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Right On Cue

Right before noon on a sunny Saturday when people are preoccupied with their lives, we suddenly start getting a totally not coordinated announcement that Joe Biden has “won” the last states he needed and is now projected to win the Presidency by all the major “news” outlets.

This is what will happen. Biden will, at some point this weekend, be declared by the media to be the “winner”. They will start to release transition plans and make conciliatory, “let’s come together” comments. Trump will go crazy on Twitter. The media will spin this as Trump being unhinged and trying to deny the will of the people, and what is worse is that it appears that Fox News is on board with this, undercutting some of Trump’s less engaged voters. 

By Monday the theme will be Trump and his followers are sore losers who are caught up in “conspiracy theories” of election fraud. The people claiming this are the same people who pushed the Russia conspiracy theory for four years. Next week is when the real action starts in the courts. 
So predictable.
Fox News and the rest of the media knows that there are all sorts of irregularities, questions of fraud, recounts, missing ballots and out of thin air ballots.
Now the rest of the weekend will be filled with the media repeating that Biden won, talking about why he won (cuz White supremacy) and talking about what Biden will do as President. The stories of vote fraud will disappear and be censored on social media.
Of course Biden might have actually won but we won’t know that unless we go through the issues that surround the contested states and determine as best we can which votes were legit, which are obviously not (out of state residents, dead people) and which votes are questionable and need scrutiny overseen by both parties.
This is just getting started and unfolding exactly as I predicted.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    Yes, you called it on the nose! Hats off to you for your prescience.

    For what it’s worth, I certainly do not think The Corpse and The Ho won it, unless “win” is a synonym for “steal.” But even if the election had been honest and straight, we’d still have been left with the same problem as 2016: it was, for all practical purposes, a tie. The territory of the US is occupied by two peoples. The first wants to live a normal life, work for a living, and not be bothered. The second is freaks and thieves who hate the first with the power of a million suns. And the second will rule over us, which they pretty much do already. I don’t see anything I’d call a solution. Something will happen, but who knows what, or how it will end?

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