Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Return Of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Another day, another terror attack in France by a Muslim.

One woman was reportedly decapitated and two other people were stabbed to death on Thursday following a knife attack at a church in the French city of Nice that also left several others wounded, according to multiple reports.

As is always the case we get this...

Mayor Christian Estrosi suggested that the Thursday morning attack seemed to be terror-related, although a motive is unclear at this time. Estrosi said the attacker shouted “Allahu akbar!” -- or "God is most great" in Arabic -- repeatedly as police apprehended him and that “the meaning of his gesture left no doubt."

Seemed to be terror related? How many times do Muslims have to do the same thing over and over while shouting Allahu akbar before we can just come right out and say that Islam brings terrorism with it wherever it is found in the world?

The motive is always immediately known during the rare attacks when a White person is invovled but Muslims slaughter people around the world and we always have to avoid "rushing to judgment" or "slandering the mostly peaceful Muslim people". 

This is the third Muslim attack in France in just over four weeks and the list of attacks by Muslims in France is lengthy, highlighted by the 2016 truck attack by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel with 86 killed and 434 wounded and the 2015 Paris attacks where 131 people were killed and over 400 wounded by a gang of Muslims claiming allegiance to ISIS. But that is OK according to Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, a nation with 32 million people...

Oh. Well I have never harmed a Muslim but based on this logic I have the right to kill 3000 Muslims as retaliation for 9/11. I reported this tweet but you know Twitter won't do anything about it.

In 1944 hundreds of thousands of American troops liberated France at the cost of many tens of thousands of American lives. 75 years later, the French seem to be upset at being liberated and are doing their best to surrender their nation once more to an invading force, this time in the form of Muslims who kill, rape and destroy France and the French people. Unlike the first half of the 20th century when America rescued France twice, we are not in a position to come save them again. It seems likely that the French people and the culture of France are headed for the trash heap of history, and Paris will go from the City of Lights to another squalid Muslim ghetto.

Screw the frogs and their culture of surrender. If they want to abandon their people to the tender mercies of the Islamic savages and return to the Bronze Age, let them. We have our own problems to work out. Maybe after we rebuild America we can go and purge Europe of Islamic invaders once more but it is obvious that the French are incapable of self-governance. 

Just as obvious should be the lesson that Islam and civil society are incompatible. 

What a weak and revolting people.

Some Blackpilling From Black Pigeon Speaks

BPS reminds us that elections really don't matter all that much. The lobbyists and bureaucrats make the laws. The last four years have seen Trump, a man who claimed he was going to "drain the swamp", pounding his head against a brick wall to get anything done. Hundreds of thousands of nameless, faceless bureaucrats craft the regulations and lobbyists write laws and bribe legislators to pass those laws to benefit their own business interests and Trump has largely proven powerless to overcome this system. 

You should still vote, I will, but the problem is not a swamp to be drained but an army of ticks, lodged in and draining the American people dry. They won't be dislodged easily and it will likely require something a little more aggressive than voting to remove them from power....

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

He Wuz A Good Boy, Loving Father, Turning His Life Around, Had Mental Health Issues, etc.

According to reports, there are more than 1,000 people actively looting in Philadelphia right now. A thousand people is an insurrection, a riot. Law and order Trump should be doing something more than tweeting about this.

The trigger once again is an armed black man, Walter Wallace Jr., refusing to drop a weapon when ordered multiple times to do so by cops. I guess the cops are supposed to wait until he stabs one of them or maybe try to shoot 'em in the leg. Once again the media is being helpful by spinning this as an unjustified shooting:

"Gunned down"? The cops kept trying to retreat and he came after them anyway, they shot him because otherwise he was going to stab one of them.

The media trotted out some of his kids and one had this really compelling and eloquent statement.

"We always go places," said one child, whose name was not revealed. "He always teach [sic] me how to be a man. And these white racist cops got my own dad. And Black Lives still matter."

Saying that cops are "racist" is just reflexive for young black kids and this is a serious issue in their community. Who was this noble fellow teaching his boys to be men?


Court records obtained by the news outlet also show Wallace had a criminal history. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to robbery, assault and possessing an instrument of crime.

Authorities said he kicked down the door of another woman and put a gun to her head.

He was sentenced to 11 months to 23 months in jail. In 2013, he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and punching an officer in the face, according to the outlet. 

At least two felony violent crimes in the last few years. What a model citizen!

Once again the new order says that a black man may not be interfered with during the commission of a crime for any reason. That surely won't lead to 2021 featuring all new record high violence in our cities, erasing the records set in 2020.

Could there be better timing for Trump here, an enormous riot in Philadelphia, the largest city in the swing state of Pennsylvania, just a week before the election? 

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: The Great Reset

Whether the Chinese coronavirus was intentionally let loose on the world or if it simply escaped from a Chinese bioweapon lab through sheer incompetence, the result has been cataclysmic for the world economy. The lives lost and whether these deaths could have been avoided or if they were simply people who were probably going to die anyway is a topic for a different day. My general take on coronavirus is that it is a serious and significant disease that warrants reasonable precautions, especially for people who are particularly vulnerable but it does not warrant locking billions of health people at little to no risk in their homes indefinitely. 

What is also becoming apparent is that there is an enormous difference between the science of coronavirus as a disease and the components of the coronavirus response as a political issue. From lockdowns to masks to social distancing, the response to coronavirus has divided the American people in the same manner that almost every issue divides us.

What we see on the news with the endless reporting of new "cases" and "deaths", like some sort of macabre sports box score is just fluff, material aimed at prolonging the fear and panic and convincing average people who are in virtually no danger from coronavirus that they should cower in their homes indefinitely. What is really going on is far more serious and ominous. 

It is always the case that what you see going on in plain view has nothing to do with what is going on behind the scenes, and therefore what you are seeing is simply a shiny distraction. In 2020 the fear mongering is cover for what a group of powerful, un-elected and unaccountable oligarchs, are cooking up. They are not trying to hide what they are doing and it even has a Orwellian name:

The Great Reset

Just what the Great Reset (GR) is doing is a little murky but in a nutshell it aims to replace the existing system of government, economics and society itself with something completely new. It uses all of buzzwords but the real intent seems quite clear: creating a greater distance between the ultra-powerful elite class and the rest of humanity, not by lifting people up but by pushing more and more people down to a comfortable subsistence level or what I call high tech serfdom. You will never be able to gain independence or rise above your current station but they think it won't matter because you will be comfortable, fat, happy and entertained, shopping for cheap consumer goods online while eating fast food delivered right to your door.

I am going to publish a series of shorter articles on the Great Reset, mostly with links to other, more authoritative sources, but it is not a stretch to say that this effort by people we never had the chance to vote for and without the least pretense of consent from us has the potential to complete reshape human society and to functionally enslave most of the world's population. I don't say that as hyperbole. Let's unpack this topic and you can decide for yourself.

An Important Reminder: Elections Still Have Consequences

Last evening, President Trump's third and hopefully not final nominee for the United States Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, was confirmed and sworn in as Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

This is pretty significant. In my late 40s, this is by far the most reliably "conservative" SCOTUS in my lifetime. Gone are David Souter and Sandra Day O'Connor. There is what should be a solid 5 vote majority on the side of the Constitution and original intent with Barrett, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Alito plus Roberts who is about 50/50 on most issues.

Gun rights groups are already mobilizing to challenge statute after statute, hoping to get cases in front of the new court. I assume pro-life groups are doing the same.

Democrats are publicly apoplectic. 

Assuming, rightly, that most people don't know that the "nuclear option" was put in place by former Democrat Senate Majority Harry Reid. 

This morning, a week before the 2020 election, it is critical to remember that if "conservatives" like David French and Bill Kristol had their way in 2016, some hapless sack of shit like Marco Rubio would have been the GOP nominee and would have lost badly but gracefully to Hillary Clinton and instead of a third Trump Justice, we would have at least 3 Hillary Clinton chosen Justices, each one far more radical than even Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

By a relatively tiny handful of votes, the Supreme Court went far one way instead of going in the opposite direction. If nothing else, that made Trump's win in 2016 worthwhile and it makes out votes next week meaningful.

2020 isn't a time for grandiose appeals to the aesthetics of not voting for Trump or standing on fake "principles". Your decision to not support Trump will be of little comfort if he loses and our freedoms are crushed into dust by the totalitarians in waiting. You won't get a pass on keeping your modern sporting rifle and your semi-automatic handgun with a 12 round magazine because you agree that Orange Man Bad.

Yes, I get that the Deep State is running most of the country and that most elected officials are part of the uniparty but it does make a difference, for now, that we have the Supreme Court of this morning rather than the Supreme Court Hillary would have created.

At least for one more time, elections have consequences. Don't waste your last time voting in a semi-real election.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Birthday You Evil Bitch

This never stops being funny.

The hubris is incredible. In late October 2016, Hillary was already starting her victory lap, picking out her cabinet, preparing for her victory party in a venue with a glass ceiling. Get it, a glass ceiling? Cuz she is a woman and glass ceilings and stuff? Very subtle. But probably thanks to her cruising to a victory that didn't materialize and taking for granted the former Democrat voters among White working class voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Hillary ended up losing to Trump and now that homely little girl will never, ever grow up to be President. 

What could be better than four years after she arrogantly tweeted this out than her having to watch helplessly as the United States Senate votes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's third Supreme Court appointment and the one who will push the majority into solid pro-life standing. Hillary's hubris with a week to go before the 2016 election might be remembered as the reason Roe v Wade is overturned.

The irony is delicious and it couldn't happen to a worse human being.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

More On The Biden Gun Plan

A few podcasts from a local lawyer who specializes in 2A issues, Guy Relford "The Gun Guy". He has two podcasts up dealing with the Biden plan and the danger of having an imbecile who doesn't understand firearms, policing or use of force issues. 

Give 'em a listen.

The Biden-Harris Gun Plan

** EDIT: Youtube deleted the video below with no reason or warning, I guess speaking about the publicly available Biden plan drawing directly from the official Biden campaign page is too scary. Fortunately I was able to download it and re-upload the video.

In July I went through the Biden platform on gun control and posted my findings in a very long post: The Future Of Gun Ownership (Or Lack Thereof). Back in July a lot of gun owners were waving off warnings about this plan, thinking the Supreme Court would save the 2nd Amendment. With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett looking like a done deal for Monday, that seems more secure but if Biden wins the Left is planning on packing the court to offset the Trump nominees.

Now that we are close to the election, I am seeing a lot more of us starting to get worried about this plan. Since many people are more visual these days, I wanted to share this video from Mrgunsandgear, one of the best Youtube creators around on firearms because it is an accessible, comprehensive look at the Biden-Harris plan.

The title says it all: Joe Biden 2020 Gun Policy: Millions Of Law Abiding Americans Will Become Felons

If Biden wins, it will kick off a moment of decision for tens of millions of gun owners. Comply with un-Constitutional, unjust laws aimed at disarming the American people or find yourself becoming a criminal who has never committed a real crime.

Watch and share this video with friends and family, especially those who think that a Biden win won't mean any changes to firearms ownership in America.

The time to decide who to vote for and to decide what you will do if the election goes against us is right now.

The Current State Of The Libertarian Party In A Single Tweet

Bill Weld was the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice-President, as the running mate of Gary Johnson, in 2016. He tweeted this out a couple of days ago:

The Libertarian Party VP candidate just four years ago isn't voting for Jo Jorgensen, he is voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a pair who have promised to flush just about every issue actual libertarians care about down the toilet. Free speech? Gone. The 2nd Amendment? Gone. Smaller, more fiscally responsible government? Not just gone but burned to the ground.

He says he is choosing between Trump and "America" but what exactly is the sort of America he thinks Joe Biden is going to usher in?

How was this absolute piece of shit considered a libertarian? Does that word even mean anything in 2020?

My vote for Gary Johnson in 2016 included this fag on the ticket and is quickly becoming as embarrassing to me as my vote for John McCain.

The libertarian party is dead.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

More Social Media Censorship

A new video surfaced that apparently shows Hunter Biden engaged in a sex act with an unknown (possibly underage) woman while he is smoking crack. It comes from China and suggests that there are more videos and that the Chinese have leverage over Joe Biden. You can read the article at The Gateway Pundit: BREAKING: China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

The Gateway Pundit link doesn't have the video embedded, just a couple of screenshots showing Hunter Biden's bare chest and him with a crack pipe in his mouth.


You apparently can't share it. I shared it on Twitter and two seconds later got this message:

I went to my email for that account and sure enough, Twitter bopped me for sharing an "intimate" video even though what I shared didn't contain any intimate videos.

It happened in a matter of seconds so the system must be automatically blocking anyone who shares that link.

I wonder if Buzzfeed posted an article containing a link to something naughty about Donald Trump, Jr. would Twitter prevent people from sharing it and locking their account for 12 hours?

You don't need to answer that, we all know the answer.

I'll have to save my snarky tweets until tomorrow morning.

More Lying Media Lying

Yet another example of media manipulation. Check out this headline:

Why, that's terrible! From the article in the "conservative" New York Post:

A black Louisiana man who was sentenced to life in prison after stealing hedge clippers in 1997 was granted parole Thursday.

Fair Wayne Bryant, 63, will get a conditional release following a 3-0 vote of the Louisiana Committee on Parole that comes after he spent 23 years behind bars for the theft of the garden tools from a carport storage room in Shreveport.

The case drew national attention earlier this year when a state Supreme Court panel denied his release despite a dissenting opinion from the court’s only black justice, who called the case a “modern manifestation” of Jim Crow laws.

Kudos to the NY Post for not capitalizing "black" as demanded by the media overlords. 

If this man was sentenced to life in prison because he stole hedge clippers that would indeed be an injustice. But as usual, that isn't the whole story. Later we read:

Bryant received the harsh sentence because he was convicted as a habitual offender. His record lists 22 arrests and 11 convictions, among them four felonies that included an attempted armed robbery in 1979.


So the real story is that Mr. Bryant was a four time convicted felon, with 7 other criminal convictions and almost two dozen arrests, who finally ran into a judge who had enough and sentenced him to life because it was clear at the time he was going to spend the rest of his miserable life committing escalating felonies until he got killed or killed someone else. He probably should have received a stiff sentence to keep him off the streets a long time before he was busted trying to steal hedge clippers.

Yes, boohoo he had a drug habit but that doesn't change the fact that he was a dangerous felon. It sounds like he got clean and got right with Jesus in prison. More important, he wasn't committing more felonies. 

Best case scenario, Fair Wayne Bryant has turned his life around. At 63 he hopefully won't revert back to a life of crime and can have a couple of decades of making amends for being a criminal. I sincerely hope he has a productive, sober, crime-free life. 

But he wasn't sentenced to life in prison because he stole some hedge clippers. He was sentenced to life in prison because he had 11 prior convictions, 4 of them felonies, when he was arrested again for his attempted theft. It is safe to assume that if he was arrested 22 times and convicted 11 times, he probably committed far more crimes that he wasn't arrested for. Perhaps hundreds of crimes.

People have a right to not live in constant fear of criminals who commit crimes over and over again. The right of regular law abiding citizens should trump the rights of those who spend their life committing crimes.

Why is this story of a career criminal, a four time felony convicted convict from Louisiana, receiving attention from a news outlet in New York City? 

The answer is simple. The media like to advance the theory that black people are arrested for no reason and when convicted are given unfair sentences just for being black. The truth is that A) blacks are arrested more often because they commit crime more often and B) are often sentenced to longer sentences because they have a lengthy criminal backgrounds (see point A).

Saying that makes people have the sadz so we can't say it and it also doesn't advance the idea of America being an awful place full of awful (White) people, so awful in fact that people that aren't White are trying to come here from countries with no White people.

Why are they doing this when it is poor reporting and dishonest, not to mention harmful to the social fabric of America?

In general because the media, like Joe Biden, hate America and especially hate Americans. Joe Biden let slip that he thinks America is just an idea, one we have never lived up to. On the other hand, people like me and most normal Americans for most of our history knew we had flaws but were still the place everyone else wanted to come and start a new life. America was the land of opportunity and as millions of immigrants have proven, if you work hard you can build a great life thanks to the structures put in place by the colonialists, pioneers and founders of America, that you can build something great in America.

The media? They want to see this country torn to the ground, including ironically principles like a free press, and replaced with something new where they think they will be on the top of the heap. I guess they don't remember how journalism looked in the Soviet Union.

Stories like this are the reason no sane person in America trusts anything the media says.

We don't call them the Lügenpresse for nothing.

Oh, That's Right

Recently Jorge Bergoglio, aka "Pope Francis", declared in what were supposedly unscripted comments from a documentary, an apparent approval for homosexual civil unions:

“You can’t kick someone out of a family, nor make their life miserable for this,” the pope said. “What we have to have is a civil union law; that way they are legally covered.”

Suddenly liberals love Catholicism, the same liberals who hate Amy Coney Barret because she is just a little too serious about her Catholic faith. Once again the old joke "Is the Pope Catholic?" has become a serious question. 

This has left American clergy scrambling to explain away Jorge's apparent declaration. The Bishop of Toledo, who oversees the parish my wife and I were married in, "The Most Reverend Daniel E. Thomas

Catholics and non-Catholics alike should understand that unscripted comments expressed by a pope in a media interview for a film are not an official and authoritative exercise of the papal teaching office.  The pope’s recent comments should be weighed within the context of prior official papal and Magisterial teachings, avoiding the spread of misinformation, misinterpretation of settled Church teaching, and misleading headlines.

That is the old "ex cathedra" dodge, where the "Pope", who is supposed to be the "Vicar Of Christ" or the earthly representative of Jesus, can say something completely wrong and against the teachings of the Catholic church as long as he isn't saying it "officially". Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, RI made an even stronger statement:

The Holy Father’s apparent support for the recognition of civil unions for same-sex couples needs to be clarified. The Pope’s statement clearly contradicts what has been the long-standing teaching of the Church about same-sex unions. The Church cannot support the acceptance of objectively immoral relationships. Individuals with same-sex attraction are beloved children of God and must have their personal human rights and civil rights recognized and protected by law. However, the legalization of their civil unions, which seek to simulate holy matrimony, is not admissible.

tl;dr The Pope is wrong.

Jorge has put the Catholic faithful in a bind for his entire papacy. A South American Marxist, he seems hellbent on remaking Catholicism into something unrecognizable. 

Then you have Tim Keller, a fairly famous evangelical author and speaker, who was widely considered to be "conservative". Earlier in 2020 Tim was parroting the approved talking about the "White nationalism" phantom menace (see: Tim Keller Tilting At Windmills ). Then more recently he was going on about "White privilege". From Doug Wilson's post:

“If you have white skin, it’s worth $1 million over a lifetime,” [Keller says], “you have to say, I don’t deserve this . . . I am the product of and standing on the shoulders of other people who got that through injustice . . . the Bible says you are involved in injustice, and even if you didn’t actually do it.”

Tim Keller isn't a dumb guy so he knows that being White isn't just having "White skin". I also kind of wonder if Tim would like to go to a rural church in Nebraska or in Appalachia and explain to those people who come from generations of poverty, working in coal mines and corn fields, that they have an extra cool million in value coming to them because they are White. 

I talked about this before, while my dad is a doctor and I had a privileged upbringing, it wasn't because I am White. My dad came from deep poverty and put himself through college and medical school, raised a family, built a business and created a legacy that he will pass on to his children, financial and more importantly intellectual. There is nothing uniquely White in this unless Tim Keller thinks only White people can rise above their upbringing and raise decent kids? For more see: Repost: What My White Privilege Looked Like

Other evangelicals like J.D. Greer, current President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Russell Moore have been pushing evangelicalism steadily to the left for years, first quietly and now overtly. This is less ideological and more self-interested. The country is shifting left culturally and especially on race so staying out in front of the that trend is also staying out of the workforce. 

I have talked about this quite a bit (see for ex.: The Enemy Standing Behind You Is More Dangerous Than The One In Front Of You) but the rapid shifting on once inviolable principles by clergy is getting ridiculous and is one of the major reason I have disliked institutional religion for so long. There is something unbecoming about adult men living off of the generosity of old ladies instead of working real jobs. According to the New Testament, Paul who was an apostle still worked for a living as a tent maker and probably other professions as well. Today we have men who haven't worked a real job in decades desperately avoiding the need to find gainful employment. They sit in their office at church, spending 20+ hours writing a 30 minute sermon that people will forget as soon as they walk out of the building. I write that as someone who had a brief stint in the clergy but still worked a full time professional job.

In general, organized religion seems to be mostly a way for clever people to harness and monetize the inherent belief in a higher power, God or gods or whatever, found in most people. In my journey away from being a minister to rejecting most forms of institutional religion to finally jettisoning organized religion as a whole, there is a paralel movement by the Christian spectrum of organized religion to shift rapidly with the changing times, the exact opposite of what the Christian faith is supposed to be about. The Christian church is designed to be a bulwark against the shifting preferences of the world, not a weather-vane that spins and changes with every eddy and gust of wind.

While I sometimes miss the certitude of the Christian faith, in general I don't miss the endless hypocrisy and grifting that is the hallmark of organized and institutionalized religion. While my belief in "God" or a First Cause or what have you is as strong as ever, I have no place in my life for religiosity and clericalism. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Where Did This Guy Go?

A couple of tweets from Trump this week that hearkened back to the guy who ran in 2016....

This is the stuff that got him elected, not moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem or corporate tax cuts or clemency for black criminals. America First economic populism, foreign non-interventionism, draining the swamp. 

That should be Trump's message 24-7. Of course it would help if he had also governed that way the last four years instead of getting terrible advice from his daughter and her ghoulish husband. Still, it is a marked contrast between Trump and Biden, who is promising a return to crappy "free trade" deals, job killing regulations and flooding the country with Mexicans to depress American wages.

It is probably too late but maybe if Trump can stay on message for another week and a half, this will get through to voters in those critical Midwestern battleground states.

If nothing else, it might provide a roadmap for a future economic populist, non-interventionist. Someone like Tulsi Gabbard if she can shed the gun control crap.

There is still plenty of working Americans who want someone who will fight for them. Biden certainly isn't that guy, nor his successor in waiting Kamala Harris.

Why Democracy Is A Terrible Idea In One Tweet

First this person, Dar'shun Kendrick, is an attorney and "investment advisor". She is also an elected representative in the Georgia State House and the Chief Deputy Whip of the Georgia State House Democrats.

OK, keeping all that in mind, she also tweeted this and despite being scorched for it, has left it up.

While there might be some people, old people in North Dakota maybe, who don't know what a "coyote" is in the context of illegal aliens, pretty much every functioning adult in America does. But Dar'Shun obviously doesn't. Not only that, but 13 hours later she still has this tweet up in spite of being ratio'd into outer space.

Someone with a 80 plus IQ and a shred of self-awareness would delete a tweet with a ratio like that but I still think she doesn't get why people are mocking her unmercifully. 

So here we have someone who is both an imbecile and either so lacking in self-awareness or so full of unwarranted self-confidence (or both) who not only gets to vote but is actually a high ranking elected official in Georgia and likely will one day be in the U.S. Congress. She doesn't understand a common phrase that the President used, is clearly dumb as a bag of hammers and is so caught up in Orange Mad Bad that she doesn't take ten seconds to think before tweeting but sure, let's let her make decisions that impact the lives of people who understand what a "coyote" is.

The 19th Amendment and universal franchise will be the death of the West.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Two Weeks From Today

Yesterday was the second to last Tuesday before the election or at least what used to be known as Election Day. Now with mail-in and early voting and vast numbers of absentee ballots, millions of Americans have already voted, stretching election day out by a month. Kind of like the way Black Friday is stretching closer to summer each year.

Election Day isn't when the action will happen in 2020, unless one candidate or the other scores an enormous, insurmountable lead that night.

The real action is going to be two weeks from today, the Day After Election Day.

On the Day After we will be figuring out what comes next. 

- Does Biden win some of the must-win states for Trump like Ohio and Florida? If so, it is game over and gun stores across America are going to sell out of everything. EVERYTHING. You think it is bad now, you ain't seen nothing yet especially if the Democrats take the Senate, which I think it is unlikely but even then there are plenty of squishy RINOs who will vote for gun control. 

- Does Trump hold a huge electoral college lead? If Trump wins all of the states he won last time with significant margins and perhaps even a few he didn't like Minnesota, then things will look grim for the Left at least for the next four years. If this happens, I expect escalating and widespread rioting in urban areas and even some violence in the vicinity of the White House. I think this is the least likely scenario.

- Or what if Trump holds a slim lead but there are lots of "ballots" that keep appearing? At what point do the election results go final and then if they are contested, we could be look at a repeat of Bush-Gore in 2000 and that could end up at the Supreme Court. In this scenario, which is pretty likely, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the decision to push forward in replacing her before the election will be huge. It will also mean that if a contested election comes before the SCOTUS and if they side with Trump and name him the winner, the Left will go completely insane as they will see Trump "stealing" an election with what they consider an illegitimate SCOTUS justice in Amy Coney Barrett. In that case, I think violence is inevitable.

- Finally, if Biden holds very slim leads and has enough electoral college votes to win plus has the "popular vote", there will be demands for Trump to concede but if things are tight, I can't see him doing that especially since he has declared he expects cheating. This will also send the Left into a frenzy and again in this scenario we will see widespread violent "protests" and perhaps civil unrest up to attempts to remove Trump from the White House by force. I assume law enforcement and the military are quietly gearing up for the worst case scenarios. 

Only the first scenario, Biden winning in a landslide on election night and Trump conceding, has the potential to avoid immediate violence.

Yikes. I have always looked forward to election day, there is something almost sacred and sacramental about it but this year I am kind of dreading it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Libertarian Case For Mandating Government Funded Infanticide

As 2020 drags on, libertarians are proving once again they have plenty of energy left in their race to prove they are insane and/or just ridiculous. From editor at large of "Reason" magazine.

Well if we are going to have any government spending on health care, might as well include abortion!

Again, this is a semi-serious person with a significant libertarian audience:

2020 is going to go down as many things but one thing it quietly will be known for is being the year when libertarianism completely jumped the shark and ceased to be even a semi-serious political movement.

Why We Must Never Surrender Our Firearms

First, watch this video:


The situation in South Africa is not the same as the impending situation in the United States, of course. South Africa is a much smaller nation and has a much smaller population (55 million vs 350 million). Only around 9% of South Africans are White, about 80% are black and another 10% are mulatto or some sort of mixed-race, called "colored" in South Africa. Africa only really has two major racial groups, the White Afrikaner and blacks while the U.S. has a narrow White majority, is about 13% black and about 15% mestizo, although I think that percentage is probably low. Even when Whites in America drop below 50%, we will still be the largest racial group by a wide margin for some time to come.

Yet the comparisons still remain. Whites in America were up until recently the dominant racial group, which makes sense as we created colonies on these shores and built the greatest nation known to mankind where there was once nothing but savage nomadic tribes and wilderness. There have always been people of other races living here, most notably enslaved Africans and their descendants, but it was understood that America was a White nation created and populated by the people of European descent. As our numbers have dwindled, it looks very much like 2020 will be the last time two White men are at the top of the Presidential tickets and if Biden wins and is quickly replaced by Harris, we will have a black President for 12 out of the last 16 years.

As the prospect of Whites dropping below an absolute majority becomes a reality, there is a growing clamor for vengeance from people who never really suffered any injustice against people who never caused anyone any significant injustice.

Many on the Left are already calling for South Africa style "Truth and Reconciliation" commissions, which will feature neither truth nor reconciliation. Tucker Carlson is even talking about it and he often introduces ideas to Normiecons that were once relegated to the darkest corners of the internet ....

A lot of Boomer Fox News watchers are probably hearing about this for the first time but some of us have been talking about it for years.

The goal will be vengeance and terror, seeking to terrify people into silence while an agenda is crammed down their throats. Complain and you go on the train. I covered this in Pre-Pogrom Planning but it comes down to punishing people for not supporting the proper candidate. They are talking about putting Trump, his family and everyone who worked in his administration that didn't later betray him on trial and jailing them.

For all the "lock her up" chants, no serious person thought Hillary was going to jail but these people are deadly serious: show trial, jail time, maybe something worse? What kind of a civil society can we have when the people half of Americans voted for are put on trial for doing some of what they said they were going to do if they were elected? 

The message is pretty clear: you can only support the political figures and political positions that a handful of oligarchs and technocrats decree are acceptable.

That isn't a functioning free society, that is a banana republic.

So no, we aren't going to give up our guns because (in part) the people demanding that we do want us disarmed so they can crush us under their heels at best and put us to death at worst.

If they move forward with this, there will be a reckoning and it won't be fun for anyone.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

A Grim Milestone

I missed this the other day but here it is, from the Gun Violence Archive:

As I type this, we are on the 290th day of the year. With more than 500 mass shootings in America in 2020, that works out to 1.72 mass shootings on average every single day, or three mass shootings in America every two days.

As with the Hunter Biden scandal, in a serious nation with a core group of actual, serious journalists, this would be shouted from the rooftops and be one of the top three issues being discussed during Presidential debates. But this isn't and it won't. 

Over 500 mass shootings in America in 2020 with 2 1/2 months and the most contested election in modern history to go, that number is sure to go up and as has been the case all year, the vast majority of these shootings are in the black and other non-White communities. With tens of thousands shot and thousands killed, doesn't that seem like a more pressing problem for the black community than a handful of questionable police shootings?

Congrats "America". The diversity that is our greatest strength is rapidly changing America into something unrecognizable. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tinfoil Hat Time

In a serious country with a functioning media, the story of Hunter Biden being used as a front for Joe Biden, who might be elected President in a few weeks, to funnel funds gained by selling influence to foreign powers would be the dominant news story. No one believes Burisma hired a crackhead like Hunter Biden for their board for any reason other than as a way to pay back Joe Biden for giving Ukrainian power dealers access to the Obama White House. 

Since we don't have a functioning media and instead have a bunch of low IQ, talent-less hacks parroting back the same talking points over and over and calling it news, it is left to more fringe outfits like Zerohedge and independent people like Andy Ngo, Project Veritas and Tim Pool to do the hard work of reporting, often while being threatened with violence on one hand and heaped with scorn from "professional" journalists on the other.

That takes us to the Hunter Biden fiasco. The New York Post broke the story and immediately was trashed as a "tabloid". The NY Post has 1.8 million followers on twitter and 4.4 million followers on Facebook. It has been around for a very long time and most notably in 2020 the Post often carries stories that other outlets refuse to carry because they are counter-narrative. What the story is exposing explains how Joe Biden, a man of at best middling intellect and no practical skills to mention, someone that has been a politician for nearly half a century, has nevertheless managed to amass an enormous fortune and live like a king. In 2019 it was reported by the Washington Post that Joe Biden and his wife "Dr" Jill Biden were living in this modest home....

From the WaPo:

The Georgian-style home — from the front a brick version of the White House — once belonged to Alexander Haig, the former secretary of state. Nestled on a wooded lot in McLean, the nearly 12,000-square-foot residence has five bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, marble fireplaces, a gym and a sauna.

“Surrounded by Washington elite and sitting high above the Potomac River, there is an undeniable grandeur in the design of this home,” said the British-accented agent in a video released when it went on the market in 2015. “This property makes an imposing statement with parking for over 20 cars and creates a perfect setting for the most lavish of events.

According to the story, the rent for this place would be about $20,000 per month. Lunch pail Joe indeed. 

Where did Biden get all of this money? Sure he did speeches for up to $200,000 per gig back in the day but we also know that those high dollar speeches are often used as a way to buy influence (see: Clinton Foundation). As the meme goes, I am less concerned about someone who is rich and gets into politics than I am about someone who becomes rich after they get into politics. 

Then a new report comes out.

It sounds like Joe Biden might be named indirectly as receiving a payout from a Chinese firm, which is of course owned by the Chinese government. You have to know that China really, really wants Biden to win. It would mean an end to American resistance to Chinese unfair trade practices and also a patsy in the White House who will do the bidding of his Chinese masters. Basically what the media has falsely accused Trump of for four years is what Biden will actually be doing in the White House.

Of course the media is trying their best to cover this up, from Twitter suppressing the story completely to running scurrilous stories to deflect attention from the Democrat standard bearer in this election being implicated in a pay for access scheme that enriched him and his crackhead kid.

My theory is a little more complex. The timing here seems odd and the circumstances also seem odd. What if this is a true story released now for a reason but that reason isn't helping Trump?

Stay with me here.

The obvious plan is that Joe Biden is a safe, harmless old man, a placeholder, and his real purpose is to come across as an OK candidate for working class Whites. The intent is never for Biden to serve a full term. This talk about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump? I think it is mostly aimed at setting the stage for removing Biden next year as his mental state continues to diminish. But this incident could be the pretext for a forced resignation or even impeachment in 2021.

What if someone on the Left obtained the Biden laptop and set it up so a Republican would be the one who released it, giving them plausible deniability? What if this is all a back-up plan to build the framework to remove Biden in 2021 and give the Democrats a far more reliably Leftist President? Millions have already voted and most of those who are remaining to vote are pretty set on their candidate. 

It would be very in keeping with prior Democrat behavior to start planning for the next administration with the current election far from in the bag. This time they might be right, they have pulled out all the stops, from crashing the economy via a "pandemic" to non-stop, 24 hours a day propaganda and of course the ever present voter fraud made far worse this year thanks to "vote by mail" intended to drag out the election results. If Biden wins the electoral college on election night, the media will declare him the winner immediately. If Trump wins the electoral college on election night, the media will demand patience and caution, and the "votes" will continue to be counted until Biden "wins". To the Left, nothing matters but beating Orange Man Bad so in their twisted minds, lying and cheating is completely acceptable as long as it ends up with Trump out of office in January.

While the MAGA folks are holding huge rallies and convincing each other that this election is going to be a landslide for Trump, the Left is cheating their collective plump asses off and preparing to hold a coup, whether Trump or Biden wins. Can you imagine if Biden is removed and that whore Kamala Harris becomes President, who she would pick as her new Vice-President? Best case scenario would be someone like Pete Bootygag but more likely would be someone like Stacy Abrams.

Remember, this is 2020 and nothing is off the table, not even the Left preemptively torpedoing their own nominee weeks before the election.

A Glimmer Of Hope?

As far back as last June, I thought Florida was a huge vulnerability in the Trump re-election strategy. I wrote a post, Do The Math, that looked at the danger of losing Florida and I wrote something pretty prophetic:

Next year is going to be a great year to stock up on stuff you think might become unavailable if the Democrats win. Starting right now is an even better idea.

Even then I knew things were sketchy but of course I had no idea about the double-whammy of Chinese coronavirus and widespread rioting. Had I known I would have stocked way up on ammo and toilet paper.

Anyway, I think Florida is a big problem but here is a bright spot, maybe?

Trump isn't going to win without a huge turnout from White voters, fed up by being told they are racist and angry about the crime and destruction in our cities. The big registration from Hispanic voters is interesting in that almost half have no party affiliation and of no surprise only 4% of blacks registered GOP. The tide of blacks voting for Trump simply isn't going to happen.

Honestly I have no idea what to think at this point. There is so much misinformation and gaslighting going on but I guess we will find out in a few weeks. Until then, prepare for the worse.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fat Ass Nahtzee Hunters

Project Veritas is at it again, doing the undercover investigative journalism the media refuses to do. This time they got on camera a local Democrat operative in Colorado talking some shit about "killing Nazis" and executing billionaires. 

This individual, Kristopher Jacks: "is on the Colorado Democratic Party Executive and Central Committees"

From Nationalist Review, a brief transcript. 

“I will lie, I will cheat, I will steal. Because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment,” the video begins. “2020 is a political revolution and I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win.”

It’s going to take a strategic hit against the .1% that’s in charge, cause that’s who it is. It’s truly killing random Nazis in the street, random fucking bootlickers. So, if you want to do some Versailles shit, if you want to do some Antifa shit, you really want to change this country that way, with violence, there’s only one way to do it.

You gotta get people that are close to billionaires and start just, random billionaires start turning up dead.

He then specifically mentions Jeff Bezos by name as being on his "hit list". What is "moral" for chubby is anything and everything. Lying, killing, it doesn't matter. Meanwhile most conservatives are still operating under the political version of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules and that is why they lose over and over again.

This the organization that Democrats and the media run cover for while warning us about the phantom menace of "White supremacist domestic terrorism". Antifa is just an idea? This "idea" is talking about assassinating "random Nazis" and billionaires alike. That is inciting terrorism and violence. His employer, CenturyLink has suspended him and notified the cops and the Denver police are also aware this guy is going around talking about killing people. 

To be clear, the only thing Kristopher Jacks is going to kill is a whole bucket of the Colonel's Original Recipe or some brain cells while he smokes more dope. 

I am not sure he could walk across the street without stopping to catch his breath so he certainly isn't about to storm the beaches of Normandy. I pretty sure you couldn't wedge his fat ass into a landing craft without the assistance of a drum of Crisco.

But also again, the rhetoric he uses incites other people to do crazy stuff, like shooting at members of Congress who are practicing for a softball game. Also worth noting, a corpulent ignoramus like Kristopher Jacks thinks that anyone to the Left of Bernie is a "Nazi" so that means you and your family and your neighbors are probably "Nazis" to Jabba the Commie and therefore he thinks it is OK and quite praiseworthy to kill you. I am sure he won't feel the same way if we shoot back instead of meekly getting into the cattle cars to head off to the gulag.

The violent rhetoric is ramping up and these people are getting ready for something unpleasant on and right after election day. They won't accept a Trump win and are on record as having no qualms about killing their political opponents.

Are you starting to figure out that we are perhaps days away from widespread political violence?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Windy City Slaughterhouse

The news from Chicago continues to be grim.

In 2019, Chicago had a huge number of murders with 340 people killed in Chicago. That is near enough to say basically one murder per day in 2019. That is awful and speaks volumes about the problem of violent crime in our diverse urban settings.

Then 2020 happened.

The Chicago Sun-Times has a running tally of murders in Chicago. As of last night, the total was....


A different website I just came across thanks to Donut Operator called Hey Jackass!  has the tally at 626, not sure where the disparity comes from but they also list the total number of people shot so far in 2020 as 3,357.

Here is the map of murders as they track them....

While it feels like 2020 has lasted 33 years, yesterday was the 286th day of the year. That means by my reckoning that there have been 2.14 murders per day so far in Chicago. Put another way that means there is a murder about once every 11 hours in Chicago and even more startling, when you just look at shootings the number is incredible. From Hey Jackass! (HJ from here on)...

Someone is shot once every other hour in Chicago. Who are these gunshot victims? HJ has an answer to that as well:

The low number of identified assailants isn't surprising but with 53 identified by race (police and self-defense shootings not included) and 533 not, that isn't a great ratio. Thanks to the citizens of Chicago for helping the cops solve murders in their own damn community! Nothing says black Lives Matter quite like refusing to help prosecute people who are actually shooting and killing black people! 

One should also note that the city of Chicago is home to over 2.6 million people and the three major races are pretty evenly represented (as of 2010)

Let's do a little math. White people are about 1/3 of the population, blacks are about 1/3 and mestizos of various sort are slightly less than 1/3. When it comes to murder victims though? Of the 599 people identified by race (this is slightly out of date, HJ has it as of 9/29/20), 472 are black. That means that black folk make up almost a whopping 80% of racially identified murder victims. Mestizos are about 16%, significantly less than their population as a whole and Whites (including "others") are only about 4% of the population, compared to be 31.7% of the population of Chicago.

So who is doing the shooting? We know the answer but let's do the math anyway.

In the 53 cases where the race of the accused shooter is known, 41 are black or about 77% which is way more than double their percentage of the population. Mestizos come in with 9, about 17% and Whites/other come in with 3, or about 5.6%..

Since we know that most murder is intraracial and blacks are drastically over-represented in interracial violent crime, it is safe to assume that virtually all of the 533 unknown shooters are black. That is not "racist", it is basic deduction based on the available evidence.

Why is this not bigger news? 

As I have been pointing out for much of the year, murder concentrated in the black community is skyrocketing all over the country. Not just in huge cities like Chicago but also locally in Indiana:

Indianapolis has recorded at least 160 criminal homicides in 2020, surpassing its highest ever tally for a whole year, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

From Friday night to Sunday night in the city, seven people were slain in four separate shootings, one was stabbed to death and one died in an apparent inmate-on-inmate assault inside the Marion County Jail, the Indianapolis Star reported.

IMPD investigated 154 criminal homicide cases in all of 2019 and 159 a year earlier – the city's previous record high.

City after city in America is seeing near or above record levels of homicide and we still have 2 1/2 months to go in 2020. 

I keep banging the drum about this as a response to the endless fear mongering about the phantom menace of "White supremacist terrorism". As a reminder, there is no place safer for a black person in America than an all White neighborhood and the only real threat most blacks face in 2020 is not from cops or Whites, it is from their fellow blacks.

Too bad we don't have an actual media in America interested in something other than defeating Orange Man Bad, maybe we would get some coverage on issues like this that really matter.

Monday, October 12, 2020

The Circus Begins

This morning at 9 AM the confirmation hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett kicked off. I listened to Lindsey Graham, the Republican chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary give a tepid and conciliatory "RBG was wonderful, can't we all just get along" opening statement followed by wizened old bat Diane Feinstein basically accusing ACB of wanting to kill people. The Democrats are laser focused on Obamacare, thinking that might rally their base in November as they know that the confirmation for judge Barrett to become Justice Barrett is pretty much in the bag. I have the livestream on mute right now because listening to cranky old people grandstanding is more than I can deal with today. As I am typing Patrick Leahy of Vermont is droning on while Fox News is focusing the camera on Graham. Gah. 

Some thoughts.

First, this is all a sham and a waste of time. Since Robert Bork, no one is going to say anything controversial or honest in these hearings. It is just a chance for political posturing and preening, an opportunity for politicians to get their faces on camera. The Democrats have all kinds of placards and posters with pictures of little kids and quotes from Mitch McConnell and graphs. It looks like a high school debate club meeting. 

Second, this really isn't about Amy Coney Barrett or the seat she is filling. Democrats see this as a chance to whip up Democrat voters into a frenzy. They aren't talking about abortion as much as usual, they are mostly trying to scare minority voters that they will lose their health "insurance" if ACB is confirmed. This is all about 2021. If Biden wins as the Democrats are assuming, they will use the confirmation of Barrett as a pretext for packing the court even though that is something they were going to do anyway. "We have to add seats to protect health care, if we don't 3 1/2 billion Americans will die!"

Third, I have to point out once again that the people running this country are imbeciles and ancient to boot. Senator Graham is a baby at only 65 years old. Diane Feinstein was born in 1933, 8 years before the U.S. entered World War, making her 87 years old. Republican Chuck Grassley is also 87. Democrat Patrick Leahy is 80. Democrat Dick Durbin is 76. These people should be retired somewhere warm, instead of mucking about in the U.S. Senate. Then again, Trump is 74 and Joe Biden is about to turn 78.

Fourth, the fact that the Supreme Court has this much influence is proof that the Supreme Court has far too much influence. Legislation is supposed to be passed by the Congress and signed by the President. It is not supposed to be whipped up from thin air by the Supreme Court, a process which makes it almost impossible for the actual legislative body to reverse the decision without changing the composition of the court. Examples abound but abortion and gay "marriage" are the two best, and by best I mean worst, examples of the SCOTUS bypassing the legislative process and creating an ironclad new "right" outside of the Constitutional process. The Court should not be making law and Court appointments should not get this much attention.

Fifth, I like ACBs outfit, very classy and subdued.

This circus is going to go on all week and the fireworks and nastiness are just getting started.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Welcome To Your Future

Most of my politically aware life has been consumed with concern over the size and scope of the state. The growing influence of the government in our lives, the expansion of the intrusion into every aspect of American life and the outright murder of Americans in places like Waco and Ruby Ridge combined to make me extremely distrustful of the government.

At the same time, I generally was a good Republican in the sense of supporting pro-business policies, thinking that what was good for business was good for America. More jobs, better wages, etc.

Over time, I began to realize that I was believing a fake narrative with a false dichotomy. It turns out that the people in Big Government were the same people in Big Business and that while the regular middle and working class Americans were voting Republican to benefit Big Business, Big Business was working at odds with our interests. 

Today it is hard to distinguish between what far left political groups advocate for and what big business advocates for. We get inundated every year with corporate logos in rainbow colors to celebrate men sodomizing other men. We get endless corporate virtue signaling about "racism" and "black Lives Matter", like Discover card giving black owned restaurants $5 million. Sure White owned restaurants are struggling too thanks to coronavirus but corporate America is deeply invested in replacing White Americans with easy to manipulate new consumers. 

If you are paying attention, it is clear that Big Business and Big Government, along with Big Education, Big Religion, Big Media, Big Entertainment, etc. are all firmly opposed to the health and well-being of middle and working class heritage America. 

Our political world is not a struggle so much between capitalism and socialism. We haven't had a really capitalistic system in my lifetime. Our war is between the elites and the underclass they perpetuate versus average people. Marxism was never intended to create true equality between people, it was a way to remove the existing system and replace it with one where a different small group of oligarchs rule over the rest of humanity who would dwell in poverty and misery. In the places where Communism was tried, there was a clear distinction between the people at the top who have chauffeurs and vacation homes and lives of luxury and the remainder of the people who were crushed and abused. 

What is unfolding now in America and across the west is more of a fusion between Communism and crony capitalism. In the place of "workers" the proletariat will be consumers. This is already on display in China. 

China is home to a ton of billionaires, the 2nd most in the world, and much of the world's consumer good production. It is also home to more than a billion people who work at near slavery conditions and live in constant terror of their own government. China brags that they have 300 million Chinese living in the "middle class" (10-60k per year) which sounds impressive until you remember that there are over 1.3 billion people in China so that means that around a billion Chinese live on well under $10,000 per year. These are the people who slave away to make consumer goods for Westerners that they could never afford to buy for themselves. I often wonder what the workers in Chinese factories think of Americans as they make us expensive electronic gadgets to replace the electronic gadgets they made for us last year. The per capita GDP of the massive Chinese economy is lower than Mexico's. 

Basically China has a small ruling oligarchy made up of corporate titans and Party apparatchiks, a sizable middle class and an enormous underclass ruled by fear and the threat of violence. There is incredible wealth being generated by Chinese industry but it is mostly concentrated in a small number of elites.

Now look at America.

The middle and working class have been squeezed for decades. As a kid, there were working class families mixed in with professional families in our neighborhood. My dad was the town doctor, putting us at the top of the economic pyramid. My next door neighbor was a corporate executive who made a very nice living (but spent most of his time in beat up bib overalls working in the yard). Two houses down was my best friend growing up, his dad worked in a factory on the night shift and repaired cars in his garage and his mom was a bank teller. Today on the road where I grew up, the houses are all priced way out of the reach of most working class families. Factory jobs have been shipped overseas for most of my life, replacing decent wages for American workers with slave labor wages in Asia. More and more people are working either in meaningless office jobs or in the service industry. These jobs don't produce anything or add any value, they simply tack additional costs on other labor. What drives our economy is less producing and more consuming, people selling and people buying stuff made overseas. Massive companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon don't produce anything, they buy cheap consumer goods from China, add a mark-up for profit and resell those goods.

In general, you aren't going to make much money as an employee of places like Wal-Mart or Amazon and you really shouldn't. You aren't adding any value. Stocking a shelf or accepting payment from a consumer is just an expense. It adds nothing of value. A 17 year old kid opening a cartoon containing Fruit Loops and putting those boxes on the shelves hasn't created anything. Now a carpenter? He takes raw materials, lumber and other building supplies, applies labor and expertise to turn plywood and 2x4s into a house. The 2x4s he uses were once raw timber that was cut into boards by a sawmill. The raw timber used to be a tree that someone scouted out, cut down, cut into manageable pieces and trucked to the sawmill. The process of turning a pine tree into a house is adding value. 

Running consumer goods past a scanner and giving the consumer a total? That isn't adding any value. It is mostly necessary, for now anyway, but it is just a drain on profitability. It is also the economic model that our overlords have decreed for the American economy. A few weeks back I wrote about the exploding wages of retail workers and what that means for the economy at large. When everyone works for Wal-Mazon as clerks, delivery drivers and stock boys, it is pretty hard to strike out on your own. Apart from people in professional jobs, the people who tend to be the wealthiest outside of the government/corporate structure are entrepreneurs. Contractors, business owners, that sort of thing. Hard work usually pays off, which explains why so many Amish I know with 8 years of pretty light schooling are also incredibly wealthy.

That has been the model of upward mobility in America. Work hard and pass on wealth to your kids, start a business your son takes over and a few decades ago, families scrimping and saving to send the children to college. 

That model is mostly broken. Everyone goes to college now and obtains a meaningless four year degree before entering a workplace already saturated with young people with useless college degrees and no discernible job skills (a sense of entitlement is not a marketable skill in most industries). Small business owners have been losing ground for a long time. When you had to mail in a check to a "mail order" catalog and hope they had what you wanted, with a weeks long turnaround, local shops could compete. Now with Amazon who has better prices and selection and sends you anything you can imagine in two days, why would you shop in a store except in an emergency? Small hardware stores are dying out, slowly crushed by online shopping and monster big box stores. Sure the big home improvement stores are staffed by surly college grads with no people skills who know nothing about their products but at least it is cheap. Libertarians think this is great because it improves profitability and profit is the greatest public good but it sucks for sane people.

People sense things are jacked up. Older people are running out the clock, people my age are getting angry as we see the world we grew up in being destroyed and younger people are realizing that their future is working in a low wage, meaningless service job. Things like building wealth and a future for their own children seem to be out of reach.

The response has been different but also similar. 

Older people voted for Trump and his promise to make America great again, and combined with talk of a wall we knew what that meant. It meant a return to a high trust, more homogeneous society. In retrospect I think most Trump voters understand now that it was all an illusion but it was a last gasp effort.

Younger people first openly embraced socialism via Bernie Sanders, a rich old Jewish guy who has never worked a day in his life. Now it seems like Bernie isn't nearly radical enough. You can't blame them entirely, they have been fed propaganda their whole lives where the entire 20th century was about American "racism" and the Holocaust and virtually nothing about the totalitarianism of the Soviets and the ChiComs. Stuff like this doesn't help:

As the politicized coronavirus response has laid waste to many small businesses, the largest corporations and the wealthiest Americans are raking it in. Look at that chart. Bezos owns Amazon and coincidentally as the virus response kept people out of small stores, Amazon sales were great. Gates and Zukerberg, two tech oligarchs along with Ballmer, Ellison and Page.

Bottom line:

Corporate America is entirely on the side of Big Government on every significant issue: race, immigration, sexual degeneracy, everything but tax policy. There isn't a free market in America, hasn't been for a long time and overwhelmingly Big Business doesn't want free markets. They want markets controlled by their symbiotic partners in government.

That rather overlong introduction brings us to Yelp. Last week the online review company declared that any businesses who were deemed to be possibly "racist" will be branded er made to wear a yellow star er labelled a naughty business on their review.

Here is how this apparently works. Some media hacks run a story about a business being "racist". It won't matter how accurate the story is or whether it is politically motivated or not. Just the accusation will be enough to justify being labelled a "Business Accused Of Racist Behavior". 

Just get a load of that mealy mouth crap. A business "accused" of "racist behavior"? That is Soviet level discourse. A mere accusation apparently is adequate to get your blacklisted (pun intended) by Yelp and since most normie Whites are terrified that anyone think them racist, you can bet that Whites will be checking Yelp

If you don't think this will be abused by race hustlers, you are an idiot. The Left is already putting together a hit list:

The list is being prepared by the same ANTIFA group is that "responsible for organizing the violent Portland riots," according to the Post Millennial. In fact, Tweets from the group compiling the data suggests that ANTIFA members submit "non-friendly" businesses, "AKA any company that's hanging blue lives garbage in their store or anything else that's anti the BLM movement". 

So, in essence, Black Lives Matter is now being granted the power to shut down whatever businesses it doesn't like. And remember, this is supposed to be the anti-fascist group.

You can be sure that race hustlers like Benjamin Crump and Shaun King, along with the OG race grifters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, will be hitting up businesses for "donations" to avoid getting reported as being "racist".

This is dangerous stuff. According to Wikipedia:

As of the second quarter of 2019, Yelp reported having a monthly average of 61.8 million unique visitors via desktop computer and 76.7 million unique visitors via its mobile website. As of June 30, 2019, Yelp stated on their Investor Relations page that it had 192 million reviews on its site.

That is a monthly average of over 138 million unique visitors. Whether that is accurate or not, there are millions of people who make buying decisions based at least in part on Yelp reviews. 

Since anything and everything is racist, that means that any company that doesn't toe the line on what is allowed on a given day can be reported and blacklisted, costing them business and if there is anything true about American businesses it is that they are cowardly and terrified of any bad press. There will be pressure to hire internal "monitors" who will make sure none of their employees are engaged in "racist" behavior, which will extend to employees personal social media accounts. Since being a Republican automatically makes you "racist".....well, you know what that means. Shut up about your politics, even in your personal life, or lose your job. 

The government won't even have to suppress free speech that runs counter to the prevailing narrative, they simply will subsidize Big Business to do their dirty work for them.

Big Business has picked a side and it isn't our side. The conservative movement needs to figure this out.