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Why We Must Never Surrender Our Firearms

First, watch this video:

The situation in South Africa is not the same as the impending situation in the United States, of course. South Africa is a much smaller nation and has a much smaller population (55 million vs 350 million). Only around 9% of South Africans are White, about 80% are black and another 10% are mulatto or some sort of mixed-race, called “colored” in South Africa. Africa only really has two major racial groups, the White Afrikaner and blacks while the U.S. has a narrow White majority, is about 13% black and about 15% mestizo, although I think that percentage is probably low. Even when Whites in America drop below 50%, we will still be the largest racial group by a wide margin for some time to come.
Yet the comparisons still remain. Whites in America were up until recently the dominant racial group, which makes sense as we created colonies on these shores and built the greatest nation known to mankind where there was once nothing but savage nomadic tribes and wilderness. There have always been people of other races living here, most notably enslaved Africans and their descendants, but it was understood that America was a White nation created and populated by the people of European descent. As our numbers have dwindled, it looks very much like 2020 will be the last time two White men are at the top of the Presidential tickets and if Biden wins and is quickly replaced by Harris, we will have a black President for 12 out of the last 16 years.
As the prospect of Whites dropping below an absolute majority becomes a reality, there is a growing clamor for vengeance from people who never really suffered any injustice against people who never caused anyone any significant injustice.
Many on the Left are already calling for South Africa style “Truth and Reconciliation” commissions, which will feature neither truth nor reconciliation. Tucker Carlson is even talking about it and he often introduces ideas to Normiecons that were once relegated to the darkest corners of the internet ….

A lot of Boomer Fox News watchers are probably hearing about this for the first time but some of us have been talking about it for years.
The goal will be vengeance and terror, seeking to terrify people into silence while an agenda is crammed down their throats. Complain and you go on the train. I covered this in Pre-Pogrom Planning but it comes down to punishing people for not supporting the proper candidate. They are talking about putting Trump, his family and everyone who worked in his administration that didn’t later betray him on trial and jailing them.
For all the “lock her up” chants, no serious person thought Hillary was going to jail but these people are deadly serious: show trial, jail time, maybe something worse? What kind of a civil society can we have when the people half of Americans voted for are put on trial for doing some of what they said they were going to do if they were elected? 
The message is pretty clear: you can only support the political figures and political positions that a handful of oligarchs and technocrats decree are acceptable.
That isn’t a functioning free society, that is a banana republic.
So no, we aren’t going to give up our guns because (in part) the people demanding that we do want us disarmed so they can crush us under their heels at best and put us to death at worst.
If they move forward with this, there will be a reckoning and it won’t be fun for anyone.


  1. Anonymous

    A Dutch volunteer for the SS was interviewed in his twilight years. He was asked if there were a lesson he learned from the war that he'd like to share. He said "if you go to war. Make sure you win"

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