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The Winner For The 2020 Least Surprising Event

In a year marked by absolute lunacy, one thing was absolutely clear:
Althea Bernstein, the biracial Wisconsin teen who claimed that she was set on fire by “White supremacist frat boys” was lying her ample ass off.
So today we get this news:

Althea Bernstein, 18, told police someone sprayed lighter fluid on her and set her on fire in the early morning hours of June 24 after one of the men yelled a racial epithet.

But on Friday, the police department said it was closing the case because “after an exhaustive probe, detectives were unable to corroborate or locate evidence consistent with what was reported.”
Of course there is no evidence, it never happened. After Jussie Smollett and an endless string of hoax hate crimes, you would think people would have learned to take these with a whole shaker-full of grains of salt. You would be wrong.
In another shocking twist, she is not being charged with filing a false police report, a report which wasted untold hours of police time and resources that could have been used following up on actual crimes. Althea Bernstein will not be held accountable for anything, she will go on with her life and probably end up profiting quite handsomely. Sure she slandered White people with her lies but that is OK in 2020, hell it is actually encouraged. Even though there was a ton of evidence pointing to her lying about the whole thing, including extensive surveillance footage showing her driving in the area with her window up and no evidence of any White guys matching this description, there are no repercussions. This can only embolden the next “person of color” who tries this hate crime hoax scam, for fame or GoFundMe money.
In 2020 anywhere you go in a city, you are on camera

The unspoken culprit of this whole fiasco is the media who endlessly warns non-White people about the existential danger of roving bands of “White supremacists”. Their lies make such ridiculous stories like Althea Bernstein’s plausible to the weak minded average citizen that keeps falling for this over and over, Jussie and Bubba Wallace and Althea Bernstein and countless others with names already forgotten. 
That closes the chapter on yet another sordid tale from the hoax hate crime files but I am sure it won’t be the last one. As long as people can lie about being the victims of “racist hate crimes”, they will continue to make up fanciful stories and the same dumb-asses will keep believing them.


  1. jl

    At the very least this dimwitted agitator should spend 72 hours in stocks in the Town Square. That will give her some time to think about consequences of one's actions.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Nothing will happen to her, her family will keep the money from her GoFundMe, we will never find out how she was really burned and she likely will have a profitable career in race hustling.

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