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My Days On ScrewTube Are Numbered

A video I uploaded earlier today to Youtube was deleted in less than an hour and I got another community strike, so it is just a matter of time before I am gone completely. 

Right now Youtube still has the greatest reach but obviously you won’t be allowed on YT much longer unless you toe the line on the “pandemic” or race or the election results or gun control or…
You get the picture.
I would encourage you to get accounts on other video sharing platforms, I am already on Bitchute and have been for a long time. Check out my channel here.
Also this evening I joined Rumble, check out my channel here.
I don’t have original content on those channels yet, I just reupload other material but maybe someday I will do more than that. Anyway, get off of Youtube or at least start building connections on other platforms while you still can.

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