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More From The ‘Nice Shootin’ Tex!” Files

The “20-30 year old White male with an assault rifle” mass shooter in Wauwatosa who turned out to be a 15 year mestizo kid who certainly didn’t have an “assault rifle”, or a rifle at all, story took an amusing twist in the news. From Fox 6 in Milwaukee: 

This is the funny part:
A court petition said the teen was with a friend at the mall on Friday when they saw a group of four going down an escalator. Court documents say that the friend approached the group and punched one of them.

Soon after, the teen suspect pulled out a gun and started firing — hitting three people from the group, his friend and four innocent bystanders.
Nice shooting! With friends like that…
The kid also had an open probation case, so at 15 he was already looking at probation and was carrying around a firearm illegally and came to his friend’s rescue by shooting him.
Life isn’t a video game kid, when you shoot your buddies in real life they don’t shake it off and keep fighting. 
Our new, more diverse country is going to be great!

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