Sunday, November 29, 2020

Paging Jussie "Black Santa" Smollett!

It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend so I didn't get any blogging done, which isn't a bad thing. More election nonsense isn't all that interesting to me and I don't feel like writing about it. But this came to my attention and I had to bring it to yours.

Not allegedly receives. They just assume this is true. 

Even after Jussie Smollett. Althea Bernstein. Bubba Wallace. One fake "hate crime" after another.

The letter he received in the mail, like that is what someone would do, reads:

"Please remove your negro Santa Clause yard decoration. You should not try to deceive children into believing that I am a negro," the letter said, according to THV11. "I am a Caucasian white man to you and have been for the past 600 years. Your being jealous of my race is no excuse for your dishonesty."

"Besides that, you are making yourself the laughing stock of the neighborhood," it continued.

As an expert in how White people talk, being the Whitest dude around, that doesn't sound like something any White person would write. What it does sound like is what a black person thinks that White people would sound like. Sort of like when Mike Tyson tries to sound smarter than he is by using big words he heard his White handlers using.

CNN reported that the man attacked by this terrible hate crime, Chris Kennedy, read the note aloud on Facebook live. That doesn't seem like it was staged or anything. Oh, and his homeowner's association gave him a free membership for a year.

At least they are wising up a little, by mailing the letter there is no chance of any inconvenient videos showing Chris Kennedy leaving the note on his own property.

On and on the drumbeat of fake "hate crimes" goes, setting the stage for what promises to be an enormous transfer of wealth earned by Whites and given to blacks as compensation for things that didn't happen to those blacks in the first place.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Being Thankful

Gotta admit, it is tough being thankful this Thanksgiving. The entire year has been a shitshow in a dumpster fire being doused with urine. What is weird is that for my family, this has been a pretty decent year. Financially we are doing very well, multiple sources of income coming together at once has put us in a pretty good place going into 2021. I stocked up on ammo before the year began so we are in a nice place there, lots of toilet paper and paper towels, plenty of canned food. We just had a monster steer butchered so we are looking at a lot of freezer beef in about a week. No lack of means to defend what we have and plenty of willingness as well. So all in all, lots for us to be thankful for. 

You can't help but wonder if this will be the last Thanksgiving we can say that. 

So enjoy today with your family and loved ones and don't let the government tell you that you aren't allowed to. Back to our normal pessimistic realistic posting tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

More From The 'Nice Shootin' Tex!" Files

The "20-30 year old White male with an assault rifle" mass shooter in Wauwatosa who turned out to be a 15 year mestizo kid who certainly didn't have an "assault rifle", or a rifle at all, story took an amusing twist in the news. From Fox 6 in Milwaukee: 

This is the funny part:

A court petition said the teen was with a friend at the mall on Friday when they saw a group of four going down an escalator. Court documents say that the friend approached the group and punched one of them.

Soon after, the teen suspect pulled out a gun and started firing -- hitting three people from the group, his friend and four innocent bystanders.

Nice shooting! With friends like that...

The kid also had an open probation case, so at 15 he was already looking at probation and was carrying around a firearm illegally and came to his friend's rescue by shooting him.

Life isn't a video game kid, when you shoot your buddies in real life they don't shake it off and keep fighting. 

Our new, more diverse country is going to be great!

There Is No Kraken

With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, at least in free states where we can eat a monstrous genetically modified turkey the way the Founders intended, we are now at three weeks since the election. Despite endless promises of stunning new evidence that will overturn the media declared "win" by Joe Biden, it hasn't happened and shows no sign of happening. Simple requests for some evidence, even from friendly outlets like Tucker Carlson, have been met with angry denunciations from the Trump team but no proof. Sure there is anecdotal evidence out the wazoo and a ton of statistical improbabilities and sure it is hard to imagine that a man who couldn't get two dozen people to show up to his rallies somehow beat a guy who could pack tens of thousands of people into arenas in the middle of a "pandemic". But proving that voter fraud happened in sufficient numbers to flip the election is a much harder nut to crack.

That is not to say that Biden "won" legitimately or that there wasn't rampant fraud. He didn't and there was. For the couple of months when They let him pretend to be President, I will continue to refer to him as former Vice-President Joe Biden. Just like sensible people know that O.J. killed Nicole Brown even if they can't prove it in a court of law, sensible people know that the entire 2020 election was a fraud. It almost certainly isn't going to matter and even Trust The Plan people are starting to admit it. The last resort would be the Supreme Court and even if there was a lot of evidence presented, I can't imagine the SCOTUS declaring Trump the victor, knowing that it would lead to widespread violence across the country. It might be the right thing to do but that doesn't mean it is what they will do.

I don't know if Trump, who gives Obama a run for his money when it comes to narcissism, really believes the courts are going to give him the win or if this has all been for show but he has to realize at this point that the game is over.

There is just too much institutional pressure, even within much of the GOP, to declare Biden the "winner" and move past the Orange Mad Bad era of uncertainty. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 30,000 yesterday for the first time on news of a coronavirus "vaccine" and the prospect of a Biden administration. What all of the far left Orange Man Bad people never figured out is that Biden and most of the Democrat party are completely owned by Wall Street. The rich fatcats in America are never going to pay more in taxes, why would they when they control the people who make the tax laws? The Chamber of Commerce is about to get a bunch of new consumers to buy cheap crap and at the same time a lot of illegals and legal immigrants are going to be easier to hire for cheap, further undercutting the wages of heritage Americans. The shredded vestiges of the Republican party are already jockeying for position, like Li'l Marco Rubio talking tough about the Biden cabinet appointments in a bid to be the nominee in 2024. Of course by 2024, even more non-Whites will have turned 18, more older White voters will have died, and millions of illegal mestizos will have become "citizens" and be eligible to vote so the 2024 election is pretty much over before it starts. 

Biden might well be the most corrupt person to ever be called "President" in American history but that is a big selling point for the Powers That Be because he will also be the easiest to control. The guy is lost and befuddled on a good day and he doesn't have many good days. Let Joe sit at a desk he thinks is in the Oval Office and keep him supplied with pudding and he will sign whatever you put in front of him. He is the perfect puppet and when he inevitably dies and is replaced with Kamala Harris, she will be just as easy to control. She is so desperate for power that she spread her legs for 60 year old Willie Brown and now that she is older, there isn't anything you can imagine she wouldn't do if it meant more power.

This is coming whether it is right or not. We have 76 days starting tomorrow before Dementia Joe is sworn into the office others stole for him. Ammo, "high capacity" magazines and any firearm deemed naughty by the Left should be high on your shopping list. That especially means AR/AK pistols with braces, those will likely be the first to go via executive order and bureaucratic fiat from the ATF with the Biden* administration's blessing and encouragement. Do with that information what you will. As I have said, expect some false flag mass shootings very soon. I have been saying you shouldn't dawdle and now it is crunch time.

The Kraken isn't coming to save you. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Apparently No One Told Him

Another follow-up post, this time with some local news. Back in August, a black kid named Dondre Eades made a minor splash locally for wearing a stupid shirt that said "I Hope I Don't Get Killed For Being Black Today" and being forced to change his shirt. As I wrote in Who Is Going To Tell Him?, someone needs to tell Dondre that if he meets an untimely end, it will almost certainly come at the hands of another black guy, not the cops or White people. 

Dondre's White mama, Dawn Eades, made a huge stink over her son not being able to wear a dumb t-shirt to school, perhaps thinking the fleeting moment of fame would be enough to soothe the shame of apparently getting knocked up and then abandoned by Dondre's daddy. Also she apparently hopes that "racist" cops die in the line of duty. A real charmer.

Anyway, now the ACLU is jumping into the fray, having no actual civil liberties to defend apparently.

Yep, in 2020 when schools and the entire country are struggling day to day just to get by, the ACLU is suing a school system so Dondre Eades can wear a stupid t-shirt with a ridiculous and inaccurate message.

Now a school district in the midst of a "pandemic" gets to spend a bunch of money and effort fighting a lawsuit over a damn t-shirt.

Welcome to a glimpse of America in 2021 and beyond, a society that spends most of it's time trying to placate the loudest voices while the normal people who keep things running are accused of being the problem.

I Hate Phonies

A quick follow-up to my post about Black Rifle Coffee Company, Never Cuck To Commies. It is starting to appear that not only did BRCC cuck to the Left, at least at the highest levels of the company they aren't what they seem to be at all.

Yeah, it is just coffee. Who gives a shit, right?

The issue I have is when an individual or organization portrays themselves publicly as one thing to gain our trust, and more importantly our money, but when pushed they show themselves to lack principles and flip on a dime. 

What is worse is when that same individual or group turns out to have been a phony all along. 

As bad as the Left is, at least we know they are the enemy but when someone or something we thought was on "our side" turns out to be working at odds with us? That is far more insidious and dangerous enemy and we see it all the time. The most obvious example are the NeverTrump neocons that have been suckering Republican voters for decades by dangling things important to us as bait while never intending to do anything about it. False allies, controlled oppositions and grifters are all over the Right, from Ben Shapiro to Bill Kristol to many of the former "leaders" of the alt-right, and it is important to call them out and remind ourselves that not everyone saying they are on "our side" are actually /ourguys/.

After the initial clumsy press release and then a super cringe follow-up video from Evan Hafer, rumors started flying that the founder of BRCC had donated to anti-gun politicians. See this video for example:

I am not someone who believes everything they see on a screen so I went to the direct link and took this screenshot myself. Click picture to enlage.

Apparently Evan Hafer donated to not only Tulsi Gabbard, who is kinda cute but also anti-gun, but also to Barack Obama, the most stridently anti-American President in our history, at least until Biden dies and Kamala Harris takes the office. According to Gabbard's own campaign website (screenshot from 11/24/2020)...

Gabbard pledged to ban "assault weapons" which are what are commonly known in our circles as "black rifles". It might be just generic support for these measures necessary to get in the door of Democrat political circles but her support is right on her campaign website. 

The founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company gave money in November of last year to a politician who wants to rifles. BRCC is all over the gun industry and they are buddies with all the gun-tube guys who make videos about firearms that people like me watch. They are also, at the highest levels anyway, working at odds with us. Sure it isn't a lot of money, $500 to Tulsi and $500 to Obama but it is still a poke in the eye. 

For a business taking about honor and loyalty and all the buzzwords, a company that makes money selling to patriots and gun owners, to be headed by someone giving money to people working to strip away our freedoms is revolting. It is fake and dishonest and I hate people who are fake.

This matters because it is a lesson we need to learn.

Just because someone selling a product says they are pro-military and pro-veteran doesn't mean someone is pro-America or pro-2nd Amendment

Many, MANY veterans (and LEOs) are very pro 2nd Amendment. Lots of vets are very active in the various patriot movements and 2nd Amendment advocacy groups. The same is true of a lot of cops. I have my criticism of some areas of law enforcement, especially at the Federal level, and I don't like the militarization of the police but the average cop is a decent guy with a family, and many are gun owners outside of work and support the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. I would go so far as to say that a significant percentage, likely a strong majority among White cops and vets/active duty, are /ourguys/ on most questions. Sure there are cops who are assholes, who joined the force because they thought it would give them license to hurt people and get away with it or they are just jerks who like the ability to order people around but most local cops are OK.

That doesn't mean being a cop or being pro-cop gives you a blank check for everything else you say and do.

I back the blue when the blue backs me and my people and when they obey the Constitution. When the blue violates the Constitution? They are no different from anyone else in a position of authority that abuses it.

The same for vets. I can appreciate vets for their service but serving in the military, no matter how honorably or bravely, doesn't give you a pass for what else you do. I don't think someone being a Navy SEAL gives them special authority on topics other than SEAL specific stuff. John McCain served the U.S. and he was a warmongering piece of shit and an all around terrible human being. At the upper echelons, the military seems full of pretty awful people while the lower ranks are like the rest of the country, mostly average people with a percentage of extraordinary human beings and a not insignificant percentage of awful people. There is a reason the military has their own police force, justice system and penal facilities. 

There are plenty of grifters and fakes wrapping themselves in the flag because they know it will help them sell their products. I am not saying that Evan Hafer is a grifter but you have to question when someone sells products with the phrase "Black Rifle" and all of their promotional material is full of black rifles but he gives money to politicians who want to ban his customers from actually owning those rifles.

Thanks for your service Evan but I'll get my coffee somewhere else.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Fire Up The Memory Hole

As is often the case, I gave the Left too much credit. It turns out the Wauwatosa mall mass shooting was probably not a false flag mass shooting, just more generic Lügenpresse journalistic malpractice. Multiple outlets, from Fox News to the hometown Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel are reporting that the "White male" mass shooter was....not so White after all.

Fox News:

A 15-year-old Hispanic boy was arrested in connection with a shooting Friday at Mayfair shopping mall that left eight people injured, Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said Sunday.


Police had said Friday that witnesses described the shooter as a white man in his 20s or 30s. But Weber described the suspect as a 15-year-old Hispanic boy. His firearm was recovered during the arrest. 


CNN has updated their story on the mass shooting but it is not on their front page anymore and it doesn't mention that the 15 year old arrested was Hispanic. Oddly, the CNN story claims: "Weber gave no further information on the suspect" when other news outlets covering the same story seem to have noticed that the police chief specifically mentioned the shooter was Hispanic. Weird. 

A 15 year old mestizo kid getting into an "altercation" and opening fire seems more plausible to me than a 15 year old White kid doing the same. In spite of what the media tries to portray, shootings are very rarely committed by the mythical "White male lone wolf" shooter. The overwhelming majority of mass shootings, over 575 in 2020 and counting, are committed by non-Whites.

This story is going to disappear after being fairly prominent over the weekend when the Lügenpresse was convinced it was a 20-30 year old White male shooter. As soon as it was revealed the shooter was a 15 year old Hispanic? The story disappears.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Never Cuck To Commies. Ever.

As 2020 drags on toward a Thanksgiving where only the powerful and privileged can be allowed to dine together there are lots of lessons we have learned but one that seems to have been missed is that you never, ever, EVER bow to the Communists. They only see it as one thing: a sign of weakness that encourages them.

Enter the polarizing figure of Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle is a 17 year old who was in Kenosha, Wisconsin helping people and protecting businesses from being burned by Marxist agitators who were allegedly upset at the police shooting of black rapist. I wrote about this multiple times, see The Fuse Is Lit. You can tell where someone is on the spectrum based on their view of Kyle. People on the Left think he is a "White supremacist domestic terrorist" who was looking for innocent people (three criminals including a pedophile in this case) to gun down and he crossed a border to do it (when White people cross a state border, that is bad. When mestizos cross the U.S. border illegally, that is good). People on the Right think he is a decent kid trying to help who was attacked and defended himself, justifiably killing two adult men attacking him and blowing a chunk out of the arm of another. Some of us laud him as a hero for taking out three Commies.

Anyway, that was August and just last week Kyle made bail, of almost $2 million for a 17 year old who isn't a flight risk. Lawyer Lin Wood tweeted out this picture:

Millions of us were glad Kyle was out of jail and we also noticed that he was wearing a Black Rifle Coffee Company t-shirt. I own several of their shirts because I like the shirts and I like their coffee. Black Rifle Coffee Company doesn't sponsor me or know who I am. But Kyle is a villain in the Marxist kabuki theater so even if you don't say anything in support him, just him wearing your t-shirt brings out the freaks and faggots of antifa on Twitter. They shit up the twitter feed for BRCC and at about the same time, BRCC issued an official statement with CEO Evan Hafer's name accompanying the statement.

You can read their whole statement here but this is the important part, particularly the middle paragraph.

The Black Rifle brand is a symbol of service, of strength, and of goodness that has carried over from our military origins. It’s why we support active duty service members and veterans, prioritize veteran hiring, and advocate for individual liberty and personal responsibility.

We do not support legal advocacy efforts. We do not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI.

We believe in the integrity of the legal justice system, and support law enforcement officials.

Nothing wrong with that as such and it is factually true but what is wrong with it is what it doesn't say. They don't mention the name of Kyle Rittenhouse, calling him "the 17-year-old facing charges" and generally just dance around with what sounds like something written by lawyers and P.R. people. More important, there is no mention of the fact that Kyle was aiding local businesses, that he was being attacked by Marxists with criminal records and defended himself with, of all things, a "black rifle" and that for the community served by BRCC, the right to self-defense is a foundation of our American freedoms and one of the bedrocks of the 2nd Amendment. Kyle is the sort of person who drinks Black Rifle Coffee but CEO Evan Hafer, faced with the bane of Big Corporate, bad publicity, blinked.

He blinked and he cucked to people who hate him for what he is (a White pro-2A veteran) and wouldn't buy his coffee anyway. He also pretty much told the 2A community who buys his products that he was more concerned with publicity than standing up to the Marxist mob. His big mistake was trying to thread the needle, disavow Kyle without naming him while trying to sound like he still all about things like "individual liberty and personal responsibility". What about Kyle's liberty and the personal responsibility of the commies attacking him. Evan is a vet and should know that doing things half-assed is a great way to get killed.

Meanwhile, the name of a new coffee company kept popping up on Twitter, Stocking Mill Coffee. I checked out their Twitter feed and saw this:

That is what a "No Effs Given, We Don't Bow To Commies" company says about this whole thing. Click the link above, their website needs some work but I love their spirit.

I won't do anything so childish as to video myself throwing my last bag of Black Rifle Coffee in the trash or burning my several Black Rifle Coffee Company t-shirts. I first had their coffee at the NRA annual meeting in 2019 and loved it, so I have bought a bunch in the last year and a half, both to drink and to give as gifts. I wear their t-shirts because they are cool and I like their product. Unfortunately they seem to have grown too large (over $80 million in annual sales and climbing) and are now protective of their brand more than supportive of their community. I was actually planning on buying more BRCC coffee this weekend but after that I changed my mind and instead ordered a couple of bags from Stocking Mill....

Not only that but I ordered their "fine" ground and they texted me an hour later, on a Sunday morning, to ask if I meant to order that as their drip grind works better for drip machines, so I asked if they could change it and they did. Again, they texted me to ask if I ordered the right thing on a Sunday morning. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company is learning the hard way, cucking to the commie crowd is never a good idea. You can't try to sit on the fence in 2020 and beyond. This is a day and age for picking a side and the middle of the road isn't a side you want to be on when shit hits the fan.

The False Flags Are Starting Early

I predicted that as we entered the new year we would see false flag mass shootings involving White men, who are rarely the shooters in mass shootings, and assault rifles, which are almost never actually used in mass shootings, to drum up support for massive gun control legislation. Really, I expected it to kick off shortly after inauguration but this incident screams false flag...

Malls are full of cameras, witnesses and people with camera phones. No video evidence has been forthcoming from the Friday shooting and it is Sunday. Eight people were wounded in the shooting. The media is reporting a very vague description:

Witnesses described the shooter as a white male in his 20s or 30s, Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said Friday.

Police are also saying this was not a random shooting:

On Friday, police said they "believe that this shooting was not a random act, and was the result of an altercation."

Curious that no one caught the shooter or the "altercation" on camera when people whip out their cameras at every opportunity. 

The "White male aged 20-30 with an assault rifle" is the unicorn the Left is always begging for and at least one "terrorism analyst" named Rita Katz tweeted out a picture of the "gunman" that she also apparently didn't have permission to use.

Except it wasn't the shooter at all, it was a cop clearly wearing a uniform and with his badge prominently displayed...

It might be worth your time to check out the "Early Life" wikipedia section for Rita Katz...

Anyway, she seemed awfully eager to pin this on a White guy. We will see what comes of this, in a world of everyone masked up, identifying people is going to be much harder. 

Keep watch, this is just the beginning and in spite of 575 mass shootings in the U.S. and counting that have received almost no attention, there will be more next year and the "shooter" will be White men and you can bet those shootings, false flags or not, will get a lot more attention.

If you are the kind of person who reads this sort of blog, you are Public Enemy Number One even though you are also the kind of person who keeps society running. Watch your back and don't let yourself be put in a position where you can get used as a patsy for the Left.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Lügenpresse Working Overtime

Check this out....

Huh. Let's do some math here....

If 46% of voters say Trump should concede immediately.....

100% - 46%...

That means 54% of voters don't say Trump should concede immediately. 

I think that is a majority or something. 

Also if you believe the results, Trump only won around 47% of the vote but 54% of voters think he shouldn't concede so a lot of people who didn't vote for him seem to think something is fishy.

But the Lügenpresse think that a minority of voters saying Trump should concede is the real story, not that a majority of voters think he should not concede. 

Enemy of the people.

The Great Reset: No Walking Your Dog, No Driving In The Country.

Dave Cullen has a pretty good new video out dealing with the Great Reset. One of the most interesting blurbs was that the little video he featured in a prior post, talking about no one owning anything and not being permitted to eat meat in the future, has suddenly disappeared. Curious. 

I don't share Dave's optimism that we are going to "win". I don't think there will be any winners, just the dead and the survivors. 

Something new he added, apparently coming to Ireland but as usual Europe is just surrendering a little faster than America. The idea that much of the nation will be considered "ecologically fragile" and your fancy self-driving car won't even let you go to those areas. You will be confined to "smart cities" which is just code for "prisons". 

Funny how we see the "environmental" movement once again being used as cover for Marxism. Although the environmental movement with scare tactics like "global warming" and "climate change" failed to frighten people into accepting Marxism, perhaps because the threatened environmental calamity was too far in the future and thus the manufactured pandemic that was supposed to kill people in enormous numbers, phony environmentalism is still being used to keep people locked into urban areas and eating lab grown protein and bugs instead of actual meat.

I also liked his Ready Player One comparison. The idea of a world where people are jacked in and distracted from the crushing poverty and soul-killing confinement by endless amusement is a common theme, from RPO to Huxley's Brave New World to the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica. Give people enough money and "food" to barely live, scare them away from social contact and seeking to better their lives through phony "pandemics" and provide them with endless entertainment that is better than real life, with most people living in a virtual world that sucks less than the real world but keeps them placated enough to never seek to build a better world. It would have been easier for European pioneers to just stay in Europe but they came to the New World to build something better. Not because it was easy but because it is what humans do. We aren't wired to just sit inside and watch Netflix all day. The isolation is going to drive people crazy. That isn't stopping them from trying to make us do just that. See this tweet:

First, while I condemn and find repulsive the idea of hitting any woman unless she is attacking you first, and especially when the woman is your wife, I have to wonder if maybe "Andrea's" husband should at least give her a firm smack on the bottom for calling him stupid on Twitter. Second, the South Australia Police are telling people that they may not leave the house to walk the dog or exercise. 




The House.

Someone going outside to walk their dog, in the open air and sunlight, and probably wearing their face diaper, is statistically speaking of zero threat to contract or infect any other person with the Chinese coronavirus. None. That is what the liberals like to call "science". We can't go for a walk, we can't exercise, we can't go to fitness centers. I am sure that being locked inside, slowly getting fatter and more depressed and isolated, is better for public health than potential exposure to a virus with a better than 99.9% survival rate for people who are not elderly with a comorbidity. 

The Great Reset isn't about "racial justice" or "gender equity" or "income inequality". It is all about turning the middle class into a giant underclass, controlled via fear and by controlling our access to food and money if we don't comply. Billions of unemployed people can only stay inside and watch Youtube so long.

It is also worth noting that you tend to see the worst excesses of the state happening in places like West Europe and Australia with a completely disarmed populace. There is a lesson here as America potentially faces a President who has made disarming Americans a signature policy of his administration.

The Great Reset is already being called a "conspiracy theory" at the same time the elites are talking about it openly.

Get ready, it will take a great deal of commitment to resistance to face what is coming.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Ammo Shortage? What Ammo Shortage?

Lots of people think that when things "go back to normal", ammo prices and availability will magically return to normal levels, normal in this case being fourth quarter 2019 when you could buy cheap, brass case full metal jacket 9mm for $.16 per round, as much as you wanted, and if you were a bad person you could get steel case for even less. Today? Steel 9mm is triple the price of brass in 2019 and you are lucky to get it. Yes, yes, you can occasionally find it cheaper if you know where to look but for most people, they struggle to find anything at all. I am sitting pretty when it comes to most ammo but I still pick stuff up when I find the right ammo at the right price.

Even if Trump does what seems pretty impossible right now and pulls this election out, overcoming fraud on a massive scale, things aren't going back to normal. Here is an example:

Vista already has over a year of orders backed up and we still have a month and a half left in 2020. As the odds of Biden taking over are probably better than 90% at this point unless Trump's lawyers have something significant they are holding back, this is just going to get worse.

Some stuff is going to be worse than others. The President can't really ban "assault rifles" by executive order but he can lock down imports and that would impact stuff like AK platform rifles and I would expect the same will be true for the big manufacturers of ammo overseas like Tula and Wolf in Russia and Prvi Partisan in Serbia.

Meanwhile prices are starting to jump on ARs, I just saw that Palmetto State now has their basic classic M4 AR-15 listed for $699. That same rifle was around $200 less at the beginning of the year. This is what I would consider to be an entry level AR.

Again, I would expect this to be the beginning of the price inflation, not the end. Some of these companies are likely looking at 2021 and not expecting to survive the year so maybe they are trying to make what cash they can while the doors are still open. While there is probably going to be a Republican majority in the Senate, given the massive and open voter fraud we saw on election day, I wouldn't be surprised to see the same shenanigans in the Georgia Senate run-offs. Even if the GOP holds the majority, there are plenty of squishy Republicans you can just about count on to join Democrats on gun control bills.

Meanwhile the Biden team is already in cahoots with the leadership at the ATF to go after some low hanging fruit: "ghost guns" and pistol braces.

Here is the key portion....

November 10th, 2020, during an ATF conference call, Acting Director Regina Lombardo told those in attendance that the anti-gun Biden transition team has reached out to the ATF to get the agency’s “top priorities”.

AmmoLand News' anonymous source said Lombardo told those on the call that her priorities would be pistol braces and 80% lower receivers.

80% lowers are simply "almost complete" lower receivers used on AR-15s and some semi-auto pistols. A few steps in the manufacturing are left incomplete, so the 80% receiver doesn't have a serial number and therefore doesn't have a background check or a Form 4473 associated with it. I am not sure how many, or if any at all, completed 80% receivers have been used in crimes but anything the government doesn't control makes them super angry. Pistol braces are something I have talked about before (see: Alphabet Bois At It Again) as something the ATF has been dying to go after but they are about to have an ally in the White House. There are millions and millions of AR/Ak pistols with braces that are potentially about to become illegal and/or require an exorbitant retroactive fee.

Bottom line, what isn't illegal is going to be scare and expensive.

Mark it down boys, you heard it here. If Biden is seated as President in January, there will be some sort of "Right-wing extremist" mass shooting within two months that will be given wall to wall coverage by the media (unlike the daily black on black mass shootings) and will be used as a pretext for sweeping gun regulations. Sure it will be a false flag but what are the lives of a few dozen innocents to advance the agenda?

We are facing a perfect storm, the 2nd Amendment Armageddon many of us have been sounding the warning about. Tens of millions of Americans and a whole bunch of cops are going to have to make some sobering decisions pretty soon.

Your window is closing fast.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Words Are Weapons

When it comes to obvious weapons, we have it figured out. Many Americans have an arsenal in their home that would outgun a well equipped platoon in every war prior to Vietnam. Thanks to modern optics and ballistics, tens of millions of Americans who hunt have rifles capable of lethal accuracy out past 500 yards. Improvements in bullet design have made even lighter recoil handguns like the 9mm incredibly lethal. Thanks to our endless wars on behalf of Our Greatest Ally and the Uniparty Military-Industrial Complex, we also have millions of veterans in the civilian worlds, many with combat experience and most with a less than favorable opinion of the government and ruling class.

In other words, if it comes to picking sides and shooting at each other, we are in enviable shape.

That's great and all but....many wars are won or lost before you pull the trigger.

This is a topic I have addressed before but it is getting more real than ever. Our enemies (and make no mistake they are enemies, what else do you call someone trying to exterminate you and excise any sign you ever existed?) might be obese blue haired gender fluid freaks or scrawny soyboy beta orbiters or even urban gangsters who can't shoot worth a shit, but they can still throw a Molotov cocktail into your house.

One of the most powerful prohibitions in Western civilization is found in the Old Testament: thou shalt not kill. Taking the life of another person without just cause is the most grave offense in our society, carrying the most serious legal consequences. That is deeply ingrained in our culture and it requires a great deal of psychological manipulation to overcome. We have seen examples of this in the past. In World War II, the U.S. propaganda machine was working overtime to paint the Germans and Japanese as not merely enemies to be defeated, but as literal monsters, sub-human beasts. I provided a couple of examples in last summer's D-Day remembrance post: D-Day 76 Years Later: What If They Knew?

The tactic of dehumanizing your intended victims is hardly new. The most famous example is the portraying of Jews as vermin and rodents in Germany under the Third Reich. As is so often the case, the German behavior is amplified and often exaggerated while their Communist enemies to the east are ignored. A chilling recounting of the practice of labelling the enemies of the Soviet state in order to dehumanize them can be found in this piece at First Things, Suicide Of The Liberals. The whole piece is worthwhile reading but this section was shared elsewhere 

Between 1900 and 1917, waves of unprecedented terror struck Russia. Several parties professing incompatible ideologies competed (and cooperated) in causing havoc. Between 1905 and 1907, nearly 4,500 government officials and about as many private individuals were killed or injured. Between 1908 and 1910, authorities recorded 19,957 terrorist acts and revolutionary robberies, doubtless omitting many from remote areas. As the foremost historian of Russian terrorism, Anna Geifman, observes, “Robbery, extortion, and murder became more common than traffic accidents.”

Anyone wearing a uniform was a candidate for a bullet to the head or sulfuric acid to the face. Country estates were burnt down (“rural illuminations”) and businesses were extorted or blown up. Bombs were tossed at random into railroad carriages, restaurants, and theaters. Far from regretting the death and maiming of innocent bystanders, terrorists boasted of killing as many as possible, either because the victims were likely bourgeois or because any murder helped bring down the old order. A group of anarcho-­communists threw bombs laced with nails into a café bustling with two hundred customers in order “to see how the foul bourgeois will squirm in death agony.”

Following that was this chilling line: Sadism replaced simple killing.

I am not joking. Read the whole damn thing.

Sadism is something most people don't really understand. Why would you hurt someone for the sheer pleasure of causing them pain? It is unfortunately all too common even in America and is growing more common with each passing day.

Anyone with a computer has seen examples of this. The earliest example was a widely distributed video showing the attack on Reginald Denny during the L.A. riots in 1992. Denny was just driving his vehicle, made a "wrong" turn and was set upon by several groups of blacks, who dragged Denny out of his truck, beat him unconscious and then when he managed to get back up and tried to get away, was assaulted again. You can watch the stomach churning video here. The most famous image was of a 19 year old black, Damian Monroe Williams, coming up to the defenseless Denny, throwing a cinder block at his head and then dancing in jubilation at the suffering he had caused.

The people assaulting Denny were not outraged over the Rodney King beating case, they simply saw a chance for mayhem. Then there are the videos of the "knockout game", assaulting random people, with no warning or provocation. This likewise leads to celebration and mirth. These are not people lashing out in anger because of "injustice", they are simply people who love hurting others. 

The rise of a totalitarian system like Communism draws out the worst people and often rewards them for cruelty. After all, if someone is a "counter-revolutionary", or "bourgeois" or a "kulak", then they aren't really people. The kulaks in Ukraine had to have done something wrong, why else did they have more than other people? Their own modest success itself as seen as proof of wrong-doing, rather than evidence of the virtue of hard work and responsibility.

Huh. That is starting to sound vaguely familiar. 

Today we aren't "bourgeois", we are "racists", or "transphobes" or "homophobes" or "White supremacists", literal "Nazis" or just plain old "Trump supporters". Whatever label we are associated with, the Left is back to their old rhetorical games. Once again, their enemies are demonized and dehumanized for holding the wrong sort of political opinions.

For example, Ms. Bandy X. Lee, an Asian woman whose family at some point decided to leave their Asian nation and come to a country full of White supremacists and Nazis. Ms. Lee makes the tired and risible comparison between the Hollywood image of Germans in the Third Reich, under the "spell" of Hitler, with the 73 million Americans who would go to the polls to cast their ballot for Donald Trump. According to Ms. Lee, the firebombing of Dresden in the waning days of World War II, an act of terror and a war crime targeting civilians, was necessary to "break the spell" of Hitler. The firebombing of Dresden, unlike the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, served no strategic purpose. Berlin itself was overrun and Hitler committed suicide, that was the trigger for Germany surrendering. Regardless, to Ms. Lee, the German women and children had it coming when they were burned to death and apparently something similarly horrible would be appropriate for people who dare vote for Trump.

The idea that the President of the United States having access to speak publicly to the people of the United States is harmful and that his "exposure to the public" should be curtailed is so wacky that in any year other than 2020 she would be laughed out of the public sphere. Likewise the idea that "mental health experts" are "banned from comment". Ms. Lee styles herself a mental health expert and here she is publicly calling on the President to be censored and his followers perhaps firebombed for their own good. Who is banning her from commenting? 

Who is Ms. Lee?

Oh she is an "expert on global violence prevention" who justifies the firebombing of Dresden and suggests we might need the same here in the USA. Plus she has a Masters of Divinity degree. I wonder if her thesis topic was "Who Would Jesus Firebomb And Why The Answer Is White People"?

Also the President of the World Mental Health Coalition, which makes perfect sense as the vast majority of the people who work in the mental health field are themselves crazy as hell and are drawn to the field out of some strange projection. Really, there isn't a class of people in the country who are less mentally healthy than mental health workers.

The language keeps getting more heavily infused with threats of violence, the dehumanization gets more stark.

We can't keep thinking of these people are just some misguided fellow Americans who just need to hear a better argument for small government. The American Left is chock full of deranged, violent people who think widespread genocide sounds like a swell idea. They are winning the war of rhetoric because they are openly calling for our death while we try to fumble around with not offending anyone. These people are Communist wannabes who not only didn't learn the lessons of the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge and the Great Leap Forward, they think the real lesson was that they need to be less gentle this time around. 

The history of Communism is drenched in blood. We cannot allow it to fully take root here or the result will be the same: our children starving, our families destitute and on the street and ultimately all of us dead.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

This Isn't What We Wanted

Yesterday was a day much like every other day in 2020. Some normal, mostly White, Americans held a peaceful gathering in support of the President of the United States in our nation's capitol. This is something that is expressly guaranteed protection in the Constitution and intuitively it should be even more protected in Washington D.C. People march and protest all the time in D.C. But this is 2020. After the march was completed and the large crowds of Trump supporters dispersed, a few solitary small groups stayed in town. Cut off and outnumbered, they are precisely what the cowards in antifa and bLM desire.

The videos began circulating on social media. People trying to have dinner with explosive devices thrown at them. An older, frail person with a Trump t-shirt shoved down by some scrawny pussy dressed in black. Someone else sucker punched and kicked while helpless on the ground. A child terrified, a young women crying in fear. White men trying to walk away, screamed at by black women and hit when their backs are turned. They can't fight back, the cops who watched this happen would leap into action if they tried to defend themselves.

This is what they want. The weak, the outnumbered, the defenseless. Their entire impotent existence finds meaning in terrorizing those who cannot fight back. They feed on fear, they find validation in the misery of others. This is the Joe Biden base: resentful, ignorant, violent.

The message is being sent loud and clear. Not only are our elections meaningless and the outcome pre-determined, but half of of the country can't even gather peacefully in our nation's capitol without being attacked by Communist thugs. As the law enforcement apparatus in D.C. and much of our government warns of the dangers of "White supremacists" and "far-Right terrorists", no one seems to notice the terror actually happening on our streets.

Over 70 million Trump voters, many like me who were not enthusiastic about Trump but preferred him to the alternative, find themselves being completely shut out of the very government our forefathers created and fought to protect. 70 million people with the bulk of the over 400 million firearms in this country, and millions of us are very comfortable and proficient with their use. 70 million people who have up until now had too much to lose to do anything crazy but find ourselves being cornered and quickly running out of reasons for restraint. 

That is not a threat of violence or empty online bluster. That is just how it is.

We didn't ask for any of this. This wasn't our idea. We just wanted to be left alone, work our jobs, provide for our families, maybe watch the game with some buddies. Occasional cheap vacations and one day to retire and live out our golden years watching our grandchildren grow up.

You wouldn't let it go.

Someone on Twitter said the following:

Well said.

A desperate people with little left to lose are very different from people waving MAGA flags and running when attacked. It has mostly been idle talk to date but I feel like that is changing and pretty soon the Left is going to find out what a real radicalized Right-wing looks like. We aren't like this by nature but we are being pushed that way.

When it comes, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Feeling pretty black-pilled and in a dark mood today.....

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Nice Shooting!

One of the weird phenomenon of life in the 2020s so far is that while we have a whole lot of murders in America, the ratio of shootings to killings is pretty low. For example, in Chicago this year:

Courtesy of

If I am doing the math correctly, and it is likely I am not, that works out to just over 17% of people people shot dying from the attack. Better than four out of five people shot in Chicago survive. With modern firearms and ammunition, that seems pretty poor. I have never had to shoot anyone yet but if I did I am pretty sure I would finish the job. So what seems to be the problem? I found some video evidence that might shed some light on the question.

Watch the video of these commandos in action!

It is like watching special forces operating or something!

The cool thing about shooting in the 'hood, when you squeeze off a few from a firearm it is absolutely certain that the rounds just dissolve in the air after 5 feet, and don't come down into houses or people. Out here in the country our bullets will travel hundreds of feet and we learn about concepts like gravity and "what goes up, must come down". That is why our father's taught us things like being sure of what was beyond our target. 

Really, what is the point of shooting like this?

I have been shooting since I was old enough to shoot a gun and I couldn't hit a man sized target ten feet away holding the gun over my head like that.

My solution to the gun violence problem is this:

1. Mandatory basic firearms training in our inner cities.

2. A couple of weeks where the cops stay home and EMTs are on vacation.

3. At the beginning of those couple of weeks, hand out simple firearms and plenty of ammo in our diverse neighborhoods.

4. After those two weeks are over, collect the guns and go back to normal. The gun violence problem in America will have mostly solved itself. At least until the next generation gets old enough to start shooting each other.

Making it harder for White people to buy guns? Yeah, that isn't going to help but my solution would mean a more peaceful 2021.

Maybe I should run in 2024 on the "Purge Platform"?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

That's Going To Be A No From Me. A Big Effin No.

Pizza Hut is really pushing this:

You know what else tastes great and just like meat?


Whoever is in charge of the marketing here might want to reconsider the color green because it sure brings to mind Soylent Green. Maybe that is intentional but all I know is this, I ain't eating soy "sausage" or ground up people or crickets or whatever crap the Great Reset types are pushing.

A Shooting At A black Church And You Probably Didn't Hear About It

How can this be? A shooting at a black church and it isn't on the national news? 

At Living Water Baptist Church in High Point, North Carolina, a memorial service was being held for a young man who died in October, no mention of his name or how he died. As the service let out, at least two cars drove by and the passengers opened fire. One man, Frederick Cox Jr., was killed and there were "a few other victims with minor injuries". No word whether they were hit by gunfire or whether they were hurt in the scramble. According to reports, it happened in broad daylight, 3:30 PM on a Sunday. It is also notable that "High Point Police say person(s) in the crowd returned fire.". There is virtually no coverage of this story, I saw it on the feed from The Sun, a British paper.

As happens too often, a funeral for one black person leads to a shooting that kills more black people, in this case what appears to be a shoot out between the drive-by crew and the mourners who came to church strapped. Of course we have no word on suspects and no motivation. 

This is an all too common event, a black on black shooting at a funeral for a black person. Earlier this year 15 people were shot at a funeral in Chicago. It seems as though the black on black violence can't even pause to let families bury their dead. Even after the media has unilaterally declared Joe Biden, The Great Healer And Uniter, the President-Elect, nothing has changed in America as blacks keep on shooting each other. If the suspect in the shooting had been White, you can be sure the media would be all over this but black men shooting other blacks in a drive-by just doesn't interest the media.

Ask yourself why.

The Last Dance

How about a pop culture break from the black pills and election kabuki? 

Anything with nostalgia value is hot right now and especially anything from the 80s and 90s. Most of us at some level realize things suck in 2020 and the 80s and early 90s were the last time America was a nice place to live. The recent series Cobra Kai brings back the world of The Karate Kid, one of the seminal films of the 80s, and it is almost painful to watch because it reminds me of what we lost.

While I haven't paid for Netflix or Hulu or cable for many years, I did get the chance to watch the Netflix mini-series The Last Dance, a 10 episode return to the days when the NBA didn't suck and Michael Jordan roamed the courts as the king of the game.

The series does a masterful job of going back and forth in time, from the 1998 championship year back to Jordan's early years as a Bull, his life growing up and the first few seasons he played in the NBA. That back and forth can ruin continuity but in this case it worked great. Perhaps in part because I was a kid watching the NBA at this time so it was very familiar to me but regardless it was well done.

The series reminded me that there never was and never has been since a player like Michael Jordan. There have been skilled players before, Bird and Magic and Kareem and Wilt but no one like Jordan. The things he could do physically, seemingly without effort, were like no one else. That wasn't what made Jordan the greatest of all time. It was his will to win. If Jordan wanted something enough, you couldn't stop him. Of course basketball is a team sport and without a decent supporting cast he wouldn't and didn't win, but with the right role players around him? Unstoppable. Six championships in eight seasons and the only reason it wasn't 8 in 8 was Jordan's brief flirtation with baseball.

People talking about LeBron James in the same category as Jordan need to watch this series because James looks like a bull in a china shop compared to Jordan. Even in a much diminished league, he isn't dominant the way Jordan was. Kobe Bryant was closer but still not the same. It is unlikely we will ever see another player like MJ. No one is more competitive, Jordan would compete for anything at any time. One of my favorite scenes was him gambling with some Bulls staff to see who could land a quarter the closest to the wall, a game we used to play in high school. The guy just wanted to win.

But it also reminded me that Michael Jordan, smiling in ads aside, was pretty much an asshole. He could be cruel to his teammates and The Last Dance shows him being a jerk and disrespectful to Bulls GM Jerry Krause. Would I be a better person than Jordan if I was the most famous athlete in the world? I doubt it. Still Jordan the person was very different from Jordan the player. I think it does kind of bother Jordan, based on his reactions in the documentary, that he was not just respected but feared by his teammates. Sometimes he would be defiant when he watched others talking about him but other times he was upset. Even Michael Jordan wants to be liked. 

Like pretty much everything else, basketball and sports in general was better before the turn of the millennium. Players played the game and mostly kept their mouths shut, unlike today when dimwits like LeBron think it is their job to lecture the people who pay their salaries. Jordan was very apolitical and Netflix rolled out some pseudo-intellectual black guy named Todd Boyd, described by IMDb as "Known for his vast knowledge of rap music and stylish form of dress, Doctor Boyd also examines race, class, and gender in American Film at USC." A vast knowledge of rap music? Dressing like a popinjay? Well that certainly makes him an authority on....well, not really on anything. There is little I find more irritating than intellectual lightweights trying to act like they are deep thinkers.

Anyway, Boyd was bitching because Jordan didn't get involved in politics and his brief appearances were the worst part of the series, even more so than Barack Obama's segments. People of all races loved Jordan because he was so fun to watch, not because he was black. He wasn't a political figure, he was an entertainer and he seems to understand that people wanted to watch the greatest of all time play basketball, not opine on political issues. It is a lesson many athletes today could stand to learn.

The Last Dance was a fun escape, even interspersed with the occasional juvenile commentary from Obama and "Doctor" Todd Boyd. It took me back to my youth and the days when I could enjoy sports. Compared to most of the trash Netflix and others are putting out, it was a refreshing escape for a few hours. I wouldn't pay money to see it but it was a reminder of a recent but by-gone era.

Michael Jordan. The Greatest Of All Time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Lügenpresse Is Also The Blödpresse

One of the dirty secrets of the media is that, generally speaking, people who majored in journalism are some of the dumbest people in a given college with some of the lowest standardized test scores. Some of them are reasonably clever or have an onscreen personality that works, but they are dumb. Brian Stelter? Jake Tapper? Complete dumb-asses and when you get into some of the more rabid far left sources like MSNBC?

Now you are getting bottom of the barrel imbeciles. 

Case in point: Joy Reid, a primetime host of MSNBC with 1.8 million Twitter followers, said this 10 hours ago and it is still up.

The stupid, it burns.

If you were some schlepp off the street, I could forgive you not knowing that is called that because 538 is the number of electors in the Electoral College. That is why the magic number is 270 to win the presidency. 538 divided by 2 is 269, so 270 gives you the majority. 

But a prime time host on MSNBC paid to provide political commentary? Come on.

Oh, did I mention that Joy Reid has a degree from Harvard? If you still are impressed by Ivy League diplomas, please stop. Now.

Also worth noting, Bush was always ahead in Florida which is why Gore called to concede before he called to un-concede. 

Joy Reid is completely insane coupled with being mind-numbingly stupid with a heaping helping of undeserved self-confidence. That is a dangerous combination. What makes it more dangerous is that apparently millions of people think she is a serious thinker.

We need to split this country up before these imbeciles drag us into a civil war.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Meanwhile At The Lügenpresse

Just a CNN anchor suggesting that people who don't shut up and accept the election results might find it hard to be employed in the glorious future under Joe Biden...

I wonder how many people lost their jobs over the last four years because they kept spewing conspiracy theories about "Russian collusion" and "hacking" and "#NotMyPresident"?

The reminder is important. They want you either silenced and completely compliant, or they want you jobless, homeless, dying on the streets. That is not an exaggeration. You are to be run out of polite society, unemployable, hated by friends and neighbors. That is not how a free society functions but we don't live in a free society anymore.

You need to find ways to support yourself outside of the system because they will come for you. Starving your kids is a small price to pay to usher in the glorious future they have planned.


Quite An Inspiring Message For Little Girls

While the election is far from over, the media is spending their time 24-7 gushing over the ticket they are trying to force into the White House through gaslightign and chicanery. Did you know Biden has a shelter dog, it will be the first rescue dog in the White House! Squeeeeee! Kamala will be the first female Vice-President! What an accomplishment, what a role model for women! Squeeeeee!

Kamala is loving this and is really playing up the "when I was a little girl" crap, just like Hillary. She tweeted this out:

Apparently America isn't a country of possibilities for little boys, even though they lag behind girls in most meaningful measures. I wonder what happens when little boys grow up into young men who don't have a voice. I am sure that will go great for everyone.

I haven't talked much about Kamala, because she simply isn't very interesting and isn't really deserving of serious thought but her hokie crap about what her being potentially the first woman VP means to little girls is just revolting. 

Is there a worse role model possible for little girls? 

Kamala Harris whored herself out to a 60 year old married man when she was 29 or 30. How icky is that, how cliche, the young woman trading sex with a powerful man to advance her career. After he used and discarded her, Willie Brown at least had the decency to get her some cushy gigs and a step up into the world of California politics where she proceeded to suck at everything she did (pun intended). 

Kamala when she was going
downtown on Willie Brown

In spite of a record lacking any significant achievement, she decided to run for President based solely on her genitals and race. She was a huge flop, highlighted by getting owned by Tulsi Gabbard in the debates.

Then having been unable to attain the nomination herself, she latches herself on to a different creepy old man, the political equivalent of a sugar daddy, and now she is just waiting for him to die or be removed from office. I hope she didn't have to get down on her knees to get the nod as his running mate, especially since I am sure Biden didn't pick her. 

That is how we get our first woman President? A woman who achieved nothing on her own and instead rode the coattails, or rode something else, of much older men to get where she is? A woman who embodies all of the worst stereotypes of how women get into power?

I can't think of a worse example for little girls than Kamala Harris. What is a young woman supposed to take away from Kamala becoming VP? If you want to be successful, don't work at it yourself, just spread your legs for older, powerful men and they will propel you to prosperity?

While I remain cautiously hopeful that Kamala and Biden will be stopped in their attempted coup, even if they are somehow installed into office by the media their administration will never be valid to 70+ million Americans. Perhaps some day we will finally see a woman become President by virtue of their own achievement, rather than as a result of their willingness to trade sex for power. But it won't be Kamala Harris. 

Purge Incoming

Should Joe Biden prevail, whether he realizes he "won" or not, there are a lot of changes coming that the Left has been pushing for. One of the most critical in their plan is to ramp up prosecution of "hate crimes" and censoring free speech using their corporate partners to circumvent the First Amendment. Biden has promised to aggressively prosecute "hate crimes" and one of the more dangerous items his puppet-masters slipped into his gun control plans was closing the "hate crime loophole". Of course there is no such thing as a "hate crime loophole" but as I detailed in my post The Future Of Gun Ownership (Or Lack Thereof), that doesn't matter because at the core all "hate crime" laws are really designed to suppress free speech and expression. From that post:

Close the “hate crime loophole.” 

Biden will enact legislation prohibiting an individual “who has been convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime, or received an enhanced sentence for a misdemeanor because of hate or bias in its commission” from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

This is an important one. A misdemeanor is not enough to keep you from buying a firearm today unless it is a domestic violence misdemeanor. Now committing a "hate crime", which is an inherently vague and generally impossible to prove charge, can prevent you from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Given the incredibly high percentage of reported "hate crimes" that turn out to be hoaxes, this is a dangerous proposal and it tramples all over the 1st and 4th Amendments. Under Biden, "hate crime" legislation will certainly be widely expanded, meaning that all sorts of behavior that is not criminal for any reason other than what is supposed to be protected political speech will be enough to prevent you from owning a firearm. All "hate crime" legislation is designed to squash political free speech. Period.

In a Biden administration, free expression will be throttled more than it is now. With that in mind, a lot of people are moving to other social media platforms where they can express themselves without getting thrown in the social media gulag. One platform, Parler, was so swamped yesterday you couldn't create a new account, rumor has it they had at least half a million new subscribers signing up. I was able to get set-up this morning before 6 AM but I have no idea what it is like now. 

So for those who are interested, here are my alternative social media contacts:

I have been on Gab since 2017. It can be a little raw and rough but that might also be because of the circles I run in. Andrew Torba has been a trailblazer in alternate social media and has been repeatedly attacked for it. Gab is the original and the best, you should at a minimum have an account there.

This is brand new for me, sort of a Twitter clone. Not really comfortable using it yet, needs more time.

Also new for me, it has more of a Facebook feel. 

An alternative to Youtube. 

An encrypted, free email service. I use it for several of my small businesses, and I might be moving completely over for my personal email as well. Yahoo and Gmail are owned by corporations that hate you.

I also have accounts on Slug and Minds, I don't use them very often.

You would be well advised to start accounts on multiple platforms, especially Gab who has been at it longer than the rest. It would also be smart to start taking other steps, like getting a VPN set up on your devices you access the internet with, using DuckDuckGo for your search engine, picking a browser other than Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (I use Opera and Gab's Dissenter a lot) and consider using the Tor browser for added security.

Online anonymity is a powerful tool, one that I might need to make use of again soon.

Nothing is fool-proof but there is no need to make it easier for them.

Start migrating now instead of waiting to get banned so you can encourage your social media friends/followers to come with you.

The purge is coming, you have been warned. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Heap Big Chief Speaks With Forked Tongue

The media is in full gaslighting mode. After the coordinated Saturday at noon announcement of Biden "winning", while half a dozen states are super close, having recounts, dealing with questions of fraud and lawsuit, the media is now repeating over and over that Biden won the election. Worth contemplating, if the situation were reversed and Trump was apparently getting truckloads of votes in the middle of the night and those "votes" were the margin of victory, you can be damn sure the media would be ominously talking about White supremacists "stealing the election". 

But on Sunday the media is full of sunshine and puppies celebrating Biden's "win". Any mention on social media suggesting that there are questions outstanding about the election are accompanied by dire warnings. 

Many of Trump's tweets are flagged with a warning that what he is saying is in dispute....

The message is obvious: You can't trust what Trump is saying. But Biden?

He can change his profile to say he is the President-elect, have a new transition team Twitter account and talk about being the new President, while the election is still under dispute, and that is apparently fine. Bias? What bias? It isn't just Trump, I was watching a Styxhexenhammer video this morning and because he is talking about the election, he gets this warning on his video....

Then Facebook is slipping this into the middle of your news feed.

How very Orwellian. Just keep sticking the same partisan message into people's news feed so they see it over and over again. Sadly they are probably right and it will work.

This is all coordinated by the same people who claimed that Russian trolls interfered in the U.S. election and flipped the result to Trump.

Meanwhile the dementia-addled "President-elect" is putting out statements, keeping in mind that Joe hasn't composed a single tweet since the campaign started. Joe Biden's public statements are all about "healing" and "unity" but his supporters are telling the real story.

Brain-eateing "journalist" Reza Aslan thinks that we need to "excise" anyone who voted for Trump from "our" society (as an aside, America isn't his society and wasn't built by people named Reza)

This is the same Reza who said "we" would burn the entire fucking thing down if "they" even TRIED to replace RBG. Meanwhile Ginsburg is rotting in the ground and Amy Coney Barrett is on the Supreme Court.

Not sure what the "thing" was that he was going to burn down but I am pretty sure whatever it was is still standing. Same guy....

Eradicate sounds an awful lot like exterminate. This guy is unhinged and no one really takes him seriously. Speaking of no one taking you seriously, we have Jennifer Rubin.

First she said this.....

We have a list! 

She seems to think that we all deep down want to be part of the "polite" society that she feels qualified to dictate to the rest of us. Sorry Jen, I don't have any interest in being in the same country as you, much less part of your virtue signaling cocktail parties. Then on some talk show JenJen was talking about burning down the Republican party so there are no "survivors".

A final solution perhaps? You would think Ms. Rubin as a Jew would be cautious about such statements but you would be wrong. At least she no longer calls herself a conservative commentator. 

The audacity here is sweeping. From her lofty perch on the East Coast, Ms. Rubin is declaring jihad on half of the country. Good thing no one really pays any attention to her. Moving on....

Wegman is on the editorial board of the New York Times. Think about what he is saying. We should only have one political party, liberal Democrats and really liberal Democrats. The people he says should be sidelined from national governance represents over 70 million people who voted for Trump. 70 million is a higher vote total than Obama received in either election and higher than Hillary Clinton in 2016. No one has ever received 70 million votes before. Trump did and of course Biden got even more, assuming all of those votes are legitimate.

Nevertheless, a member of the New York Times editorial board thinks that those 70,000,000 Americans should have no significant role in national governance. I wonder if he has thought this through because if 70 million Americans are to be cast out of national governance, but not paying the taxes that go to keeping that national government running, then they are sort of in a corner. This might be a good time to remind us all of an old saying, war is politics by other means or the more exact quote from Carl von Clausewitz in his famous work On War.

We see, therefore, that War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means. 

In 2021, we might see war becoming a means of advancing policy and politics itself when the established method of enacting policy, free and fair elections, is proven to be no longer viable. The disenfranchisement of 70 million people, who own the bulk of the 400 million guns in this country, might seem smart in a policy session in some conference room in D.C. but in practical matters maybe not so much.

It is not just hack journalists making these wild statement. A fairly shadowy group in D.C. calling itself the "Trump Accountability Project" is threatening to destroy anyone who worked for Trump.

This comes after bimbo former tavern wench Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to declare the need to create an enemies list of her own...

She has a number of replies from various Left-wing loons who confirm that there are a lot of lists being compiled. 

Enemies lists. Show trials. Talk of eradication and "survivors".

Biden talks a big show about "unity" and "healing" but his supporters seem more interested in political retaliation, suppression and vengeance. More evidence that even if Biden is sworn in as President, he will never be the one in charge.