Saturday, September 19, 2020

We Are Now At DefCon Spicy

A little over 11 years ago, Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts died of cancer. Even though Ted Kennedy was a garbage human who murdered at least one woman, was a drunk and a womanizer and helped smooth the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 by lying to the American people and claiming it would not lead to millions of immigrants and the changing of the demographics of America (it did and was always intended to do so), I still wrote what I think was a very gracious post on my old blog: On the passing of Ted Kennedy.

Times have changed.

A year ago I was openly hoping for the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Why Is It Wrong To Hope Someone Dies?. Why wouldn't I? She was awful for this country, pushed through positions that are antithetical to everything I believe in and her death paves the way to potentially overturning Roe v Wade and saving millions of babies and also reinforcing the 2nd Amendment. She has been clinging to that seat for far longer than she should have but nature and/or divine justice finally caught up to her. I don't know what sort of dark deity she sold her soul to in order to prolong her life or maybe it really was drinking the blood of virgins as I have speculated but her string has run out.

I really couldn't have drawn up something to throw the most contentious election in our history, one already pregnant with the looming threat of violence, into more turmoil and ratchet up the insane rhetoric from the Left quite like Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying in mid-September. Had she died in late October, it would have been too late to really get a nominee pushed through but now there is just enough time to get a nominee announced, hearings quickly held and a vote to confirm well before the election. For once I agree with circa 2016 Hillary Clinton: to not nominate and confirm Trump's nominee would be a dishonor to our Constitution:

The Left is taking it well. Here is a 67 year old woman who was a United States Senator remarking on the passing of RBG...

When Anotnin Scalia died, I was bummed because he was a towering intellect on the court but I wasn't "broken" nor was I "scared". How emotionally fragile can you be? This isn't really a ringing endorsement of having women holding public office.

It wasn't a long time at all for them to go from "Oh woe is us! She was a kween!" to "If Trump tries to nominate a replacement we are going to war". From brain eating Iranian cannibal Reza Aslan

Who is the "we" he is speaking of, because that sissy sure as hell isn't going to do anything but his rhetoric will inspire other loons like this guy...

Smart for this guy to threaten the life of the Senate Majority Leader. Goldman you say? He blocked me after posting this:

A handful of FBI informants carrying a sign that someone clumsily photoshopped. Compelling! 

Then there is 85 year old actor Russ Tamblyn who starred in West Side Story in 1961, talking about going to war.

What is he going to mount up on, his Rascal scooter?

Lots of other leftists were also promising violence if McConnell holds hearings for a replacement.

So what happens?

Most people are assuming Trump will nominate someone next week, most likely fellow Hoosier Amy Coney Barrett, a generally respected conservative jurist who is a devout Roman Catholic with seven children. She clerked for Antonin Scalia, something I didn't know until this morning. As you can already see, replacing a Jewish liberal woman with a conservative Roman Catholic woman is going to cause apoplexy from the usual suspects.

There will be hearings and I hope they are closed to the general public. The circus we saw during the Kavanaugh hearings will be a walk in the park compared to these hearings and actual violence is quite likely. No one wants to see a haggard Alyssa Milano with some open top blouse spilling her sloppy breasts glaring at Judge Barrett. 

Will Barrett be confirmed? 

That is by no means certain. There are several very squishy Republicans like Susan Collins and Mitt Romney who cannot be relied upon. Lisa Murkowski has apparently already signaled she won't vote to confirm until the next President is sworn in. In the case of a tie, Pence would cast the tie-breaker and boy would that make the Left really upset.

Some "conservatives" are arguing that Trump should wait because if he nominates and the Senate confirms a replacement, the Left will pack the court when they take power. That is just stupid because the Left is already planning on doing that (see: The Left Keeps Putting Their Cards On The Table).

The Left is going full scorched earth when they take power, whether in January or in four years. Nothing will be left to chance: "statehood" for Puerto Rico and D.C., packing all of the Federal courts to overwhelm conservative jurists, eliminating the electoral college, piling huge numbers of new non-White voters into red states (more on this in a future post). Once they get power, they will be lodged in like a tick and it a tick it will likely be bloody to dislodge them.

We still have a lot of time until the election. Lots can still happen and probably will to ratchet things up even more. I pondered this morning what could happen to make things even more crazed.

Biden is also very old and frail and not in good health. He is apparently going into hiding today, the day after Ginsburg died. What if he has a massive stroke or even dies before the election? Holy crap.

2020 is the year that just keeps on giving. Pop some Tums, the spicy times are just starting.


  1. I just lol'd at your Breyer tweet. Ha!

    1. That would possibly create a black hole of sadness from the Left that would swallow us all.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't Right Wing Self Defense Squads operating on the quiet. The Left Wing Death Squads are most definitely operating with one operation caught on tape

    1. Not yet but that probably isn't far off. This week should be pretty interesting.