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What We Know Now

Just after 9 AM the Day After and the election is predictably still not called. So what do we know?

Nothing we didn’t going into this. Based on the votes counted on election day, Trump won re-election. Oddly enough in states where Trump was leading comfortably, they just….stopped counting the votes. Maybe they got sleepy although people like me with real jobs who get up at 5:30 AM were still awake and mostly alert. 
What this means is that tens of millions of Americans are beginning to suspect that the election is rigged and that coincidentally after election day, just enough “votes” will be found to give Joe Biden a narrow win in just enough states to give him the electoral college victory. There were warning signs about this for some time and it seems to be coming to fruition. If the mail-in and absentee ballots suddenly swing wildly to favor Biden, that is a huge red flag. That already seems to be happening in Michigan.
However this plays out, half of the country will consider this election illegitimate. That is a recipe for unrest. It has been bad enough with one half considering the last election tainted but when no matter what happens tens of millions of people will believe the President was not fairly elected…..
What else we know. 
The polling firms are completely useless. We knew that already and this election destroyed what shred of respectability they still had. Even liberals are bitching about the polling firms. They never were that great anyway and in an era of cell phones that show caller ID, no one answers pollster calls.
Also the media is garbage. Fox News showed itself to be just about as bad as the rest, trying to gaslight voters by holding back from calling clear Trump wins like Florida. Other that Tucker Carlson, Fox News is just CNN with more attractive news bimbos.
Moreover, it sounds like the GOP picked up some seats in the House and will retain control of the Senate. That hopefully means major gridlock which should help temper Biden’s plans if he gets into office. Without a Senate majority Biden theoretically would have a tough time packing the Supreme Court and that means that the unusual courage of the GOP Senate to confirm Amy Coney Barrett is huge, whether Trump wins or not.
Something else we know. Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen have finally managed to kill the Libertarian Party. 
In my state of Indiana, people pissed at Governor Holcomb over his handling of the coronavirus “pandemic” and his squishy statements on gun rights rallied a grassroots rebellion to vote for Libertarian Donald Rainwater for governor. This being Indiana it didn’t matter as Holcomb cruised to a huge win (57%) but Rainwater still managed almost 13% while the Democrat Woodrow Myers only pulled in 30%. That means in my state 70% of voters chose either a Republican or Libertarian. 
How did Jo Jorgensen do in Indiana? Looking like less than 2%. 
Think about that. While the Libertarian candidate for governor of Indiana got a record percentage of the vote, almost 13%, the candidate for President in one of the safest states in the Union for Trump, couldn’t even pull 2%. The Libertarian Party is dead and beltway “Libertarians” and the potheads and fruitcakes attracted to libertarianism killed it.
Finally it is obvious we are irreconcilably divided as a country. There is no way to bridge the divide. We need sober and serious men (iow, not Trump or Biden) to start talking about dissolving the Union and finding a way to go our separate ways. How that would look is a different issue. They don’t want to live with us and we don’t want to live with them. The difference of course is that they hate us and want to punish us while we just want to be left alone. It might take some significant pain to see the Left decide to amicably split.
More as things shake out but it is going to be rocky.


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