Thursday, November 5, 2020

Things Are Going To Get Moist

Steve Sailer cuts through the crap and lays it out.

Asked another way: which is more plausible, that Russian operatives changed the outcome of the 2016 election with goofy memes showing Jesus and Satan arm wrestling or that a Democrat party that is infamous for cheating has partisans that are monkeying around with ballots?

What is really ballsy about this: they aren't just cheating, they basically told us they were going to cheat and now are doing it in plain sight. This entire election is illegitimate no matter who ends up winning. Worse, it is framed in such a way that no matter what one side is absolutely not going to accept it. 

I don't mean "not accept it" like pushing endless Russian conspiracy theories or a sham "impeachment". I mean not accept it like widespread violence. 

If Biden is somehow declared the winner, given all of the obvious improprieties in battleground states that don't seem to be happening in states Trump won easily, then it will be an open coup d'├ętat. For me and for tens of millions of Americans, that will translate into Americans living in what amounts to an occupied nation run by an illegitimate government. Dictates from an illegitimate government have no legal or moral authority to me, and the only reason to obey them is fear of state violence. That is not how a republic operates, it is how a totalitarian system works. In an occupied nation where most of the government consists of collaborators....well, what I might say next goes without saying.

But if Trump is inaugurated in January, that means that people convinced he cheated in 2016 and that Biden won in 2020 will lose their damn minds, like the last four years but on steroids. They cannot comprehend another four years of Orange Man Bad, they are counting on seeing Trump arrested and prosecuted for being a "racist" and the same for anyone who supported or voted for him. The idea of him being in the White House is so hateful that they simply will short-circuit and go berserk. Like trying to remove him from the White House by force berserk.

If Biden won legitimately I would be pissed but I would accept it, as I did when Clinton and Obama won. But this is illegitimate on so many levels. I can't and I won't accept it. 

Why should people like me be expected to accept election results we know to be fraudulent when people on the Left refuse to accept any election result they disagree with?

It is another example of how the Right, broadly speaking, is expected to operate under a set of rules defined by the Left, a set of rules the Left themselves never feel any obligation to obey. A lot of "conservative" Quislings like David French, Bill Kristol and even wunderkind Ben Shapiro preach to us about the importance of "principles" and "character" but what they are really pompously demanding is that the Right agree to Fighting In A Cage Using The Queensberry Rules. Shapiro, French, etc. are a Fifth Column in the Right and have been undermining our side for decades, most notably by gatekeeping and shunning the "wrong" kind of conservatives. 

If we accept the results in the event they manage to get Biden installed briefly as President until they can remove him in favor of Kneepads, then it signals that we will accept anything they do. 

The only other option will be all kinds of spicy.


  1. Trump is not taking this without a fight.

    It's about time.

    1. For all of his faults, at least he is a fighter.

  2. I wish he would have fought harder against his baser nature. A cohesive covid strategy and a Twitter holiday would have prevented many fights from breaking out to begin with.

    1. Maybe but I think we were headed toward this fiasco no matter what. They were never going to let him win outright. We might see the Amy Coney Barrett appointment and confirmation as the most significant political win in a generation.


    2. Agree...ACB was the best and possibly the last big win.