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Come See The Violence Inherent In The System

Human beings by nature tend to be stubborn and contrary, and people of European descent are especially so. When you talk about Americans, general cussedness is part of our heritage. We had a revolution because of a small tax on tea, then we had a civil war where we killed more of each other than the number of Americans that died in any other war. Our governing document has built right into it the right for Americans to be critical of their government, show up to bitch at them if we are unhappy and reserving the right to arm ourselves if we decide to depose that government.
That is a problem for people who want to rule over us without our consent. They know it and have been at work for decades to eliminate this “problem”. 
The main tactic has been replacement, discouraging heritage Americans from having children via abortion and birth control, and creating the mindset of children as an expense to be avoided. At the same time, the system subsidizes poor decision making from non-Whites who are disproportionately likely to have large families that are dependent on the government. The most insidious means involves mass migration from the Third World coupled with the ridiculous concept of “birthright citizenship” where any women that manages to get inside the borders of the United States can give birth to a child that automatically becomes “American” by virtue of being delivered in the U.S. The net result of this plot is that at a minimum the 2020 election will be the last in American history where the historic American people descended from European ancestors will be the majority of the eligible voting population. 
Secondary strategies have been a steady undermining of the right to free speech, creating chokepoints in the public discourse via a handful of social media companies holding de facto monopolies on political speech along with a never ending assault on the right to self-defense via enacting “gun control” laws which are a centerpiece of the “Biden” plan.
Still, the problem remains: European descended people and especially Americans are stubbornly resistant to being told what to do. Why did the Communists in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe have to viciously repress the people living in a worker’s paradise and keep them locked up behind barbed wire? Because that was the only way to keep them under control. 
Violence and terror are integral to Communism and the signaling is already loud and clear that the Left is not only considering using political violence to get their way, but are eagerly anticipating it.
Some of the latest rumblings of violence. Let’s start with the most absurd.

This guy thinks he is going to be the official videographer for the Revolution. Who is Dick Costolo? Oh, he is some tech oligarch, the former CEO of Twitter. Here is a picture of this wannabe revolutionary:

Very fierce! He looks like a rough and tumble revolutionary leader who is going to go to war! Or at least provide video commentary for other people going to war. I wonder if he could change a flat tire on his own?
Oh, Dick is also reportedly worth around $300,000,000. I guess he managed to get to a $300 million fortune some way other than being a “me-first capitalist”. That means that Dick is not just in the “top 1%” but is likely somewhere in the top 10%  of the top 1%. There are just not that many people in America, much less the world, who are worth a third of a billion dollars. Like a guy with a weird sex fetish, Dick doesn’t want to actually engage in revolutionary violence, he just wants to provide color commentary while other people do. Maybe that actually is a sexual thing for him, based on his picture it wouldn’t surprise me. What a creepy freak. 
Many wannabe uber-wealthy “revolutionaries” are in for a surprise as they might find out that the hordes of resentful mestizos and blacks don’t distinguish between multi-millionaires who are “allies” and those that are not.
The next article is getting a lot of play in the interwebz. It is telling that an article about political violence is topped by a picture of a “Proud Boy” shooting a paintball at Leftist, rather than the ample photographic evidence of Leftists attacking people or burning buildings. No bias there.
Viewed in this light, the events of this summer are especially worrying. Competing protesters from the right and left have clashed violently in Portland, Ore.; Kenosha, Wis.; and Louisville. Left-wing extremists have repeatedly laid siege to federal buildings in Portland, and on several occasions, armed right-wing protesters entered the State Capitol in Michigan.
Notice the way they conflate two completely different events. In Michigan, citizens protested completely peacefully in the state Capitol and some of them were armed, which is perfectly legal in Michigan while in Portland “protesters” tried to set Federal buildings on fire, attacked cops and destroyed dozens of businesses, something not legal in any state as far as I know. 
The intent is clear. Creating an equivalency between a completely peaceful protest by people on the political Right with an out of control violent mob action by people on the political Left. It is pretty obvious that this is bullshit. There aren’t “right-wing extremists” causing any significant political violence anywhere in America but there have been endless riots, violent “protests”, forcible occupation of public spaces including the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco and lots of people outright killed in Leftist violence. The only “right-wing violence” anyone can point to is Kyle Rittenhouse killing a pedo and some other criminal, and maiming a third criminal who was armed, and doing so in self-defense.
The most ominous comes from Paul Rosenberg writing at Salon: On the de-Trumpification of America: It definitely won’t be easy, but it must be done
“de-Trumpification” is a pretty clumsy allusion to “de-Nazification” in post-WW II Germany, a scorched earth policy by the Allies to remove any vestige of National Socialism from Germany. The message is pretty obvious: once Trump is out of office, his administration including his followers, are to be treated as the same as Nazis in the aftermath of World War II. The article even makes two references to the Nuremberg trials.
Feffer also ties this point to the example of Nazi Germany and the Nuremberg trials, where “the Allied victors put nearly 200 Nazis on trial for various crimes: 161 were convicted and 37 sentenced to death.” To follow this example, Feffer suggests that federal prosecutors should prosecute Trump and his top associates as a criminal enterprise under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Doing so could “not only remove him from the political equation but could effectively delegitimize Trumpism and prevent a second round of it from occurring.”

Yet Feffer also notes that the Nuremberg Trials did not actually delegitimize Nazism. A 1947 survey in the U.S.-occupied sector of Germany found that 55% believed that “National Socialism was a good idea badly carried out,” which included Germans under 30 as well.
Note well the part about putting Nazis on trial and sentencing 37 of them to death. The contrast is jarring to other parts of the article which talk about the need to “reduce polarization and strengthen faith in democracy” and the “goals of peace and reconciliation”. I guess there wasn’t a lot of polarization in the Soviet Union when you only had one party to vote for.
I have written before about the need to de-humanize your political opponents before you can start to advocate killing them. Calling people who are obviously not Nazis or “White supremacists” or even “racist” by those names isn’t accidental. It is a calculated maneuver to make it easier in the minds of people who have been taught that killing people is wrong to start to see it as OK, or at least necessary. The media helps with the endless drumbeat of sensationalized reports whenever a black man is killed by police while suppressing stories of black on White violence. The case of Rick Moranis getting punched in the head by a random black dude this last week was fascinating because so many people seemed shocked by it. “What the hell, he was just walking along and minding his own business when that man punched him for no reason!”. The average normie is outraged by the callousness of it but they also seem oblivious to the fact that this is pretty common, almost always black on White and has been going on for years. The net result is that Americans by and large think this country is full of racists out hunting black folk (see: Lovecraft Country) and maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to put them on trial and maybe imprison or even execute a few million.
When you start talking about holding show trials and sentencing political opponents to death, you have crossed over a line into very dangerous territory indeed. Salon isn’t some random hack webzine, it has been around since 1995 and is widely read by the Left. Thinking along these lines is becoming mainstream for liberals. As I said, this isn’t just another election, at least for the Left. They see this as a literal war and they fully intend to win and then to punish and crush their opponents so they never rise again. Arresting Trump and his entire family, doing the same for prominent administration officials, re-education camps to break people of “Trumpism”. One idea floated in the article was “to make it illegal for judges to be members of the Federalist Society”. If you want to be a judge, you cannot belong to a conservative legal association. Think about that and remember which party is supposed to be full of “fascists”. Of course a ban of that sort violates any number of aspects of the Constitution but the Constitution isn’t going to be relevant much longer. What is legal or illegal will depend on what the elite power brokers say on any given day.

The Left is full of upper middle aged, childless wine aunties declaring themselves ready to take up arms against the “Nazis” and soft little soyboys like Dick Costolo who think that being a “woke” hundreds of millionaire will save them from the mobs. It is also full of angry people who think that the world owes them a six figure salary because of their B.A. in Gender Studies and the humiliation of being a barista fills them with rage. Those are the dangerous ones. Individually they are pussies, like Peter Alvaro the faggy looking Assistant Professor at UC- Santa Cruz who tweeted in 2019 that all he wanted for his birthday was White genocide. What Peter really wants for his birthday probably involves some sort of degenerate sexual act but anyway he isn’t going to be taking up arms. The people who listen to him? Those are the wannabe Commies who break windows and push over garbage cans but even those types can be dangerous in large groups. Their already seething anger at being losers in the game of life is inflamed by the media pushing the “White supremacist” narrative and endlessly treating every encounter with police and black men as some sort of racist oppression.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just another election. They don’t. We are not going to cast our votes and then sit down to watch the results and go to bed knowing who will be President next year.
The Leftists are not going to accept an election result they don’t like, not this time. These nuts have been melting down since Trump won in 2016 and a second Trump win is already promising widespread violence in response. Like people in Jonestown, they know what is coming but they are so mentally committed to the cause that they will tip up the cup and drink the Kool-Aid. The same people who screech about “assault weapons” and roving bands of “White supremacists” are also talking about open warfare and they have to know that isn’t going to go well, not for them or for anyone. 
It doesn’t matter because Orange Man Bad. When your entire existence is invested in Trump being the Devil incarnate, it is impossible to pull back from the brink. They are going over the edge and taking the country with them, even as they must know that the people they claim to care so much about (black, mestizos, women, homosexuals) are likely to suffer the most, just as they do now. Those evil rednecks out where I live? We will be mostly fine but people living in the cities, who tend to be Democrats, are going to suffer and bleed.
They don’t care. Even if it costs millions of lives, if they think it will rid the world of the stain of Orange Man it will be worth it. Their system is based on violence and terror and it cannot exist without it. Gulags and mounds of skulls are not a bug in their system, they are a feature.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    " 'E must be a king. "E hasn't got shi all over him." (Not sure how to type that swallowed final T in "shit." You know, it IS English … tough to understand why those Britishers speak it as poorly as they do. "Al-you-min-eee-um," indeed.)

    Yeah, I'd also doubt Dick's ability to change a tire, and we need to be clear, when we say he's "worth" a third-of-a-billion dollars, what that does — and doesn't — mean. The current, largely fictitious value of his portfolio of paper might be $300M, and — under current conditions — that gives him access to many luxuries and privileges. If (when) current conditions change, Dick may wish he had been proficient in changing tires, or doing something else that's useful to people and that they're willing to give him a couple of potatoes for.

  2. Arthur Sido

    People like Dick are going to be some of the first to go into mass graves, the mob is already starting to howl for the head of Jess Bezos. All those shares of Amazon stock aren't going to save him.

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