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More Social Media Censorship

A new video surfaced that apparently shows Hunter Biden engaged in a sex act with an unknown (possibly underage) woman while he is smoking crack. It comes from China and suggests that there are more videos and that the Chinese have leverage over Joe Biden. You can read the article at The Gateway Pundit: BREAKING: China‚Äôs GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

The Gateway Pundit link doesn’t have the video embedded, just a couple of screenshots showing Hunter Biden’s bare chest and him with a crack pipe in his mouth.

You apparently can’t share it. I shared it on Twitter and two seconds later got this message:

I went to my email for that account and sure enough, Twitter bopped me for sharing an “intimate” video even though what I shared didn’t contain any intimate videos.

It happened in a matter of seconds so the system must be automatically blocking anyone who shares that link.
I wonder if Buzzfeed posted an article containing a link to something naughty about Donald Trump, Jr. would Twitter prevent people from sharing it and locking their account for 12 hours?
You don’t need to answer that, we all know the answer.
I’ll have to save my snarky tweets until tomorrow morning.

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