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More Details On The Proposed Pistol Brace Ban

Here are a couple of good, fact based videos on the proposed ban or perhaps more accurately re-classification of pistol braces from a commonly sold firearm component and into a NFA item requiring special, additional, after-the-fact permission to continue owning a product you already legally purchased.
Something that came up in both videos and elsewhere is that Trump is completely oblivious here. He could stamp this out but he is too busy doing….well, I don’t know what the hell he is doing but he certainly isn’t using the last month of his presidency anymore efficiently and effectively than the prior 47 months. He might be on our side but generally other than rhetoric hasn’t done shit for his most loyal voters.

This is a coordinated effort being driven by the impending Biden administration and is just the beginning. 


  1. John Wilder

    The ATF always, always, always wants to be expanding their reach. Rather than focus on obvious violations of law like illegal owners like aliens or felons with guns, the ratchet is being applied to honest people.

    Why? Honest people follow the law. Illegals might shoot the ATF. Besides, the goal isn't to take guns from illegals – they want illegal owners to create atrocity so that they can take guns from people who won't shoot back at them.

    The ATF? Just Evil.

  2. Arthur Sido

    They don't see us as law abiding, they see us as potential criminals. As an FFL is often seems that they are mostly trying to catch us doing something wrong and if we aren't on our own, trying to trick us into doing something wrong.

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