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An Important Reminder: Elections Still Have Consequences

Last evening, President Trump’s third and hopefully not final nominee for the United States Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, was confirmed and sworn in as Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

This is pretty significant. In my late 40s, this is by far the most reliably “conservative” SCOTUS in my lifetime. Gone are David Souter and Sandra Day O’Connor. There is what should be a solid 5 vote majority on the side of the Constitution and original intent with Barrett, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Alito plus Roberts who is about 50/50 on most issues.

Gun rights groups are already mobilizing to challenge statute after statute, hoping to get cases in front of the new court. I assume pro-life groups are doing the same.
Democrats are publicly apoplectic. 
Assuming, rightly, that most people don’t know that the “nuclear option” was put in place by former Democrat Senate Majority Harry Reid. 
This morning, a week before the 2020 election, it is critical to remember that if “conservatives” like David French and Bill Kristol had their way in 2016, some hapless sack of shit like Marco Rubio would have been the GOP nominee and would have lost badly but gracefully to Hillary Clinton and instead of a third Trump Justice, we would have at least 3 Hillary Clinton chosen Justices, each one far more radical than even Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
By a relatively tiny handful of votes, the Supreme Court went far one way instead of going in the opposite direction. If nothing else, that made Trump’s win in 2016 worthwhile and it makes out votes next week meaningful.
2020 isn’t a time for grandiose appeals to the aesthetics of not voting for Trump or standing on fake “principles”. Your decision to not support Trump will be of little comfort if he loses and our freedoms are crushed into dust by the totalitarians in waiting. You won’t get a pass on keeping your modern sporting rifle and your semi-automatic handgun with a 12 round magazine because you agree that Orange Man Bad.
Yes, I get that the Deep State is running most of the country and that most elected officials are part of the uniparty but it does make a difference, for now, that we have the Supreme Court of this morning rather than the Supreme Court Hillary would have created.
At least for one more time, elections have consequences. Don’t waste your last time voting in a semi-real election.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    That middle-finger urge proved strong. I mailed in my ballot yesterday. So, I'm guessing some lefty postal worker, or some commie down at the election board, is busy "correcting" it right now. Oh, well …

  2. Jim Wetzel

    By the way, correctly completing the absentee ballot doesn't require a three-digit IQ, but those with IQs of room temperature and below will find it / have found it challenging. If the mail-in ballot counting is done objectively, properly, and fairly, I think a large fraction of those early Biden ballots will hit the trash can right away.



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