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We Are All Clark Griswold Now

Driving around this time of year kinda sucks. It gets dark so early that even right after normal work hours it is pitch black. It is really depressing, not as bad as when we lived in northern Michigan and you spent most of the day in darkness, but still not awesome. 

This year is a little different. Yeah, that is perhaps the understatement of the year, but still I have noticed something odd. This year more and more people seem to have Christmas lights out and a lot of the displays are way over the top. Like Clark Griswold level lighting.

Several different groups of Amish who were with me have also noticed this. Amish kids love Christmas lights, I mean LOVE Christmas lights. They love Christmas displays like Hunter Biden enjoys hookers and cocaine paid for with Chinese cash.
Why are people doing this in 2020, the worst year in modern history?
Some of it may have to do with people being stuck at home and having more time to decorate, dig out old displays, untangle strings of lights, etc. That certainly could be a factor but a lot of these displays look like they are brand new. No, I don’t think extra time explains it all.
I think people are lighting up their houses to the max this year because they are desperate for something positive, something to remind them of times when things weren’t insane. After a year with a “pandemic” that has unraveled the fabric of our society, race riots and mass looting that were blamed on people who didn’t even live in those cities, a clearly stolen election that announced to heritage Americans that we have no voice in governing the nation our people built and now the prospect of an overtly anti-White, anti-American administration that will double down on all of the bad stuff that happened in 2021 and you can understand why people want something, however small, to give them a sense of normalcy. 
Christmas will be here soon and then a month later Kamala Harris and her dementia-addled puppet will be sworn in. At that point things are likely to really go sideways. Enjoy the lights while you can.
In 2020 we are all Clark Griswold, just wanting a decent Christmas in a world that would deny us even the companionship of family.


  1. Anonymous

    I went to a few events this year where people went all out, but I think it was "let's enjoy ourselves while we can, this is probably the last chance." There was an air of fuck-it-all about it. Let's party before the bolsheviks get here.

    But for nostalgic crap like super-christmas (that's whay I think of it anyway), my guess is it is despair. It reminds me of a former friend. As the guy messed up his life, he went extremely over the top on both decorations and buying expensive but useless presents. I suspect that most people are like him, uselessly grasping at a return to normalcy that they can't have because their goal is the materialist version of Murka where if you have a ChemLawn and buy a new vehicle every so often, you are officially a good person.

    What really worries me is if that guy is the generic American response to bad times, he doubled down on his gay shit and also married a non-white soon after. I can see that as a being a micro-cosm of the NPC response to whatever comes next.

    Maybe I'm reading too much into a random anecdote. But I don't think too highly of the average person.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    " … a clearly stolen election that announced to heritage Americans that we have no voice in governing the nation our people built and now the prospect of an overtly anti-White, anti-American administration that will double down on all of the bad stuff that happened in 2021 … "

    Did you hear the Z-man's podcast yesterday? "The Z-Blog Power Hour," available through the usual paths — Apple podcast, Google play, etc. It's usually good, but yesterday's was better than usual, I thought. It's probably way too much to hope for, that White people might do as he suggests and boycott the rotting corpse of the Republican Party. But it certainly would be a good thing.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Can't say I blame you, spend much time in the general populace and it is hard to not despair. The biggest barrier to seeing any significant action in the face of lockdowns and stolen elections is the general apathy and cowardice. I often wonder if our fellow Americans are worth saving at all.

  4. Anonymous

    Bingo. Until this latest crisis/catastrophe/perfect storm of black lives, coolie flu and lgbtqwerty madness I thought that cooler, Whiter heads would prevail and pull us back to normalcy, decency, civilization. Now I see that there is nothing but confusion and apathy on the part of those who should know better, and we are not going 'back'. Formerly reliable conservative thinkers in my own family have betrayed the cause and today dutifully wear their masks, literal and figurative, as they queue up for the boxcars.

    Ronald Reagan exhorted us to 'Stay the course' in his re-election bid, and it worked. Far too many of us wanted desperately to stay the course with Trump, clinging desperately to our bulging 401(k)s, our gated communities safe from the rabble and our Amazon obsession. But the genie is loose from the bottle now, our gated communities have gone Section 8, the inmates run the asylum and our precious retirement accounts are about to be confiscated along with our guns by our new, greedy elite.

    For God's sake, mama, please let me off the ride. I'm gonna be sick.

  5. Anonymous

    Temporary despair is good when the whole System is rotten, if people learn from it and get their heads on straight. If they never felt that way despite every turd being shoveled on them, then are they even human? But I think most people despair and don't see any option but to cling harder to what they imagined was there before, especially with the censorship of the internet and the completely imaginary information they can get from the media. Which is probably why propaganda has been further infantilizing people for so long.

    America is gone. People don't want to admit it, which is why so many who had a partial grasp on what was happening, are now thinking that any day trump will DO something, or there is some magic going on behind the curtain in the courts or government or military or whatever. It's just a less extreme form of Qtardism.

    They will have to learn that democracy, the america of their civics class, Coca-Cola Christmas, muh Thin Blue Line/Support the Troops, are just tools to use against them. Just like Trump was. The longer things stumble along, the less there will be to salvage. And I mean from the people themselves, not the culture.

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