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A Shooting At A black Church And You Probably Didn’t Hear About It

How can this be? A shooting at a black church and it isn’t on the national news? 

At Living Water Baptist Church in High Point, North Carolina, a memorial service was being held for a young man who died in October, no mention of his name or how he died. As the service let out, at least two cars drove by and the passengers opened fire. One man, Frederick Cox Jr., was killed and there were “a few other victims with minor injuries”. No word whether they were hit by gunfire or whether they were hurt in the scramble. According to reports, it happened in broad daylight, 3:30 PM on a Sunday. It is also notable that “High Point Police say person(s) in the crowd returned fire.”. There is virtually no coverage of this story, I saw it on the feed from The Sun, a British paper.
As happens too often, a funeral for one black person leads to a shooting that kills more black people, in this case what appears to be a shoot out between the drive-by crew and the mourners who came to church strapped. Of course we have no word on suspects and no motivation. 
This is an all too common event, a black on black shooting at a funeral for a black person. Earlier this year 15 people were shot at a funeral in Chicago. It seems as though the black on black violence can’t even pause to let families bury their dead. Even after the media has unilaterally declared Joe Biden, The Great Healer And Uniter, the President-Elect, nothing has changed in America as blacks keep on shooting each other. If the suspect in the shooting had been White, you can be sure the media would be all over this but black men shooting other blacks in a drive-by just doesn’t interest the media.
Ask yourself why.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    What I find disturbing about the response, or lack of response, to a routine black gang firefight at a black funeral isn't so much that the journo-propagandists don't care about it.

    It's that I don't much care about it either.

    I mean, yeah, it's regrettable. It would be better if the POCs didn't do these things. And there's the practical problems with people whose marksmanship and trigger discipline aren't notably good, discharging firearms in densely-populated urban areas. There's real danger of a random White person catching an unlucky round.

    But, yeah, at the end of the day, blacks gonna black. Just wish there weren't so many of them doing it in North America. That's something that the antebellum South really CAN be blamed for, justly. Those diverse, vibrant folks should be on the other side of the Atlantic today. Sure, I know there was slavery in northern states, too. But the numbers involved are a small blip on the screen. My ancestors managed to subsist on the amount of land they could work themselves. Why couldn't those lazy Scots-Irish types do likewise? We're paying for their sloth and greed today, at compound interest.

  2. Anonymous

    Every time I hear one of these shooting-gallery-at-a-funeral stories I am reminded of how very much I enjoy NOT being black and living in the dangerous, uncivil world they occupy. Well, at least to the extent that I can avoid it. There were no iron bars on Coke machines or bulletproof glass at liquor stores in my neighborhood, growing up. And there still wouldn't be, were it not for the encroachment of the savage class into areas where they never dared to tread before. Its just another chapter in the saga, "This is why we can't have nice things, America", that these and numerous other safeguards are in place everywhere.

    Civil society is an agreement between participants that certain behaviors will not be tolerated, and transgressions will be met with consequences, swift and severe. For reasons that are unclear to me, blacks have been let out of this arrangement in modern times, which still binds the rest of us, under penalty of law. Like typical spoiled toddlers, they refuse to toe the line, and put up a hellacious squall whenever denied. No sense of decency or decorum, no delay of gratification, no concern for how they are perceived by others not of their race. And certainly no regard for one another.

    It really makes me question the Almighty's purpose in creating such creatures, and why they are permitted to roam at will among us. There appears to be something wrong with natural selection given that they still manage to reproduce in such numbers that not even their own ambitious self-extermination efforts cull the herd significantly.


  3. Arthur Sido

    That is really modern America in a nutshell. We have some groups that are expected and required to operate under certain rules and other groups are exempt. At least under segregation it was understood that incompatible groups are incompatible. Now we have to pretend that the problem with incompatibility is on the White side.

  4. Arthur Sido

    I wonder what those Southerners would think if they could see the long term ramifications of having millions of Africans working their fields. The African problem is an unsolved and endlessly problematic issue. What do we do with them? After a century of trying to make them equal to Americans, they still lag behind in every category other than professional sports. They are an enormous drag on America fiscally and culturally but there isn't a solution, at least not one that anyone in power would accept. Separation is the only solution but I don't see that happening.

  5. John Wilder

    I responded but I think the Internet ate it. Delete it if it shows up.

    Thankfully I'm sure the problem will all be solved by the time Joe takes office. Or at least the media will never talk about it.

  6. Arthur Sido

    They already don't talk about it. A mass shooting just about every day and many days see multiple mass shootings. The black on black violence puts an enormous strain on law enforcement and is a huge expense but the real problem in America is obviously White supremacy.

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