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Big Igloo Alert Level: Green

Well if the Big Igloo kicks off, at least we will have plenty of beef to eat…

That steer was 950 pounds hanging (sans blood and guts), so he was probably close to 1500-1600 pounds before he was butchered. He was a biggun. We actually ended up having to get another small chest freezer because we ran out of room for the hamburger, which was at least 200 pounds.
There is something pretty satisfying in getting an animal as a small calf, raising it up and then turning your work into a couple of chest freezers full of beef. We actually have his buddy, a slightly smaller steer who is still probably 1200 who needs to get butchered but we don’t have room for him in the freezer right now.
Having your own supply of food, even if it is just a couple of chickens for fresh eggs, is a pretty significant step and a act of defiance. No thanks, you can keep your soy-burgers and cricket “meat”. I’ll eat home raised beef.


  1. Anonymous

    Nice work! 🙂

    My cupboard is bursting at the seems. Plenty of Spam (500 calories per can aka 1/3 of a days calories for guard duty), condiments to make Spam edible as well as lots of other food.

    Fridge and freezer are full. Although it's all low quality / working poor grade. That's because I am working poor

    Motor Vehicles are all serviced and in good order. If I could only convince my wife that it costs the same to drive around in a car perpetually full as it does perpetually empty

    I have to many firearms. I traded quality for quantity. To many being relative. Got *enough* ammo. Again, not top tier match grade but meh, I chose to not run out of ammo V having a couple of packets of good stuff. 12g are all >insert fed post< I have zero plans / motivation / balls to do more than sit in my fortress hoping against hope that the Good Guys arrest the bad guys -> it goes to trial and justice is served.

    My real interest at the moment is foraging skills and my garden. Whilst many balked at the UN's "eat weeds" I actually really dig them and am miffed at them being talked about as they are my "secret" food supply. Chock full of nutrients and they grow like…. well… weeds.

    Take care Arthur. Just as I think it can't get any worse it does. LOL this year has sucked hard

  2. Arthur Sido

    I made a real effort this year to consolidate calibers so I didn't have a bunch of different firearms in a bunch of different calibers, and I traded up in some to higher quality especially in my EDC.

    Ditto on the driving around empty, my wife seemed to skip the day in driver's ed when they explained what the gas gauge is for.

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