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The Biden-Harris Gun Plan

** EDIT: Youtube deleted the video below with no reason or warning, I guess speaking about the publicly available Biden plan drawing directly from the official Biden campaign page is too scary. Fortunately I was able to download it and re-upload the video.

In July I went through the Biden platform on gun control and posted my findings in a very long post: The Future Of Gun Ownership (Or Lack Thereof). Back in July a lot of gun owners were waving off warnings about this plan, thinking the Supreme Court would save the 2nd Amendment. With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett looking like a done deal for Monday, that seems more secure but if Biden wins the Left is planning on packing the court to offset the Trump nominees.

Now that we are close to the election, I am seeing a lot more of us starting to get worried about this plan. Since many people are more visual these days, I wanted to share this video from Mrgunsandgear, one of the best Youtube creators around on firearms because it is an accessible, comprehensive look at the Biden-Harris plan.
The title says it all: Joe Biden 2020 Gun Policy: Millions Of Law Abiding Americans Will Become Felons
If Biden wins, it will kick off a moment of decision for tens of millions of gun owners. Comply with un-Constitutional, unjust laws aimed at disarming the American people or find yourself becoming a criminal who has never committed a real crime.
Watch and share this video with friends and family, especially those who think that a Biden win won’t mean any changes to firearms ownership in America.
The time to decide who to vote for and to decide what you will do if the election goes against us is right now.


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