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Our Greatest Ally

Trump spent a lot of his presidency sucking up to Israel. One of his first actions was to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, an irrelevant and symbolic sop to the hardline Jews. He came right out and said the only reason we have troops in the Middle East was to protect Israel. Thanks to his Jewish son-in-law, Trump often seemed more interested in Israel than in the people who voted for him in 2016. So of course the people is Israel are supporting Trump. Right?

Oh, it seems like Bibi doesn’t give a shit about Trump or the people who voted for Trump. All he ever cared about was what is best for Israel and how to keep the money and American blood flowing for Israel. I guess that is OK, after all we are supposed to elect leaders who look out for their own country. A shame Trump didn’t do the same. 
I am sure that the Jewish vote in America went for Trump since he spent so much effort on Israel.
Wow that is great, right? Well except for the part about the actual vote:
An exit poll conducted by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and released Wednesday indicated that President Donald Trump won 30.5% of the Jewish vote, a six-point increase from his 24% total in 2016.

The result was the best result for any Republican candidate since the 1988 presidential election.
Decades of money for Israel and Americans fighting wars for Israel and the best we can get from the Jewish community in America is 30%, meaning that a whopping 70% of Jews voted for Biden.
Maybe our next America First politicians can actually put America first instead of worrying so much about a foreign nation that tosses him under the bus as soon as it is inconvenient to support him.
With allies like these, who needs enemies?


  1. Jim Wetzel

    "Pretty soon you start to notice it is every single time…"

    That's very true. And that's another aspect of the problem: after a while, it's as hard to notice as water is to a fish. We're swimming in it all the time.

    I'm not one of those that you see so much on Unz, blaming the Jews for everything. But I certainly do blame the Zionists for a great deal. I think there's a sharp distinction to be drawn between Jews and Zionists. Not all Jews in this country are Zionists. Whether a majority are or not, I couldn't guess. But the bulk of American Zionists are nominal Christians. There's the wild men like "Pastor" Hagee, but anytime you're in any American church, anywhere, you're surrounded by those who grew up in Sunday School on Old Testament stories of King David chucking rocks at Goliath, Joshua leading the troops into Canaan … and people identify the sociopaths who've set up shop in the modern kleptocratic state of Israel with those OT "heroes" whose sole actual value is to point, in some form or fashion, toward Jesus. Really, the church deserves everything it gets, for failing to teach — even to understand — that it was born among believers who had to hide out constantly "for fear of the Jews."

    And, returning to the secular (sorry for the digression), is it too much to ask that we might have officeholders who know in what country they hold office? If we're to be ruled by the Knesset, why should we need to pay Congresscritters?

  2. Arthur Sido

    It is an epidemic in most churches, you often can't even talk to people about the distinction between the old and new covenants. Their eyes just glaze over, much less about why a secular Jewish state that happens to share the name of the Old Testament theocracy is not the same thing.

    It can be easy to get caught up in "it wuz da Joos!" on every topic but it is likewise hard to not notice that whenever there is something degenerate, subversive and/or anti-White, the people behind it seem to share an ethnic heritage.

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