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The Circus Begins

This morning at 9 AM the confirmation hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett kicked off. I listened to Lindsey Graham, the Republican chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary give a tepid and conciliatory “RBG was wonderful, can’t we all just get along” opening statement followed by wizened old bat Diane Feinstein basically accusing ACB of wanting to kill people. The Democrats are laser focused on Obamacare, thinking that might rally their base in November as they know that the confirmation for judge Barrett to become Justice Barrett is pretty much in the bag. I have the livestream on mute right now because listening to cranky old people grandstanding is more than I can deal with today. As I am typing Patrick Leahy of Vermont is droning on while Fox News is focusing the camera on Graham. Gah. 
Some thoughts.
First, this is all a sham and a waste of time. Since Robert Bork, no one is going to say anything controversial or honest in these hearings. It is just a chance for political posturing and preening, an opportunity for politicians to get their faces on camera. The Democrats have all kinds of placards and posters with pictures of little kids and quotes from Mitch McConnell and graphs. It looks like a high school debate club meeting. 
Second, this really isn’t about Amy Coney Barrett or the seat she is filling. Democrats see this as a chance to whip up Democrat voters into a frenzy. They aren’t talking about abortion as much as usual, they are mostly trying to scare minority voters that they will lose their health “insurance” if ACB is confirmed. This is all about 2021. If Biden wins as the Democrats are assuming, they will use the confirmation of Barrett as a pretext for packing the court even though that is something they were going to do anyway. “We have to add seats to protect health care, if we don’t 3 1/2 billion Americans will die!”
Third, I have to point out once again that the people running this country are imbeciles and ancient to boot. Senator Graham is a baby at only 65 years old. Diane Feinstein was born in 1933, 8 years before the U.S. entered World War, making her 87 years old. Republican Chuck Grassley is also 87. Democrat Patrick Leahy is 80. Democrat Dick Durbin is 76. These people should be retired somewhere warm, instead of mucking about in the U.S. Senate. Then again, Trump is 74 and Joe Biden is about to turn 78.
Fourth, the fact that the Supreme Court has this much influence is proof that the Supreme Court has far too much influence. Legislation is supposed to be passed by the Congress and signed by the President. It is not supposed to be whipped up from thin air by the Supreme Court, a process which makes it almost impossible for the actual legislative body to reverse the decision without changing the composition of the court. Examples abound but abortion and gay “marriage” are the two best, and by best I mean worst, examples of the SCOTUS bypassing the legislative process and creating an ironclad new “right” outside of the Constitutional process. The Court should not be making law and Court appointments should not get this much attention.
Fifth, I like ACBs outfit, very classy and subdued.
This circus is going to go on all week and the fireworks and nastiness are just getting started.

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