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Cory Booker’s Plan To Turn America Into South Africa

As November turns into December and the inauguration of Kamala Harris and some feeble old guy grows closer, we are starting to see more glimpses into the world that our rulers have planned for us. Here is a prime example coming soon to a legislature near you: The Justice for black Farmers Act.
What does “justice” for black farmers look like? Well if you guessed it involves free stuff, you would be correct.
You might also ask, why do black farmers need justice and a whole new set of programs? According to Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker, it is because of, you guessed it again, racism….
In 1920 there were nearly 1 million Black farmers in the United States. Today, due to this history of discrimination, it is estimated that there are less than 50,000 remaining Black farmers.
Well that is a big decline. I am sure that must be because of racism because as the population of the United States has climbed from 106 million people in 1920 to over 330 million people in 2020, the number of farms and farmers certainly increased. Right? Let’s check with the USDA.

Oh. It turns out that the number of farmers in America is plummeting and continues to plummet. I wonder if anything else has happened in that time? Emphasis mine…

The Great Migration, sometimes known as the Great Northward Migration or the Black Migration, was the movement of 6 million African Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest and West that occurred between 1916 and 1970. It was caused primarily by the poor economic conditions as well as the prevalent racial segregation and discrimination in the Southern states where Jim Crow laws were upheld.

In every U.S. Census prior to 1910, more than 90% of the African-American population lived in the American South. In 1900, only one-fifth of African Americans living in the South were living in urban areas. By the end of the Great Migration, just over 50% of the African-American population remained in the South, while a little less than 50% lived in the North and West, and the African-American population had become highly urbanized. By 1960, of those African Americans still living in the South, half now lived in urban areas, and by 1970, more than 80% of African Americans nationwide lived in cities.
Look at that last line. By the 1970s more than 80% of blacks lived in cities. The draw of the North was mainly the result of factory jobs in the Midwest and Northeast. It isn’t like black farmers moved from Alabama to Ohio to farm, they wanted off the farm. This is true for millions of Whites as well. People were tired of unpredictable, difficult labor and preferred the relative stability of working in factories.
Since this is 2020, an plausible explanation like that is obviously a sign that I am a racist and of course the only reason blacks would stop farming is because of White supremacy. Of course.
That is the rationale, but how will this be done?
First, a new oversight mechanism to stamp out “discrimination” in the USDA.
The Act creates an independent civil rights oversight board to conduct reviews of any appeals of civil rights complaints filed against USDA, to investigate reports of discrimination within USDA, and to provide oversight of Farm Service Agency County Committees. 
The net result will be that if a black doesn’t get a loan, or a black employee in the USDA gets mad, there will be a new, likely omnipotent, oversight mechanism. So pretty much you can’t deny loans to blacks or take collection actions against them plus you can’t discipline or fire black employees of the USDA. Check this out from the bill….

“Previous debt write-down or other loss” is code for defaulting on a prior loan. Basically even if you have defaulted on loans previously, that cannot be taken into consideration for future loans. Repayment history is the basis of creditworthiness for a reason. If you have taken out loans in the past and paid them back, you probably will do so in the future. On the other hand, if you have taken loans in the past and failed to pay them back, chances are you will do the same thing in the future. But if you are black? You can’t be penalized for shafting lenders in the past.
How ever could that backfire?
Also, it will be much harder for blacks to lose their farm…
Protect Remaining Black Farmers from Land Loss: The Act increases the funding authorization for the USDA relending program created in the 2018 Farm Bill to resolve farmland ownership and succession, or “heirs property,” issues. The Act provides funding for pro bono assistance, including legal assistance, succession planning and support for development of farmer cooperatives, to Black farmers. The Act will also create and fund a new bank to provide financing and grants to Black farmer and rancher cooperative financial institutions, and will forgive USDA debt of Black farmers who filed claims in the Pigford litigation.
Getting the picture here? They get their own racially specific farmer cooperatives and their own banks that will no doubt be subsidized by the government. Welcome back to separate but equal but with an added twist that they aren’t really equal since blacks get preferential treatment.
But the big one is this….
Restore the Land Base Lost by Black Farmers: The Act creates a new Equitable Land Access Service within USDA to acquire farmland and provide land grants of up to 160 acres to existing and aspiring Black farmers. These land grants will allow hundreds of thousands of new Black farmers to return to the land in the next decade. To help ensure their success, these new Black farmers will be provided access to USDA operating loans and mortgages on favorable terms.
If this sounds a lot like South Africa now and Rhodesia before that, that isn’t a coincidence. A lot of what the future will be modeled after is going to be based on South Africa, because that country isn’t a disaster or anything. 
How would this work?

At. No. Cost.

So the government is going to buy, using our tax dollars, available farm land and then just give it to blacks who want to be farmers. Up to 160 acres.
According to Iowa State, farmland in Iowa goes for about $7200 to $8700 per acre for the last decade. Around here farmground regularly goes for $10,000 per acre or more thanks to buying pressure from the Amish plus having the USDA as a buyer with no limits on their spending will push the price of farm ground up for everyone else (more on that in a moment) but let’s look at the lower end of around $7,500
160 acres times $7,500 per acre works out to a grant at no cost worth….
So just by being black and saying you want to farm, you get a million dollars worth of land.

What the actual hell?
It isn’t like they plan on limiting this to a handful of blacks who know what the hell they are going…

20,000 blacks per year from 2021 to 2030 is 200,000 blacks. 
200,000 blacks getting 160 acres each is around 32 million acres transferred for free.
At $7,500 per acre that means a cost of…
240 billion dollars of free land and it only would go to 200,000 blacks. As pointed out over at Red Elephants, 32 million acres of land is around 1.6% of the total farm ground in America. 
So blacks get a million dollar farm and then they get extra loans from their own black-exclusive “banks” at what will undoubtedly be incredibly favorable terms to run their farms. 
Of course the media is all giddy over the prospect.
How do you reclaim something you never had? 
As an aside. Do you know why college is so expensive? It isn’t because of racism or the patriarchy, it is because the government backed student loans create an artificial source of funding that is essentially unlimited, so this extra funding has the effect of driving tuition prices higher.
Do you know why housing prices kept skyrocketing so that even modest homes cost what a very expensive home cost a few decades ago? Again, because the government is tinkering in the housing market, making loan money available to people who probably shouldn’t be buying a house and driving demand for housing up.
So what do you think will happen when the government is bidding on farm ground in order to buy it and give it away? When one bidder has an unlimited checking account because they can just print their own money, metaphorically speaking, it will drive prices up making it that much harder for non-blacks to buy farm ground. Yes they have to buy at “fair market value” but that number will also go up as buying pressure from the USDA creates additional artificial demand.
Anyway, there are already lots of programs to help blacks and other “disadvantaged” groups get low cost agricultural loans.

Now this is a loan program, so it makes it easier for everyone but White men to borrow money with government backing to get into farming (seeing the pattern here?) but of course the thing about loans is that you have to pay them back and everyone knows that expecting people to pay their obligations is racist.
The whole thing is incredibly dangerous and unfair but it is also dumb.
Honestly I just can’t imagine there is really a big demand for this from regular black people. That is not intended as a disparagement about their work ethic or time preference. It is just a simple fact. White people are the vast majority of farmers in America and the average age of a farmer in America is around 58, or a decade older than me. Many, probably most, kids who grew up on a farm don’t want to be farmers when they get older, at least not full time. Farming is hard work, requires long and unpredictable hours, often pays poorly, and you are at the whim of the weather and commodity prices. You spend a lot of your time outside, in the heat and the cold, the rain and the wind. While most farm kids would say the experience was valuable looking back as adults, not a lot of them are getting into farming. If you can’t get young White people who grew up on farms to go into farming, what makes you think that you can get young black kids with little or no experience to get into farming? 
Farming isn’t something you can learn from a couple of semesters at a community college. I was in FFA in high school, I took college classes in agriculture, helped a little on my in-laws farm when my wife’s dad was alive and we raise our own livestock on a personal use level. There is no way I could, on my own, start farming even if I could get the financing, which as a White guy I couldn’t. Me and my wife, who knows a lot more about farming than I do, could maybe make a go of it. Maybe.
So what is the point of this new legislation? There are already preferential lending options for blacks who want to get into agriculture, which is in itself discriminatory. On the other hand there doesn’t seem to be a huge demand for this program apart from a few blacks who are into farming already. 
Plus, and this is important, the acreage being discussed isn’t really enough to make a go at farming unless you are into some sort of specialty crop. 160 acres of corn and soybeans isn’t going to get it done as a full time profession even if you don’t have a mortgage. Property taxes, cost of seeds and fertilizer, buying machinery and equipment, barns, maintaining your equipment, etc is all very expensive.
The point is multi-faceted. 
– There are a few clever blacks who will use this program to monetize White guilt. While you probably can’t make a living on 160 acres doing traditional farming, you can raise organic produce and sell it to guilty suburban Whites for outrageous mark-ups because it comes from a black owned farm. 
– This is a way to stick a finger in the eye of heritage Americans. Taking money from tax-payers, who are disproportionately White and using that money to give million dollar plots of land to blacks is just insulting. Our neighbor has a very large farm and he does quite well. His dad, a Korean War vet, lives in a very small, modest home, down the road from us and he started with a small farm and through hard work and saving his money built that small farm into the operation his son runs today. It wasn’t given to them, they worked their asses off and still do. Working for what you want is also a relic of White supremacy so the only way forward is free stuff.
– Land is valuable and cash renting to other farmers can be profitable, as is flipping farmland. This has a real potential to simply be a way for blacks to extract payment from farmers, without having to actually do any farming at all. A black gets his 160 acres, and turns around a rents the land to a nearby farmer who was outbid on the property by the USDA. Or he just rents it for a couple of years and then sells it at a 100% profit since he got it for free anyway.
There are close to 40 million blacks in America. The 200,000 getting free land accounts for 0.5% of the black population. Spending $240 billion dollars to give an unfair and undeserved boost to 0.5% of blacks isn’t going to help the black community as a whole but it sure will make a few thousand blacks who figure out how to game the system very, very wealthy.
This scheme from Cory Booker is just the first of many.
Welcome to South Africa.


  1. jl

    More pandering BS, I would expect no less from that cretin. Simple math tells anyone that bothers to look at the proposal for 10 seconds that its nothing more than feel good nonsense and a colossal ripoff of the taxpayers. So it will probably pass with flying colors…SMH.

  2. Arthur Sido

    What it also does is further solidify the idea that racial preferences for blacks can take a huge step forward, not just preferential college admissions or hiring but free land and their own banks. This is just the beginning.

  3. Darren

    I wonder if Cory Booger has any friends that will directly benefit. I guess I could find me a black woman to marry and get in on this scam myself…lol

    Good work Arthur, thanks as always.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    Minor quibble: if 200,000 out of 40 million get something, that's 0.005 of them. Expressed as a per cent fraction, it's 0.5%, not 0.005%.

    That said, of course you're right, it's an outrageous piece of anti-White skulduggery. And the most discouraging part is that nearly all Whites will either be indifferent, or positively applaud it. Until White people are willing to see ourselves as a group, united to some extent by a common identity, and stand up for our legitimate interests, crap like this will only get worse.

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