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November 2020

It seems like it has been a decade since November 2016 but it has *only* been four years. What an absolutely insane four years it has been. With a solid four years of “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA”, a bullshit “impeachment” and a full court press from the media and entertainment world of Orange Man Bad, it was already shaping up to be a terrible four years. Adding in the ten month and counting dumpster fire that is 2020 and this has been perhaps the worst stretch in modern American history.

Unfortunately the election and the impending end of 2020 is not going to end the nightmare, it is just getting started.
60-80 million people are going to get a rude shock in a couple of days. Either the RESIST BLOMPF types are going to be faced with four more years of non-stop outrage or the MAGA Trump 50 State Landslide folks are going to have to deal with Trump losing. Neither group is going to take it well. 
Use these last few days strategically. Things are about to come unglued in a major way.

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