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Whatever The Question, Separation Is The Answer

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance weighs in on what I have been calling for since February of 2017: the need to separate ourselves. I have embedded my re-upload to Youtube and the original from Bitchute in case my Youtube version gets nuked. ** Update: less than an hour after I uploaded the Youtube version it was removed for “hate speech”. **

I agree with every word Jared says but I also know this: blacks leaders, for all of the pseudo-intellectual yammering about “White supremacy” and “systemic racism” and “black bodies”, will never agree to a peaceful separation because they want to punish all White people for wrongs that happened a century or more ago to different black people and also because deep down they know they need us and that they are infinitely better off in a White run society than a black run society. For more see Why Isn’t Black Nationalism More Widespread?
The calls for a separation are growing louder, from White advocates like Jared Taylor to more traditional conservatives like Allen West and Rush Limbaugh. Oddly, calls for separation are almost entirely absent from the Left, even as they screech about how irredeemable we are and how much they hate us. Angry lesbian (redundant, I know) Amy Siskind “joked” about burning down the suburbs, cuz the suburbs are full of regular White people….

The tweet has been deleted but screenshots are forever. This is the face of the party calling for unity and accepting the election results. Meanwhile a deranged and incredibly dumb black Democrat state Representative in Michigan, one Cynthia Johnson, made a video threatening Trump supporters and was removed from her committee posts for her threats of violence.
The examples are plentiful. They hate us and want to see us dead by any means necessary. Before we are pushed too far and are forced to respond, let’s do the adult thing and go our separate ways. Something ugly is coming, and a peaceful dissolution of the Union is the best of a bunch of bad outcomes.


  1. jl

    Nothing requiring hard work and intense thought is going to be popular amongst the outsider cultures. One of my biggest takeaways as a manager/director for the last 20 years is that most people (90% +/-) LIKE/NEED to be told what to do. They cannot/will not see something that needs to be addressed and just deal with it, they'll wait until somebody "above" them tells them to do it. Then they will commiserate with their coworkers about hating to be bossed around…
    We could "grant" 25% of CONUS to the 13% and in a decade or less it would be in shambles and their "emissaries" would be back, hat in hand, begging/demanding more.
    Out west in CA we have a noisy contingent of "reconquestadores" that blame every ill in their lives on wicked ol' whitey, while taking every last crumb offered to them from the State (paid for by whitey, primarily) AND skirting every law they can get away with for as long as possible. Lease says two people in the apartment? "Yeah well, my cousin and his family and my sister-in-law and her kids, and my kids with their kids, you know, its only temporary… is it really a big deal if all 11 of us live here right now?" Or, "do I really have to have car insurance? I thought you only needed it to get your registration, so I cancelled it". "So what if my car has no brake lights, mind your own business"…
    I honestly beleive that OUR culture has been far too kind to the outsiders for the last 50 years, and THEY know our own guilt is one of the strongest weapons that have to use against us. Its been working like a charm for decades, so now the push is on to see what more they can con us into giving away. Bitching and moaning wasn't having the same effect anymore, so now they burn things down. Soon to come even MORE FLAGRANT murder, assualts, etc. Until they get what we "owe" them, of course. Then, THEN they will miraculously become oh so civilized… Just like in Central America, Africa, etc. Even the dumbest animal knows you dont bite the hand that feeds you. What does that say about these outsider cultures?

  2. Arthur Sido

    As usual, what we are accused of (racism, xenophobia, greed) is the exact opposite of what is really happening. The West suffers from a terminal case of suicidal altruism, based in part at least on religious underpinnings and also on decades of guilt heaped on top of misunderstandings like "all men are created equal". Our attempts to treat people who are not our equals as if they are is going to be the death of us all.

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