Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Scandal Of The Century That Few People Know About

You know the drill. The L├╝genpresse is lying to you. This time it is a pretty big deal and only one major media figure is talking about it and as usual it is Tucker Carlson. 

Here is the media narrative, repeatedly endlessly on the "news", by political figures and celebrities. 

On January 6th, 2021 Donald Trump incited a horde of his followers to attack the U.S. Capitol in an attempted insurrection. They were armed and violent and bunch of people died. The heroic actions of the Capitol Police were all that prevented our nation from falling to fascism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nearly died on 17 different occasions. It was entirely organized by members of the vast right wing conspiracy. We must stamp out the White superracist menace that is the greatest threat to our democracy. 

That is the story. From the word go it was obviously bullshit. There was no insurrection. No one was trying to overthrow the government. The only person who died violently that day was Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force veteran shot for climbing through a window by a black Capitol Police officer, an officer who has yet to be named and has never been the subject of an inquiry. As I have described it in the past, it was a slightly more violent version of a college panty raid by frat boys. 

Nevertheless, most Americans believe this narrative because they are too fucking stupid to think beyond their next meal or the next item on their social media feed.

Tucker walks us through the basics. Basically the FBI has had their grubby little sausage-like fingers all over most of the "domestic terrorism" plots we are warned about over and over again....

Zerohedge has a good piece on this with more linked video segments: FBI Operatives Likely 'Unindicted Co-Conspirators', Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report

The January 6th riot is being used as a pretext for the government to come after "White supremacist domestic terrorists", fancy language meaning "you", if you are not onboard with anything and everything they tell you to do. Those events, orchestrated and instigated by the FBI, are going to be referenced in every move to restrict your First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights.

Darren Beattie is quoted in the article as asking the question we must all ask:

"After seeing all of this you have to ask yourself: Does the national security apparatus do anything but conspire against the American people?"

The answer seems to be more and more likely "no". It also makes you wonder what other major events were either orchestrated or carried out with the foreknowledge, approval or even aid of the Federal government. 

The Las Vegas shooting?
The World Trade Center bombing?
Pearl Harbor?

Is there anything the government does that is not directly aimed at stamping out dissent?

The answer to that is also a resounding no.

Just imagine if we had a functioning free press in America. More on the war being waged on the American people coming up in another post.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

This Story Keeps Getting Better

My post about the South African woman and her unemployed husband who had ten babies, Pro-Life But Pragmatic, took a turn for the weird....


A father of decuplets has requested people stop donating money to his wife and their 10 new babies, whom he says he still hasn’t seen. 

Teboga Tsotetsi’s wife, 37-year-old Gosiame Sithole, recently made headlines for giving birth to a record-breaking 10 children at once — but conflicting local media reports in South Africa and a lack of photographic evidence now have many, including the babies’ father, doubting the authenticity of the claim. 

Wut the wut?!

“I appreciate the financial support that we have been getting from members of the public, but I also would like to appeal to the public to stop making money deposits into our accounts until members of the community have seen the babies,” Tsotetsi told local newspaper Pretoria News, according to the Daily Mail. 

Not only has Tsotetsi not yet seen his children, but he hasn’t seen his wife since she left home on June 7. While she has purportedly given birth to her hefty brood, the Sunday Times reported that local authorities have been unable to trace Sithole to any public or private hospitals.

Wut diddily wut wut?!

Tsotetsi, meanwhile, said he is excited to eventually meet his children, whenever that may be. On Wednesday, he accepted over $70,000 in public donations for them in Cape Town.

Oh come on. How much of that $70,000 do you suppose came from White evangelicals in America?

No pictures, no medical verification, the dad hasn't seen the babies or the wife for well over a week, after she allegedly had ten babies?

This is gettin' good.

Be Sure To Keep Voting G.O.P.

Unanimous in a Senate split 50-50 means that every Republican who was present voted in favor of making a bullshit "holiday" where blacks celebrate the "achievement" won by Whites into another national holiday. I am sure that now no one will call Republican racist ever again. The comments on that tweet are completely predictable, they aren't happy with this, it is simply an incentive to demand more and more and more. 

What a worthless pack of assholes the Republican party is revealing itself to be. No more support of a party that is this stupid/evil.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nah, Inflation Is Under Control

Posting a lot today, here is another news story you should pay attention to....

Producer prices rose in May by the most on record as the reopening of the U.S. economy from COVID-19 lockdowns gathered momentum.

The producer price index for final demand last month increased at a 6.6% annual pace, quickening from last month’s 6.2% gain, the Labor Department said. The annual reading for May was the hottest since recordkeeping began in November 2010.  

Fuuucccckkkk. It may be even worse than that...

Everything and I mean everything is skyrocketing in price, from cars and real estate to food and gas. Consumer goods, raw material, everything. 

Meanwhile Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is breaking ranks with the rest of Wall Street, saying that inflation may not be "transitory" and reveals that Chase is hoarding cash. Like a lot of it.

A lot of cash in this case being...a lot.

“If you look at our balance sheet, we have $500 billion in cash, we’ve actually been effectively stockpiling more and more cash waiting for opportunities to invest at higher rates,” Dimon said. “I do expect to see higher rates and more inflation, and we’re prepared for that.”

Five. Hundred. Billion. Dollars.

Jamie is a globalist asshat but he didn't get to where he is by being dumb....


Back To Austin

In a completely shocking twist, the 17 year old arrested for the mass shooting in Austin, Texas turns out to look nothing like the description of a skinny black male with "locs"....


His name is Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb and he looks like he had a bright future as a physicist or perhaps brain surgery. In fact he is such a scholar that he was taking extra classes to get ahead in school....

Teen Jeremiah Tabb Arrested While In Summer School In Connection To Downtown Austin Shooting

BCE, we know about Three Name Guy but what about Five Name Game?

One person died as a result of the mass shooting, so far, a 25 year old White man named Douglas John Kantor. Kantor was apparently a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, worked in IT and was engaged to marry his high school sweetheart. 

One dimwitted African who at 17 is now likely to go to jail forever.

One apparently decent White man who had a bright future is now dead.

Still very few are willing to name the real violent crime issue in America. 

How many more of us must die to appease the woke racialist Left?

Speaking Of Parts


A decent deal, the blemish is just cosmetic and most blemishes aren't even noticeable in my experience. A c-note and free shipping makes this about as cheap as you can find. Not a top quality BCG but a good deal in 2021 for a spare part. YMMV.

Note, I don't make any sort of commission or compensation. Just thought this was a solid opportunity. If I didn't have several laying around already I would snatch one up.

Weapons Of War!

You know that slogan the gun grabbing Left is always yammering about?

Weapons of war have no place on our streets!

And the usually unspoken second part:

Only the military needs those kinds of weapons!

Maybe someone needs to connect the dots for them....

In the first public accounting of its kind in decades, an Associated Press investigation has found that at least 1,900 U.S. military firearms were lost or stolen during the 2010s, with some resurfacing in violent crimes. And that’s certainly an undercount.

Mostly they are rifles, which surprises me a bit. A Beretta M9 is pretty easy to smuggle out but an M4 is a different beast at around 30" and 6 1/2 pounds. You can't shove an M4 in your waistband, or at least you shouldn't. 

Although some of them were apparently AK-74s stolen by military police. Ironic. 

I guess I will find the government's demand to keep weapons of war off the streets to be more credible when the government manages to keep their own (actual) weapons of war from ending up in the hands of gangs.

Shoot Yer Rifle

Love this video from Robski at AK Operators Union. He is pretty riled up.

This is the result of a glut of internet "experts" and Gucci guns. I am all for having good equipment but some of these gun guys are worse than women buying expensive shoes and handbags. A good rule of thumb is this:

Shoot the best rifle you can reasonably afford with money left over to buy ammo to train with. 

Being able to shoot your rifle well is more important in most respect than having the coolest rifle on the 'gram. I am (mostly) not a "Just as good" guy but a guy who has trained a lot with an Anderson AR is a lot more dangerous than the guy who only gets his Daniel Defense rifle out to take pictures. For that matter there are lots of old deer hunters with a bolt action 30-06 who would eat the lunch of most tacticool guys.

Your rifle has to work for you and what works for you may or may not work for others. Most of my stuff would be considered (at best) mid-tier grade, reliable and functional. My biggest need is not to upgrade my gear with more expensive fancy name brand gear, it is to simply get out and shoot more than I do.

If you run in these circles, your gear is supposed to keep you alive when things go tits up. It isn't supposed to be a way for you to show off to the world how much credit card debt you have accumulated to impress strangers with your cool gear.

Shoot yer rifle and don't worry about what everyone else is buying.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Parts Is Parts

This was a pretty effective commercial from 1984.

You know it was effective because I still remember it and the tagline is a pop culture icon. Parts is parts! This was part of the great Burger Wars of the 80s back before burger companies could troll each other on Twitter. It doesn't match "Where's The Beef?" but still pretty good.

Anyway, speaking of parts. The sudden supply glut of guns and ammo has also been accompanied by more and more parts being available and that means it is time to stock up. I just picked up a couple of nickel boron bolt carrier groups, just as spares, for less than you can buy a regular nitride or phosphate BCG for thanks to being a dealer. This is the first time in over a year that I have seen these available.

The point being that a lot of parts are back in stock for now. That means you should take stock of what you have and what you need, both on the gun and in your back-up stash. You can't overestimate the difference upgrading the parts on your weapon can have. Parts is not just parts.

This situation won't last long.

Pro-Life But Pragmatic

Being pro-life, or more specifically in my case anti-abortion, is a deeply held part of what makes me who I am. It is not coincidence that we have eight children of our own. I love babies. So what I am saying is going to be somewhat difficult. 

Here is a story from Not The Bee, the "real news" outlet of the Babylon Bee that mostly runs funny, unusual or weird stories:

The woman in question is Gosiame Thamara Sithole, a 37 year old from South Africa's Gauteng province. The amusing similarity between her last name and a term Trump used to describe many African countries is not lost on me.

Anyway, the Not The Bee writer was just gushing. This woman apparently already has a pair of six year old twins and now has an additional ten newborns to care for. Not to worry, she will have help at home...

Consider that the husband is currently unemployed, but is overjoyed by his truckload of new kids:

"I could not believe it. I felt like one of God's chosen children. I felt blessed to be given these kinds of blessings when many people out there need children. It's a miracle which I appreciate."

An unemployed father of 12 children aged six and under. A miracle! 

One of the things that has changed in my general worldview is that while I remain anti-abortion and am absolutely pro-fecundity for my own people who are at a below replacement birth rate, I don't have an obligation to cheer when people who apparently have no means of supporting their children keep cranking out kids. This applies broadly to all of Africa and specifically to this woman. Her husband is unemployed and she lives in one of the poorest countries in the world, with a per capita GDP of around $5,500 which places it down near the bottom half in the world. Her husband is unemployed in a province where around 25% of adults are unemployed. She is already in trouble, as shown by a follow-up story that Not The Bee doesn't mention....

Here are some choice quotes:

A Gauteng woman who gave birth to 10 babies – breaking the Guinness World Record – has appealed for help to raise the decuplets, saying she can’t afford the financial and emotional demands.

Sithole, who already has twins, said she had exhausted her savings after taking unpaid leave two months into her pregnancy earlier this year. 

She ruled out going back to work, saying her salary would not even cover the costs of the helpers she would have to employ to take care of her bundles of joy. Her immediate needs included clothes, baby formula, diapers and accommodation for the decuplets. “I appeal to the public to help me in whatever way they can. Anybody who has anything I would appreciate it. I am relying on my mother-in-law now. She is old, lives on her old age pension and has grandchildren. I will also need people who can volunteer to help me raise the children – helpers,” Sithole added.

Wow, what a blessing. The Not The Bee writer said:

One of the things that continues to strike me is how most of the world (unlike America these days) sees numerous children as a blessing, even when faced with the daunting task of changing a billion diapers a week.

It isn't getting help changing the diapers, it is simply not having money to buy any diapers in the first place. They might get some help now because their situation is noteworthy, and likely mostly from White evangelicals in America, but what about in six months when it isn't news anymore and the babies are bigger and still need changing and food and clothing?

Once the news stories stop, this blessing will likely turn into a nightmare. Taking care of 8 kids spread out over a decade and a half was no picnic but I had good jobs for most of that time. My wife stayed home to care for them while I worked. Having 12 kids aged six and under? No one is prepared for that.

We have been subsidizing this for decades. In a natural environment this woman probably doesn't make it full term. Her kids probably starve right out of the gate. Her unemployed husband is long gone impregnating someone else. People who are dumb or lazy die out. Instead we have a world where people who are dumb and lazy get propped up and encouraged to have more kids while the smart and capable don't have children because they think they can't afford kids. No wonder I think Idiocracy in 2021 is more documentary than dark comedy.

My main emotion on seeing this story of Gosiame Thamara Sithole is grief because I know how this is almost certainly going to play out. No one is blessed by this event and trying to pretend that it is only makes one seem na├»ve and perhaps even a little cruel. 

By contrast I brought a young Amish woman home with her new baby last night. It was her first baby and that is always a huge challenge for anyone. But this new mom comes from a family of twelve and she has been preparing to be a wife and mom from birth. She has cared for her own younger siblings helping her mom and then in turn helping her older siblings with their own kids. She learned to cook and keep house and work hard. I have known her oldest sister for a long time and I knew this young women when she was in her late teens and single. I was there when she went on her first date with her future husband. I spent a lot of time helping her get ready for her wedding and now I have been patiently waiting for the day when she would have a baby of her own. Her husband is a little older than her, in his mid 20s, and he is working with his brothers in a business started by his grandpa. The kid pulls down really good money and has been banking it for years, ever since he got out of school and started working full-time after 8th grade. That couple is as ready as anyone can be to have a baby and has an enormous support system in place to give that baby every possible chance to grow up to be a happy little girl.

The difference is enormous.

There is nothing especially noble about cranking out babies one after another if you are unable or unwilling to care for them. My wife and I volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center that encouraged women who found themselves pregnant unexpectedly to keep their kid, offering free diapers and formula if they would show up to parenting classes. Inevitably in these classes, they would sit and stare blankly at us while watching the time and then get their free stuff. Most had smart phones, tattoos, some gold teeth and smoked so clearly they had disposable cash for some stuff. Looking back I think most of them saw us as suckers, they sat there for an hour and got $50+ worth of diapers and formula so they wouldn't have to spend their own money. It is likely that many of the kids we helped subsidize will be right back in the same crisis pregnancy center when they get older because we subsidize and encourage a cycle of dependency. 

Abortion is murder. Pure and simple. But we need to maybe rethink what being "pro-life" means because if the state of the world teaches us anything, it teaches that encouraging people to have babies who can't or won't take care of them is not praiseworthy. You don't have to be rich to be a parent, we were dirt poor for many years when we started having kids, but our kids grew up in a stable home with both parents and were loved and provided for. Unwed mothers were rare years ago because no one pretended it was noble but now we act like having a dad around is just an unnecessary factor, rather than the single most reliable predictor of a future life of poverty and dependence. 

It is time to move past Veggietales level thinking and time to get real about the world as it actual is, not how we dreamily wish it were. That is hard for me to say but it is the truth that needs to be said.

The Tragic History Of The Boers And A Lesson For Us

Great new video from Jared Taylor at American Renaissance. 

If this gets nuked on Youtube, here is the original on Bitchute: THE HEROIC WHITE TRIBE OF AFRICA

The biggest lesson I took away from this video and what I already knew about the situation is this:

The only people who can conquer Europeans are other Europeans.

The British overcame the Boers. The combined forces of the West in Europe and America forced the end of White rule in South Africa. The aftermath has been predictable. When all of the celebrities and politicians were calling for the end of apartheid, none of them wondered if what would replace that system would in fact be better. Thus far it hasn't proven to be the case. In general, independence from European colonialism has been a net negative in most of Africa as nation after nation slowly devolves, many becoming permanent dependents of Western charity.

This isn't a argument for the return of colonialism. The last thing America or European nations need right now are colonies full of the same people who are turning America into the sort of places they fled from. But the lessons are still important and first and foremost is this:

The American people are about to become a minority in our own country and history tells us that we can never, ever surrender our firearms.

When the West defeated Japan and Germany, the West turned around and helped rebuild their nations. We can expect no such mercy from those who are going to inherit what we have lost through the self-hating masochism of our own people and the machinations of a hostile alien tribe we foolishly allowed to live among us. They see weakness as an incitement to violence and already the self-imposed weakness of our people and our refusal to take our own side in a fight has encouraged endless wanton acts of violence against us. What path forward can you see that doesn't mean a significant increase in this violence? 

I am not 100% there yet but getting close to having my mind right about what must be done and what will likely be my fate to secure the freedom and safety of my people. Whoever or whatever you pray to, whether Odin or Jesus or some unnamed deity, let this be your prayer:

Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to harm me and mine. Let not my last thought be “If I only had my rifle”; and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of empty brass.

In A Game Of Thrones, Tyrion is asked by Shagga of the hill people how he wants to die.

“...How would you like to die, Tyrion son of Tywin?"

His reply...

"In my own bed, with a belly full of wine and a maiden's mouth around my cock, at the age of eighty," he replied.”

That probably isn't my fate. I'll take this and be content.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Identifying Shooters Is Racist

Earlier I mentioned the mass shooting in Texas that left 13 people wounded: Things Really Are Bigger In Texas The number of victims might be 14 now, I am not sure if that is official yet.

I took a screenshot of a news report that provided a brief description of the shooter as a "skinny" black male with "locs-style" hair. I assume that is slang for dreadlocks? Anyway, not a great description but is certainly helps to narrow down the pool of suspects somewhat and since Austin has a relatively small black population, a skinny black guy with dreads is mildly helpful. Apparently it is also racist to provide a description, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Screengrab from around 4 PM EST....

Hat tip to Scott Greer.

Think about this. Rather than providing a description of the suspect which might help track this person down, the Austin American-Statesman is instead suppressing this information because it might "perpetuate a stereotype". Have they considered that this stereotype exists for a reason? That reason being that the shooter in these cases is almost always a black guy?

The cops have one suspect in custody, I wonder if the Statesman will publish a picture of him or give his name, or might that also perpetuate stereotypes? Regardless it is clear that the Austin Statesman would rather a black man who shot up a crowd of people escapes justice in order to avoid reinforcing the fact that we all already know: black men shoot a lot of people.

This is the state of the Lugenpresse in America. I assume you already knew that.

Another Gotta Share

A shooting on Memorial Day left three people dead, including 18 month old Ja’tyri “JT” Brown. Five people have been arrested for these murders, stemming from the old "fight turned into shooting" scenario. That is just a shitty situation all around but I did want to share a picture of those arrested.

The lady on the left is Latoya Coleman, and she is the mama of two of the alleged killers, David Williams, the guy in the middle picture above and LeDarrius Coleman who is 15 and not pictured. But check out mom's pic a little closer....


She is accused of driving her sons to Texas to escape the police and frankly I am concerned about her ability to drive given her obvious blind spot. 

You can't really blame her sons for their legal trouble, they clear were spawned in the very shallowest end of the gene pool.

Things Really Are Bigger In Texas

Austin mass shooting: 13 hospitalized after attack on 6th Street

Police have a vague but predictable description of the alleged shooter....

Took a screenshot as they often scrub the description when it is a certain demographic. 

The twitter replies to the story are full of White liberals decrying the permitless carry law in Texas, even though it hasn't gone into effect yet and won't until September. Apparently just the idea of being able to lawfully carry a firearm in Texas has caused black fellas to start shooting each other prematurely. 

Meanwhile in Savannah, Georgia 9 people were shot in a mass shooting in a housing project, including children, and at least one dead. Mass shooting plus housing project plus Savannah being 55% black and you can make an educated guess here.

Chicago meanwhile is on a tear, through Friday night Heyjackass! is reporting 21 shot, 3 fatally. It is partly sunny and 80 in the Windy City today, so that is prime shootin' weather.

Yee haw!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Who Will Keep The Lights On?

This is a very interesting exchange.

Things are swell when the systems are working but sometimes systems don't work. There is so much in this country, from bridges to water treatment plants and from railways to power grids, that was built fairly long ago, by men who are either retired or dead and who have been replaced by computers programmed by Asian H-1B workers. Computers are fine to run an existing system but things break down or need to be replaced and the people who know how to do that are increasingly rare. Precision farming guided by GPS is cool and all but when you farm, machinery breaks and someone has to know how to fix it.

Let's look at an extreme example. The George Washington Bridge connects Manhattan and New Jersey. It is considered the highest volume bridge in the U.S. with an estimated 100 million plus vehicles crossing the bridge annually. It is one of those miracles of engineering, at 4,760 feet in length it is nearly a mile long and what is more amazing is that construction started in 1927, long before the computer and even before the electronic calculator. It is one of the most iconic bridges in the U.S.

With modern math and engineering, far superior building materials and heavy equipment, such an undertaking today would seem impossible but in the early 20th century they did it anyway, starting in 1927 and finishing eight months ahead of schedule in 1931. In 1962 construction was completed on the lower deck. Think about that for a moment, the busiest bridge in the country was completed in 1962 when JFK was President.

Or closer to home, the Mackinaw Bridge connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan opened in 1957, a nearly five mile long suspension bridge. Then of course there is the Brooklyn Bridge, built in (I didn't know this) 1883! Or the Golden Gate Bridge, built in in 1930s. The First Transcontinental Railroad was completed in the 1860s and I would guess that most of the railroads you cross today were originally built half a century ago. When was the last time you saw a major new railroad being constructed? 

My point being that a great deal of the infrastructure we depend on was built a long time ago by people who are dead. Othmar Ammann was a civil engineer, born in Switzerland in 1879. He went to engineering school and then emigrated to the U.S. in 1904. He was the chief designer of the George Washington Bridge as well as several other bridges and the Lincoln Tunnel. That is what smart, ambitious people did in the day, they made and invented stuff.

The smart, ambitious people today don't design bridges, they design video games and social media platforms. Who wants to be a civil engineer making around $75,000 on average when you can design the next hot video game or personal electronic device? Or better yet be a Youtube influencer? I guess that is cool and sexy and all but having the latest iPhone isn't going to be useful if the bridge I am crossing collapses because no one knows how to fix it.

Politicians have been talking about our "crumbling infrastructure" for as long as I can remember and yet nothing is ever done about it. A big reason is that traditionally most infrastructure projects were just ways to siphon off tax dollars to politically connected groups who cashed in and never fixed anything. Now infrastructure is just another word that has been so mutated that it no longer has any real meaning. When "day care" is considered infrastructure on par with roads and bridges, as Senator Kristen "Dingbat" Gillibrand declared in April, it no longer has any meaning. Ted Cruz trolled his colleague on this silliness. 

Infrastructure is just code for "pet social programs to funnel money to my donors".

It is a testament to the brilliance of American engineers that the infrastructure we do have is holding up as well as it is. It won't last forever and I really don't think we have the people to replace it when it breaks. We have lots of people who know how to keep the existing stuff running but...

Learning how to maintain something someone else built is not the same as building it yourself.

I can change the oil on a vehicle or switch out a flat tire. I know where the washer fluid goes and I have replaced headlights. That doesn't mean I can build a new car from the ground up.

This is already on display in places like Rhodesia and South Africa where the infrastructure built by Europeans is rapidly falling into disrepair. With the ongoing assault on the hard sciences by the forces of wokeness, it is inevitable that we will get lower quality engineers in the future and that doesn't bode well for infrastructure. 

One of these days the lights will go out and we will discover there is no one around who knows how to turn them back on. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Nature Is Healing

Hi-Points are back in stock at one of my distributors, just in time for the summer mass shooting season!

I would never stock those pieces of crap but there is a big market for them.

Inflation? What Inflation?

Nothing to see here folks:

No big deal, even though they are desperately trying to hide how much inflation is going up. Hell, the Secretary of the Treasury for the occupational government, Janet Yellen, says the inflation is good news for America!

So, scrambling to preempt the barrage of questions come Monday, on Sunday Janet Yellen said that even though inflation is now at the highest level since Paul Volcker hiked rates to 20% and the US is about to issue another $3 trillion or so in debt just to fund existing stimulus programs, Joe Biden should push forward with his $4 trillion spending plans even if they trigger inflation that persists into next year and higher interest rates.

Why? Because soaring inflation is good for you.

“If we ended up with a slightly higher interest rate environment it would actually be a plus for society’s point of view and the Fed’s point of view,” Yellen said in an interview with Bloomberg. And yes, she really said that.

It wasn't immediately clear why rising rates, hence inflation and a drop in one's purchasing power is "a plus for society's point of view" but needless to say, this is the kind of idiotic drivel that Rudy von Havenstein and his cronies said some time in 1921, just around the time Weimer hyperinflation kicked in.

This is a helpful graphic to reference what a positive force inflation will be:

I have been saving that graphic for just the right occasion! Me, I am banking on stage 5.

Yesterday I talked to a guy who runs a small manufacturing business locally and he was telling me how much his raw material prices have gone up, not just for this year but by a TON for next year's projections. He is passing on those increased costs to his customers who in turn will pass them on to their customers and it will keep snowballing until it hits retail consumers. I am not talking a buck or two.

Our economy is about six months away from being run by a midget riding a retarded guy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Reason #5487

It is no wonder people are so freaking crazy given the industrial strength cognitive dissonance we are forced to endure everyday. We can print up "money" from thin air and shower it on people with no regard for having lifted a finger to earn it, but this won't cause massive inflation. Race is just a social construct but "Whiteness" is totally real and is the reason for every problem in the world. Someone can have XY chromosomes and be born with a penis but if they put on panties and eye liner, they are suddenly a woman.

Nowhere is this more stark than in how we are *supposed to* think about violent crime.

You might have noticed that I follow the news about mass shootings fairly closely. It is kinda my dark and probably slightly disturbing hobby, plus the media is desperate to hide these stories unless the right (White guy) shooter is involved so I do my part to point them out. Along comes a story about the Mistake On The Lake, aka Cleveland, Ohio. Things are at Spice Level Red Hot on the shores of Lake Erie. 

Yikes, that is Chicago levels of violence and Cleveland proper only has a population of 400,000 compared to Chicago's 2.6 million. I was a little shocked at how small Cleveland's population has become, it is in a death spiral....

Then look at this chart and see if you can spot a trend that might explain the above chart....

It is a demographic mystery.

Anyhoo, the story is full of moronic editorializing from dipshits, like this person.

Toby Hoover, the founder of Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, said she believes the increase in gun sales show fear is a key contributor to the increase in violence crime.

“Whether it’s fear of a riot, or a march, fear of militia, fear of some other nationality, fear of COVID, it just puts everyone on edge,” Hoover said. “And all that needs is some kind of trigger for shooting to start. Fear and anger and access to guns is a recipe for disaster. And that’s what happened last year and has continued this year.”

Or gun sales are increasing because crime was already going up and people understandably wanted to protect themselves. I can speak from experience when I say that gun sale shoot up after there is a crime wave, not before and therefore increased gun sales are a response to increased violence, not the cause of increased violence. That sort of reason and evidence is usually meaningless to gun grabbers because they know damn well that legal gun ownership and gun owners in general are not the source of violent crime. 

What really set off my bullshit detector was this from a different dipshit, one Daniel Flannery, who has a bullshit job as: "the director for the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research Education at Case Western Reserve University". According to Danny....

Flannery said the lifting of coronavirus restrictions would provide more opportunities for shootings. More people will get together socially, at bars or family parties, and more people will go back to work and school.

“The next phase people are worrying about is the transition back to normal, people getting back together in large numbers,” Flannery said. “People were isolated because of COVID-19, and now they’re out and coming back together. It’s not good right now.”


In a nutshell, the argument is that if we lift Covid restrictions, large groups will gather (they were anyway) and blacks will inexorably attracted to these gatherings where they will be forced by the genetic memory of Jim Crow laws and slavery to shoot other black people.

Pay no attention to the fact that there were mass shootings in record numbers all through 2020, especially when the entire nation was locked down.

Also don't notice that while everyone was locked down, only blacks seem incapable of not shooting up barbeques, funerals and birthday parties. White people, Asian people, even for the most part mestizo people, have responded to the relaxed lockdowns by going back to life as before. So have blacks, but in their case going back to normal means continuing to shoot each other.

It reminds me of the idea of punishing the entire class because of one kid misbehaving. 

This Daniel Flannery dolt has an incredibly punchable face (not an incitement to actually punch him)

I included his publicly posted email and phone number from the photo on the Case Western website in case you want to drop him some fan mail.

The outfit he runs, the "Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research Education at Case Western Reserve University" is a pretty standard bullshit outfit apparently named after the same people as the Begun Foundation, listed as a "partner". The longer name is the "Semi J and Ruth W Begun Foundation". This is from their Guidestar page:


Anyway, the Begun Center lists over 50 staff members along with director Flannery. I looked up Flannery's Curriculum Vitae and it is what I expected. B.A. in psychology in 1987 from Notre Dame, M.A. in Developmental and Clinical Psychology from Ohio State in 1987. PhD from OSU in " Clinical-child Psychology" in 1991. From there on it is a string of academic positions, professorships and working for "non-profit" anti-gun groups. The guy has never had a real job in his life, at least not since I was in middle school. He writes his little papers and does his little interviews and probably pulls down a nice salary from his air conditioned office but he doesn't actually do anything to combat gun violence.

That is the face of the gun control world. Dorky academics funded by The Usual Suspects™ whispering in the ears of low IQ politicians and panicking the uninformed voters. All the while the gunfire rings out in black and mestizo neighborhoods and everyone is stumped as to what is causing it but this is the party line from people like Dan.

Increased gun sales and little regulation in the gun industry led to widespread access to guns. Unrest due to high-profile police violence and some 15-months of the coronavirus pandemic caused has people everywhere on edge, Flannery said.

Little regulation in the gun industry? Come on by Danny and I will show you how "little regulation" there really is. 

Gun violence is a perfect example of something I consider a truth to live by: more often than not the simplest answer is the correct one. Middle aged White guys buying a gun to protect their family is not causing gun violence. Women getting a concealed carry permit because they are scared to go into town is not causing gun violence. Lifting lockdowns is not causing gun violence. 

Gun violence in America is something that is almost exclusively found in the black and mestizo community. This is on display in Chicago, a famously violent city:

Courtesy of

There have been 289 homicides in Chicago so far this year. A whopping 8 homicides involved a White victim, or about 2.5% and only 2 involved an Asian. With 2.7 million people in Chicago, 31.7% White, that means than of around 855,000 White people in Chicago there have been only 8 murders in 2021. That is still 8 too many but that is one murder per 100,000 White people. There are a similar number of blacks, 32.9% or 888,300, but 221 blacks have been murdered in Chicago or 27 times as many as Whites despite a similar sized population. 

Someone like Daniel Flannery or Toby Hoover would chalk that up to some mystical force like "systemic racism" but again the simpler answer remains the most plausible answer: some groups are just more prone to violent crime and solving disputes by shooting each other.

While most segments of the American population are generally law abiding and non-violent, the presence of a core group of people who respond to every slight with flying bullets makes this country less safe and holds back the rest of us. We all know who that core group is, even people like Daniel Flannery, but too few of us have the courage to point it out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Just Like That

And it is getting cheaper.

The steel case stuff is still too expensive but getting better and more available. Brass case is back in stock, at inflated prices but available. I saw Winchester .223 for $.65/round from a big online retailer and that was unheard of a few months ago.  PMC green tip 5.56 for $.54/round. Steel case .223 under $.40/round.

I know it is tempting to start buying ammo like crazy but please, for the love of Eugene Stoner.....

There is plenty of room to keep dropping. I think. It is making my buying trigger finger itchy but I am trying to wait to let it keep dropping. Stuff is still selling out quickly but hold off, just for a little bit, unless you are in dire need of ammo right now. Some of my wholesale distributors also have ammo in, so it should be coming to your LGS soon. 

Honestly, there is a lot of room to keep dropping but that could change overnight so watch the signs and portents for any hint things are going to turn the other way. I am targeting brass case 5.56 at $.40/round including shipping as my trigger to start buying. At that price blowing through a 30 round mag only costs $12 and I can live with that.

Take a deep breath and HOOOOLLLLLDDDD!

Have To Share This One

There was a mass shooting in Miami over the weekend I mentioned earlier but police in Miami-Dade arrested a trio of teens who were apparently thinking about shooting up the same party where the mass shooting occurred but elected not to, only to end up shooting up a car with people from the party after the shooting occurred. 

Think about that, the party where a mass shooting happened almost had a different group of yoofs shoot it up. That isn't what prompted me to share it though, this did:

Police detectives have arrested three teens who are believed to be part of the South Miami-Dade gang feud that led to a mass shooting at a graduation party in Kendall.

The three teens, Yahtayvius McCutcheon, 17, Quantayvius McCutcheon, 19, and Keyshad Richardson, 19....

Yahtayvius, Quantayvius and Keyshad.

When your name is Keyshad and you have the least ghetto name out of three people, you might be hanging around the wrong crowd.

I wonder if Yahtayvius and Quantayvius are Irish or Swdish? 

More 'Bout Braces

Mike at Mrgunsngear breaks down the new ATF proposed rules regarding pistol braces....

Solid as always and it is clear these rules are intentionally vague and subject to wildly shifting opinions.

This is a huge effort that has nothing to do with crime and gun violence. I would be willing to bet that more crimes occurred in the last weekend with illegal handguns wielded by black criminals than were committed by braced pistols in all of the last 12 months.

Anyway watch the video, I don't think it will matter if we comment because they are doing it anyway but might as well get on record with your opposition.

Monday, June 7, 2021

We Are Back To Braces. Again.

Our friends at the AFT are at it again.

From the ATF today:

On June 7, 2021, the Attorney General signed ATF proposed rule 2021R-08, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces,’” amending ATF’s regulations to clarify when a rifle is “intended to be fired from the shoulder.”

The proposed rule outlines the factors ATF would consider when evaluating firearms equipped with a purported “stabilizing brace” to determine whether these weapons would be considered a “rifle” or “short-barreled rifle” under the Gun Control Act of 1968, or a “rifle” or “firearm” subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act.

The whole thing is just dumb. Everyone knows that pistol braces are used almost entirely by people who are not disabled and are basically a buttstock. It is a game of semantics we have been playing between the firearms industry, the gun owning population and the ATF. 

A 10.5" barreled AR pistol is not "more dangerous" than an AR-15 with a 16" barrel, and in fact is somewhat less accurate, especially at longer distances. But the braces are a way to try to get gun owners to voluntarily register their firearms with the Feds. 

What will really happen is that people won't comply and won't register their AR pistol as an SBR (short barreled rifle) and instead will just stop worrying about the pistol braces entirely and slap their pistol uppers on a regular lower with a normal stock. Because it has one kind of plastic at the end of the buffer tube instead of another kind of plastic, you will now be a felon.

There is another 90 day comment period and by all means register your objections but with the occupational regime that is running our country today, I don't see a repeat of the December trial run when they withdrew the proposal. 


The various state and national Libertarian parties are staffed entirely by absolute morons. 

I don't even have the energy to point out all the ways this is dumb. 

Hot Times For The Homies

Time for the Monday round-up of the weekend's violence.

As expected things are back to normal in Chicago. Warm weather and clear skies = guns a'blazing. According to Heyjackass! the Windy City saw a more expected weekend of shootings....

63 shot, 5 dead. Compare that to the same weekend dates in prior years and it is a big jump, even from last year with "only" 43 shot and 2019 with 47 shot. The marksmanship isn't getting any better. I am not sure what happened in 2018, while there were just 40 people shot, 10 died. A 3-1 wound/kill ratio is pretty unusual. Regardless, it was a very violent weekend in Chicago, aided by an 8 person mass shooting...

No description of the shooter. Meanwhile Chicago is up to 558 carjackings for the year and of course the two all-important metrics from Heyjackass! 

17 people shot in the junk this year already. Maybe the homies can skip another gold tooth and get a holster? Or at least learn to not grab the trigger when hiking up their saggy pants?

Chicago was of course not alone in having a violent weekend. 

The local news interviewed the man who organized the party, targeted at "teens", who seems shocked that a large gathering of black teens resulted in gun fire. Who saw that coming?

This genius has a party with minimal adult supervision, aimed at "teens" that apparently was going on late at night. The party turns into a shooting gallery so of course he wants to have another party when "things settle down". Shrewd move Leo!

Then we move to Miami, hard on the heels of Chicago as our leading urban warzone.

Reports as of this morning are saying 9 total shot in the drive-by, 3 dead including one Tyleisha Taylor who was a corrections officer.

This didn't happen over the weekend but still warrants notice....

Big black guy, little woman, knocks her down and then continues to beat her to a pulp. I don't understand how she just stood staring at the pump while a shirtless lardass strolls right up to her before popping her. This is why so many of us talk about situational awareness, if you see someone fitting that description walking directly toward you, you should be prepared to defend yourself or flee but getting popped in the head while you aren't paying attention is a great way to end up in the hospital or morgue. 

Wherever you look, the story is the same and promises to get worse as the summer approaches. 

The GOP Is Now The Party Of The Working Class! Don't Make Me Laugh

If you travel around the "America First" circles on social media, this is something you hear a lot: Republicans are now the party representing the working class. 

It has a nice ring to it. It sounds soothing to the ear. Didn't Republicans nominate and elect Donald Trump, the first truly, if superficially, populist and economic nationalist President in my lifetime? In a sense it is true. Republicans have long relied on the votes of White working class and middle class voters, farmers and coal miners, evangelicals and Catholics. The GOP only wins when the White working class shows up to vote. It is also true that for as long as I have been voting, the Republican Party courts those same voters and then turns around and fucks them over as soon as the election is over. Look at the Trump administration. The greatest barrier to Trump's agenda in the two years after he took office was not the Left, it was the weaselly "leaders" in the Republican Part, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who refused to prioritize the Trump agenda that led to GOP control of the Congress and White House. Like so many other relationships, the pattern is the same. We give and they take. 

Here is yet another example.

I ran across the rare informative article at NPR regarding the opioid epidemic: Sackler Family Empire Poised To Win Immunity From Opioid Lawsuits

The Sackler's are an ├╝ber-wealthy Jewish family who came to wealth through Purdue Pharma, owned by Mortimer and Randolph Sackler. In 1995 Purdue Phrama rolled out a new "miracle" pain-killer called OxyContin. While Oxy was indeed very effective at controlling pain, it is also incredibly addictive and quickly became one of the most abused drugs in America. Oxy became a sort of gateway drug that led to abusing heroin and Fentanyl, a drug that can be manufactured cheaply and smuggled into the country from Asia. It is also very deadly.

A booming business sprang up of "pain doctors" writing bogus prescriptions to facilitate dealers and users of Oxy to buy massive quantities of the pills to sell for profit or use personally. Starting shortly after the release of OxyContin, the volume of Oxy produced and prescribed was enormous and the deaths from overdose rose to nearly 400,000. In just one year, 2017, there were reportedly over 70,000 deaths from opioid overdoses. Unlike the earlier crack cocaine epidemic which mostly happened in the black community and led to widespread gang violence, the opioid epidemic occurred mainly in lower class, more rural White communities and absent the accompanying violence it received less attention until fairly recently. 

At the center of this disaster was Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family who owned the company. Unlike other large pharmaceutical companies that are publicly owned, Purdue is owned primarily privately by the Sackler's. It is generally accepted that Purdue, with the at least tacit blessing of members of the Sackler family, was complicit in the rampant abuse of OxyContin prescriptions and indeed was encouraging shady doctors to prescribe it in ever larger numbers even though they knew it was dangerously addictive.

Many states have sued Purdue Pharma claiming that they knew their product was being abused and did nothing about it. The misery intentionally inflicted on so many Americans was quite profitable for the Sackler's. According to the Daily Mail, the Sackler's made over $4 BILLION from the sale of Oxy.

$4 billion from killing Americans. Nice work if you can get it.

Back to the NPR article. Purdue Pharma is facing a bunch of lawsuits from states who have had to absorb the cost of treating millions of addicted people thanks to Oxy. The company declared bankruptcy in 2019 and with such an enormous case and so many states involved it is going slowly. Now we are finding out that the family is going to largely escape from this fiasco intact....

According to legal documents filed as part of the case, that immunity would extend to dozens of family members, more than 160 financial trusts, and at least 170 companies, consultants and other entities associated with the Sacklers.

The Sackler's will reportedly chip in $225 million, a fraction of the wealth they gathered from infliciting misery on millions, but otherwise they would largely be shielded from financial and criminal liability. They are also doing their best to hide their wealth and obfuscate how much they profited on the aggressive marketing of OxyContin. 

This is part of a pattern

In a recent court filing, the Oregon attorney general’s office said the Sacklers took $11 billion from the company from 2008 through 2018. The Oregon AG alleges those transfers were made to protect the family from a growing number of lawsuits and “starved” the company, leaving it with no other option but to file for bankruptcy.

Notice also that the immunity deal shields 170 companies and more than 160 financial trusts. People who are super wealthy don't have their money in personal savings accounts, the money is held by family trusts. The billions we know about are only part of their wealth, the Sackler's certainly have billions more squirreled away in accounts held by shell companies and trusts in tax haven countries like Switzerland. At the end of the day, the various Sackler descendants will still have their billions after paying a pittance to those who had their lives devastated or had family members die from abusing OxyContin. The lack of any real remorse is especially telling. They don't care that poor rural Whites got hooked on their drug and died from overdoses, all they care about is raking in the money. 

As a brief aside. Addiction is a tough subject. I believe in personal responsibility and hate people excusing bad behavior by calling it an illness. The people abusing Oxy are responsible for their own actions, just like people who abused crack in the 1980s. However, many Oxy addicts started out receiving Oxy as a prescribed medication for a legitimate pain issue but the company was well aware of the addictive qualities of Oxy and actively pushed and marketed Oxy to "doctors" who prescribed it in large quantities. Nobody was prescribed crack. In my eyes there is culpability all around, for the addicts and for the "doctors" who facilitated their addiction and the owners of Purdue Pharma who pushed these pills and profited enormously.

What is especially infuriating about the settlement proposal is how the state attorneys general are responding. Most of the AGs opposing the deal, at least in part because it shield the Sackler's from liability, are Democrats. All of the AGs on record supporting the deal are Republicans with the exception of Idaho AG Lawrence Wasden.

Why would Republican Attorney Generals support a settlement that shields the people at the top who are responsible for an epidemic that mostly impacted the Republican voting base of working class White people? The answer is simple, most of the GOP is still concerned with taking care of the wealthiest and protecting big business, whether that means aiding the Sackler's in avoiding being liable for this mess or importing unlimited numbers of cheap migrants to replace White workers in order to boost corporate profits. For all of their talk about "America First" and the working class, the Republican party is still just as beholden to the elites as they ever were. 

From top to bottom, with a handful of exceptions, the Republican party is useless. I take that back, it is worse than useless. At the least the Democrats are open about hating us, the Republicans hate us just as much but they pretend they don't. In our post-political society, there isn't a meaningful political representation for the people who make up the majority of Americans. We keep getting a new flavor of the month who is going to put things right, today's savior du jour being Ron DeSantis, and we keep getting the football yanked away before we can kick it.

The Republicans will continue to graciously allow us to vote for them and in return exhibit every day that they don't give a shit about us. With the percentage of actual Americans plummeting and soon to drop below 50%, that isn't going to change. What we can change is how we view the whole thing and stop giving it legitimacy.

The White working and middle class that carries the burden of keeping this country running has been systematically shut out of the political process. Maybe it is time we let the wheels come off.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sunday Gunday Videos

A few videos I liked this weekend...

First up, Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner doing a very calm and sober examination of the question: what is the true distance of a gun fight? This dovetails nicely with my post last week Using The Right Tool For The Job

His findings? It seems to me that the short range engagement really is by far the most common. His next video will look at things like red-dot sights for close engagement pistol, something I am not a fan of.

Next, Paul Harrel in a very Paul Harrel video about the speed and practical consideration of switching from a long gun to a pistol. 

I am a believer in the idea that the purpose of a pistol is to keep you alive long enough to get back to your rifle. Unless I am just out of ammo, I would almost always prefer to reload a 30 round mag than start blazing away with a pistol unless I was at a range where the long gun wasn't practical. Then again this is all academic for me as I have zero, absolutely zero, experience in a real gun fight of any sort.

Finally Mr. Gunsngear looks briefly at the striking down of the California "assault weapons" ban and what it means.

Good overview as always from Mike. 

Someone Is Getting Rich

While I don't work with lumber directly, many of the people I do some work for are in businesses that rely on lumber as their primary raw material and with prices skyrocketing it is making life a little hairy for them. Lots of people are not getting rich but someone is and this guy thinks he knows who that might be....

This has the ring of truth to it. Cattle producers are having a tough time right now, at least the small and mid-sized ones, but that isn't making meat less expensive at the grocery. The big processors? They are doing great.

In lumber two of the five largest lumber companies are owned by billionaires, Archie Aldis Emmerson and the Koch brothers. These are the people who are rich and getting richer while normal people struggle. 

America has two separate economic systems, one for the connected and one for the rest of us. 

D-Day 77 Years Later

June 6, 1944


The greatest military operation ever conducted (arguably). Tens of thousands of soldier and sailors descended on the coast of France by sea and by air. Men charged out of landing craft into withering machine gun fire. Other men jumped out of planes to land in a country they had never stepped foot in. Some really brave/foolhardy/freaking crazy men got into gliders with no engine and were towed into French airspace and cut loose to basically crash into the ground. But hey, they got paid a little extra.

The instances of extreme bravery are too many to count. On all sides. Russians fighting for a brutal, vicious dictatorship but really for Mother Russia. Germans in the Wehrmacht fighting for the Fatherland. Brits fighting to defend the UK after years of losing. Americans fighting to free Europe from totalitarianism, at least one flavor. At least that is what they thought they were fighting for.

I have been reading the Stephen Ambrose book Band Of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne: From Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. It was first published in 1992 and that means it was published in a very different country from today. The book became the inspiration for a very well made miniseries on HBO. I have watched the entire series multiple times but never read the book so I am working on that now. It is interesting how my perspective on the events of the miniseries have changed by reading the book and by the passage of time. 

Millions of young European men were armed and trained and then launched to slaughter one another by the hundreds of thousands. They had no natural animosity toward one another but they were convinced by the most powerful and wealthy in the world that they should hate and kill one another, driven by dehumanizing propaganda. Why should an Iowa farm boy want to travel thousands of miles to a continent he had never visited to kill a German kid from Bavaria? There is no reason for them to kill each other. At least the Japanese were a very foreign people of a different race who had attacked America, again at the urging of their own powerful elites. But Germans? An awful lot of Americans have German ancestry and ties to Deutschland. I learned a bit from the book about how this played out for the men who were really there.

There were a few quotes that stood out to me like this one:

The story ends up thus: wonder of wonders, the average G.I. found that the people he liked best, identified most closely with, enjoyed being with, were the Germans. Clean, hard-working, disciplined, educated, middle-class in their tastes and lifestyles (many G.I.s noted that so far as they could tell the only people in the world who regarded a flush toilet and soft white toilet paper as a necessity were the Germans and the Americans), the Germans seemed to many American soldiers as “just like us.”

Ambrose, Stephen E.. Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest (pp. 248-249). Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition. 

A subsequent footnote makes a powerful point....

1. Writing of the G.I.s’ experience with the German people and of the effect of feeling that they were “just like us,” Glenn Gray points out, “The enemy could not have changed so quickly from a beast to a likable human being. Thus, the conclusion is nearly forced upon the G.I.s that they have been previously blinded by fear and hatred and the propaganda of their own government.” Gray, The Warriors, 152.

Ambrose, Stephen E.. Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest (p. 263). Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition. 

The Germans were not these horrible people they were made out to be in the 1940s, nor are they the monsters portrayed by our "entertainment" industry today. There were some awful Nazis who did awful things but then again our own heroic leaders ordered the firebombing of Dresden and the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the war had gone the other way, perhaps Winston Churchill would have swung from the gallows. 

The carnage of World War II is hard to imagine, especially as an American in a nation that was largely untouched by the war, at least compared to Europe and Asia. The core of young European men was gutted by the millions.

On Memorial Day I asked the question in my post: Memorial Musings

On the other hand, what exactly did we "win" in WW II?

My conclusion? Not much. Maybe a short reprieve, a false sense of victory and safety that is unravelling in front of our very eyes. What would those young G.I.s have thought about what their posterity did with the freedom they bled, killed and died to secure? I think they would have been pretty pissed and refused to go. Jump out of an airplane into flak so my great grandson can be given puberty blockers and have his genitals mutilated so his parents have something to virtue signal about on social media? Charge into the face of German machine guns so my great-granddaughter can whore around and abort her babies in the womb?

Hell no.

Something else interesting to note. In the BoB miniseries, one episode is titled 'Why We Fight', a title taken from the name of a series of propaganda films produced to convince Americans to get involved in a war that wasn't our business. Naming this episode after propaganda films turns out to be unintentionally very appropriate. 

Much of the episode is taken up with the retelling of an actual historical event, the liberation of the Kaufering labor camp in Bavaria. I rewatched it and about 18 minutes of the episode, about a third of the actual non-credits run-time, is taken up with depictions of the labor camp, of starved Jews, of corpses in graves and of the German citizens of the nearby town who were forced to help clean up the camp. It is a portrayed as a significant event for Easy Company and the title implies that liberating these camps is one of the reason for why we fought World War II. 

However in the book, the only mention of concentration camps comes in the very end of a chapter titled "Getting To Know The Enemy", the same chapter I quoted from above to point out the respect the American paratroopers had for the German people. The camp they liberated warranted about a page of mention.

The actual passages on pages 262-263 make up less than 300 total words and certainly come across as a side-note rather than a significant event. The men of Easy Company had seen all sorts of horror in the war and the Kaufering camp was just another one. War is hell and there was horror to be seen from start to finish. Why would something that warrants almost no mention in the book the miniseries was based on be given a prominent role in the miniseries itself? 

For several decades the story of World War II has been subtly altered. In the "Why We Fight" series, the war is portrayed as a struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of slavery. In more recent times, the major battles and the complex geopolitical issues have all been winnowed down to one aspect above all others: The Nazis and the Holocaust. Many people couldn't even name the other major belligerents in the war or what started it or when it took place but they know about the Nazis being bad because of the Holocaust.

In 1993 the film Schindler's List was released. It didn't get much attention at first, only drawing a little over $600,000 on it's opening weekend but it quickly became one of the most acclaimed films in modern cinema. It won the Oscar for Best Film and Best Director and is the 6th most highly rated film on IMDb. It is a powerful film, no doubt about it. It also marked the point where the story of WW II became "The Holocaust and some people fighting". 

As it just so happens, according to IMDb, the episode "Why We Fight" was directed by one David Frankel...

The discovery of the concentration camps had particular resonance for director David Frankel who lost members of his own family in the Nazi death camps.

So a Jewish director decides to take some "artistic license" and prominently feature an event that warranted only passing mention in the book. The reason is clear, at every opportunity the story of WW II must be retconned to focus on the Holocaust even when it isn't really relevant to the actual events. Like I said, it is appropriate that the episode takes it name from a series of propaganda films. The reason for this and the implications are for another day.

The men of the Normandy Invasion on D-Day were some of our very best and many of them paid the ultimate price, as did many Germans who fought valiantly on the other side. The world they bequeathed to us is today a cesspool and it appears that we have failed the great test to determine if we could handle a little too much freedom.

I fear that their sacrifice will end up being in vain.