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Wilma Hochstetler: Say Her Name

The story is all too familiar despite the media attempts to hide these stories from view.

Johnathan and Wilma Hochstetler, a Mennonite couple from Indiana, were in Indianapolis late at night changing a tire and fixing the wiring on a trailer. The couple has four children and their youngest, a six year old boy, was with them. He witnessed what happened next.

They were approached by two men who rather than offering to assist this couple like any decent human beings would do, instead robbed the couple at gunpoint. They took their wallets and her cellphone, which I assume they gave up without a struggle. The two thugs walked away, robbery complete. The couple was frightened of course but at least it was over.

It wasn’t.

Despite having what they wanted, wallets and a phone, the men apparently stopped and turned around, and shot Wilma, killing her instantly, and also Jonathan who suffered severe injuries. This family of decent people are now shattered.

Four children will grow up without their mother. A six year old boy will have to deal with being there as his mom was murdered and his father shot, and he apparently helped his dad call 911.

The father of her husband, Sam Hochstetler, read a message of forgiveness that let slip the detail we all already assumed:

“I feel no hatred, bitterness, anger, nor revenge towards the two black men that murdered my daughter-in-law,” Sam said. “I extend forgiveness for the two murderers. Revenge only begets more violence. My heart’s desire for them is that they would repent, to fall on their faces before the Lord Jesus, and cry out for mercy for their own souls’ sake.” 

That is what one would expect from an Anabaptist. As for me? I don’t agree with the sentiment, not any more. These men who shot her in the face are not contrite and searching for forgiveness. They most likely don’t think they did anything wrong. 

Forgiveness is all fine and dandy but these two men need to be found and either locked up forever or shot dead. Left on the street, it is only a matter of time before they murder someone else, either in anger or in this case just for sport. In a just nation, these men would be swiftly identified and after a trial be strung up to swing in the public square as a warning to others to maybe think before impulsively robbing and murdering decent people.

Wilma will be quickly memory-holed by the media. As of tonight, a White woman murdered in front of her husband and her six year old child in Indianapolis warrants exactly one mention from the hometown Indianapolis Star:

One whole story from the 17th.

Meanwhile, Kenosha rapist Jacob Blake?

Five pages of mentions for a rapist in Wisconsin.

George Floyd?

He gets five pages of mentions, at least, for a violent career criminal who died of a drug overdose while fighting with cops after committing yet another crime. 

Then hometown “hero” Dreasjon Reed, a black man killed while shooting at cops who has nevertheless become a martyr to the local black community and liberal White media alike.

He gets five pages as well and I assume in all three cases that five pages is the most results their search engine will return.

Wilma Hochstetler, a White Mennonite woman, who has never done anything but be kind of people her whole life, murdered by a pair of black men?

One story, soon to be forgotten, swept under the rug like the rest of the hundreds of thousands of Whites who are victims of black-on-White interracial violence every sixty seconds in America.

Her husband Johnathan , a father and business owner who employs other people and works hard for his family? Shot in the face by black thugs who probably have never worked an honest day in their lives and facing a life of devastation from the loss of his wife and trying to raise their four children on his own.

Her little six year old boy who watched his mother gunned down by animals and helped his father call 911? That poor boy is going to have nightmares for a lifetime. I guess we should look on the bright side, I doubt the two blacks who shot his parents knew he was there or they likely would have shot the little boy as well.

Her three other children, daughters who need their mother and were learning how to be mothers and wives from her example? They get to step into the void and try to keep things together while their father recovers and they bury their mother.

I don’t know the Hochstetler family but I know lots of families like them. They probably would never want to say the things I am saying, their faith and tradition forbids it. Johnathan’s father can talk about forgiveness and I respect that but right now I am incensed that once again we see the same pattern repeated over and over of black violence taking the life of a White person and the media not only ignoring it, not only pretending the opposite is true but also lionizing as heroes people like Dreasjon Reed, Jacob Blake and George Floyd. The media doesn’t care about Wilma dying because she is White and a decent person but they will go out of their way to fan the false flames of racial resentment among blacks and unjustified racial guilt among Whites because their agenda is and has always been undermining the American people.

Remember your ABCs:

Always BCarrying

Be on alert, all the time and especially in “diverse” neighborhoods. Never turn your back, never let down your guard. Best of all, stay away from those neighborhoods.

It is open season on decent Americans. Don’t be a victim.

It is hard to not write the words I really want to write, to say the things I really want to say.

Wilma Hochstetler was a good person. She deserved better. Her family deserved better. Her killers deserve justice, swift and severe. 

America deserves better than seeing people like the Hochstetler’s devastated while pieces of garbage get streets named after them.

Say Her Name


  1. Arthur Sido

    Indianapolis is going through a pretty violent summer, like every other city in America. You should always carry. Always. I even carry when I am driving from one Amish place to another because you never know.

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