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Meanwhile At The Lügenpresse

Just a CNN anchor suggesting that people who don’t shut up and accept the election results might find it hard to be employed in the glorious future under Joe Biden…

I wonder how many people lost their jobs over the last four years because they kept spewing conspiracy theories about “Russian collusion” and “hacking” and “#NotMyPresident”?
The reminder is important. They want you either silenced and completely compliant, or they want you jobless, homeless, dying on the streets. That is not an exaggeration. You are to be run out of polite society, unemployable, hated by friends and neighbors. That is not how a free society functions but we don’t live in a free society anymore.
You need to find ways to support yourself outside of the system because they will come for you. Starving your kids is a small price to pay to usher in the glorious future they have planned.


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