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Paging Jussie “Black Santa” Smollett!

It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend so I didn’t get any blogging done, which isn’t a bad thing. More election nonsense isn’t all that interesting to me and I don’t feel like writing about it. But this came to my attention and I had to bring it to yours.

Not allegedly receives. They just assume this is true. 
Even after Jussie Smollett. Althea Bernstein. Bubba Wallace. One fake “hate crime” after another.
The letter he received in the mail, like that is what someone would do, reads:
“Please remove your negro Santa Clause yard decoration. You should not try to deceive children into believing that I am a negro,” the letter said, according to THV11. “I am a Caucasian white man to you and have been for the past 600 years. Your being jealous of my race is no excuse for your dishonesty.”

“Besides that, you are making yourself the laughing stock of the neighborhood,” it continued.
As an expert in how White people talk, being the Whitest dude around, that doesn’t sound like something any White person would write. What it does sound like is what a black person thinks that White people would sound like. Sort of like when Mike Tyson tries to sound smarter than he is by using big words he heard his White handlers using.
CNN reported that the man attacked by this terrible hate crime, Chris Kennedy, read the note aloud on Facebook live. That doesn’t seem like it was staged or anything. Oh, and his homeowner’s association gave him a free membership for a year.
At least they are wising up a little, by mailing the letter there is no chance of any inconvenient videos showing Chris Kennedy leaving the note on his own property.
On and on the drumbeat of fake “hate crimes” goes, setting the stage for what promises to be an enormous transfer of wealth earned by Whites and given to blacks as compensation for things that didn’t happen to those blacks in the first place.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    Off topic (sort of): before I retired, I worked with a technician who used to claim, each year, that he planned to put up a big cross in his front yard at Christmas-decorations time, then obtain a Santa Claus figure and crucify Santa on that cross. He wanted to put a sign in front of this display with a variation on the apostle Paul: "And I resolved to know nothing among you except Santa, and him crucified."

    He never did it. Still, an excellent idea, I thought.

  2. Anonymous

    The darkening of icons is really nothing new at all. I've seen numerous depictions of a distinctly African-looking Jesus forever. There are "serious" "black" "scholars" (triple scare quotes, FTW) who make the case that Mozart was black, and that Shakespeare was either black or just another typical blue-eyed ice devil who actually owes the credit for his prodigious collection of sonnets and plays to an obscure Elizabethan homegirl, conjured specifically for the purpose.

    I was not aware that Thomas Edison was a total fraud who stole all of his inventions from his coterie of brilliant slaves, until a young pickaninny that my son went to middle school with enlightened me to this long-suppressed fact. Virtually any modern invention you can name, from the electron microscope to the sail foam, was actually the brainchild of a member of the superior dark-skinned race, according to the nu narrative. The same race that, paradoxically, never even discovered the wheel. All that we lowly Whites are given universal credit for, apparently, is smallpox-soaked blankets and oppressive voter registration laws.

    If it makes them feel better about themselves to appropriate St. Nick, so be it. They can have garden gnomes and the toof fairy, too, if it eases their butthurt. Anything to placate the volatile, violent children.


  3. Arthur Sido

    I often ask people who claim blacks are really the ones who built America why it is that blacks can't ever seem to build anything on their own. The answers are varied but always include "muh colonialism!" and "you're a racist". It never stops being amusing but hopefully some people are starting to figure it out.

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