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Don’t Mess With Dark Helmet

Rick Moranis, the Canadian comic known for his roles in Spaceballs, Ghostbusters and Honey I Shrunk The Kids, as well as my personal favorite Streets Of Fire, was assaulted at random in an unprovoked attack in New York City. Because Rick is a famous and beloved comedic actor, the NYPD is working overtime and has already released a photo of his assailant:

Well that is shocking. At least he 💗 New York and is wearing a mask.
Again, because Moranis is famous it is almost certain this guy will be arrested quickly and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As is so often the case in assaults featuring these demographics, the man who assaulted Moranis was much larger and younger than the 67 year old, 5’6″ (being generous) actor and he attacked him without warning or provocation. What a tough guy! He screwed up by punching a famous person. If he had attacked a random non-famous White person, he would likely have gotten away with it. 
These sort of attacks, called “The Knockout Game”, invariably feature a young black man or men who assault a White person at random, most often sucker punching them. It has been going on for years but the media ignores it because of the respective races involved.
As I have written before, black on White violent crime occurs Once Every Minute in America and accounts for 90% of interracial violent crime. You wouldn’t believe this, and most people don’t, based on the media but it is true. White people are not generally a threat to blacks, the exact opposite is true. White people are not attacking homosexual black actors in the middle of the night in Chicago or setting biracial teenagers on fire in Wisconsin. Most White people avoid blacks like the plague because of the unspoken understanding in America that blacks are far more likely to be violent toward Whites, and unpredictably so, than the opposite.
Rick Moranis is fortunate in that as a famous actor his assailant will be quickly identified and arrested but for most White people attacked in America by blacks, there is no justice forthcoming. 
In a sane nation, the reality of black violent crime would be front and center in any Presidential debate but as you know, we don’t live in a sane country so instead the President of the United States is manipulated into condemning non-existent “White supremacists” over and over.
People are not going to take this much longer.


  1. Anonymous

    My wife and I are currently enjoying a long weekend getaway on the east end of Long Island. Since arriving out here two days ago, the only dark faces we've seen in the bustling little town are the hispanic maids at the Inn where we are staying. Our home town is quite lily-White, too, but not this shockingly pale.

    Its nice. Very, very nice.

    We went to the shoreline yesterday in late afternoon to wait for and then photograph the sunset. While relaxing in the area, a "gang" of young people congregated, half in masks and half not. All of them White teenagers, probably high schoolers. They were relatively quiet, and after gathering at a particular spot, they suddenly dashed off in all directions, meeting up again at the same spot ten minutes later. They did this repeatedly, obviously playing some sort of game, using their iPhones.

    I asked my wife if she felt at all threatened by their presence. "Of course not," she said. She actually passed right through their midst to throw out some garbage and a few of them bid her good afternoon. Then I asked her, "What if they were black?"

    Stunned silence. She didn't know what to say. But her silence spoke volumes. Its the silence we ALL speak, everyday, all day long. America is not really threatened by any foreign power. Not even China. Our enemies abroad are just waiting patiently for the terrorist threat within to take this once-mighty nation down. One sucker-punch at a time.

    I wish we could afford to live in this quaint, idyllic, polite little burg, where it's achingly White and safe from the savages. For now.


  2. Arthur Sido

    We stay out of areas that are "diverse" if at all possible. It just isn't worth it. Either you risk becoming the victim of interracial violent crime or if you defend yourself it is likely you are the one who ends up in prison. It isn't right or just that we can't go so many places in the nation our people built but that is reality.

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