcement history, alongside Ruby Ridge, but here the ATF is honoring their agents killed without a mention of the women and children who died as a result.

Gee, I wonder why they ATF is so hated by Americans?

This Is What Equity Means

Boston schools apparently have a program for their "gifted" students called Advanced Work Classes. It sounds like it is aimed at giving students mired in the public school classroom a chance to take more challenging courses, presumably giving them a better background for college: 

"Students in the program have the opportunity to study subjects in greater depth and are offered more schoolwork than the traditional curriculum requires."

But this is 2021 and apparently there are "disparities" in the program and that must not be allowed!

A district analysis of the program found that more than 70 percent of students enrolled in the program were white and Asian, even though nearly 80 percent of all Boston public school students are Hispanic and Black.

School Committee member Lorna Rivera said at a January meeting that she was disturbed by the findings, noting that nearly 60 percent of fourth graders in the program at the Ohrenberger school in West Roxbury are white even though most third graders enrolled at the school are Black and Hispanic.

"This is just not acceptable," Rivera said at a recent school committee meeting. "I've never heard these statistics before, and I'm very very disturbed by them."

She is very disturbed because it strikes her as "unfair". Whether it works or makes sense doesn't matter.

Being in this program is like being in segregated housing in prison, away from gen pop. One of the problems, and there are many, with public schools is that it lumps every kid of a certain age group in a given location together without regard to their ability or development. That means that of necessity teachers have to teach to the lowest common denominator, otherwise they flunk half of the class. For smarter kids, this means they are being held back and usually are bored, and not as prepared as they should be for future education. Advanced education classes are aimed at identifying higher achieving students and giving them the chance to be challenged. 

To the surprise of no one, a merit based program that identifies third graders who scored well on a test, tends to attract mostly White and Asian kids in a school system that is overwhelmingly black and mestizo. Boston Public Schools look like a nightmare. According to their website, where they are apparently bragging about this, BPS is super diverse!

We are proud to be one of the most diverse school districts in the nation. Nearly one in every two students speaks a language other than English at home, and our students come from 139 different countries. One in five BPS students has a disability, and half are economically disadvantaged.

In modern "education" speak, having a "disability" in a public school usually means that the kid is an out of control and often dangerous behavioral problem, not that he is in a wheelchair. Half of the kids speak something other than English at home and oddly enough half are also "economically disadvantaged". 

How do you teach in a school district where half the kids barely speak English and 20% have chronic behavior problems? The answer is, you don't or at least you barely do. You teach down to the level you need to in order to have kids graduate. BPS is bragging that significantly more black students are graduating compared to a decade ago:

4-year graduation rates for Black students have risen from 54.2 percent in 2007 to 76.4 percent in 2018, out-pacing the district's increase for all students by 5 percentage points.

What happened during those 11 years to see an almost 50% increase in graduation rates? Is the instruction just that much better or are the standards that much lower? Are black kids magically more intelligent? Nah.

It is all about the desired outcome. Last year in my post The Dumbing Down Of America I mentioned one Marqell McClendon, a black woman who graduated as the "valedictorian" of her Detroit school, Cody High School, a school with 428 students, of which 422 are black. Ms. McClendon went on to Michigan State University where she promptly found herself incapable of completing even low level remedial math courses. Being the valedictorian in a Detroit school is mostly a matter of making it to graduation without being killed or arrested.

Lower the standards, improve the statistics and churn out students incapable of basic classwork at the next level. That isn't "education", it really isn't anything more than providing a holding pen for diverse inner city youths until they age out of the school system. More from BPS:

- In the 2018-2019 school year, we will offer full-day pre-kindergarten education for over 2,500 four-year-olds, up from 700 seats in 2005. 

- Expanded Learning Time (ELT) is one of the key ways in which the district hopes to provide a high-quality education for all. Schools in BPS can expand the day though the Schedule A initiative, having turnaround status, or becoming an autonomous school. In the 2019-2020 school year, BPS will be implementing ELT in a total of 62 schools serving over 25,000 students since the Schedule A ELT agreement was implemented in Fall 2015.

- One in five students attends one of our award-winning summer learning initiatives -- nationally recognized for excellence in summer learning in 2013.

This is all about keeping the schools open more, requiring more staff and providing day care for urban youths.

I am not a fan of the advanced learning programs as they used to be a complete waste of time and often counter-productive (see: The Educational Malpractice Of Gifted And Talented Programs) but for White and Asian, as well as higher achieving black and mestizo kids, these advanced learning programs in Boston are probably a lifeline to get them out of the public school system and into an environment where they can actually learn. Even still, according to the original story, most kids who qualify for the program still don't take the opportunity:

The program was open to all students in the Boston Public Schools who took a test known as Terra Nova in the third grade and received a high score. Those students were placed in a lottery conducted by the central administration office, and lottery winners received letters inviting them to apply to the program. Last fall, 453 students received invitations, 143 students applied and 116 enrolled this year, officials said.

So only around 1/3 of the kids who qualified, were pulled in the lottery and invited to enroll actually were enrolled by their parents in the program. I wonder how many of the 2/3 who didn't enroll were black and mestizo parents who didn't want their kid to seem too "White"?

I always like to dig a little deeper into stores like this. The superintendent of Boston Public Schools who ordered this program suspended is named Brenda Cassellius. As an aside, you will be hard pressed to find many superintendents or principals in city school districts who are not female and/or a minority. The executive staff for Boston Public Schools only has a couple of White guys, including the chief financial officer who probably has the only real job on the executive team. But it does have these folks:

What does "Dr." Grandson, the "Chief Equity & Strategy Officer", do all day? Great question, I bet it involves a lot of meetings and zero interaction with actual students. For that matter, what do any of these four do all day? On the other hand I assume all of these people have mid range six figure salaries, cushy benefits and a great retirement program.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ms. Cassellius taught in actual classrooms from August of 1990 to June of 1995, about the same time I was in college. In July of 1995 she was hired as an Assistant Principal and has been in administration ever since. That means she is over a quarter of a century removed from the classroom. To her "education" is mostly an academic issue, pun intended. She doesn't have to deal with the day to day classrooms like the teachers in hyper-diverse Boston Public Schools.

Equity is replacing equality as the goal of the Cultural Marxist Left. Equality sounds great to most of us, everyone gets the same opportunity to succeed. That is very egalitarian and "fair". By contrast equity is concerned with the outcome and if someone isn't achieving the same outcome, then by definition the system is "unfair". No one is questioning that White and Asian students tend to be significantly more intelligent and higher achieving at school but that isn't the point. The system can only be fair if the outcome matches the desired goal and if it doesn't, well you simply have to game the system until it does. Sure that means more undeserving black and mestizo kids in accelerated programs and more smart White and Asian kids thrown back into general population where they will be held back by their imbecilic classmates but as long as we can show the statistics on our webpage indicating the proper racial ratios, equity has been achieved.

This is the next step but not the final one, soon equity will be replaced by reparative justice where only black and mestizo kids are given preferential classroom treatment to atone for past injustices. The only purpose of the government and pretty much every other significant institution in America in the 2020s is weaponizing the government to punish certain racial groups for not sucking and elevating others at their expense. 

There is no stopping this, but you can (at least for now) still take steps like removing your kids from public schools and finding ways to disentangle yourself from the various institutions that are lining up to shit on you and your family. That will be the topic for a future post but for now just recognize that talking about equality and MLKs "dream" of a color blind future is useless and counterproductive. This is a tribal war and it is high time our side gets in the fight.

Saturday, February 27, 2021


Ahead of Trump's speech at CPAC, the gender fluid freaks in charge of Twitter censorship banned a ton of accounts, including my fifth Twitter account for "manipulation and spam"

No idea which tweets were the culprits. It probably doesn't matter, I filed an appeal but that is likely going nowhere so I created a new Twitter account.

Lots of brand new accounts looking for frens, if you have a Twitter account hit me up!

Oh, and it is weird that some people who are very controversial somehow have accounts that go back a decade and yet they always seem to survive these purges when little accounts with a few hundred followers don't. I am sure that is just an oversight.....

A Mass Shooting Vaccine? It's A Medical Miracle!

Check this out from USA Today, a "news" outlet that is to journalism what the Gorilla Glue girl is to beauty standards. 

Mass shootings jumped nearly 50% in 2020, due in large part to a pandemic year rife with crippling unemployment, violent protests and idle youth. 

With COVID-19 cases falling and vaccines rolling out, some criminologists hope a rebounding economy and reopened schools will drive down those numbers in 2021.

Early results are promising, says Mark Bryant, founder of the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks gun incident trends. In the first seven weeks of this year, there have been 63 mass shootings — defined as four or more people injured or killed in one incident —which if continued would show a drop from 2020, he said. 

Kudos for at least noticing what happened last year but the big difference between last year versus this year is that it was reasonably mild in the first two months of 2020 while 2021 has had bitterly cold weather and heavy snowfall. The brothers usually set aside their thirst for vengeance when there is inclement weather but it is getting nicer out this weekend and we will likely see a significant uptick in shootings. The article even mentions the Unspeakable Truth about mass shootings:

The most dramatic increases in mass shootings last year were found in states with cities that boast large Black and Latino populations, groups that traditionally are disproportionately impacted by crime and gun violence as well as, more recently, COVID-19 cases and deaths, along with high unemployment rates driven by the pandemic.

While the whole nation was impacted by the Chinese coronavirus bioweapon, the mass shootings were really limited to black and mestizo areas, apparently even more than usual. Maybe the root cause isn't the virus?

The driving force behind the increase in mass shootings in 2020 seems to have more to do with certain populations being emboldened by a pull back in policing and not with any issues having to do with the coronavirus. 

As I keep saying, refusing to point out the source of a problem and instead shifting blame is a sure recipe to get more of the same. If the coronavirus disappeared tomorrow, the problem of mass shootings and general gun violence in our urban areas wouldn't change a bit. 

The Most 2020s News Story Ever?

Stare into the face of the future for this country.

In November of 2018, a black teen named Donato Cruikshank who at the time was just weeks away from his 18th birthday went to an apartment and "allegedly" murdered two black sisters, his ex-girlfriend 16-year-old Sierra Brown and her sister 27-year-old Uniek Souvinette Akins. The two left behind three children. He then apparently robbed the women of Apple watches and cellphones, and stole one of their cars before setting the apartment on fire. He was subsequently arrested.

Fast forward to now, two years later and this case still hasn't gone to court.

Los Angeles County District Attorney, a Cuban guy named George Gascón, has recently decided to leave the case in  the juvenile court system even though he could have moved the case to the adult system and given the clear premeditation, the fact this was a double murder and was accompanied by a robbery and the intentional starting of a fire, it clearly should be but he refuses to do so. This means that at most, Donato Cruikshank will serve 7 years for two counts of premeditated murder.

The mother of the two girls, Felicia Andrews, is obviously distraught. Apparently the  D.A.'s office has  offered "counseling services". In a statement the D.A. also offered this little nugget of wisdom:

"…Meanwhile, we remain committed to ensuring that the scales of our criminal justice system are balanced. Incarcerating youths for decades before they fully develop their cognitive skills significantly increases their chances of committing future offenses."

Wouldn't want to incarcerate "youths" for decades before they fully develop their cognitive skills. They might end up being criminals! Here is the youth in question with the now deceased Sierra Brown:

What a precious moment, the two minors in a loving embrace/chokehold taking a snapshot of the young future scholar pointing a gun at the mirror. These are the kind of memories and youthful exuberance that stable societies are built upon! Who would have guessed that he would have ended up being a violent criminal?

Anyway, I am pretty sure that Donato Cruikshank was as fully developed cognitively as he was going to get a long time ago and locking him up for decades wouldn't increase his chance of committing future criminal acts as the likelihood of that was already at 100%. I wonder where he got the gun since he was under 18 and therefore couldn't legally buy a firearm? Weird.

The two girls that were killed, with 3 kids between them meaning the 16 year old had at least one child already and presumably by a different fella than the one who murdered her, have two different last names while their momma has a yet another last name. No mention of current husbands for mom or the 27 year old with one or two kids of her own. A Cuban D.A. refusing to try a 17 year and 11 month old black "youth" as an adult for two counts of premeditated murder for fear he might commit more crimes later. I assume Donato has been behind bars for a couple of years awaiting trial, so if he gets the max sentence of seven years, the two years already served will knock that down to five more years and he will be back on the streets at around age 25 with at least two murders under his belt. I am sure he will be a productive member of society.

How many cases like this are in the system already? How many of these jacked up mixed families that end up as permanent wards of the state are in similar situations?

Meanwhile in Chicago, I saw a couple of stories including a woman mugged at gunpoint by three "youths" aged 13, 14 and 15 and then this:

For now the worst of this criminal behavior is confined to "diverse" neighborhoods but it won't stay there forever.

Welcome to the future where every city looks like a cross between Escape from New York, The Warriors and Mad Max.

Friday, February 26, 2021

It Wuz Dem Vid-Yo Gamez That Made Me Jack Dat Car!

Back in the 1980s there was the great Dungeons & Dragons scare. As the game became wildly popular, rumors began to swirl that some kids were taking it too seriously and killing other kids with swords. This wasn't true but it didn't stop some religious grifters from pushing the story to scare people. Before that it was Elvis Pressley's swaying hips causing teenagers to have impure thoughts, as if teens need any help having impure thoughts. Later when two losers shot up Columbine High School, weirdo rocker Marilyn Manson was blamed. Absent from any of these deflections was the idea that people who do terrible stuff are responsible for their own actions.

The idea of blaming external forces for bad behavior has found especially fertile ground in the 2020s.

As if things weren't bad enough in Chicago, 2021 has seen a spate of car jackings. As of last weekend, CPD was reporting 241 carjackers arrested already in 2021. Those are just the arrests and with about 50 days into the year as of the report, that works out to around five carjackers arrested per day in the middle of winter. Who knows how many got away with it, double or triple that number at least. Over the weekend two "youths" were arrested for carjacking a guy at gun point, they were ages 13 and 14. According to this chart at Hey Jackass!, we are trending toward a record year for carjackings in the windy city:

As of 2/17 when this chart is dated, 48 days have elapsed in 2021 out of 365, or 13% of the year. Based on that, Chicago is on pace for more than 2,250 carjackings which would be almost 1000 more than in 2020 when Chicago had almost 1400 carjackings which doubled the prior year. If any of the math here is wrong, Engineer Jim will correct me. Also of note, as of the latest from Hey Jackass! there have been 400 people shot in Chicago already this year and we have had a very cold late winter in the Midwest. Temps are rising and lead will be flying!

As with murders, you can be reasonably certain that the carjackers in Chicago fit a certain demographic profile. We aren't supposed to notice that of course but it is still true.

If you have kids in your community as young as 13 and 14 pulling guns on other people and stealing their cars, you might think you have a problem somewhere in that community. Perhaps there is a cultural issue or an problem with parenting. But this is 2021 so the real issue is:

Video games.

Yep. A State Representative in Illinois by the name of Marcus Evans is trying to ban Grand Theft Auto from being sold in Illinois. 

That isn't a joke. 

Here is Representative Evans:

There are a bunch of issues with this but let me just walk you through a couple of them.

First, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around since 1997, so around 23 years and about a decade before our 13 and 14 year old carjackers were even born.

Second, the latest GTA game, number five in the series, came out in 2013, so it has been around for 7 years but only recently have we seen a surge in carjackings. 

Third, GTA V is the second highest selling video game ever, only trailing Minecraft. There have been 140 million copies sold across every major gaming platform.

Fourth, I would be willing to bet that the majority of people who bought GTA were White but generally carjacking is a black thang. 

So we have a relatively old video game series that sold over 100 million copies, mostly to young White kids, and yet the spike in carjackings in Chicago seems to be only in one community. It might seem that the problem isn't really that kids play a game that includes carjacking and instead that Mr. Evans racial community seems to have a serious problem with violent criminality. Or perhaps black childruns can't differentiate between a video game and real life? 

Of course saying things like that doesn't get people like Marcus Evans votes or donations. Let's blame video games instead of demanding our families and community takes responsibility! 

The people who are supposed to be "leaders" in the black community almost universally make things worse, in large measure because they refuse to hold their own community accountable and instead pass the blame onto mystic forces like "racism" and video games.

Look for the violence in the inner cities to be far worse in 2021. It might be time to start walling these cities off and letting nature take it's course.